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When we share our values with each other,
they are worth more.
If you have a photo or short video from your personal collection that shows what a specific value means to you, we would love to see it! Use the form below to send a photo or video and help inspire others to pass on their own personal values.

If your video or photo is selected, we will share it on our social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) to inspire others. Together we can “PassIton” and make a difference in the world!
Note: If you don't want to upload the video or photo using this form, you can include a link to it below.
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Video and Image Submission Guidelines:

Please follow the below guidelines so we can share your video or photo on our social media:

  • Submit a (short) video or photo that will be inspirational for all age groups & audiences. We may edit videos for length.
  • Only copyright free videos or photos (either created by you or is copyright free) will be approved and posted.
  • Do not promote a business or special event.
  • Do not promote a political or religious organization.
  • Do not include profane language.
  • Do not include any personally identifiable information for you or anyone in the photo. (your email address and phone number will not be published)
  • Do not post a photo of a child/children unless you have permission from the parent/s or guardian/s of that child/children.
All value videos and photos submitted to the site will be reviewed before publishing and submissions that don't follow the above guidelines will not be used.

Not sure what kind of value-oriented content to submit? See our examples below of some value photos and videos. Note: We will add the value and logo to your content before sharing.

Example photo submission showing the value of "FAMILY".

Example photo submission showing the value of "LAUGHTER".

Example video submission showing the value of "IMAGINATION".

Example video submission showing the value of "CONNECTION".

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