Spirit of America

"Spirit of America" is set to music by Randy Travis. The song was written the Saturday after September 11, 2001. The following Monday, FBL staff had the privilege of hearing Randy Travis sing his new song over the phone. This spot, created to address a particular moment in time, shows that America has had challenges throughout its history, but has always stood strong because of its people.


She stands in the face of evil
And will not lose hope or faith
America the land of freedom
Is still the home of the brave

So raise the banner called Ol'Glory
Let us join our fellow man
History will write the story
America will always stand

History will write the story
America will always stand

Determination. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


Your Comments
Ricardo from San Diego California FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Hermoso en realidad fantástico.

grayson from TX AUGUST 28, 2020
so sad

veronica from clevelands NOVEMBER 3, 2017
these videos are wonderful

Bob from Texas NOVEMBER 11, 2016
This is amazing

Judy from U.S.A. OCTOBER 30, 2016
These videos are amazing. Thank you.

Alexa from Cheboygan Michigan  AUGUST 25, 2016
That is true New York will stand strong

Ana from Texas AUGUST 12, 2016
As a veteran, and educator, I appreciate the depth and significance of this short video. Sometimes we forget to teach our students about the sacrifices that so many made for our freedom. Thank you!

Barbara from California AUGUST 6, 2016
America is the land of immigrants working together for the common good. God Bless America.

ken MAY 29, 2016
In honor of our fallen heroes whom have given us the right to pursue life liberty and happiness

Diego SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
America well always stand and have FREEDOM!

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 1, 2015

Love it...

colton miller from culver in SEPTEMBER 8, 2014
i like this video.

Michael Sullivan from United States JUNE 28, 2014
suggest edit: America has had challenges throughout its history, but has always stood strong because of its *principles.* like Liberty. The heart of it all :-) you guys rock. keep it up!

Cody Redford from South Carolina JUNE 2, 2014
Very good video! Is a very true video. I'm proud to be an American, and God bless America

khaya from ohio APRIL 21, 2014
so sad I listend to this in school today.

Ron Massey from Quincy Wa FEBRUARY 11, 2014
Awesome How do you change the world you live in one random act of kindness to someone each day.

Andrea from New York NOVEMBER 7, 2013

audrey from killen/tx OCTOBER 18, 2013
omg i am watching this at school right now and im crying this is try america we stand stay strong and have a little faith

Edina from Texas OCTOBER 18, 2013
OMG, so true. "America will always stand".

tatyanna from killeen/tx OCTOBER 18, 2013
i dont usully listen to this kind off music but i will listen to this all day

Daniel from TX OCTOBER 1, 2013
i like this song

Liz from AL JULY 6, 2013
What a moving reminder of the essence of the American spirit.

Adam from Maine JULY 5, 2013
Love all the positive vibes I get from this website.

Linda from Wisconsin JUNE 2, 2013
Just heard this, and it is amazing. Randy Travis is great for such a heart touching song

Paula from Baldwin Park,Ca MAY 3, 2013
This is the first time I've heard this song and Randy does a beautiful job. The Boston Marathon bombings has just taken place in the past few weeks so the song is very relevant and brings tears to my face.

Cheryl from Hamlin NY APRIL 28, 2013

Karen from Iowa APRIL 12, 2013
I could listen to this all day! Randy Travis' voice melts me. USA!!!

Barbara from Michigan APRIL 8, 2013
Wow, I love this. May I and how can I put this on Face Book? The world needs to see and hear this. God Bless

David W. Moreno from Alliance, Ohio APRIL 5, 2013
What a terrific song about a terrific subject. Patriotism is alive and well, and it starts with me. God Bless America.

Ozzy from Nc MARCH 27, 2013
Soooo cute (:

Jane from Phoenix MARCH 14, 2013
Wonderful! Don't remember seeing it before.

Shirley from Ocala, Fl FEBRUARY 3, 2013
Love this commercial.. Wish I could download it and save it to my computer..Makes me cry everytime I hear it.

Dais Dziuban from Scottsdale, AZ JANUARY 21, 2013
This song by Randy Travis gave me chilly bumps and just about brought me to emotional tears. Love it and even put it on my Ipod.

sharon bedell from Utah JANUARY 14, 2013
What and awesome and beautiful song combined with a great video.

