FREE Posters & DVD for Schools

Request FREE posters & DVD for your school or non-profit organization by filling out the form below. Read our frequently asked questions regarding these requests.

If you don't work at a school or non-profit organization, we encourage you to watch our videos online and print your own copies of the billboards.

Note: packages sent to U.S. addresses will include three folded posters and one DVD containing our television commercials. Addresses outside of the United States will only receive a DVD.

Are your posters free?

Yes, we will send one set of 3 posters per school or non-profit for free. There is no charge for this service.

What languages do you have available?

We currently offer our TV PSAs in both English and Spanish. All other media is in English.

When will the posters arrive?

Posters are sent via the United States Postal Service and may take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Can I pick the specific posters I'd like?

No, we currently send out a set of three (3) posters (U.S. addresses only) selected randomly for your school. However, we have had requests to be able to select specific posters, and we will look into offering this as an option in the future.

I'm not affiliated with a school—can I still order posters?

Yes, we do sometimes send posters to hospitals, non-profits or other organizations that work in an educational capacity.

Can I order posters as an individual?

No, we do not sell any posters, and do not offer them to individuals for personal use.