Pass It On®

I Believe

We all have dreams of what we would like to become someday or something we would like to accomplish in our lifetime. Unfortunately, self-doubt can often take over, keeping us from realizing our dreams. The truth is, with a little hard work and belief in ourselves, anything is possible. "I Believe" by Bon Jovi serves as the perfect backdrop for this message about Believing in Your Dreams... Pass It On.

Video Transcript

All I know is what I’ve been sold,
You can read my life like a fortune told.
And courage built I won’t let go,
What we need right now is ....soul!
I can’t do this, you can’t do that,
They feed us lines but I won’t act,
And all good things will come to pass.
But the truth is all you have to have,
And would you lie for it? Cry for it? Die for it? Would you?
I believe, I believe.
Believe we’re still worth,
The fight you’ll see,
There’s hope for this world tonight.
I believe, I believe.

Believe. Pass It On!


Bridgette from California JANUARY 4, 2019
I Believe in me more and more each day.

Debbie from Daytona Beach OCTOBER 20, 2018
Never too young and never too old to believe in yourself and the world around us....

Prashant Radadiya from India SEPTEMBER 25, 2018
it's really great inspirational video.

Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2018
this video tell me to always believe in what i want to do

K. J. U. from North Korea OCTOBER 26, 2017
This is very inspirational!