Imagine Dragons’ “Love” is a powerful reminder that we really are one people. And it is LOVE that truly brings us together. You will appreciate this remarkable song with a timely message. Love... Pass It On.



It's been a long time coming, coming
Seeming like we all been running, running
Feeling like the wild west, gunning, gunning
Listen to our elders shunning, shunning

All we see is faces, color, color
All the other races, other, other
Why couldn't you just be my brother, brother?
We don't have to kill one another, kill one another
All around the world, we are one, we are one
All around the world, we are one

So where did we all go wrong?
Love, love, love, love
Lo-lo-lo-love, love, love

Love. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Betty from Wellsburg, NY AUGUST 3, 2020
This song and commercial brought me to tears. It’s so beautiful we need to see and hear it as much as possible. Thank you!!

Claudia from Broomfield CO AUGUST 1, 2020
Love this song and this commercial!!!

Judy from Eastlake Ohio JULY 30, 2020
Love it!!!!

Bettie from Waldorf, MD USA JULY 28, 2020
Beautiful. True. Spread the 👩‍❤️‍👨

Kwasi Baah from Ohio JULY 16, 2020
Awwww, the lyrics are so touching and very humbling. Right song for the season. We are surely one, no form of discrimination should be entertained. A call to society awareness. Division will destroy our society.

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