Homecoming Queen

The story of Shellie Eyre is of a life lived with courage, determination and unrestricted love for everyone she meets. She was born in 1979 with Down syndrome and is the second child of a family of four children. At three years of age she experienced a major setback in the form of a stroke that left her paralyzed on her left side. But her optimistic outlook and her boundless perseverance made it obvious to all who knew her that she would succeed in overcoming whatever obstacles would be presented to her.

Her school years were a wonderful time of learning a gaining many friends. This culminated in her senior year at Murray High School in Utah when she was selected as the 1997 Homecoming Queen. She had been one of the most popular girls in school because of her easy smile and loving heart. Her landslide victory was due in part to a wonderfully accepting student body that embraced unselfish inclusion, and to Shellie’s attitude toward all her classmates. When asked why everyone liked Shellie so much, one of the students said, “It’s hard not to love Shellie when you know how much she loves you.”

The evening she was selected as Homecoming Queen was an experience that few will ever forget. Even the other Homecoming Candidates felt that there were no losers that night, but that they, and all who were there, had participated in an event where every person had won.

Shellie’s inspirational life is an example of what true beauty can be and where love, acceptance, and inclusion can triumph over any disabilities.

Note: Becca Winegar is the name of the actress that portrayed Shellie Eyre in this spot.


Girl: Alright you guys, it’s now time for the results of the Homecoming Queen election. The second attendant is, Denise Willard! The first attendant is, Katie Higgins!
And now, your Homecoming Queen is…Ok, here we go…Becca Winegar!
Music: “What makes you different, makes you beautiful, what’s there inside you shines through to me.”
ANNCR/SUPER: True Beauty…Pass It On. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

True Beauty. Pass It On!

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christian holland from school NOVEMBER 3, 2021
she lived a life with courage and she experience a major set back but she didnt let that take her down she had down syndrome but she still lift her chest up and still had courage

Anonymous OCTOBER 26, 2021
This is one of my favorite

Sanjay from DELHI FEBRUARY 23, 2020

Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2018
This one is my favorite

Me JANUARY 19, 2018
Really Sweet

Anonymous JANUARY 5, 2017

Cheboygan Michigan JULY 1, 2016
True Beauty Is the girl who got home coming

Anonymous JANUARY 13, 2016
Nice that this video shows that beauty is not on the outside, but on the inside.

kemiyah from killeen,texas NOVEMBER 2, 2015
-true beauty is inside not out because true beauty is not based on looks but your character -me

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
That was sweet!

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows that even if you are different you still have true beauty.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows that you don't have to be the most popular and most pretty person to be reconized for your true beauty as and incredible individual

Brianna from White Middle  NOVEMBER 2, 2015
this is a great inspirational video i hope it can get to others

jamajahnae from sierra sunrise OCTOBER 2, 2015
This is so cute


Sr. Athens from Lahore JULY 10, 2014
This is an excellent video. Great thanks!

Catey and Lizzie from Boston, MA MAY 11, 2014
OMG this is the cutest thing ever! AWW


Ella from south carolina JANUARY 18, 2014
this is amazing

Nancy Arrigo from Wenonah N.J DECEMBER 23, 2013
very inspiring but true story this P.S.A is telling and that What Makes You Different song makes me wonder who was singing it

Reyna from Rowland Heights NOVEMBER 22, 2013
It's not about the beauty it is abut your kindness and your heart

Ariel from Potosi, WI OCTOBER 24, 2013
So incredibly heartwarming. It is so wonderful that this is a true story. It reminds me myself that there are beautiful people who truly recognize beauty in it's purest form.

Aunna from Cascade Middle School OCTOBER 22, 2013
Cute story .... REALLY CUTE !

Nancy from home AUGUST 18, 2013
I like this commercial cause it's what's on the inside that counts!

Mallory from Goshen,IN AUGUST 15, 2013

kaylie from school APRIL 5, 2013

rob from bement, il MARCH 23, 2013
Cheers to the great spirits of Murray High School in Utah 1997

Julie from Florida MARCH 10, 2013
Truly Beautiful! My school has had a similar experience. Our home-coming king this year had autism and speech disabilities. He is one of the nicest people. Extremely generous, kind,and thoughtful. I love that that this school decided to show true compassion and define true beauty and that my school did the same. This video shows that true beauty comes from within the heart, not from the outside appearance.

