I Will Always Love You

It has been said that "love makes the world go round." In fact, the love of a parent, spouse, partner, friend or family member is often what helps us through the good times and bad, and makes life such a beautiful journey. We hope you will enjoy this celebration of love set to the iconic song "I Will Always Love You" performed by Charice.



And I... will always love you
I... will always love you
You, ooh

I hope
Life treats you kind
And I hope
You have all you've dreamed of
And I wish you joy
And happiness
But above all this
I wish you love

And I... will always love you
I... will always love you

Love. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Ken Greenwood from Placerville CA OCTOBER 27, 2021
Yeah Dolly, I get it! This is for my Girlfriend of 8 years who is moving away to be with her Grandchildren... I totally get it! <3

Hailey from villa  OCTOBER 22, 2021
just watched this in religion class lol

Courtney from Levy County, FL OCTOBER 7, 2021
I love love!

Richard M Donovan from Hubert, North Carolina USA JUNE 27, 2021
I will always love you for ever more my Sweetheart 💘

JANET GUETZLOFF from 1602 SO. 22nd STREET ROGERS ARK. 72758 JUNE 3, 2021

Dolly Parton from Dollywood MAY 21, 2020
You got that this is a breakup song, right? As in, it’s about the end of a relationship.

Addy Rigby from 927 highway 64 MAY 2, 2020
Love it

Sybil from San Antonio, Texas APRIL 9, 2020
The songs are beatyful and relaxing to listen to. Thanks

Jameson from Riverview FEBRUARY 24, 2020
Love is the best thing can ever happen in life.

Jim from Anchorage, Alaska SEPTEMBER 3, 2018
Saw this ad on a middle of the night TV commercial. Very moving message; I had to search it out. Powerful messages on this site. Thank you!

Hilda from Braintree Essex  SEPTEMBER 2, 2018
Always nice to love and be loved

Christine from Wasilla, Alaska FEBRUARY 6, 2018
Beautiful, moving message

Tammy from Greenwood JANUARY 14, 2018
Amazing voice..

Anonymous JANUARY 11, 2018
I need love.

Darlene from Texas DECEMBER 30, 2017
Oh my, these videos are so wonderful.

Jo from Fl OCTOBER 25, 2017
Made me cry. Beautiful beautiful ad.

Karen from Fort Worth, Tx. OCTOBER 25, 2017
Beautiful commercial and Charice has a beautiful voice

Bailey Kerr from wade e morgan rd 3910 OCTOBER 9, 2017
love is always true

Judy from Paxton, IL OCTOBER 9, 2017
this is so special and always brings tears to my eyes.

Reginald from Los Angeles AUGUST 31, 2017
We need more of what you do in today's world! Thank you!

Sylura from MI AUGUST 29, 2017
Thank you for giving my girl Charice a chance at singing this song for this commercial. She is one of the best under singers. I love her singing as well as the commercial.

N. Gina from Chicago AUGUST 3, 2017
I love this commercial

Victoria from Lake Oswego Oregon near Portland JULY 29, 2017
Thank you!!!! I will spread around.

Jim from Pittsburgh JULY 9, 2017
Wow, best commercial I've ever seen.

Rebecca from OH JUNE 22, 2017

Linda from N. E. Lincs - UK MAY 29, 2017
How beautiful xxx

PUG MAY 4, 2017
Its beutiful and i LOVE the song!<3

Nelson from Los Angeles APRIL 7, 2017
I love this message!

MARK from Indiana MARCH 30, 2017
Someone that used to talk to me about movies and shows, commercials, I loved our talks.

Sushil from Antelope, CA  JANUARY 8, 2017
Can't never get enough of this song

Julia from Al. JANUARY 7, 2017
Stirring ! I crave love this in the commercial....

