Pass It On®


Based on a true story, this poignant moment in a concert hall reminds us how even the most embarrassing situations can be turned around with a little patience and Encouragement.

Video Transcript

Dad: Where’s Tommy?
Mom: I thought he was with you? Jack!
Dad: Tommy?
Mom: Go get him!
Pianist: Don’t stop, keep playing.
Pianist: Here we go. Here’s the fun part.
Mom: Did you do this?
Pianist: Great job!
ANNCR/SUPER: Encouragement, Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Encouragement. Pass It On!


Anonymous NOVEMBER 11, 2018
I read about this true story some years ago. Was thrilled to see it played out in a commercial for encouragement. Wish i knew how to save it on my Ipad

Deepak Patel from New Jersey NOVEMBER 11, 2018
Very encouraging.

Reginald Turner from Monroe, NC OCTOBER 26, 2018
I think this is one of the best commercials out, even to this day. It shows how something that starts out with a simplistic framework can expose something as this song, something so large and full that the maestro wanted the little boy to continue while he fleshed out greater possibilities. Isn’t it wonderful when we(experts/masters) can walk alongside those that are seedlings and can encourage great potential. Pass It On!!!

Nina from Orlando OCTOBER 16, 2018

EricZ from NYC JANUARY 12, 2018 this one.