Grace VanderWaal

She’s a superstar who got her big break at 13 years old. Grace VanderWaal believes your goal should be to find something that’ll make you happy. She’s taking the world by storm through her music and by sharing a simple message, “You Be You.” Grace hopes her experience will inspire her fans to be the best version of themselves.


Lyrics: The whole crowd seems to like me now 'cause they think I'm cool but back when I was in school, they found it very easy to hate me. Funny how always these times are changing. Back then I was so easy to shatter, but now in the end it doesn't really matter.

Grace: If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I'd get voted off for doing that? I'd have a million dollars before I won the show. I kept telling them, "If I got voted off doing what you told me to do, I would forever wonder what would happen if I did what my gut told me to do."

Grace: I don't want to tell people in my music that the world is perfect because it's not. I wanna tell people that the world can be perfect because of you.

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mia from wichita kansas FEBRUARY 11, 2022
I never have confidence but when i watched this vid it gave me confidence

Maddie  MAY 1, 2021
OMG! Your music is beautiful!🤩🤩

Karen Leilani Paty from Hawaii MARCH 28, 2021
This one is so good for my Middle School Students. Can't wait to use it in the classroom. AWESOME!

Steve from Indiana MARCH 7, 2021
You deserve all the credit for your success and the hard work it takes. And I'd like to think that was all sparked in you by the supporting parents you must have. Thank you for seeing that and going for it. Entertaining!

Mariana Miller-D'Alessandro from Bronx, New York FEBRUARY 9, 2021
Very moving and inspiring sharing from this young amazing singer/writer/instrumental musician! Sharing her hard and bright times so she can take step by step in good positive path! God bless Grace! Mariana

Ana Trucha from ARIZONA JANUARY 8, 2021
Grace has been amazing, since she was born, and she has been able to grow fast with the pressures of the world choices and still exploring. I do hope she will e able to continue sharing her creative gifts with the world, for our sake.

Celine DECEMBER 16, 2020
Wow,it's inspiring!

Lily Boozer SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
I love you and you should love yourself

Kat from California JUNE 28, 2020
I see your CONFIDENCE billboard in El Monte, California. So proud of you, so happy for you, so wonderful that now we ALL know YOUR NAME!

Josahlyn MAY 6, 2020
I love it!!!!

Musah Safiyan from Ghana APRIL 22, 2020
Waw, grace you are sooo inspirational to me

Adia from Lacrosse NOVEMBER 8, 2019
You are an amazing girl!

Laura from Pennsylvania JULY 5, 2019
I grew up dancing. Not anything to put a name to. Feeling each instrument is the only way I can dance. This child has given me the confidence to do it again and soon. A drunk driver hit the car I was a passenger in costing me my right forearm as well as injuries to my brain making my career over in a few minutes of someone else's delerium. I have come a far way since that day. Lying in a hospital bed again watching these videos has inspired me to get up and dance regardless of how I look now with half an arm but a magnitude of energy being shoved down so far I don't see me in the mirror. I guarantee I will be dancing to every instrument once again.

brooklynn from im JUNE 10, 2019
i love your music.❤

Chris Williams from Denver, Colorado  APRIL 25, 2019
Love seeing this! I am a safety and awareness professional in the Denver area, passionately attacking the bullying epidemic in our schools and communities. Would love to connect with like minded peoples that want to create the change we desperately need to see.

Sarah B. from Townsend, DE FEBRUARY 12, 2019
My daughters (age 7 and 3) and I have watched your segment on AGT a few times now. Each time, they smile and sing along, telling me they want to be like you. May you continue to inspire those around you of all ages, continue to be humble, and continue your passion. You have a gift - thank you for sharing it with the world!

darci lynne from califonia FEBRUARY 11, 2019
I love your music

Angel from guadalupe ca JANUARY 23, 2019
I love grace vanderwaal's music

Angel from guadalupe ca JANUARY 16, 2019
I love grace's music

Dan Pierce from Ontario DECEMBER 1, 2018
Exceptional talent, confidence starts in the home, if everyone had a family like Grace there would be millions of Grace's in the world. Graces first audience was her family and positive re-enforcement is everything

illions  OCTOBER 16, 2018
I am really inspired by this video

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 13, 2018
hey now that is watch your videos i think your very inspiring to me because i was sacred to sing in front of a little crowd now that is watch this im not scared to sing in front a big crowed thanks to you.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 13, 2018
now that i watched grace i feel a lot better she is very inspriring and im younger then her

Daryl H from ALBERTA JULY 17, 2018
The message I get from listening to Grace is to be unafraid to be myself. To trust my self. To love myself. Grace I love you. You have made my life better by leading by example. I am much older than you get you I spire me. Thank you

Joshua Gering from Whereverthespiritleadsme JULY 16, 2018
Grace is the definition of brilliant-very bright and radiant,exceptionally clever or talented. She will be around 30-40 yrs from now trying to save someone somewhere speaking up for someone who's afraid to make a sound. I am amazed by her talent but her heart makes me do anything possible or seemingly impossible just to show her support. I have no doubt in my mind this world will be dramatically effected by her. I personally cant wait to buy a ticket to that show. So glad I don't have to live in a world where Grace Vanderwaal didn't win AGT and affected everyone of hearts she's crossed paths with. God bless

Carole from WV  JULY 12, 2018
Enjoyed reading about Grace

Anonymous MAY 3, 2018
Very very inspirational. Thank u.

Victoria from 34 weed st, Lowell MA MARCH 7, 2018
This is so inspirational I decided to show it to friends and family, she truly makes me believe in the difference I can make, and battle the bullies

Ashten from Minnesota FEBRUARY 25, 2018
I hope you continue to inspire others, you deserve this awesome miracle.

Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2018
i really like this one because she became out of something to everything.

carlota from school JANUARY 25, 2018
I love you so much. I wish that I could meet you.

Anonymous JANUARY 23, 2018
Grace never stop being u

Renesmay JANUARY 23, 2018
Grace never stop what u do

Lone Wolf from Altoona, PA JANUARY 23, 2018
Grace your not only my favorite singer, songwriter and performer, you are my favorite person. Please never change.

Anonymous JANUARY 10, 2018

Destiny Magyar from Pittsburgh, PA DECEMBER 13, 2017
I really do appreciate everything she’s done for me, it truly is a blessing and i can’t thank her enough for giving me an opportunity to keep a smile on my face and i just can’t believe she got this far, and i hope theirs many more memories to come for this beautiful girl. Love her so much she is the best person in the whole world and she makes everyone feel more confident about themselves and they don’t have to worry anymore, i will always be her fan til the day i die, she’s inspired me to just be happy and she makes my life so much better ❤️.

Matilda Bertoli DECEMBER 12, 2017
You are truly amazing! I love your words and your messages in songs and speeches. You'll probably not read this, but I really mean this. You are fantastic and inspire me and I believe every single person that listens to you. I got your album to inspire and confort me, not only to listen to your music. So, thank you Grace!

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