Lenetha from Ft Wayne IND JANUARY 2, 2017
I have been praying for love to show it self in the heart of man, 2016 was hard to deal with but, seeing this New Year day BLESSED ME !!!! Thank You

Allan from Omaha, NE DECEMBER 31, 2016
Great website and content

AARON from rockport Texas NOVEMBER 28, 2016
it made me almost cry its really good

emma from rockport NOVEMBER 28, 2016
love is a amazing thing

Gene from Pennsylvania SEPTEMBER 29, 2016
I wish you love!

Rosemarie from WI SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Wonderful message

Brad SEPTEMBER 13, 2016
Great , life saver

Jan from Wisconsin SEPTEMBER 6, 2016
I love this commercial! Especially refreshing during these turbulent times!

Sabrina from Jersey city AUGUST 30, 2016
Love this commercial alot of meaning to it and charice rocked the song

Chonita from Akron Ohio AUGUST 13, 2016
My attirude has turned around alot since seeimg your gratitude commercial. I am more gateful for everything that i have been given. Thank you so much for opening my eyes.

Louise from Augusta, GA AUGUST 9, 2016
Love, love, love this commercial. Thank you for all your positive commercials.

Juan from Fort Worth AUGUST 2, 2016
Thank you for sharing this amazing video. It is love that keeps us from hurting each other. Therefore, we must love one another.

Desiree from Larksville, PA AUGUST 2, 2016
A lovely commercial made with such a tremendously powerful song... A historical song. And the voice. Charice. So often have many people tried to sing a Whitney Houston song and never do her justice, but I was truly captivated by Charice's voice. My compliments!

Justin from Memphis, TN JULY 31, 2016
A great commercial. It's really touching and awesome, but I am kinda disappointed that it didn't show at least one lgbt couple. They r just regular ppl that experience love too.

Elaine from Los Angles JULY 30, 2016

Robert from Eartj JULY 29, 2016
I needed that so much negative thought on FB about he cruelty to aminals

Ron from Tupelo, MS JULY 28, 2016
Thank you for bringing beautiful, peaceful, moral, kind and soothing videos at a time when it seems everything is just the opposite.

Connie from Wellsboro pa JULY 27, 2016
Awesome commercial

Darrell from Ashland Oregon JULY 27, 2016
Thanks. I'm away from home tonight and I always- daily- tell my wife I love her. I said it with this...

@CastlightMedia from Austin, TX JULY 24, 2016
We shared this video to our friends, family members in hopes they were as choked up as we were. Positive commercials are what every kid this day in age sees... thank you for spreading what "love" is all about and where it can take you.

Andy from Stockton CA JULY 12, 2016

Kathleen from Hilo, Hawaii  JULY 9, 2016
I rewind my tv 3x just to see it again. Your message just touch my heart and brought me to tears. Thank you

stacy from nh JULY 8, 2016
Aww...don't I know how life is short. Times a wasting would be the song I would choose right now in my life. Its nice too see sappy people like myself just trying to hang On till and for a better tomorrow

Joanne from Houston, texas JULY 7, 2016
It's a blessing to the mind, and myself feels better just to have pleasant lovely voices in my ears. Love is so healing, and strengthing. It's such joy,

Howard from San Francisco JUNE 30, 2016
I just saw this on tv and needed an encore.

Brenda from Biddeford ME JUNE 26, 2016
I just saw your John Denver commercial. How amazing. Thank You

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
absolutely beautiful

Vernon from 38313 MAY 22, 2016
Great song

Dave L from Cherry Hill NJ MAY 13, 2016
Man tears - If you are capable of loving, you'll FEEL this one!

viv from chattanooga tn MAY 7, 2016
It has a meaning for all people.love it

Kent from Ellijay ga. MAY 5, 2016
Wow! I am a 6-1 275 pound big burly mountain man but that brought a tear to my eye.

Christina from Indiana MAY 3, 2016
I cried when I saw this. It's just beautiful. Charice does a good job of singing the song that my son LOVED when he was just a little boy. (That's another reason I cried). :-) LOVE your site. I stop by almost everyday. Thank you and God bless.

Warren from Michigan APRIL 30, 2016
Awesomely done...What the world needs more of right now...