Jon from TX, Austin DECEMBER 17, 2012
I think it shows heart and that you don't just judge a book by it's cover plus that you can't just judge what true beauty is and that it don't matter how different someone might be or look but that it only matters that they feel special too!

brooklyn from houston,tx OCTOBER 3, 2012
Good job!

Christine A from Illinois SEPTEMBER 5, 2012
I like this commercial because winning isn't about the beauty on the outside, its about the beauty on the inside.

I have watched this video and I was inspired. Despite her situation she copes with her environment. Now I truly believe that even if they are special they can portray what normal people can do. My son is also a down syndrome baby. I hope and pray he will be like Shellie Eyre with a bright future ahead with proper care, love and most especially acceptance.

Melody M from Bigfork, Montana JUNE 29, 2012
Brings tears to my eyes every time. It's so great to see such amazing, beautiful teenage girls give the prize to another amazing girl that has the best beauty of all. The kind inside.

Missy from CA MAY 30, 2012
So cool.

Sarah from Colorado APRIL 3, 2012
This is undoubtedly my favorite TV spot. If only more people in the world understood that this is true beauty...

Sarah G from Albany, New York FEBRUARY 11, 2012
I love this commercial because I know what true beauty is, and I love it when others recognize true beauty over what a person looks like.

Zachary from Pennsylvania JANUARY 30, 2012
This commercial is now one of my favorites because it doesn't matter what that person looks on the outside, it matters on the inside

E. Baute from Salt Lake City JANUARY 3, 2012
This clip reminds me of my aunt who has downs syndrome. We grew up together, me only being a few years younger than her. For her senior year in high school she was nominated and won Homecoming Queen. The local news even covered her story and she got to be on t.v. We were so proud of her and of the school. She keeps a video of the event and her winning tiara. I'm so grateful for those who can see her individual worth and give her such a wonderful memory.

ganesh from india DECEMBER 7, 2011
this is the one of the best video i had seen and thanks to the foundation .... like you guys every body should do good in their life it will change the world

madelyn cordero from nc monroe OCTOBER 21, 2011
this is such a blessed story, some people won't except others, it's wrong... 10 yrs old

Anh Thi from Viet Nam AUGUST 25, 2011
This video really warms my heart. It's wonderful as i know that's a true story. Everything can happen and change our thinking ^^ " True Beauty " .

Lexie T. from Vancouver Canada  JULY 12, 2011
Truly beautiful this commercial. Everybody should see that all people in this world are beautiful no matter what.

Jhon from Skyforest, California MARCH 8, 2011
Your spots are all great, but this is one of the most touching and memorable. Wouldn't it be great to see this caring attitude manifested in schools across America? Thanks for highlighting true beauty!

Jennifer B from Shelton, Washington JANUARY 27, 2011
I love this video! I grew up with my down syndrome Aunt Kathy. When Becca walked out on the stage as the Homecoming Queen I saw my Aunt Kathy in Becca! They are identical! It gave me chills and I was so touched I got a big lump in my throat from this! I yelled It's Kathy on tv! I was so excited I called my Aunt Judy, Kathy's sister and shared this. This is so amazing to see how everyone can see just what beautiful people there are in this world! What a great message! This is very meaningful!

Ron V. from Texas JANUARY 26, 2011
As an intermediate school counselor, I was ready to do classroom lessons on kindness today. When I saw a commercial late last night, I knew I had to share some of these commercials with my students. The entire student body will view them today. Thank you for making a difference!

Madi J from Utah JANUARY 25, 2011

Donna C. from Chicago, IL JANUARY 15, 2011
I have never seen a better commercial in my life. This was so heartwarming. Thank you for the great messages you send to our nation.

Jane, S from Chicago JANUARY 6, 2011
This is THE BEST video!

Rachel A. from Denver, CO JANUARY 5, 2011
The song is "What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)" by Backstreet Boys.

Kelly H from Charlotte NC JANUARY 5, 2011
Can anyone tell me the song that is playing in the background of this spot?

Stephanie T. from Memphis, TN JANUARY 2, 2011
My sister has Down Syndrome and EVERY TIME I see this commercial, the tears flow. She is such an inspiration and a blessing to us and I can see her on that stage waving at everyone.

Robin from Wilmington, NC DECEMBER 28, 2010
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this commercial!!! It's about time something like this is out there for everyone to see and reflect on. True beauty comes from within....bravo!!!

