Imagine Dragons’ “Love” is a powerful reminder that we really are one people. And it is LOVE that truly brings us together. You will appreciate this remarkable song with a timely message. Love... Pass It On.



It's been a long time coming, coming
Seeming like we all been running, running
Feeling like the wild west, gunning, gunning
Listen to our elders shunning, shunning

All we see is faces, color, color
All the other races, other, other
Why couldn't you just be my brother, brother?
We don't have to kill one another, kill one another
All around the world, we are one, we are one
All around the world, we are one

So where did we all go wrong?
Love, love, love, love
Lo-lo-lo-love, love, love

Love. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Tina from Nebraska  JUNE 24, 2022
Beautiful, heart warming and hopeful! 🥰🙏🏻

Ann M Wilson from Binghamton NY JUNE 24, 2022
love is one

Lyse McDonough from Sebastian, Florida JUNE 15, 2022
Why can't truth be known and kindness, respect and tolerance prevail? Most of all, the world needs LOVE, sweet love. Thank you for the beauty you bring to my days.

Carol Crumpton from Danville Virginia MARCH 4, 2022
These messages have changed my life. Since Covid began til now I had lost who I was, this gave me the hope I needed. Thank you

Denise Renchen from Chillicothe, Ohio FEBRUARY 19, 2022
Exactly, even shivelry has disappeared. It's like manners aren't even taught anymore. Respect n listen to ur elders. Clean up after yourself especially if u an adult. It don't matter if u at ur parents house u still be civil n clean up your mess man. Y'all's momma's ain't ur slaves man.

Norma Spellman from Birmingham, Alabama JANUARY 19, 2022
I love everything about this video. Very nicely done from start to finish. It makes me want more. Thank you.

The Romance Mystic from Dallas, Texas JANUARY 7, 2022
How had I not heard this song from my favorite band yet?!?!?!? Just more convinced that Imagine Dragon song writer is a secret undercover mystic here trying to do the Lord's work through song. Thank you for this amazing video. YES! WE ARE ONE, ONE, ONE!

LC from Trucker usa DECEMBER 1, 2021
Everyone every love unimaginable unity Get united love unconditionally 🇺🇸

Yabsra Zenebe from 4555 orchard st Lincoln Ne  NOVEMBER 24, 2021

Tracie from SC, USA NOVEMBER 23, 2021
Made face and my heart smile!

harper from stony creek NOVEMBER 11, 2021
I love that one :)

Anonymous OCTOBER 6, 2021
I agree Thanks Selfish and greedy is where we went wrong. Love one another is the cure😋

Mary Mercer from FL SEPTEMBER 18, 2021
Awesome song and message!

Aterica from Compton CA AUGUST 14, 2021
Powerful commercial, my heart becomes heavy every time I see it.. Love is powerful.❤️

Ashley Mae Pajulas from Masagana Comp. San Miguel AUGUST 9, 2021
Love is powerful, life is everything. wherever you go there's love. spread the love not fight. we are all the same.

Randy Dargan from Anchorage, Alaska  JULY 9, 2021
Love this!!

L Leslie Crum from Henderson, NC JUNE 25, 2021
That's a terrific message to promote. Mine is "Love living your life". It's my profile quote on social media & I live by this notion!

T Kelley from Las Vegas JUNE 19, 2021
Your ad really move me

Rd from Northeast JUNE 11, 2021
If only.... Please pray for the consciousness is our planet

Manny from Georgia JUNE 10, 2021
Very Beautiful and Inspiring. This is the world I would love to live in.

Theresa from Idaho MAY 19, 2021
It is so so wonderful to finally see commercials that include all races coming together to support and love each other, we are all amazing, what a wonderful song!! my heart needed this!!!!

Debra from Arkansas MAY 1, 2021
I wish everyone everywhere could take this song to heart. The world would be such a better place. Thank you.

Ginger from Arizona APRIL 18, 2021
I needed to hear this song today. Today, I have hope. Thank you for bringing the song to life with the perfect video. Peace ☮️ and LOVE ❤️

Kanu Priya from Himalayas, India APRIL 15, 2021
Love! 💖💖💖 And is there a better word to describe what we feel and need to share?

Anonymous APRIL 7, 2021

Grace Quackenbush from Read drive  FEBRUARY 22, 2021
Love this website This will bring more people together

Anonymous FEBRUARY 22, 2021
Always love and care about others. I love this website, I watch it in school almost every day

Trenton from Michigan JANUARY 29, 2021
The fact that there are still people out there like this website who believe in unity and being one just fills my heart.

