Often locations need to be adapted for filming. In "Packages," FBL was able to find and use a building that had the desired look. But there was one glitch: the building's front door actually opens in. That wouldn't work for filming, so the crew had to take the door off its hinges and re-hang it so it opened outward. As with all alterations made, the door was put back to normal after the filming was over.

The spot's humorous ending, with our hero dropping his packages, reminds us that it is important to do the right thing, whether or not things will turn out exactly as we thought. The dropping of the packages, though, was not in the script. It was a complete accident - which the director liked and kept in the final edit.


MUSIC: Everybody needs a helping hand, take a look at your fellow man and tell me what can I do today. ‘Cause everybody needs a helping out…
MAN: Hey, Let me get that for you.
MUSIC: …but that ain’t what it’s all about, tell me what- what can I do today.
LADY: Thank you young man.
MAN: No Problem.
MUSIC: Everybody needs a helping hand …
ANNCR/SUPER: Courtesy… Pass it on.
MAN: Don’t worry about me, I got it.
ANNCR/SUPER: A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Courtesy. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


Your Comments
Bernadette from CT-NW hills FEBRUARY 3, 2022
Love,Love,Love it!!! We need to make that extra effort Slow down…open your eyes. Feel kindness in your heart. Pass it on.

Joseph Mehailescu from Dundee Michigan SEPTEMBER 19, 2020
I really like the light hearted, real life feel of this commercial, showing the delivery guys dropping all his packages at the end , further drives home the message that doing good often cost you something. Thank you for all the work you do to encourage each of us to look for opportunities to look out for one another , lifting others up and in the end lifting ourselves up as well. With all the crime ,hate and division in our world your positive messages are needed more than ever.

Carolyn from E.C., N.C. JULY 24, 2016
I wanted to help him pick up the packages that he dropped!

Anonymous FEBRUARY 22, 2016
this guy is respectful to people. so caring

chris from tx NOVEMBER 17, 2015
wow that was very important and respectful of the man

kemiyah from killeen,texas NOVEMBER 2, 2015
this is very helpful eve if he had on hand

NULL from NULL AUGUST 8, 2015
It is Amy Grant singing and she is also listed as one of the Songwriters

Connie Mae from PA JANUARY 1, 2014
Is that Amy Grant singing the lyrics in this ad?

Ross from Bowling Green, Ky DECEMBER 27, 2013
I believe the young man should have said "you're welcome" as his reply to "thank you young man. that's good manners, not "no problem"

Awesome from Florida FEBRUARY 11, 2013
He opened the door for all those people and then he dropped all his packages. Why did that happen to that nice guy?

abdoolkayum from mumbai APRIL 26, 2012
It's very good and very courteous.

Eirene Kang ^^ from Dimond bar, California FEBRUARY 27, 2012
helping makes every1 happy

JR from (none your beeswax) FEBRUARY 8, 2010
Haha, funny!

Karl P. from West Haven, Utah OCTOBER 7, 2009
These clips are great for teaching character to my advisory class.

Connor M. from Ogden, UT APRIL 4, 2009
Our school class watch these everyday to get started.

Terry D. from Livonia, NY JANUARY 8, 2009
My math classes watch these clips every day to start class. It puts us in the right frame of mind and reminds us of the important life lessons. Thanks!

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
Oh my gosh this had me laughing so much!! well done!

Jacqueline C from Memphis, TN OCTOBER 20, 2008
I like!

Jim F. from Commerce, GA, USA OCTOBER 9, 2007
Laughed my butt off, as an old FedEx driver I have literally lived this spot.

Jacob H. from Dayton, Ohio USA SEPTEMBER 24, 2007
This website was suggested to me and my friends and I love it!

Elisabeth M. from Colorado, USA SEPTEMBER 12, 2007
The song is great--I think it is Amy Grant singing "Helping Hand."

Cosmo from Ohio, USA SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
I like this one it's really neat.

Debi M. from Cebu, Philippines AUGUST 21, 2007
Wow. Very Courteous. Can I ask what is the title of this song?

Tim O. from Indianapolis, USA JULY 27, 2007
I love the "lesson behind the lesson" in "Packages". What I got from it? Continue to give in spite of what seems like selfish acts of others -- even in the moment of giving. Thank you for reminding me.

Annie C. from Toronto, Ontario JUNE 21, 2007
This movie was so good, I sent it to my best friend.

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