Mark B. from Orting Washington DECEMBER 14, 2010
My wife trudee and I are the parents of eight amazing children. Our newest blessing Hope child number eight is now 17 days old and she has trisome21, better known as Down Syndrome. Hope is a true blessing and this commercial has moved us to tears because we know how lucky we are to have her and we see her future as bright as Shellie's. Thank you for such an inspiring commercial.

Nick C. from League City, Tx NOVEMBER 19, 2010
These videos inspire me so much! Thank you to everyone who helps make these videos!

Jeanna G from Arkansas NOVEMBER 15, 2010
I love love this! I cry every time I see it, I am so happy to see a school accept all types of people!

Fran S. from San Francisco, Ca NOVEMBER 13, 2010
How WONDERFUL! Of the commercials, this one is my FAVORITE!! Thank you Values for showing the whole story!

Daniele,C from Lake Panasoffkee, Florida NOVEMBER 8, 2010
I wish the people in the high scool would do something like this to the ones who doesn't feel there True Beauty.

kendra h from iduma elementrey OCTOBER 29, 2010
This is a wonderful video and it has really touched my heart!

Madison from Kentucky SEPTEMBER 26, 2010
I am so glad that people realize how kind and special this girl is. She is truly inspiring me to be nice to everyone I know.

Chris, D from Ontario, Canada SEPTEMBER 1, 2010
This is a truly inspirational commercial!

Demari G. from CA, Sac. AUGUST 14, 2010
I really do love this commercial! It always make me want to cry! I wish my school was like this...

Darcilee M. from West Jordan, Utah JULY 29, 2010
I would like to say, at my high school, things like this happen all the time. It is incredible to watch the compassion that the people in my school have. We have a very special 4X4 team. The boys' baton actually is another boy from our school named Cam who is there 100% mentally, but he has cerebral palsy, and has since birth. They push him in a wheelchair made specially for running. Cam also won Prom King at our school.

Sabrena C from Odessa, Texas JULY 9, 2010
I'm still crying from watching this commercial. It is great they put something like this on the TV. We need to start seeing that no matter who you are you can do what everyone else does! I have a little cousin with down syndrome and I just want her to be like everyone else and not been seen as different, or a "freak". She isn't any of them. None of these people are. They are all beautiful!

Sabrina N from New York JUNE 20, 2010
This makes me sad that all the homecoming dances that I went to (I shuffled through different schools) always picked the "popular" girls based on looks and grades. I actually entered once, and overhead some girls were saying "Why did SHE enter? She's a freak," but with more colorful language. This commercial is my favorite.

Nabihah I from SC MAY 23, 2010
I absolutely LOVE this ad! I'm in 7th grade, and one of my electives is Unified PE. In that class, we have PE with students that have Autism and Down Syndrome. I used this ad for an end of year PE project we are doing, and I think this is a wonderful advertisement! I wish have have this at our school.

Lynn K. from Mint Hill, NC MAY 5, 2010
True beauty within and outside are Becca Winegar's undeniable attributes. She is a shining example of authenticity, enthusiasm, and determination to succeed. She does not shy away from hard work it takes to reach a goal and develop her many talents! It is wonderful to see her recognized for herself and everyone winning in the process. I often wish that many more of us had her abilities! Becca's luminous smile that rises from her spirit within is unforgettable. She is a real inspiration along with her family. Good luck with all you will yet do, Ms. Becca! Shine on..... and give us more commercials that really matter.

Julia Q. from Michigan APRIL 19, 2010
My 14 year old sister (I am 16) has down syndrome, and my Dad and I just saw this commercial, and I just teared up right away. It's very nice to see a commercial like this!

Sunny W. from Indianapolis MARCH 28, 2010
As the mother of a son with special needs, I was thrilled to see this message and true story aired on TV via the Foundation for a Better Life! Thank you...this touched my heart.

Shelby O. from Houston MARCH 13, 2010
This made me tear up. It was adorable, I wish this would happen at my school.

D.Henderson from St.Petersburg, Fl. MARCH 12, 2010
Thank you for this wonderful story. After teaching Special Ed. students for 30yrs. what a blessing to see something so positive and heart warming and not negative.

Cherisce C. from Barbados MARCH 10, 2010
This is the best one. True beauty shines from within these are always so inspirational.