Denise from Long Beach, California JANUARY 25, 2021
Amazing song! Timely song! So relevant for 2021!

Susan shepherd from Ohio JANUARY 15, 2021
love it makes me cry

Anonymous  JANUARY 15, 2021
This beautiful video should be on every channel every 5 minutes of every day! Such a simple message yet so profound for today’s concern’s. God bless all who make these videos possible.

Lee Nolan from St Petersburg Florida JANUARY 11, 2021
You guys are the best! That lyric is so fantastic following last week. THANKS! I've passed it on to my son and friends.

Irma Josie from Texas JANUARY 10, 2021
I saw this positive video on ion plus channel. It made me feel happy and hopeful for our nation. I wish it was broadcast on other channels.

Anonymous JANUARY 9, 2021

Josie from NY JANUARY 9, 2021
Wonderful message

abigail clarke from throop DECEMBER 14, 2020

Kieran Ebell from Big Lake, Alaska DECEMBER 9, 2020
Great video, I love seeing them on television.

Sharyn Wachs from Lake Worth, Florida NOVEMBER 9, 2020
Beautiful video! I am the woman wearing sunglasses in between a man & woman. Where was this event? I think i know..very touching.

alicia from san fransisco NOVEMBER 8, 2020
so sweet

Zoe from KY NOVEMBER 7, 2020
Thank u beautiful hearts. Is amazing how u can create dialogue that speaks to 95% of the people living on this crazy planet

Suzanne Bellamy from NYC, NY OCTOBER 30, 2020
Together we will recover, remember we are caregivers for one another...

Rocky Stevens from Columbus  OCTOBER 26, 2020
Beautiful song and beautiful expectations I hope everyone shares this all around the world

Jailah SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
That is cute about love

Donna Joy McLean Cleveland from Mineral, Virginia SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
It tops the highest list. It is love. It is love. Shining through the mist We are one.

George from home SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
I't was good

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
Good message

Christina from Junction Texas SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
Thank you for reminding us that love is the most powerful thing we can pass in to one another. Thank you for your encouraging commercials.

Keanu Gillern from Olyphant PA SEPTEMBER 19, 2020
These words are touching and we all need to show love

Olivia from NC SEPTEMBER 19, 2020
it is a nice video if you don't feel right somewhere that you have never been!

Barbara from Goldsboro, NC SEPTEMBER 19, 2020
Love this song!

Alcinia from Wilmington, De SEPTEMBER 18, 2020
Love this video! Had to share it!

trinity SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
love good things

Pam Wells from Brunswick, Ga SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
I can’t agree more. I love this song and the video. I wish everyone truly felt this way!!! Awesome

Vicki Rogers from Cambria, California  SEPTEMBER 15, 2020
Thank you! 💕

Sherrye Vickers from Fort Smith, Ar SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

Maggie from Louisiana  SEPTEMBER 13, 2020
Love the positive words! Keep them coming and thank you!!

Diane Allen from Chattanooga,Tennessee SEPTEMBER 11, 2020
I love the song where the man gets out the car and run toward this lady as she walks toward him and they hug. Makes me think of my sweet mother who is in heaven now trears always flow when I see this commercial.

Clifford Hall from Long Beach Ca.  SEPTEMBER 2, 2020
I do love all your commercials, but the one of the mother and son meeting ! When there eyes meet , I coun’ed stop crying! I miss my mom so much!

Kathy from Colorado AUGUST 29, 2020
I love the messages in your commercials, maked me stop and think. Thank you.

Silver Rose from Cave Creek, AZ AUGUST 28, 2020
I love this so much. Thank you!

Shirley Ward from Bedford Hy AUGUST 25, 2020
I love it. Love it. Love it! ! Just what i wanted with tne redt.

Ona from Stockbridge Ga AUGUST 24, 2020
Awesome!!! I love love love it!. The world needs love. It's the ONLY thing that there's just too little of...

Justin Philpott from Martinsville, Va 24112 AUGUST 24, 2020

Spectrum Light Radio from NC AUGUST 22, 2020
Your uplifting commercial ads are much appreciated. Keep them coming!

Linda G from Mars Pa AUGUST 22, 2020

Renee Strandloff from Michigan  AUGUST 22, 2020
We need more❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nancy from California AUGUST 21, 2020
I love your ads..they always make me happy and bring me to the point of joyful tears!

