In the frenzy of a classic birthday party with a shower of candy from the bursting piñata, we discover one disappointed young man without a single piece. Someone notices and transforms the memory from sour to sweet by _sharing_.


Sharing…Pass It On.
A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Sharing. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Al from Alabama DECEMBER 26, 2020
I don't know who to thank for the pass it on commercials but thank you

Michelle from California OCTOBER 11, 2020
This is a great idea whoever thought of pass it on. Thank you very much

korbin from Flower Mound AUGUST 24, 2020
The boy was sad because he didn't get candy, but the little girl noticed he was sad and shared her candy. she is a good role model

DG from Texas NOVEMBER 16, 2016
We see this - sharing - happen all the time when we have our family pinatas. It's how our kids learn! Keep it going.

Olivia from Pinehill Lane 21337  OCTOBER 24, 2016
Loved it!

Alexa SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
I actually had that happen to me once! I was at a birthday party when I was little and when the part with the pinata came, the other kids took all the candy before I got any! I was very sad! Nobody shared theirs with me, and I had to have the parents give me other candy that they had! I cannot believe how MEAN kids are these days! When I throw my kids parties, i'm going to make goodie bags instead of having a pinata! I don't want anyone feeling left out!

Unknown from Unknown MAY 16, 2016
One way of caring is sharing

Anonymous OCTOBER 21, 2015
sharing is caring

Selena from Ohio AUGUST 29, 2015
I loved that the little girl is sharing her candy with the little boy that didn't get any

NULL from NULL JULY 8, 2015
This video shows that we have to share even if we have a few. we do not have to be selfish with the others because one day we will need their help.

Sheri from Virginia JULY 9, 2014
Who is the little girl in the commercial? She is a double for my Granddaughter Chelsey.

jose david from san antonio MAY 13, 2014
good video

Claudine from Guam APRIL 11, 2014
it starts somewhere and when u care it shows

Sandra Merz from Phoenix APRIL 7, 2014
I enjoy these, wondered who did this, It`s uplifting, true and pass it on. Thank you and I will.

Hend from Dubai MARCH 25, 2014
I like this video because it is about sharing and it can be useful in school. because if you are learning about being kind to people then that is the right video

Leo from Montana AUGUST 7, 2013
Okay, thanks alot, I just used up my box of Tissues on this one. LOL Thank you for making my day,

Lilly from Avalon  JULY 14, 2013
Does anyone know the guitar music in this commercial?

Phil from brooklyn,ny JANUARY 9, 2013
Everytime I see this commercial I get tears in my eyes.

Tori from Virginia DECEMBER 11, 2012
That little girl looks exactly like me when I was younger.

kelly h. from tennessee OCTOBER 7, 2012
We watched these all the time at my school. It helps people learn it made me cry a little bit it is just so sweet!

theresa from new zealand SEPTEMBER 11, 2012
I wish someone would do that for me.

jose s. from glendale heights SEPTEMBER 5, 2012
That was nice to see that even kids who are 4 or 5 even know the importance of sharing.

Taly from Boca Raton,Florida SEPTEMBER 1, 2012
This one personally hit me so much! that exactly used to happened to me in piñatas when I was a kid in south america, I was very shy and all kids used to get all the candy and toys. Sometimes it was a nice kid that shared with me sometime it wasn't, The thing is that if you teach your kid to share it will make him/her a better person. This made me cry! what an awesome job they do with this commercials!

Sarah Tu Nguyen from San Gabriel, CA JULY 30, 2012
Nice! Great lesson. I love these commercials. I would like to show them to my niece. I hope she will learn how to live a better life. :)

Alexander from St.charles JUNE 16, 2012
That was me the little boy that did not get any candy. The commercial was really fun.:)

Randy J. from Fremont, California APRIL 27, 2012
This commercial inspired me. I wish this event happened to me when I was a kid...both of these kids are SWEET AND CUTE!

Rachel Boettcher from Arizona APRIL 6, 2012
That girl is so sweet.

Lindsey from Missouri JANUARY 15, 2012
Omigosh that was so adorable! Sharing is sweet, just like the candy! At my school, we kinda worship tjis website. Every Thursday a teacher would come to a class and show us one of these videos.

Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sierra,cole,Keanna from Richford vt SEPTEMBER 30, 2011
Hi, this is good video, Nice to share. Sharing is good!

Brian N. from CA SEPTEMBER 12, 2011
The girl did a very nice thing!

Robert L from new jersey u.s.a. SEPTEMBER 2, 2011
Love that cute girl sharing her candy she's got it right at that young age sharing counts

Tara from Hawaii AUGUST 16, 2011
That little boy at the end is sooo adorable! He just pulls the commercial together

John from China JULY 4, 2011
I got it!