Rennae C from Upstate New York JANUARY 14, 2013
I happen to hear Randy Travis'voice while I was in the other room. What a beautiful commercial and he is just the best choice to present it. I just found this site and am so please to take my time to enjoy every bit of it!! God Bless!

ardis from michigan JANUARY 6, 2013
Best reminder of what America stands for... Freedom and the right to practice your love for your country.

Bart from Michigan JANUARY 5, 2013
Thank you for this commercial!

richelle from idaho DECEMBER 22, 2012
Best commercial I have seen!

Tommie Sawyer from Fort Worth, TX OCTOBER 27, 2012
First saw Spirit Of America during commercial breaks of the Air Force-Nevada football game in October, 2012 and a chill ran up my spine. Watched it later on Values.com and tears flowed. Magnificent!

sharon from IND. SEPTEMBER 1, 2012

don from salem  APRIL 11, 2012
I love this song, it just reminds me of 911 and the song that makes us strong. I like the part where it says we'll always be free america...

shirley darlene hancock from nixa, missouri JANUARY 18, 2012
thank you values.com for supporting clean movies for families to watch, i now have the pixl channel and watch that the majority of the time and thank you for the beautiful song america by randy travis, it makes me cry everytime i hear it and remember how our america was once united in values and morals, brings back wonderful memories of the america i knew and loved

Bette from Duluth JANUARY 11, 2012
Spirit of America is my favorite. I do not care what I am doing I stop to watch. I think it is beautiful and never get tired of watching it. Thank you. It is what I feel.

RT from Colorado OCTOBER 17, 2011
just watched your video on Ch 5 this am 10/17/11- they ran it a couple of times! Very Good!

barb lewis from Katy TX SEPTEMBER 17, 2011
Saw this beautiful video today.. Love the spirit of America!

Ben Routh from Asheboro North Carolina AUGUST 20, 2011
This song and video should touch the heart and soul of all those concerned about our country. Never have I seen our nation so fractured. Never in my life has our country come so close to the brink yet when I watch this video I am reminded of what makes America so wonderful..... We the people, the people who get up every day and help someone or provide for their families, we the people who do something for this country not sit around and wait for assistance. GOD BLESS AMERICA THE LAND I LOVE.

Gdel from Lake Powell, AZ AUGUST 5, 2011

Gary Lee Langston from Silver Springs, Florida  JUNE 24, 2011
Bless America again

Jim from Boise, Idaho JUNE 4, 2011
A moving commercial clip! Excellently done by Randy Travis! So true after "9/11", but also even more appropriate today as we approach the 4th of July! Our great country needs more "patriotic" reminders such as this commercial. Thanks values.com!!!

Claudia from Oregon MARCH 16, 2011
Every single one of your segments has such a strong message for all of us. It would be nice if we were to see them more often on t.v. If we all make these values a priority and practice them on our daily life the world would be in a much better spot! Thanks for the reminder and it is never too late! I have passed the link to other educators in an effort to start implementing these messages on our daily lessons for all our children in schools.

Vicki J. from Citrus Heights, CA JANUARY 28, 2011
I just watched every one of your spots. It started out of curiousity. Then, a professor assigned a response discussion about commercials, persuasion and marketing. Thanks to your organization, I have regained my hope for a better world, one person at a time. I don't know about persuasion, but INSPIRATION - PASS IT ON.

April from Arizona JANUARY 16, 2011
I just watched every video here. I BELIEVE in a better America. I have 7 month old twins. I want better for them in their years of growing up and I believe you have made it possible.

Michael K from Michigan JANUARY 9, 2011
As I watch the tragedy is Tuscon unfold, I sit and read the personal attacks by people online, blaming our political environment. I posted this commercial to remind people of the strength of our nation and our need to be "one nation."

Megan M. from Fairborn, OH DECEMBER 27, 2010
These clips are amazing.

Michael D. from Flagstaff, AZ NOVEMBER 26, 2010
I love all your commercials and when they come on whether I've seen them or not, I stop and watch. I always feel better afterward.