Isaiah Wright from Jacksonville Florida AUGUST 21, 2020
That was something ad that real good!

Anonymous AUGUST 20, 2020
All we be is 💕

Samuel from his house AUGUST 20, 2020
I have always looked up to Imagine Dragons. They are my favorite artists. Now that they are showing compassion, I like them yet more. They are showing that love is important and it should be cherished. I am a student from Berlyn Elementary in Ontario. Love. Pass It On! (Even as a child!)

Frank Montana from West Deptford, NJ AUGUST 15, 2020
That was very nice! For once the internet is being used for something so nice and special! PSST! Pass It On! It gave me goosebumps to watch one human being helping another human being! That is really great!

Jes. from Kansas AUGUST 14, 2020

Kulbinder Singh from San diego ca AUGUST 7, 2020

Aeris  AUGUST 6, 2020
why do we have to fight fighting is bad love is good fighting is never good

Jamie from North Port, Florida AUGUST 5, 2020
Love it! So full of emotion and very meaningful in these hard times.

Marilyn from Oklahoma City AUGUST 5, 2020 and commercial....could be the "beginning". Thank you so much~~

Betty from Wellsburg, NY AUGUST 3, 2020
This song and commercial brought me to tears. It’s so beautiful we need to see and hear it as much as possible. Thank you!!

Claudia from Broomfield CO AUGUST 1, 2020
Love this song and this commercial!!!

Judy from Eastlake Ohio JULY 30, 2020
Love it!!!!

Bettie from Waldorf, MD USA JULY 28, 2020
Beautiful. True. Spread the 👩‍❤️‍👨

Kwasi Baah from Ohio JULY 16, 2020
Awwww, the lyrics are so touching and very humbling. Right song for the season. We are surely one, no form of discrimination should be entertained. A call to society awareness. Division will destroy our society.

Richard Young from California JULY 15, 2020
Finding this site has given me more hope ...and I truly wish for a better world for all of us it has inspired me to go out and volunteer my time .,.. which has been the most rewarding experience of my entire life......

Camryn from Spanish fort al JULY 15, 2020
I love this website it’s so sweet and it’s livening I think every one should look at this website

Judy from San Leandro CA JULY 15, 2020
This is both beautiful and on point. Check n you.

Jim Graham from Padadena JULY 14, 2020
Love started in me. I am LOVE

Nancy from Ghent, New York JULY 13, 2020
First time on, tears roll down my face. Our world is totally upside down. We need to come together, be kind, caring, loving. Be there for each other. We are all human. Love this site.

Delores Thames from Dolton, Illinois JULY 13, 2020
Thanks for sharing the love and hope for our future.

Charlie Young from Friendship,Tn. JULY 13, 2020
Why can't we all just get along?

Jocelyn Pinsler from Chicago Illinois JULY 13, 2020
Thank you

Connie from Florida JULY 12, 2020
On my front door I also give a message On my front door there is a saying Where there is LOVE there is LIFE as my mom is fighting Alz/Dementia in this Pandemic @ the age of 94 Also a heart with All you need is LOVE!!

Diane F. from Westmoreland, Virginia JULY 12, 2020
I agree we are one and no one can change that! Beautiful song, I grew up to the song Ebony and Ivory Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder so now we have another great one to add to remind us all to be there for one another, side by side.

McKinley Walker from Richmond Virginia JULY 12, 2020
MoRE THAN beautiful

Diana Rangel-Duncan from San Antonio, Tx JULY 11, 2020
This is beautiful and all so true!!

Michaelene from Alamorgordo NM JULY 11, 2020
We are one!!

Michael from Atlanta JULY 11, 2020
Thank you for your great messages, now and over the past years.

Robin from Canton, Ohio JULY 10, 2020
Thank you for so much inspirational messages!

Jonathan Compton from Freeport, Maine  JULY 7, 2020

Emeline from AL JULY 6, 2020
Thank you for your peaceful loving commercials

Frances Pezzimenti from Ormond Beach Fl. JULY 5, 2020
So beautiful love pass it on we have to learn to love one another. People are so busy with there every day lives that love is forgotten sometime.

Glenda from Ga. JULY 5, 2020
Read the words very good

Mike Palmer from 851 n Brooklyn st Philadelphia Pa 19104 JULY 5, 2020
I love the song I am coming home

Kate from Washington  JULY 2, 2020
LOVE this! Thanks for the reminder of all the good there is in the world if we have fresh eyes and open hearts to see it and be it.

