Pass It On®


Based on a true story, this poignant moment in a concert hall reminds us how even the most embarrassing situations can be turned around with a little patience and Encouragement.

Video Transcript

Dad: Where’s Tommy?
Mom: I thought he was with you? Jack!
Dad: Tommy?
Mom: Go get him!
Pianist: Don’t stop, keep playing.
Pianist: Here we go. Here’s the fun part.
Mom: Did you do this?
Pianist: Great job!
ANNCR/SUPER: Encouragement, Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Encouragement. Pass It On!


Bev Brown from Missouri FEBRUARY 18, 2019
Loved the innocence and pure joy of this little pianist during his unexpected performance.

Lloyd from NC FEBRUARY 9, 2019
Best commercial ever! Gives me goosebumps.

Anonymous FEBRUARY 7, 2019
Love this, what an inspiration to all people! o all!

Suzie Green-Dover from Mesa, Arizona FEBRUARY 7, 2019
I recognized Kurt Best or immediately!! Went to High school with him. This does not surprise me at all. Even all those years ago you could see that special spirit of kindness he was blessed with..

Lisa from California JANUARY 24, 2019
Also very beautiful ! Im totally in !