Kiki from New York JUNE 21, 2011
Great video! That girl was sooo nice by sharing her candy,way to go!!!!:}:}:}:}

Mike from Glen Ellyn, Il JUNE 20, 2011
Great messages! What is the music in this commercial?

Neal from Marriott-Slaterville APRIL 28, 2011
I am biased on Pinata, that was my Grandson Alex.

Wanda Martinez from Ogden, Utah APRIL 28, 2011
My grandson is the boy at the end of the video, his name is Alex. His personality fits with these videos. He is really caring and sharing. He has a sensitive personality and always thinking of others. Love from his NaNa These are great commercials and ads that promotes and installs great values in all of us.

Cody from Colorado APRIL 24, 2011
Sharing is caring! Nice video. :)

Anna from Canada MARCH 8, 2011
She was very kind.

Micah F. from NYC DECEMBER 27, 2010
These vids kick butt. I'm only 12 but now I want to do something nice for someone else. I saw a vid on TV and went to the website and I'm glad I did. Thanks.

MISHA from NJ DECEMBER 16, 2010

Barbara F. from Dalton, GA MARCH 3, 2010
These are the most heartwarming ads I have ever seen! Oh, for hundreds more- I never get tired of them! Thank you for the brightest moments of t.v. viewing. Two of my favorites are You Raise Me Up & Cafeteria (Well, actually they all are!)

Ashley W. from California FEBRUARY 26, 2010
I was that girl. I was near the edge and grabbed as much as I could because the rest of the kids were all rough boys but me and so I was nervous. However I got things I didn't want and so I passed it out to others and in return someone gave me their box of candy they didn't want. It was a great day!

Donna F. from Washington D.C. OCTOBER 1, 2009
Pinata reminded me of an incident that occurred when my daughter was about 12. On an early Halloween night, the first time I allowed her to go out trick or treating with friends, I got a call from her friend's parent. My daughter had been pushed by older kids and they stole her bag of candy. I went to pick up my very shaken young girl. How moved I was when the doorbell rang again and again -- word had gotten out about what happened, and one by one her classmates came by to offer her the pick of their candy hauls. It still brings tears to my eyes as I think of it now.

Elijah A. from Lagos, Nigeria SEPTEMBER 27, 2009
My name is Elijah, I am a graduate of Health Information Management. I have taken time to watch all these clips, they all teach sharing, love and giving a helping hand. Please, I want to be part of this campaign. How will I go about it? Thanks.

Larry S. from Henrico, NC SEPTEMBER 24, 2009
Your TV spots are just about the only thing on television worth watching! They bring a tear to my eye and a feeling of hope to my heart. Please keep up your much needed work.

Sergio A. from Cartersville, Georgia SEPTEMBER 13, 2009
I like to visit this website almost every day, because I love to watch all spots that you have in it...learning beautiful things that make me feel so good ...Bless you for everything.

Drew O. from Manila, Philippines MAY 1, 2009
Let's make the world a better place to live in! Pass it on!

Leslie B from Ankeny, Iowa USA DECEMBER 27, 2008
Wish there were more inspirational commercials like this mainstream. Thank you for sharing the love!

Brenda G. from Las Vegas, NV NOVEMBER 20, 2008
This videos are so awesome they really make me feel good. Whenever I see one of these videos there is a smile in my face.

Suzanne L. from White Plains, NY NOVEMBER 19, 2008
All your ads make me smile and happy to see some optimism!

Kathy M. from New Jersey NOVEMBER 19, 2008
Wow, I had exactly the same experience when I was a young Brownie Scout...big room full of girls and one got bumped in the scramble. The good feeling I got from sharing with that little crying girl stays with me more than 40 years later.

Phyllis I. from Fresno, Ca NOVEMBER 19, 2008
Anything that promotes better values in our society is very worthwhile! Great job!

Tim A from Gesa Credit Union, Richland Washington NOVEMBER 19, 2008
Again, I love it. This very scenario has played itself out in front of me, you have captured and shared a powerful example. Thank you for teaching these principles.

Debbie E. from Tyler, Texas NOVEMBER 19, 2008
I love it! It all starts with our children.

Anne R from Susquehanna,PA NOVEMBER 19, 2008
The children who were selected for this were absolutely perfect!! Thank you!

Jamey F. from Frankfurt, Germany NOVEMBER 18, 2008
I've seen this exact same thing happen in the past and it's really cool when little kids share with each other... especially something they love like candy.

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