Jen Bricker

Jen Bricker was born without legs and left in the hospital. Raised with an empowered mindset by her adopted family, she has turned what some might call a sad story into one about love and triumph. She was taught that you can do anything you want. She developed a passion for gymnastics. Jen believes every single person has the power to change a life. Pass it on!


Jen: So from the outside my life looks crazy. I was born without legs, left in the hospital, adopted by the most unlikely couple in the middle of nowhere. I’ve always been obsessed with gymnastics. It was maybe crazy to have that kind of a dream without legs, but in my head it didn’t matter.

Announcer: From Illinois, Jennifer Bricker!

Jen: I was raised with an empowered mindset – self esteem, confidence, you can do anything you want. I played softball, basketball, volleyball, and power tumbling all against able-bodied athletes. Fast forward a couple years, I started performing as an acrobat and an aerialist all over the world, which is just unbelievable and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Jen: Is happiness a choice? Yes. I have to make decisions every day to be happy. It doesn’t matter that I was born without legs, not given a name, left in the hospital. Those circumstances that look ugly on the outside are actually what was the beginning of my beauty.

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Anonymous SEPTEMBER 8, 2019
OMG, that is amazing. I have a cousin with a similar disability, and when I showed her this video, she cried and thanked me over and over. It helped her realize that she had great potential. Thank you for sharing!

Tone from Grand Junction, CO APRIL 4, 2019
Amazing story! This woman's parents must be some awesome and loving people... They gave her the tools and security to experience life in a positive way. And she, a woman of great strength. Be the light.

Cadence from Springfield, mo FEBRUARY 17, 2019
I absolutly loved this video! So heartwarming

Rodney from Virginia JANUARY 5, 2019
Jen, you are the most remarkable person I know in my lifetime...

Dan B from Syracuse NY JANUARY 5, 2019
Very inspirational. Super encouraging.

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