Suzanne A. from Riverside, CA MARCH 2, 2010
I was wondering which school this event was based on. The same thing happened at my niece's school in Columbus, Montana during the 2007-2008 school year. Like the kids in Shellie's school, the kids of Columbus High School were open hearted and accepting of someone who normally would never have a chance to become the Homecoming Queen.

Lauren D. from Baltimore, MD MARCH 2, 2010
I loved this commercial. I saw it on television and it inspired me.

Sharon S. from Round Lake Beach, IL MARCH 1, 2010
This is one of my favorites. Our family smiles every time it comes on.

Jennifer G. from Louisiana, MO FEBRUARY 25, 2010
I love this video! Thank you so much for putting out there!!! My daughter is 11 and has Down Syndrome, everyone in her class loves her to. Thanks!! You have no idea what it means to us.

Caroline W. from Miami, Fl FEBRUARY 25, 2010
I truly wish that more children (especially in the teen years) would be more accepting of people with disabilities. My niece has Down Syndrome and I can only hope that people will truly open there hearts and minds because they deserve to have every opportunity. I love that you have the commercial during American Idol that's the audience we want to capture. THANKS!!

Stephanie B. from Illinois FEBRUARY 25, 2010
This is absolutely amazing! I saw this commercial on TV tonight and I was absolutely stunned; it really moved me. I'm so happy they made this it's amazing.

Mike Merritt from Upperville, Virginia FEBRUARY 23, 2010
This brings tears to my eyes. It also happened in Purcellville, Virginia, at Loudoun Valley High School, four or five years ago. What a testament to the kids in the school!

Kelsi T. from Yulee, Florida FEBRUARY 15, 2010
This commercial is so beautiful. This is how it should be because she will remember that for the rest of her life.

Danielle G. from Aledo, TX FEBRUARY 8, 2010
That happened two years ago at our High School in Aledo, TX. She won because she got more than half the school's votes. We are proud of her.

Mark G. from California JANUARY 21, 2010
In a world that at times seems so broken, lost or all about self worth, something like this continues to show us just where the heart of people, touched by God, can be!

Lydia G from Near Seattle DECEMBER 17, 2009
Thank you for the back story about TWO remarkable young women. I love your micro-movies!

Lisa B from NJ DECEMBER 12, 2009
There is not one time that I have seen this commercial where I am not brought to tears. What a beatiful testament to the good that can be found out there in a society that can seem self-absorbed so often.

Chris R. from New York, New York AUGUST 26, 2009
This is very touching.

Carol K. from Blackshear, Georgia JUNE 25, 2009
My daughter Melanie and her date Stephen, were voted Prom King and Queen by the Class of 2007. Melanie has down syndrome and Stephen has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. Only 7 out of the entire class didn't vote for them. For the King and Queen dance, Stephen got out of his wheelchair, and on his knees, danced with his Queen. This story made the Atlanta newspaper and we received hundreds of emails. This one act of love and unselfishness, touched thousands of people. And Melanie, reminds us daily that she is still the Queen, and she always will be. To the Pierce Co. High Class of 2007, you'll never know exactly how much you gave my daughter that night. Thank you.

Chirstine R. from Mars Hill, NC JUNE 20, 2009
I am looking forward to my daughter, Emma, who is now 3 and happens to have Down Syndrome, watching & understanding your commercials in the future. She has so much to offer this world and has taught many already so much!

Evalita L. from CA MAY 15, 2009
Homecoming is very special to me. The reason why is because my cousin is the same why and it makes me cry!!

Jamie B. from Lincoln, Ca. APRIL 22, 2009
I was in the same graduating class as Shelly and I remember that day. What was not said in this "TV Spot" was that the 1st attendant was a girl who was also disabled, her name was April. It was a great feeling to know that we all loved these girls.

Robea from Minnesota APRIL 10, 2009
I saw this more than once during the past winter, but always missed the first few seconds and therefore did not know it is based on a true story. Congratulations to both Shellie and Becca!

Michelle M. from Spokane, WA MARCH 31, 2009
This commercial is a tear jerkier and the story is beautiful! I am so glad there are good people somewhere in this world.

Rachel C. from Provo, Utah MARCH 27, 2009
Everything I would say about this has already been said. It is amazing! I think it's a great reminder to help us remember that true beauty is what's inside. I know Becca and she is an amazing, sweet, beautiful girl! I am so grateful to know her. May we always strive to see the good in all people; to see, what I believe, the amazing potential and beauty is within. Thanks for the video!