Linas Butcher from La Mesa, California  JULY 2, 2020
What a great song... what a great message! "We Are One" yes we are. We are all God's children and we should all stand together and unite as one. To make our world and our lives better then we've ever dreamed it could be. Because their's hope and power when we stand together. And show that love really is all we need.

Larry Conley from Pittsburgh, PA JUNE 30, 2020
Splendid presentation of what has been my conviction since the age of 14. Humankind is one family; racial divides are a mirage spread by a myth that arose from a mistake! We are one kind; now we must be kind!

Honey L. from Louisiana  JUNE 30, 2020
This should be broadcast daily on every television in every corner of our beautiful world. Thank you 🥰🐞

Teodoro from Pesqueira JUNE 30, 2020
I really enjoy the commercial of the little boy, surprises his mother and his family as he grows into a man. I haven't seen my beautiful mother in three months, ever since the virus started.

Shari from California, USA JUNE 29, 2020
❤️ this sharing!

Carole from Colorado JUNE 29, 2020
Words so true and inspirational.

Anthony from California  JUNE 28, 2020
This gave me something which has been absent in my heart for a while...HOPE.

Angelina Rodriguez from Westmoreland JUNE 26, 2020
Thank you for making this we all need it

Margaret from Oakville, Ontario  JUNE 26, 2020
This is beautiful.

Arif Hussain from Mirjadhigi, West Bengal, india JUNE 17, 2020
I love this song❤️

Bob Grove from Braxton Mississippi JUNE 15, 2020
Absolutely fabulous concept I love your TV spots and could easily make the world a better place. Keep up the great encouraging work I'm looking voice spot to donate

Kassidy from NON YA JUNE 10, 2020
I’m so happy

María from NEW York JUNE 8, 2020
I really love this commercial it has a lot of meaning

Sandra Dee Powell from Brooklyn NY  JUNE 5, 2020

Lee Champlin from Ambler, PA JUNE 4, 2020
A sentiment that should be put forth. Push the positives. We are all more alike than people think. Throw out the instigators. Thank you for this moment of peace and clarity

breannaz. from wi JUNE 2, 2020
this is a wonderful video it made my day :)

Sara from Providence RI JUNE 1, 2020
I just saw this one on ion+ tv for the first time today (June 1, 2020). It brought me to tears...perfect amidst the BLM movement & protests/riots. It made my heart swell love and hope. THANK YOU!!!

Daylin from 40 Jerome circle MAY 7, 2020
Spread love all together and save it people from being hurt being kidnapped that’s all I have to say lover than you

Susan from Texas MAY 4, 2020
Love every message on

Dale Thompson from Anderson, Indiana  MAY 2, 2020

Ellin from Brooklyn NY MAY 1, 2020
I never tire of watching these videos!!! Amazingly well done!

David from Virginia MAY 1, 2020
I love this song!!!

Lydia from San Jose, CA  APRIL 29, 2020
Beautiful...THANK YOU!!!

Trudy from Broussard La. APRIL 21, 2020
This is beautiful ♥️

Ruth King Mitchell from Syracuse Ny. APRIL 15, 2020
I love all of the videos that you show. This is what we all need to do. We all need to show more love. Thank you.

Jenn strang from Mckeesport PA APRIL 3, 2020
Perfect timing for all mankind!! We are all red on the inside!! Let’s do our best to “be our brothers and sisters keeper”. Peace be with you all!! Lots of love and prayers 😇

Anonymous FEBRUARY 25, 2020
I like inside deeply from my heart!!!

Lana from Tallahassee Fl JANUARY 23, 2020
I just wish everyone would watch this video. It is beautiful.

Donna from Denver Colorado, Louisa Virginia, Tangier Virginia NOVEMBER 5, 2019
We are all brothers and sisters

Kelly Randall Creecy from Atlanta, GA OCTOBER 31, 2019
When I saw this commercial I was in awe...we as a people must come together in love and respect. Thank you for the site and the videos!

Sim Wortham from Toledo Ohio  OCTOBER 30, 2019
There is only one race, it's called human! 💓

Amber from Louisiana OCTOBER 29, 2019
Just saw this on TV as a commercial and I fell into tears!!!! It truly touched my heart!!!! Our world needs more love!!!!

