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About Grace VanderWaal

She’s a 13 year old super star who believes your goal should be to find something that’ll make you happy. Grace VanderWaal is taking the world by storm through her music and by sharing a simple message, “You Be You.” Grace hopes her experience will inspire her fans to be the best version of themselves.

Video Transcript

Lyrics: The whole crowd seems to like me now 'cause I'm cool but back when I was in school, they found it very easy to hate me. Funny how always these times are changing. Back then I was so easy to shatter, but now in the end it doesn't really matter.

Grace: If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I'd get voted off for doing that? I'd have a million dollars before I won the show. I kept telling them, "If I got voted off doing what you told me to do, I would forever wonder what would happen if I did what my gut told me to do."

Grace: I don't want to tell people in my music that the world is perfect because it's not. I wanna tell people that the world can be perfect because of you.

Confidence. Pass It On!


Anonymous JANUARY 10, 2018

Destiny Magyar from Pittsburgh, PA DECEMBER 13, 2017
I really do appreciate everything she’s done for me, it truly is a blessing and i can’t thank her enough for giving me an opportunity to keep a smile on my face and i just can’t believe she got this far, and i hope theirs many more memories to come for this beautiful girl. Love her so much she is the best person in the whole world and she makes everyone feel more confident about themselves and they don’t have to worry anymore, i will always be her fan til the day i die, she’s inspired me to just be happy and she makes my life so much better ❤️.

Matilda Bertoli DECEMBER 12, 2017
You are truly amazing! I love your words and your messages in songs and speeches. You'll probably not read this, but I really mean this. You are fantastic and inspire me and I believe every single person that listens to you. I got your album to inspire and confort me, not only to listen to your music. So, thank you Grace!