Camille K. from Colorado MARCH 21, 2009
Its almost impossible not to smile while watching this :)

Ramona N. from Provo, Utah MARCH 10, 2009
Way to go Becca, you did such a wonderful job portraying Shellie! That could easily have been you as you are also so awesome, TALENTED and very loving. What an inspiring story!! Thank You.

Becca W. from Provo, Utah MARCH 7, 2009
Hi my name is Becca and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to make this commercial. It makes me happy to know that kids with Down Syndrome can contribute and make others happy. I am glad that I was chosen to do it.

Amanda S. from Ottawa, Canada MARCH 4, 2009
I love that this story was inspired by real life it really goes to show that there are people who do see true beauty and for someone who works in the field of disability who already sees the beauty in others it is hopeful

Krysta B. from Belle Plaine, Kansas FEBRUARY 26, 2009
This video is amazing! These people are so nice! She really deserved that.

Maggy from New FEBRUARY 23, 2009
Hello admin, nice site ! Good content, eautiful design, thank !

Malcom FEBRUARY 20, 2009
You guys do a wonderful job. Keep up the good work.

Jenna H. from Rock Island, IL FEBRUARY 12, 2009
My high school elected a young man with Down Syndrome as our Homecoming King my senior year!

Joelle T. from Tokyo, Japan & Seattle, WA FEBRUARY 7, 2009
This is my favorite one! When I saw this one for the first time it brought tears to my eyes. And now, my 8th time watching it, I still cry if not more than before. I always think about what if all high schools were like this? That would be a much better use of everyone's time-to think of others- than to just think about themselves.

Gina G. from California JANUARY 29, 2009
I think this is one of my favorites. I spent the first 4 years of my school bus career driving special needs students, I loved them all. I see this ad and think how awesome that gal must be. I had a downs syndrome student who was 8th Grade president, he was awesome! I had sweet little Joshua who watched the planes fly while we waited for his mom to get home, and rascally Nathan...he was a crackup! Just because they have special needs doesn't mean they're no less human, we're all the same inside.

Porchlight I. from Cottageville, SC JANUARY 28, 2009
Everyone involved in this story are heroes and heroines. The classmates of Shellie are every bit as special as she is. You are all examples of what shining lights human beings can be

Karen L. from York, Pennsylvania JANUARY 25, 2009
A wonderful example of true beauty, not the kind that is pushed on young people from Hollywood and magazines. A truly inspiring story.

Boy, I'm speechless. This was beautiful and I cried. I always tell my granddaughter she can do anything she wants she just has to work at it, and just maybe she will be that "HOMECOMING QUEEN" of her high school,she has DOWNS SYNDROME also,I LOVE YOU HANNAH!

Michele G. from New Hampshire JANUARY 21, 2009
She is beautiful. My daughter would not have voted for her. How do I make her see the beauty in everyone? I thought I was doing well...

Jay JANUARY 20, 2009
Oh my gosh this is so sweet I almost cried... and the coolest thing is that this is a TRUE story witch is just AWESOME!

Kia L. from Boston, MA JANUARY 18, 2009
Just saw the true beauty commercial. It was a powerful and touching experience for me and I cry every time I see it. I hope it makes a difference in the world.

Paul D. from Toronto JANUARY 5, 2009
I am very proud of my daughter Lauren and she will achieve great things in this "better life" truly inspirational

Donna B. from Gulf Coast, Mississippi JANUARY 1, 2009
Just saw your "True Victory" PSA on a DirecTV channel and had to immediately check out your web site. Thanks so much for what you do. My daughter could very well be that homecoming queen one day. Thank you and please keep on keeping on.

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
My brother said this is the BEST spot on beauty that he's ever seen. He's a trucker and he said many of the guys were talking on this spot, how incredible awesome it is and when they learn that its based on true story, wow. She is incredible and all in her school, fantastic people. Definitely she radiates as do they, what true beauty is!!

Cory a. from Columbia, SC, USA DECEMBER 22, 2008
This is an amazing commercial. It is really inspiring- I play it all the time. All I can say is Thank You. I have friends who have Down syndrome, and this has really helped them.

Carol S. from Underwood, Iowa DECEMBER 9, 2008
My 8 year old grandson has Down's Syndrome. He is an inspiration to all of us. This short commercial brought tears to my eyes, and especially as I think about his future. Thank you for promoting our very special children in such a positive way.

