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Jen Bricker

Jen Bricker was born without legs and left in the hospital. Raised with an empowered mindset by her adopted family, she has turned what some might call a sad story into one about love and triumph. She was taught that you can do anything you want. She developed a passion for gymnastics. Jen believes every single person has the power to change a life. Pass it on!

Video Transcript

Jen: So from the outside my life looks crazy. I was born without legs, left in the hospital, adopted by the most unlikely couple in the middle of nowhere. I’ve always been obsessed with gymnastics. It was maybe crazy to have that kind of a dream without legs, but in my head it didn’t matter.

Announcer: From Illinois, Jennifer Bricker!

Jen: I was raised with an empowered mindset – self esteem, confidence, you can do anything you want. I played softball, basketball, volleyball, and power tumbling all against able-bodied athletes. Fast forward a couple years, I started performing as an acrobat and an aerialist all over the world, which is just unbelievable and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Jen: Is happiness a choice? Yes. I have to make decisions every day to be happy. It doesn’t matter that I was born without legs, not given a name, left in the hospital. Those circumstances that look ugly on the outside are actually what was the beginning of my beauty.

Strength. Pass It On!


Dave W from Chicago, Il. SEPTEMBER 30, 2018
That is an amazing story and message about belief and strength. Jennifer you are such a great inspiration to those who have disabilities. So many people do so much less and with so much more !

Kria from FriscoTX MAY 9, 2018
Wow she is very talented even though she has no legs i am very inspired.

Abigail little from watts meadow dr 115 MAY 4, 2018
you are very talented you have a heart of gold you can do anything

Anonymous MARCH 29, 2018
You must be fantastic I like the skit saying that you can do anything even if it’s really hard li loved this video

Julia Waldrop from Destin, Florida.  MARCH 10, 2018
I know this young lady, she can do anything she gets her mind set on as proven by the many things she has accomplished. God made a beautiful person to share her story.