FREE Posters for Schools
Request FREE posters for your school or non-profit organization.

If you don't work at a school or non-profit organization, we encourage you to watch our videos online and print your own copies of the billboards.

Note: packages sent will include three folded posters from and one kindness poster from our sister foundation The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Note we only send to U.S. addresses.

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For a fun class project, have students create their own billboards. It's a great way to get them thinking about their own values.

Visit our sister foundation, for more resources to help make kindness the norm® at school. All of their resources are free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your posters free?

Yes, we will send one set of posters per school or non-profit for free. There is no charge for this service.

What languages do you have available?

The posters we send are in English.

When can I expect the posters will arrive?

Orders are fulfilled by a third-party and are sent via the United States Postal Service and may take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Can I pick the specific posters I'd like?

No, to save costs, we print a large quantity of only three posters at a time. When we exhaust that inventory, we will select and print a new batch of posters.

I'm not affiliated with a school—can I still order posters?

Yes, we do sometimes send posters to hospitals, home schools, NGOs or other organizations that work in an educational capacity.

Can I order posters as an individual?

No, we do not sell any posters, and do not offer them to individuals for personal use. We do have high-res PDFs available to print your own copies of the billboards.