Teneille P. from Utah NOVEMBER 22, 2008
This is such a great message and it's really so great that that cute girl got the big prize!!!! She was so cute!

Beth G. from Buffalo, NY NOVEMBER 19, 2008
As the parent of a child with Down syndrome, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This spot gives me hope that people will see HIM and not just his disability. And that goes for everyone, no matter what their special needs are. Thank you!!!!

Jesse C. from Seattle, WA NOVEMBER 16, 2008
I love this commercial! It sends such a moving and powerful message to everyone that true beauty is not skin deep, and there's more to life then what's on the outside. Becca is a very beautiful and courageous young lady! By the way, who sings the song in the commercial? [The song is "What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)" by Backstreet Boys.]

Eric V from Portland, Maine NOVEMBER 4, 2008
You have to treat some people special in order to show that they aren't different.

Rebecca H. from Rigby, Idaho OCTOBER 29, 2008
I came to see the "Cafeteria" spot on this site and I wanted to look and see what else this Foundation had. When I saw this it brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me exactly of my high school in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I hope we can all see the beauty in others, and lift everyone up.

Kelli A. from Louisvile, KY OCTOBER 28, 2008
I think its sweet how they gave her a chance even though she was different.

Preston H. from Dallas, Texas, United States OCTOBER 26, 2008
This commercial brought tears to my eyes because my brother is challenged, too. Whenever I see someone making the right choice with people like this, I try to tell them that they did the right thing.

Terri M. from Atlantic City, NJ OCTOBER 19, 2008
I love this commercial. This confirms that I am on the right track with my program encouraging children to embrace individuals with special needs. I have a 20 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome and she has taught me what my passion is. This commercial is worth a thousand words.

Mike B. from Seattle OCTOBER 18, 2008
This commercial makes smile every time I see it.

Olga L. from Russia OCTOBER 17, 2008
I'm a mother of a boy with Down Syndrome. This commercial brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much.

Dustin from California USA OCTOBER 13, 2008
The "Homecoming" commercial is great! I always smile when I see it. It really makes you think about what's important and inspires me to make a difference.

Thomas H. from Cimarron, KS OCTOBER 10, 2008
This commercial makes me smile everytime I see it. Your amazing Becca!!

Madi T. from NV SEPTEMBER 22, 2008
This video really made me smile. I have a cousin with Down Syndrome and I know what kind and amazing people they are.

Hector B. from Wagon Mound, NM SEPTEMBER 13, 2008
What an amazing story of hope. Our daughter Arianna, who has Down Syndrome, is the heart and soul of our family.

Guillermo, D from China AUGUST 21, 2008
I truly deeply feel that the impact of this story will help many, it truly has helped me.

Tucson, AZ AUGUST 19, 2008
This is the best commercial ever! A girl with Down Syndrome at my high school won Prom Queen 08' she was so happy and the guy she wanted to dance with had a girlfriend but he still danced with her on the first slow dance!!!

Andy C. from South Africa AUGUST 19, 2008
I love you Becca! You inspire me every day!!!

Gina V. from California AUGUST 16, 2008
This commercial has really inspired me and my family. I have learned to treat people with better respect. Thank you to the people who thought of this commercial, I truly do thank you.

Tam C. from Warrenton, Missouri AUGUST 13, 2008
My older sister has Down Syndrome and I know the love that they show to everyone. I love this clip, and it is my favorite TV spot. Thank you so much for posting this on-air, it means a lot to those of us with a family member with a mental handicap in their family. She's one of my best friends.

Susan E. from Denver AUGUST 4, 2008
I'd watch more television if you wrote the shows and the ads. This is the best 30 seconds of television.

Angie W. from Poplar Bluff, MO AUGUST 2, 2008
Finally, a commercial that lets the rest of the world experience the true inspiration my family gets to enjoy everyday. Acceptance for who you are inside and out.

Sarah A. from New York, USA AUGUST 2, 2008
What is the song for this commercial? My child has Down Syndrome and I hope to play this at her birthday party. ["What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)" by Backstreet Boys, from the Princess Diaries Soundtrack.]

Erin B. from San Diego, CA AUGUST 2, 2008
This commercial is lovely. Every time I see it, it never fails to touch my heart and bring a tear to my eye. After the first time I watched this commercial, I opened my eyes. Thank you, for showing me there's hope.

