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About Everyday Heroes

FBL chose a teacher as the "hero" in this spot, because every day they are doing remarkable work to teach children all over the world. In many ways their "heroics" are unsung, and this spot's objective was to sing their praises. The director wanted a warm look for the spot that would be reminiscent of the tone in the movie October Sky. During filming, the crew shot so as to create that look through the lens. In post-production, the director, cinematographer and editor changed the coloring to give the desired effect of warm light. This made for a much more intimate setting and feel. The art directors were also responsible for re-decorating the classroom to give it the desired look -- they hung up the alphabet, artwork, bulletin boards and even painted the walls! The crew also had to put everything back to normal after the filming.

Video Transcript

MOTHER (in letter, V/O): Dear Mrs. Crandall – It’s easy to get so busy, we can forget there are others who need our help…
MUSIC: Some people have eyes to see, a friend in need of help…
TEACHER: Let’s work on your reading, OK?
MUSIC: Some people have ears to hear the cries of those in need…
MAX (reading): …the umpire said “You’re safe.” The end.
TEACHER: Good job, Max! Thanks. Vanessa, you’re next.
MUSIC: They show us how much they care with quiet, simple deeds…
MUSIC: Everyday Heroes, livin’ in your neighborhood…
TEACHER: I’m really proud of you.
MUSIC: Everyday Heroes, livin’ in your neighborhood…
MOTHER (in letter, V/O): By taking the time to help my daughter read, you’ve become her hero…and mine.
MUSIC: Everyday Heroes…
SUPER/ANNCR: Make a Difference…Pass it On. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Making A Difference. Pass It On!


Tyler MAY 4, 2017
Just Awsome

Fran from Ulster, PA MARCH 5, 2017
I as a kid had a teacher help me with my writing skills. She was harsh but i knew she cared. I left letter for her when i left school telling her what it ment to me. It was in my own still chicken scracthy writing but it was read able.

karen from Massachusetts OCTOBER 13, 2016
Bless you all for these wonderful,compassionate commercials as they are a great reminder of love and humanity!

Tracy from Pasadena, CA APRIL 7, 2016
Thank you for all of the inspirational work and sharing your wonderful vision.

Kallie from Hartville, Ohio APRIL 6, 2016
That is so KIND!