Cheating in class is a widespread problem. It affects the cheater and all who feel pressured to participate. One person making a decision to be honest can make a big difference as shown in this spot.

There is tension in the air as children in a classroom are taking a math test. One boy needs help and desperately asks his friend for an answer.  The teacher sees the two boys cheating and leaves all of us waiting to know the outcome. Happily…Honesty was the answer.


Math Test Today (written on board)
Let’s not cheat (written on note)
SUPER: Honesty, Pass it on. The Foundation for a Better Life

Honesty. Pass It On!

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Sydney from I can tell you. Sorry. OCTOBER 8, 2021
I loved this so much! ; )

Anggelina Melisa Putri Ninung from Philippines AUGUST 23, 2021
Just try to be honest in learning self to be matured and learn well..

Anonymous JUNE 24, 2021
A very good reminder not only for students but for us all as well since cheating does not only happen inside the school but everywhere.

Ruth from canada JUNE 3, 2021
never chat to cheat in math test forever. because you have to Figureat out to want is =

Ruth from canada JUNE 3, 2021
it is good

Kaden from CHMS middle school MARCH 22, 2021
Always be honest

Josilynn Gilvin from Home JANUARY 23, 2021
It is best not to cheat. They boy did a great thing by telling him that on his note.

Gavin from Silver Lane School DECEMBER 16, 2020
I was glad in the video they did the right thing.

Sejith The Genius from Gurugram  JULY 11, 2020
Honesty is the best policy.

Anonymous MAY 26, 2020
He should have written the answer

Anonymous MAY 13, 2020
i loved this one

donald from csss APRIL 15, 2020
he was honest to not lie about cheating in spainsh

Abigail APRIL 14, 2020
honesty is the right thing to do you can not cheat or lie

Kayla Griffin from Norwich APRIL 1, 2020
He was being honest about not cheating in Spanish class.

Mrs. Ballantines class from RLC OCTOBER 21, 2019
If you cheat on a test, you both could get a f and both fail. You should never copy off of anyone because they may not have the right answer and better for you to try on your own.

Anonymous APRIL 17, 2019
Don't not cheat on a test! :)

Damian from Brent MARCH 28, 2019
You should never cheat on a test!!!!!!!!!

Damian from Brent  MARCH 28, 2019
This was a awesome video

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2019
you are never supposed to cheat on nothing and do your own classwork

Anonymous FEBRUARY 19, 2019
you should never cheat and never lie it better to tell the truth

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 25, 2018
NEVER cheat and NEVER lie.

Anonymous AUGUST 17, 2018
never cheat.

Anonymous AUGUST 17, 2018
Be honest and do not cheat.

Anonymous from school APRIL 27, 2018

Anonymous APRIL 26, 2018
The right move!

Anonymous MARCH 23, 2018
This gives me a inspiring note

Lilly  OCTOBER 27, 2017
I like the person that did that

Sarah from IA MAY 31, 2017
Nice Job! Teaches Kids how to behave!

caylob from huffman MAY 4, 2017

sirisha APRIL 26, 2017

Maryjo Fisher from Redlands, CA NOVEMBER 24, 2016
These videos are what we need to see in our Country & our Word as a whole. Honesty is caring like the boy chasing after the bus is my favorite. Great campaign "pass it on".

Madam from GooGoo SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
making a copyrighted version

Alexandre from Appleton, WI JULY 12, 2016
Finally - commercials that provide hope. I love them and the inspiration they provide. Thank you!

Kallie from Hartville, Ohio APRIL 6, 2016
This is so true! No cheating on tests, Cheetahs!

Angelica from CA,US FEBRUARY 9, 2016
Ok, my teacher made me see this, this is awesome

jessica from 122 herlong ave JANUARY 27, 2016
that was really nice of him

Anonymous JANUARY 21, 2016
Don't cheat

Vivian from US NOVEMBER 14, 2015
smart move, kid.

NULL from NULL JUNE 26, 2015
Nice Video, How do I download it?

Gabriela Lopez from JEROME ID AUGUST 28, 2014

jestine from philippines JULY 30, 2014

Rajni k Harjani from Mumbai JULY 23, 2014
Really impressed how a friend teaches the other friend how to be honest in such a lovely way

Marievic from Philippines JANUARY 29, 2014
This something very good!

ayesha essack from durban south africa JANUARY 7, 2014
i am a teacher and love the videos posted. Would like to use them for my life orientation lessons but we do not have internet access at school. Is there a way i could download the videos and use on a laptop to teach. There is just much value in these ads which will certainly make my lessons more meaningful.

Isabelle Torres from Philippines DECEMBER 11, 2013
I like the fact that the teacher was pregnant. It was like a message to her soon-to-be newborn. It symbolizes how we all want our children to be honest.

Malaika Mustipher from Georiga OCTOBER 23, 2013
I liked that video alot, because I think it was very clever and smart of that kid to pass a note telling him not to cheat rather than giving him answers to the test.

christy from amityville OCTOBER 16, 2013
honesty is whats best

david s from india AUGUST 22, 2013
very well done. 100% impact. well preserved suspense revealed with a good punch with a high learning point for kids and adults.

mela from philippines AUGUST 17, 2013
very good videos not only for children but old people as well

sam from iran AUGUST 17, 2013
yae it is good

Nushrath from Singapore JULY 19, 2013
Wow,that's cool.

efyra fyqa from malaysia JUNE 23, 2013
that was good and great advices i like it

asma from peshawar JUNE 15, 2013

J. D. Ulrich from Okinawa, Japan MAY 22, 2013
We receive AFN TV here in Okinawa... Armed Forces Network Most of their commercials- they call them spots- are horrible, and they play the same ones over & over. We hit the mute or change channels. HOWEVER, this commercial is absoutely beautiful. My wife and I love watching it again & again. The setting, the expressions, the perfect way to get a message across- and the teacher is pregnant! Wonderful! I've been an elementary teacher for 40 years, 37 in the DoDDS system. I just watched it again, probably have seen it more than 75 times, and I just had to let you know how much we love it. Please let the folks who created that commercial know we love their work, it's perfect. I hope the teacher ( amazingly beautiful ) delivered a healthy, perfect baby. So great, so,so very wonderful. Thank You!