Javier B. from Córdoba, Argentina AUGUST 1, 2008
"Impressive! You are geniuses and fill all of us with hope. Keep it up! Thanks for all you do. Many thanks and more..."

Kristie K from Thousand Oaks, CA JULY 28, 2008
This spot made me cry. She really deserves this and it's truly amazing that people have her back in this TV spot. Thanks for showing me that there is hope.

Devon P., age 14 from Wolcott, New York JULY 15, 2008
I love this commercial. I have a friend with Down Syndrome and every time someone calls her names I stand up for her. She's really nice too.

Glen R from Canberra, Australia JULY 8, 2008
This is probably one of the best commercials of FBL. What makes the world such an amazing place to live is that we are all different and unique; it would surely be a boring place to live if we were all the same. Great work!

Nicah S. from Pasig City, Philippines MAY 14, 2008
What I think is amazing about this commercial is that it's a real head-turner and conversation-starter. I've had talks with my relatives about it, and it got them thinking. I think that's what's going to make this campaign more successful.

Travis J. from West Virginia MAY 8, 2008
I have found your ads touching but this one hit home. I have an uncle with Down syndrome and I'm so thankful for your acceptance message. They are truly special.

Heather C. from USAG Mannheim, BFV Germany APRIL 25, 2008
Hi seen this commercial back in January. I am an army wife stationed in Mannheim. When I first saw this commercial (while I still was pregnant) I thought how beautiful and cool it was to have a homecoming queen with Down syndrome! Well in February I gave birth to a little boy who was diagnosed with Down syndrome just after he was born! Now when I see this commercial, it brings tears to my eyes! All children deserve opportunities like this, especially my son.

Joanne S from PA APRIL 16, 2008
It is nice to see that all differences are embraced. No one should hang their head in shame for any reason in a country that was created with the ideal of equality as the core of its being. When you come down to it - if everyone remembered their own uniqueness then a commercial like this one would not be viewed with such amazement. However, we humans do need a reality check every now and then. On behalf of my son, my family and myself I am extending our heartfelt thanks for keeping us all real.

Deanna L from Hawaii APRIL 15, 2008
WOW that was awesome! I have a beautiful 12 year old princess with DS.

Darla S from West Virginia APRIL 15, 2008
My grandaughter has DS and she is our beautiful queen, she touches everyone's heart who knows here.

Monique Z from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada APRIL 15, 2008
This is very touching. We need more of these commercials popping up spontaneously, to let the world know......people with DS are here to stay. yeah!! I am mother to DS daughter 19.

Linda G from Baltimore APRIL 15, 2008
What a feel good commercal. My grandson has Down Syndrome, and since he has come into our lives, he has introduced us to a whole new world of joy. The happiness and true love that he has for everything is remarkable. It is about time that society can now embrace Down Syndrome and get to share these wonderful children with us.

Sarah T. from Los Angeles APRIL 14, 2008
Thank you! My baby boy as DS and it's so inspiring to hope that when he gets to be a teenager, other kids might treat him with love, friendship and respect

Sarah E. from Baltimore, MD APRIL 14, 2008
Get to know someone with Down Syndrome and you'll really know the meaning of "beauty lies within." I love this commercial because it reveals that potential to the whole world and perhaps inspires someone out there without Down Syndrome to stop and meet and make a friends with someone with Down Syndrome. If you do that for yourself, you'll bring happiness to your new friend, and you'll receive happiness tenfold in return. I'm learning that every day from my four-year-old daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. I'm lucky to get to hang out with her.

Mary C from London APRIL 13, 2008
Wonderful, an example of energy and enthusiasm!

Benita H. APRIL 13, 2008
This commercial brought tears to my eyes! Tears of joy! I have a 9 mo. old baby boy with Down syndrome and everyday I wonder how he will be accepted in our often cruel society! This gives me hope!

April H. from Indiana, USA APRIL 12, 2008
I was so excited about this commercial. I told everyone at my work the following day. I only wish there were more like these on TV. Thank you so much for the good cry!

Juvy S from Los Angeles, California, USA APRIL 12, 2008
Great commercial. Love it

Karen F from Wolcottville, IN USA APRIL 12, 2008
My 7 year old daughter has down syndrome. This commercial brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely Wonderful!

Angela Wesley from Houston, TX APRIL 11, 2008
THANK YOU!!! (it is about time!!)

