ArtCenter College of Design PSAs
The following the PSAs were created as part of a student project at ArtCenter College of Design in cooperation with The Foundation for a Better Life to promote positive values. The course, Conscious Communication is taught by renowned American artist, photographer and director, Matthew Rolston. The resulting campaign, called “The Eight Pillars of Joy”, was based on author and journalist Douglas Abrams’ The Book Of Joy, which recorded a series of conversations between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu as they explored the ways in which our society may achieve joy. The path is clear. It is a series of steps — each one leads to the next. From the shifting of perspectives, to learning to experience humility, humor and acceptance, to performing all-important acts of forgiveness, gratitude and compassion, and ultimately to the highest value: expressing generosity of spirit. Each of our eight students illustrated one of these eight values. Below, please see a selection of student works created entirely from pre-cleared video and audio sources. These short films include spoken-word narration and screen graphics based on original scripts by class members.

Perspective: "Seeing"
Written & Directed by Christina Velazquez


Forgiveness: "Yet To Come"
Written & Directed by Riya Gupta


Humility: "When to Speak"
Written & Directed by Jessica Ballabio


Gratitude: "Find the Light"
Written & Directed by Yusheng Yang


Humor: "On Another Plane"
Written & Directed by Aric Van Halen


Compassion: "Endless"
Written & Directed by Valentina Misas


Acceptance: "Stillness"
Written & Directed by Sisley Loubet


Generosity: "Circles"
Written & Directed by Rachel White

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