Some of FBL's spots, including "Umpire," tell a story from a person's youth, several decades ago. For these spots, the art department is charged with getting clothing (such as baseball uniforms) that matches that period in history. Some of these spots also necessitate period cars and trucks. Fortunately, most towns have a vintage car club or vehicles that are specifically used for movies. The art department makes contact with these resources to locate just the right vintage car that fits the spot.


MUSIC: Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to choose…
VOICEOVER: My father was a great hitter, but he knew that life was about more than just one game.
MUSIC: Because every choice that you made is born somewhere in between who you are today and who you’d like to be. And no matter that decision there will be one more coming through—the easy way out or the right thing to do.
VOICEOVER: So when that umpire made a bad call and ended the game for dad and then needed help with his car, my father made the right call.
ANNCR/SUPER: Helping others, the right choice. Pass it On… A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Right Choices. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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6th Graders (VEGATRONS) from Arizona MAY 21, 2021
Love your enemies, do the right thing even when you don't want to. Look out for others, even when they have mistreated you, and forgive. Move forward.

Sam from Raleigh, N c AUGUST 7, 2020
Sometimes life is not fair to you, don’t let it get you down. We all make mistakes. Life goes on enjoy it make the best of it. Give a helping hand be a wonderful blessing with love 💗! Blessed!!

c.b. from penna. SEPTEMBER 21, 2013
Umpires can make bad calls! I know because I umpired many games! It's nice to have someone on your side-to help you out:)

Susan from Akron, Ohio JUNE 23, 2013
very emotional and wonderful messages here. Thank you !!

Geor from Florida APRIL 6, 2013
Helping others is a very good pratice of love.

luther b from tennessee JANUARY 11, 2013
You guys must put a lot of thought in these videos,and it shows! Thanks for all you do!

Jim H. from Arcata, CA SEPTEMBER 20, 2011
The power of forgiveness shown in this short film brings me great joy. We all need each other, and when we can care about someone and help another person, especially one we're angry at, we show our humanity at its best.

Rick Hunter from Winston-Salem, NC AUGUST 28, 2011
This is another one of my favorites. Helping others not only builds character, but it just feels so good.

L. Llamas from Corpus Christi TX JUNE 28, 2011
These commercials are a breath of fresh air when you are going through a rough time...

Michelle from Redwood City, CA JUNE 15, 2011
I love these commercials! They are just so inspirational!

Angel from Sandhills MARCH 9, 2011
Watching these commercials is very inspiring an very informational.

Daylon, F from Alabama DECEMBER 29, 2010
Thank you so very much, for the inspiration and hope.

seve W from pocatello idaho OCTOBER 1, 2010
Thanks for the reminder of what is really important. Truth is easy to see when presented from the heart.

Sylvia K. from Pasadena, CA AUGUST 16, 2010
What is the song title and who is the artist?

Stacy W. from Florida APRIL 20, 2010
Thank you so very much, for the inspiration and hope.

KK T. from Eureka, CA APRIL 14, 2010
Thank you for highlighting these human virtues and giving them much needed air time!

James E. from Colorado Springs FEBRUARY 17, 2010
I love your messages. But every time I play one on my computer the video stalls out once our twice.

Lola F. from California FEBRUARY 15, 2010
I truly enjoyed all the commercials. Please keep them coming. America needs them during these hard times and through our good times.

Curly B from Lafayette, LA, USA JANUARY 4, 2010
I return to your site any time I need a lift and it never fails to deliver. Thanks for helping me keep on through some tough stuff. God bless you!

Donovan D from Puget Sound JULY 13, 2009
Absolutely the greatest messages because the reflect the Golden Rule

Alexis W. from Spartanburg FEBRUARY 19, 2009
Amazing video. Oh my goodness... I am on the verge of tears!!!

Kirk R. from Las Vegas FEBRUARY 8, 2009
Anyone who remembers being brought up the old school way, wow, this is the good stuff!! Thanks for this site!!!!!!!

Darryl K. FEBRUARY 4, 2009
This is the greatest organization of all time...and I've seen a lot. Congratulations on all that you do and what you see as our future.

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008

Jacqueline C from Memphis,TN OCTOBER 20, 2008
All of these are "SUPER" I'd rather watch these than television shows. They are simply medicine. Thank you!

You really touched my heart. Thanks for this website; I will definitely share it with all the people that work for me. Bless you.

Kristi K. from Phoenix, AZ JULY 31, 2008
I absolutely love your TV spots and messages. My kids love them, too. Finally a positive message to look forward to seeing on TV. Thank you for spreading this good will. I have told many people about the website and the ads. Thank you!

Leanne C. from Duvall, Wa. APRIL 8, 2008
Your television spots are by far the most beautiful of any we have on TV today. Thank you for your messages of love, hope, integrity and the golden rule.

Carolyne T. from Virginia, USA MARCH 3, 2008
I think your videos are wonderful & enjoy seeing them on TV. I mentioned your friendship (baseball) video last night to the kids at our youth group meeting. Thanks for such excellent reminders to give of ourselves in order to help others.

Kevin S. from Long Beach, California USA FEBRUARY 21, 2008
Wonderful movies! Just wish we all could be like this and get past our differences and just be good people.

Alvin Y from Toronto, Canada NOVEMBER 19, 2007
If you fall, stand up, you'll live. If you were pushed down, forgive. If others have fallen, lend a hand. That is the joy of living as man!

Marty T. from Wellington, Colorado USA SEPTEMBER 16, 2007
Finally a breath of fresh air in the advertising world! It is so refreshing that the only thing you are 'selling' is a better life for all.

Obaid K. from India AUGUST 14, 2007
I am really, really impressed with your Foundation and your work, and believe it or not I've got a great change in myself after a 30 minute visit of your website. Thanks you made my life really better.

Ken S from England JULY 1, 2007
I'm typing through tears from watching all this good stuff, Tears of Joy.

Brendan D from Hillsboro, Oregon JUNE 11, 2007
These movies are good!

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