MH from Phoenix, AZ APRIL 11, 2008
As a mother to a beautiful perfect son with DS this commercial made me smile and filled my heart with the joy and hope that others see the perfect little human being that I am privliged to have in my life.

Lori B. from Austin, Texas USA APRIL 11, 2008
Our society desperately needs to be reminded of the innate worth of all human beings. I applaud and salute you for your commercial about the homecoming queen who has Down syndrome. Keep up the great work.

Santa C from New Jersey APRIL 11, 2008
There is no cure for Down syndrome but ACCEPTANCE sure does come close. Thanks for the great commercial airing at a great time during American Idol!

Robbin L. from Pewaukee, WI APRIL 11, 2008
Thanks for making my day with this ad! How wonderful to present individuals with a disability in a positive, respectful and true light! I know the beauty of Down syndrome. I live with it every day!

Kathy C from Perth Amboy NJ APRIL 11, 2008
A ray of hope and light!!! I saw this commercial last night and tears welled in my heart. I have a 13 yr old granddaughter with DS and I see her potential everyday. Keep up the great work. and thank you for the inspiration you bring to all.

C Sevier from West Virginia APRIL 11, 2008
Being a strong advocate and mother of a beautiful Down syndrome daughter, knowing that thousands of children were watching American Idol and saw this commercial lifts me up. I LOVE IT

Sue C. from Bridgewater, NJ APRIL 11, 2008
I watched this one over and over and it brings tears to my eyes each time. My daughter with Down Syndrome is MY homecoming queen. How wonderful of you to remind the world what beauty lies within all of us.

Nicole M from Kentucky APRIL 10, 2008
So cool that you got a spot on American Idol! My oldest daughter and I were thrilled! She has a younger sister who has Down syndrome. And yes...she too is truly beautiful! Thanks!

Kathy R. from South Bend, IN APRIL 10, 2008
Great commercial!

Cheryl C. from Virginia APRIL 7, 2008
This commercial really hits home. I have a 30 year old sister with Down Syndrome. When I saw this it put a smile on my face! This commercial will inspire those with disabilites, it will show them that anything is possible! I cannot wait to share this video clip with my sister! Thank you!

Mariah W. from Dallas, TX MARCH 26, 2008
I really like this commercial! When I grow up, I want to help kids with down syndrome. This video is my favoite, and it has given me a even better reason to want to volunteer!

Sue A. from Glenview, Illinois MARCH 24, 2008
Beautiful! Very inspiring. I have a daughter with Down Syndrome named Destinee and she is just 29 months old. Everyday of my life I wonder how will the world accept my daughter when she grows older. This commercial just strenghtens my hope for her. Thanks for sharing.

Paul B. from Santa Maria, California, USA MARCH 19, 2008
These videos are beautifully done. They teach people the right things to do and say. And we all need that, so thanks so much for that.

Susan Stone from California MARCH 19, 2008
Great commercial! The song is "What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful" by Backstreet Boys.

Shawnea K. from Georgetown, Ohio USA MARCH 10, 2008
This homecoming queen is great to see. I have a 14 year old daughter that is Down syndrome and it is great to see them win.

John A. from Soledad, California USA MARCH 7, 2008
It's nice to know that an attractive young woman would acknowledge someone who deserves praise from others. These videos are great, because they teach us many morals that we can pertain throughout life.

Dominique from Kamloops, British Columbia USA MARCH 1, 2008
I love the "Homecoming" commercial so much. The music is great too. I love all the TV ads, keep up the great work. I have told all my friends about this website!

Karen B. from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada FEBRUARY 28, 2008
The TV "Homecoming" commercial is my favorite so far. So nice to see a young lady with Down syndrome win. The music lyrics "what makes you different makes you beautiful" are so true. This inspires myself and my daughter to remember true beauty comes from within.

Marie G. from California, USA FEBRUARY 14, 2008
Yay! Great commercial.

Laura H. from Cabot, Arkansas USA FEBRUARY 12, 2008
These videos are great!!! I love them!

Laura H. from Cabot , Arkansas USA FEBRUARY 11, 2008
This inspires me a lot. Thank you!

Alvin Y. from Toronto, Ontario Canada FEBRUARY 5, 2008

Quinn C. from Peterborough, Ontario Canada JANUARY 29, 2008
This is a good commercial. And the right thing to do

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