Delaney from New Mexico OCTOBER 28, 2019
Seeing this was just amazing A great message and really pulled at the heartstrings. We are all one let's love and help one another😊

Ingrid kloet from New Mexico OCTOBER 18, 2019
Fantastic !!!!!

Robert from Oklahoma OCTOBER 17, 2019
I cried at the 30 second mark - God I wish we could all be one. Thank you thank you thank you

D. Mason from Va OCTOBER 3, 2019
I love the song as well as the commercial. I wish everone could get along. Lots of hatred. So sad.

Fallon Manyika from Lowell  SEPTEMBER 15, 2019
Honestly I’ve never felt more excited and a deeper connection of what the world should look like. I really wish I had seen this ad on different channels. I love your message 💕

margaret from florida SEPTEMBER 7, 2019
every network in the world should be running these ads we need to be reminded of who we can be

Asila from Anderson SC SEPTEMBER 7, 2019
Totally think this site needs to be multiplied by 1000000+0

Susan from NY SEPTEMBER 4, 2019
Yes!💕thank you

Patricia from Chicago SEPTEMBER 4, 2019
What a feeling ! Pass it on! I did.

Maybelle from Washington, DC SEPTEMBER 3, 2019
The voice singing sounds like John Legend. Is that right?

Lisa Roberge from Colchester ,Vt SEPTEMBER 2, 2019
Thank you for what this world needs today💜🧡💛

Dianne from Texad AUGUST 25, 2019
Thanks for showing expressions of what Love looks like. So refreshing.

Sandy Garcia from Asheville, NC AUGUST 17, 2019
Love this song!! Let's all love and respect one another!!!❤️

Kim Corson from Georgia AUGUST 17, 2019
Let's stop fighting and give love and kindness. Be humble, curious of other cultures and not afraid. PASS IT ON

Loubna from Florida AUGUST 17, 2019
Yes. This is how it should be. Love one another. But, good question....where did we all go wrong ?

Lauren from California AUGUST 11, 2019
Thank you for healing and refilling my heart when events in the world threaten to tear it apart. We NEED these reminders. Love is all there is, and yes I keep wondering where we went so wrong.

Heather from Idaho  AUGUST 8, 2019
Above all love, love others. These are perfect in the midst of all the senseless tragedy.

Sharon from Texas AUGUST 7, 2019

Naythen Schrock from Bradenton, FL AUGUST 6, 2019
I want to help.

Lynn from Jackson, MS AUGUST 2, 2019
Luv ur commercial COMING HOME

Jereni Singleton from 77050 AUGUST 1, 2019
Love yourself even if you think it's not enough.

Austin Williams from Flat rock JULY 31, 2019
I love it so much i'm writing a song from the lyrics right now.

Cheryl from Massachusetts JULY 30, 2019
Love this

K. Fortune from Michigan JULY 29, 2019
I am loving the messages. I first saw Passiton on Channel 31-3 IONPLUS TV.

Jerry from New York JULY 27, 2019
So true

Anonymous JULY 22, 2019
Officially my favorite song!! More people should love ❤️ one another it’s sad watching the news seeing all those people who don’t care and are bad it just makes me want to cry 😭

Anonymous JULY 22, 2019
That song really made me smile 😊 I’ll definitely pass it on.

Lorie from Michigan JULY 22, 2019
I seen the commercial on TV I just love the commercial.

Sandra Warden from Louisville, KY JULY 15, 2019
These clips just don't make me think, they make me feel good.

Deanne Salsman from Fairfield, California JULY 13, 2019
My FAVORITE commercials on television. They stop me in my tracks! They bring joy to my heart. Thank you.

Sherri from Los Angeles JULY 12, 2019
Love love love

RoSie n Ramiro from Clearwater Florida JULY 10, 2019
Very Heart warming.Great video I kno it put a smile in my family n I..We love it and we will Pass it on.....

Gloria from Georgia JULY 10, 2019
The song that's plays on tv i wont to go home remind me of my mom she pass on now. She pass whe i was a child. It bring joy to my heart. I miss her so much.

New Ulm JULY 10, 2019
Hi, I just got done watching the video pass it on, stared crying. I live in New Ulm,MN, a small town, and I was feeling sorry for myself. That totally humbled me and I would love to PassItOn.

Pedro G. from Florida JULY 8, 2019
Great video---makes me Smile inside and out! :-) We need to remember that we are ALL Human Beings FIRST! It is OKAY to be different---Tolerance makes life better! We are ONE.