Karley from Tennessee APRIL 27, 2016
I really enjoy this site it passes great examples to people that really need it in their heart

Constance from Dorseyville, Pennsylvania APRIL 23, 2016
This is a wonderful!!! My husband and I both cried and were so touched by how beautiful this is! You covered so many generations and subtly added so many important symbols of life. Love it, love it, love it! <3

jean from texas APRIL 13, 2016
my song after my husband passed away

Richard from Milwaukee APRIL 10, 2016
You are among the best ambassadors for love and good will this world has seen in a long time. God bless you!

Lanita from Sacramento, CA APRIL 6, 2016
Absolutely love this, once again you have inspired me to focus on the important things in life. This is beautifully done. Thanks!

Kallie from Hartville, Ohio APRIL 6, 2016
I Love This So Much I Came Back To Watch It Again!

Kallie from Hartville, Ohio APRIL 5, 2016
I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert from Glen Burnie, MD; USA APRIL 4, 2016
I am so pleased to found this amazing site. Thanks ever so much for these inspirational and loving posts.

AL from Surrey, British Columbia MARCH 25, 2016
Beautiful TV commercial. Just saw this twice on TV while watching.

Louis from Bogota MARCH 17, 2016
touched my heart

Brad from bradleybailey54@yahoo.com  MARCH 14, 2016
Judge neither stranger nor neighbor less not they judge you

George from Oklahoma MARCH 14, 2016
Beautiful message! Our world need more

Cathy from Miami Gardens, FL FEBRUARY 29, 2016
Beautifully done! I LOVE it!

wagner from Brazil FEBRUARY 27, 2016
Beautiful message! Our world need more commercials like this one. Its a crazy world but i love all the people.

Margaret from Evansville, IN FEBRUARY 21, 2016

Mike from Seattle FEBRUARY 21, 2016

Lloyd from Forest, VA FEBRUARY 21, 2016
I loved this! I just ran end and gave my wife a big hug and kiss. Thanks so much for all your organization does in making our world a better place!

D from Florida FEBRUARY 16, 2016
We need more LOVE and respect

Karen from Sacramento FEBRUARY 16, 2016
I love these 'commercials' and to whoever is producing them, you're definitely a special angel -

Brian from USA FEBRUARY 15, 2016
Dolly's greatest tune of all time. Could melt you to putty from stage as well as anyone who ever sang it..including Whitney may she rest in peace...and love.

Jim from Temecula CA FEBRUARY 15, 2016
A great song done bt a great artist.

Lenny from Fortlauderdale fla. FEBRUARY 15, 2016

Mary from Florida FEBRUARY 15, 2016
Namaste...be love

Shirley from Saint Lucia FEBRUARY 14, 2016
I loôoooooooooved it. This song added to my day. Thank you.

Mireya FEBRUARY 5, 2016
i love it

Dr Eu from Canada JANUARY 17, 2016
Forgive and LOVE more.....

Brenda from Pittsburgh JANUARY 17, 2016
Love these commercials, most times better than the show I am watching!

stacy watson from akron, ohio JANUARY 17, 2016
I Love it , I live it

Anonymous JANUARY 13, 2016
sooooooo sweet i loved it and i like that they put whitney hustons song in there

Jan from Fair Oaks CA JANUARY 11, 2016
Thank you ! Absolutely beautiful !!! I have already shared on Facebook !!!

Edel from Philippines JANUARY 6, 2016
LOVE really makes the world go round.

Emma from Dewsbury DECEMBER 30, 2015

Brian from Vegas DECEMBER 30, 2015
Beautiful video!! Love it so much, had to watch it twice. Thank you so much!

chantal from chantis DECEMBER 22, 2015
so cute a well algas love yiu

Manish from New Delhi DECEMBER 15, 2015
Very nice and noble effort. Keep making much videos

Nancy from Wenonah N.J DECEMBER 4, 2015
Charice does sound a lot like Whitney Houston on her i Will Always Love You rendition

Maliha from pakistan NOVEMBER 27, 2015
All videos are wonderful.. Keep it up

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