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Inspiring, motivating, incredible. This begins to describe Joshua Williams, a young man with a quest to make a difference in the lives of people on the streets of Miami. He and his team have now fed over 300 thousand people.

But food is not the only thing those people in need have received. They also have hope. Joshua has enlisted 12 thousand volunteers—all young people, some of them 12 years old, who have found, in an unexpected way, purpose and meaning through service.

Enjoy our new PSA and discover that “love” is in you.

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VOICEOVER (Joshua Williams)

When you think of Miami, you think of, you know: rich, glamor...
but five miles away from the beach there's people who've never seen the beach.
I was confused why somebody was is in this situation especially in America.
So when I started Joshua's Heart Foundation, it was a key thing to be able to engage youth in the foundation—to help them participate.
I think passing on the torch and lighting a new flame in another person to do good is probably the point of the bigger mission that I have.
So we are each making a bigger difference.

That's it... just giving back and producing love for everybody.


Is LOVE in you?
Saw a homeless man at 4.
Joshua Williams
Started a nonprofit at 5.
Leads 12,000 youth volunteers.
Joshua Williams has fed 300,000 people.
So Far.
LOVE is in you.

Love. Pass It On!

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Dianna Williams from California SEPTEMBER 6, 2019
What a blessing you are Joshua Williams. You make humanity proud. Encouraging our young to take initiative and help others is wonderful and it teaches them what so many of our adults have yet to learn - that helping others blesses us and gives us the best feelings possible. Thank you for your beautiful heart.

Ja’maal Eveillard from Florida  JULY 6, 2019
The Youth ❤️ Our Future Thank you for choosing to be the difference!

Rochelle Singleton from East Cleveland,Ohio  APRIL 6, 2019
Love these young people. I felt hope in my heart watching this video. 💕

Tone from Grand Junction, CO APRIL 4, 2019
Homelessness, poverty and hunger should not be an issue in our country, yet it continues to be, and includes a serious number of our youths. How sad is that? Kudos to this young man for having this vision! Be the light.

Betty from Accra-Legon AUGUST 21, 2018
Wow!Inspiring message.Wish to be a part of this.God bless and help us all.Thumbs up.

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