Imagine Dragons’ “Love” is a powerful reminder that we really are one people. And it is LOVE that truly brings us together. You will appreciate this remarkable song with a timely message. Love... Pass It On.



It's been a long time coming, coming
Seeming like we all been running, running
Feeling like the wild west, gunning, gunning
Listen to our elders shunning, shunning

All we see is faces, color, color
All the other races, other, other
Why couldn't you just be my brother, brother?
We don't have to kill one another, kill one another
All around the world, we are one, we are one
All around the world, we are one

So where did we all go wrong?
Love, love, love, love
Lo-lo-lo-love, love, love

Love. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Tina from Nebraska  JUNE 24, 2022
Beautiful, heart warming and hopeful! 🥰🙏🏻

Ann M Wilson from Binghamton NY JUNE 24, 2022
love is one

Lyse McDonough from Sebastian, Florida JUNE 15, 2022
Why can't truth be known and kindness, respect and tolerance prevail? Most of all, the world needs LOVE, sweet love. Thank you for the beauty you bring to my days.

Carol Crumpton from Danville Virginia MARCH 4, 2022
These messages have changed my life. Since Covid began til now I had lost who I was, this gave me the hope I needed. Thank you

Denise Renchen from Chillicothe, Ohio FEBRUARY 19, 2022
Exactly, even shivelry has disappeared. It's like manners aren't even taught anymore. Respect n listen to ur elders. Clean up after yourself especially if u an adult. It don't matter if u at ur parents house u still be civil n clean up your mess man. Y'all's momma's ain't ur slaves man.

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