Lee Ann Smith Rutledge from Wilmington, NC JULY 6, 2019
This video and song says it all!!! Thanks Imagine Dragons.

Jess from MN JULY 6, 2019
Makes me feel So Happy!!

LeeGJ from Florida JULY 6, 2019
Amen. I hope that we can make our world come together ❤️ as the song says. Hopefully sooner than later, but let's hope everyone around sees this video and get's moved enough.

Joseph from Miami JULY 6, 2019
These things sound great as long as you don’t want to remove my individuality. We are not all the same we are all different. No two leaves are alike.

Anonymous JULY 5, 2019
Can't say it any better

Rebeckah from Gordonsville, Va JULY 5, 2019
Love it

Erin from Stillwater, mn JULY 5, 2019
LOVE THIS! We are one.... spread the word! <3

Susan Elizabeth from New Jersey JULY 4, 2019
Love one another

Valerie from Las Vegas  JULY 4, 2019
Love, forgiveness and Truth. We are One with each other ♥️

Matt Kindall from Portland Oregon JULY 4, 2019
I am a 46 year old truck driver and this commercial made me tear up a bit at the end. This is such a beautiful expression of what the world should be, and I hope will some day be.

Georganne from Riverview, MI JULY 3, 2019
Give peace a chance. LOVE

Diana wilson from Indianapolis in  JULY 3, 2019
Love this so happy to see Jeremiah in this commercial

Radiah from Paris, France from Paris , France ... JULY 2, 2019

AlmaG from Florida JULY 2, 2019
These videos are heartwarming and uplifting. Everybody should have an opportunity to see these even once. Appreciation and thanks.

Theresa wase from Fontana, ca. JUNE 28, 2019
I love each and every one of your videos, they make me feel good. You know, they warm my heart.. ;)

Robin from Texas JUNE 28, 2019
So beautiful❣️

Sim Wortham from HE  JUNE 28, 2019
This is the truth people wake up there's only one race it's called human !

Omar from Lafitte Louisiana  JUNE 25, 2019
Very inspirational and YES we are ONE where did we go WRONG. We NEED to start helping each other.

Teresa JUNE 24, 2019
love everyone

Teresa JUNE 24, 2019
love it

Sharon Marti from Southern calif JUNE 24, 2019
What a pleasant positive website, just got here. Thank you..

Robert V. Adger-Barton from Arlington, Texas JUNE 21, 2019
this always gut punches me in the feels... Love it! its the most important message!

Dan from Iowa JUNE 19, 2019
Share with one another.

Danielle from Earth/usa. JUNE 15, 2019
Inspiration for the world.thisis how I feel

Anonymous JUNE 12, 2019
Beautiful song, we are one!

Anonymous JUNE 10, 2019
I love imagine dragons

Ramondo R Gee from West Bloomfield, MI, USA JUNE 9, 2019
Love it!! Brings tears to my eyes. "We Are the World" evolved. Thank you!

Cheryl from LA - Louisiana MAY 28, 2019
Love this song

Raniya MAY 15, 2019
It’s so sweet and sad 😢

Anonymous MAY 10, 2019
my fav song!!

Jaime Cruz from Tampa Florida  MAY 10, 2019
I love this short commercial which inspires the love we all carry and how beautiful it is just to pass on the love we where all created for.

Jimmy Arthur from Trinidad and Tobago  APRIL 28, 2019
Every day I ask myself why can't we just live together and respect each other, too much hatred and violence, when will we realize that we are better together." LOVE"

David Alberda from Tushka Oklahoma APRIL 23, 2019

Ife from Sacramento, Ca APRIL 23, 2019
I AM inspired to pass it on!

Maryann zaccone from Florida APRIL 22, 2019
I love this song! I truly wish everyone would love one another and get along.What a beautiful world it would be.💗

Nadine Lowe from Pennsylvania APRIL 14, 2019
I love your messages. My grandson at a year old strated paying close attention to the commercials now at five he sings them all and teaches his younger sisters the message he's learned

Pat Martin from Phoenix, AZ APRIL 13, 2019
I love the commercials. A powerful positive message that makes me think "There is HOPE."

Florence Parker from Syracuse NY APRIL 10, 2019
I think the pass it on videos are awesome and sends a powerful message. I would love to be part of sharing this message of love.