Joe M from Palacios, Tx NOVEMBER 12, 2010
May your prayers continue to be answered. God Bless

John I from Oceanside California NOVEMBER 12, 2010
Thank you to all of our Veteran's and their Families.Especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom.

Phyllis L. from sacramento, ca  SEPTEMBER 16, 2010
I'm finding that "unity" is an important value to our family. Thank you for inspiring hope during a tough time in my life.

June R. from Oklahoma SEPTEMBER 4, 2010
Thank you for producing these short videos. I have just finished watching each one and have discovered that I am able to use all of them in my high school classes! We will watch them and discuss them and sometimes write about them. What moving lessons they are. Thank you so much.

Sue T from Blaine, MN AUGUST 26, 2010
I have seen these commercials on Fox News and finally took the time to check out your website. I am so glad I did. I love the positivity! (is that a word?) Thank you for inspiring me to be better.

Lanette, H from Gilbert, AZ AUGUST 25, 2010
Thanks for the positive in a negative world and the lessons on humanity. Very inspiring and fun to watch and listen to.

donna p from staten island ny AUGUST 9, 2010
You guys have THE GREATEST COMMERCIALS ever! Such inspiration...Keep up the good work, and God bless you!

Sally L. from Massillon, OH AUGUST 2, 2010
I just watched all of the videos. I love every one of them and am so glad to see something positive instead of all the negativity always on TV and the news. Thank you for a wonderful website.

William F from Brooklyn, NY JUNE 4, 2010
I just saw your video and like others I cried. I would see the towers every day walking down my street. I also admire that some people feel its important we see the true cost off the war, and with the flagged coffin pictures we got to see how expensive it really is. Bless you for your courage to show them.

Stella T. from New Mexico JUNE 1, 2010
My granddaughter mentioned this site, so I was going to just check it out. couldn't stop til I had looked at all of them, some brought laughter and some tears but all a positive hope and renewed faith in our country and it's people and a true thankfulness for those who protect our freedom and liberty - we can help by trying to live up to the standards you are portraying - thank you for the GOOD News!

Mary M from San Francisco MAY 18, 2010
I just love this...what a great reminder we need to be vigilant to protect our great country and people. There is so much possibility in the people in America...God shed his grace on thee...

Hannah W. from San Jose, CA MAY 10, 2010
I just saw your cafeteria commercial on TV, and at the end, my mouth dropped open. The best commercial I have ever seen! I'm a marketing major, so out of curiosity on what you were selling, I checked out your website. To my surprise, you aren't selling anything! Marketing values? SWEET! Love your site and what you are doing! I wish I could work for you!

Tim H. from Fayetteville, Tennessee MAY 2, 2010
These are the only "commercials" I will watch every time, beginning to end. They are the only ones "selling" anything worthwhile! Meaningful, truly American at heart. God bless America and those protecting her today, and in the past.

MOGOLLAN from New York, U.S.A. APRIL 27, 2010

Mike C from New Jersey APRIL 2, 2010
I was extremely proud to air this spot on a TV station I was in charge of programming for back when this came out. Many viewers called in to ask who sang this song. This spot is beautiful.

Giff K. from Irvine, CA MARCH 8, 2010
I cannot think of a more powerful message to the people of this world. Makes me want to be a better person in life. Thank you.

Debra G. from Carson City, NV FEBRUARY 14, 2010
Thank you for not just blessing me, but all those fortunate enough to view these messages. KEEP THEM COMING!

Bobby H. from Williamsburg, VA FEBRUARY 2, 2010
The "spots" are all heart rending, tear raising and beautiful - thank you

Javi from Spain-Galicia-Coruña JANUARY 28, 2010

Tnove D. from Pennsylvania JANUARY 14, 2010
This is an inspiration to all Americans and shows us how people risked their lives in hope to make ours better. I hope this video touches others like it touched me. This video truly brought tears to my eyes.

John from New York DECEMBER 7, 2009
Absolutely heart breaking song. Very moving and rough to watch. I lost two close friends in the towers and MANY firefighter friends on that day.

Bill from New york DECEMBER 2, 2009
What great stuff. Brought tears to my eyes and a smile on my face. Watching the whole range on my computer is a great way to inspire every day. Great job. Keep them coming..