Bochita from California MARCH 28, 2019
Beautiful message, thank you.

Charisse Sebastian from Boston MARCH 10, 2019
Beautiful lyrics. And on point. The only way we will succeed is to move beyond the forces that seek to divide us by using fear, telling us what to be afraid of and whose to blame for it. Listen to each other, celebrate and understand our differences as a strength and work together as one people.

Dale from New York MARCH 6, 2019
This is the most powerful message of all. The only way we are going to survive. Love. Thank you

E Joy from Alaska FEBRUARY 20, 2019
Love ALL your PSA’s!

Cynthia Yoshitomi from Oxnard California  FEBRUARY 20, 2019
Thank you for your creation of hope

Carmen Babilonia from Brighton, ma. 02135 FEBRUARY 7, 2019
Beautiful lyrics

Rita from Oklahoma JANUARY 29, 2019
I Love it!! Saw the commercial on tv and have to find it on my phone. I wanted to add it to my Fb page..

Raymond White from Salt Lake City, UT JANUARY 28, 2019
I agree completely. Love conquers all. But people don’t seem to care, when they know between right and wrong. It’s a choice. Love, pass it on.

Traci Guy JANUARY 27, 2019
Amazing song! Love Imagine Dragons and the message!!!

Anonymous JANUARY 27, 2019
Thank you for this beautiful song ❤️

Dianne T from Roseville, MI  JANUARY 27, 2019

mariana tarzia from Connecticut  JANUARY 25, 2019
This ia wonderful song that in spare me to respect others Love people that is,around us and help each other

Kathleen Tocheri from Marshalltown iowa JANUARY 24, 2019
Brought tears to my etes. As a grandmother of two beautiful mixed granddaughters I pray for a better future for them every day! Thank you for showing them there is hope.

Lisa from California JANUARY 24, 2019
I think it's beautiful! Im in

Jodi Cole from Indianapolis  JANUARY 21, 2019
You didn't go wrong. Love always conquers all!#

Sue Ma from New Jersey JANUARY 18, 2019
Omg! The best lyrics ever! We need love.

Anonymous JANUARY 17, 2019
Love is awesome!!

Mrs.Bishop from Philadelphia  JANUARY 15, 2019
Love this song me and my 11year old daughter. Love this song it s song for peace and love !

Michelle from Pennsylvania  JANUARY 13, 2019
Love love this! This would needs a change. What a great initiative ❤️

Joanne from Providence RI  JANUARY 12, 2019
I love the feeling it sends out a positive vibes. I will share to my family and friends. Thanks you.

Bobbi Jo Red Cloud Phelps from Pine Ridge South Dakota  JANUARY 11, 2019
Love the commercials Love the song Love Imagine Dragons Love Passing It On...

Barbara from AK JANUARY 9, 2019
Thank you.

Rodney from Virginia JANUARY 5, 2019
You made my day! I love this site!

James from Colorado JANUARY 5, 2019

Kimberley Keefe from Aurora colorado JANUARY 4, 2019
The Add brought tears to my eyes...and filled my heart with love...We need to cherish our planet pans all our beautiful animald

Herb Speck from 03840 JANUARY 2, 2019

Donna from Sarasota Fl JANUARY 1, 2019
This is beautiful. Wish more people could feel this way. Passing it on!!

RANDY T from Maryland USA JANUARY 1, 2019
Send it to everyone !! Awesome !!

D from Miami, Fl. DECEMBER 31, 2018
Watching this I feel like I’m home.

Terrri from RIVERVIEW Mi DECEMBER 23, 2018
What an amazing site! Are you selling anything? Or have you opened up this site to let people see that the world is still an amazing place to live and that people, for the most part, are still good, caring, and respectful of others. Goodness....Pass It On!!!

Sandra from Indiana DECEMBER 23, 2018
Love this!

Mare from Philadelphia, PA DECEMBER 17, 2018
This is what we hope for...pray for. .work toward..."What a Wonderful World"... it would be, in these chaotic times where everything seems to be falling down around us. We keep hope in our hearts despite it all. And love, always love, in setting example for the little ones growing toward their future.

Brenda from Golden, Colorado  DECEMBER 8, 2018
People are beautiful!!

Gary from Denver DECEMBER 6, 2018
Love it! A powerful message!

Brad from Texas  DECEMBER 6, 2018

caden from jonsbrel DECEMBER 5, 2018
so good

First from First DECEMBER 5, 2018

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