Lori R. from Las Vegas, NV NOVEMBER 27, 2009
These are great examples of living life with the right attitude. Tears were rolling down my face with each clip. Thank You so much.

Patsy B. from Marshall, TX NOVEMBER 24, 2009
Absolutely fantastic! I love all of the ones that I have watched and simply love to see them on TV (Fox). Please keep up the good work.

Dolores M from Dallas NOVEMBER 21, 2009
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I begin and end my days with a prayer an listening to any one of your spots.

Carly B from LA California NOVEMBER 19, 2009
Thank you Randy Travis. I am a former New Yorker living in California and I hope and pray that there will never be another 9/11. The United States is strong, and with spots like this on tv, the message will be sent loud and clear to those who have forgotten.God bless our military.

Nikki W. from Texes NOVEMBER 6, 2009
My favorite one is the clip called Concert because it encourages me to do my very best every day no matter how mean people are at my school.

Jan N. from Arizona NOVEMBER 1, 2009
We need these messages more than ever right now in our chaotic world. Makes us realize that the good really does trump the bad. Thank you so much, and God bless. Keep it up, please

Michael J. from Hawaii OCTOBER 5, 2009
This is what we needed the most in our life now days. Many of these values are slowly decaying and gone, replace by vanity and ignorance. I love all the message and you have my support. Thank you for the great message.

Cindy N. from Haymarket, VA SEPTEMBER 27, 2009
Words cannot express how beautiful these TV spots are. And how refreshing to "sell" character, integrity, and generosity in an ad instead of dish detergent!

Jim B. from Livonia, MI JULY 1, 2009
I love this TV spot...it inspired me on 9/11 and it inspires me today!

Debbie L. from California JUNE 29, 2009
I am a teacher. After I saw the one on Character, I told my kids that I wanted them to be that kid in high school! Thank you o much for the inspirations!

Veronica F. from Los Angeles, CA JUNE 11, 2009
The TV Spots Have Changed the world... Keep them coming... We are grateful for all of your efforts.

Taha Z. from Morocco JUNE 8, 2009
I burst into tears ...

Christopher B. from Miami, Fl MAY 12, 2009
When I saw the twin towers crash down I remember a time when one of my family members died because of that very sad.

Davion R. from Illionis, USA MAY 3, 2009
It's very touching & inspirational to me! Thank you.

Jose D. from Miami, Florida MARCH 30, 2009
This were great clips they show you a lot about how you can make a better life in this world like being honest and have good manners also be respected and responsibility and also have hope I hope who ever made this clip is blessed and all the other people that follow there manners and respect and hope.

Alyssa M. from Franklin, TN DECEMBER 7, 2008
Thank you! I was crying from fear after my husband's job position was eliminated. The ad with Randy Travis singing gave me hope. We are all in this together.

Karen J. from Reno, NV NOVEMBER 19, 2008
Wow...I'm sitting here after watching ALL of these TV spots, some I've seen before and some not, with tears in my eyes. Thanks for doing a beautiful job of reminding us all what really counts in this world! Bless you all!

Jacqueline C from Memphis, TN OCTOBER 20, 2008
I am so grateful to all who stands in harms way for us. Thank you! And thank you for creating this.

Shannon W from Cheyenne, WY MAY 11, 2008
I love this clip. It gives me goose bumps and makes me love this country even more. Thank you troops and everyone who has ever fought for my rights.

Michelle Z from Gillette,WY APRIL 15, 2008
This is what being an American is all about. I am proud of everyone who defends my rights to live free. THANK YOU!!

Michael C. from Perris, California USA DECEMBER 1, 2007
I can't put it into words how good I feel, Thank you for your love, US Navy

Bailey P. from Colorado USA OCTOBER 21, 2007
This should inspire everybody!

Doris C. from California, USA SEPTEMBER 26, 2007
Amazing. Very touching and heart warming.

Bridger A. from Syracuse, Utah USA JULY 27, 2007
These are the best short segments I have ever seen!!

Deng from China JUNE 9, 2007
i like it very much

Anonymous MARCH 20, 2007
Thanks for these short segments. This world would be so much better off if we all followed these teachings. Thanks!

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