Juan Martin from Colombia MAY 15, 2013
Greatttttt, so inspiring

Bill from Denver MAY 3, 2013
Wish more was done to teach ethics in schools. It is difficult to find it anywhere these days.

tjmac from michigan APRIL 28, 2013
Great commercial. Who's the Teacher? I've seen her before.

ashy from concord APRIL 25, 2013
I love the video, it is awesome!

Connie R from California FEBRUARY 20, 2013
I love this video. It happens at my math class and instead of just cheating, we have to move seats to not cheat or talk to elbow partners when the test is out. Usually the person who's elbow partner's absent on the test day are lucky because they don't have to move seats. The person who is absent on a test day was lucky because they have even more time to study.

Summer E from Sacramento, CA FEBRUARY 7, 2013
That kid is really smart. Great ad!

christopher leach from hartford FEBRUARY 4, 2013
No cheating.

jay from india FEBRUARY 3, 2013
Nice one!

Ali from Arizona JANUARY 11, 2013
I really like that!

flavio olvera from chicago il JANUARY 8, 2013
I really like it. It reminded me when I was a kid, the rule, every body was afraid about that rule.

Ania from NY DECEMBER 26, 2012
Music Title is - Vianne Sets up Shop - Chocolat

roberto from california DECEMBER 21, 2012
What is the name of the actress?

Fola Iwatuje from Nigeria DECEMBER 10, 2012
Cheating will not make you, it will only mare you.

Anna from Philippines DECEMBER 4, 2012
I salute for all the ads, quotes, etc. It helps me in my teaching better values!

leo from Montana NOVEMBER 16, 2012
When I was a kid growing up, the temptation to cheat was really great because first I am not a smart person, I have a slow learning disability and take a bit of time to learn things and most times I don't understand things from the off. So when I had a test, I really became confused alot, and most times, couldn't get the answer so I would guess. One time before a test, a friend told me about the machine which we would use to see if our answers were right. For the 80's it was a great machine because the teacher would program the computer with a master card and then the students would then enter their answer card. The machine would read the card, tally the right to wrong answers, and then give the score and grade for that test. My friend had figured out how to program the machine which was just a button on the back that when pressed as you insert the master card in. He had used it before to give himself an A, and told us kids about it. I got up the the machine and was about to reach back of the machine and I stoped because I really had a bad feeling about it. I entered my card and surprised that I actually had an 85% right for a B+. The next kid he got caught cheating using the program button on the machine. He got 5 days suspension and the machine was then taken out of the room and only the teacher used it. It was a shame, because having the machine and having us do our own scoring, meant that the teacher trusted us, and that gave us integrity. Once that trust is broken, its nearly impossible to get back. Like feathers being scattered in the wind, it will take a long time to ever gain them back. Thank you for making these great commercials that tell us all that it is better to have character then to be a character in life. "What profits a man to have money and wealth, but lose his soul" (paraphrased)

Mykeldiz from Ghana OCTOBER 6, 2012
I really love and enjoy the ads.

Dominic Colosimo from Salt Lake City, Utah SEPTEMBER 17, 2012
I am the boy in the spot who passes the note that says, "Lets not Cheat" this is the first time I have seen all of these wonderful comments. I really enjoy seeing my work touch peoples lives like it has. Thank you

Michael from Georgia USA SEPTEMBER 9, 2012
One of the best commericials I've seen. Should have been/be nominated for multiple awards. Truly, moving!

C from B AUGUST 15, 2012
What's lost in this commercial is that she's pregnant. I didn't notice that before.

Mary from Ohio JULY 28, 2012
Realy great commercial! And to answer the ? that keeps popping up, this is from the soundtrack to the movie "Chocolat" (excellent movie) and it is called "Vianne Sets Up Shop". It was written by Rachael Portman.

hervist from Philippines JULY 21, 2012
I really like this video...I'm a teacher and this will be a big help to me for my students...

Dave Crisp from Ohio, USA JUNE 13, 2012
Great violin solo. Great value.

Sheryll Del Mar from Philippines JUNE 5, 2012
A very fantastic video. I will surely use this in my lesson....thanks for this video!

Bob from California MAY 7, 2012
Whoever wrote this should be given a medal. I was immediately impressed with this story. I did not know who paid for the air time - thought it might be the NEA. Very surprised to read comments from almost 5 years ago. First saw it about a month ago. Good reinforcement of ethics.

karl lou mondejar from philippines MAY 4, 2012
Like this one..

brookes from oxford,MS APRIL 26, 2012
Great commercial! I will always remember it. It helped me a lot.

Mahtob from Aurora, OR MARCH 1, 2012
The other kid should have passed another note, stating: "Let's not pass notes during the test".

michelle s. from fontana ca. FEBRUARY 27, 2012
i think that this is teaching you about not cheating and always say no! to people that are bad.

krish from india FEBRUARY 15, 2012
the best ever ad i have seen. should be displayed in all kids tv channels

Sarah G from Albany, New York FEBRUARY 11, 2012
I LOVE this spot! If I'm watching TV with my family and we're flipping through channels, I will make them stop and watch this spot. (That's actually happened twice) The music is the best.

will from florida FEBRUARY 7, 2012
i remember this commercial like six years ago and i was wondering if some of these pass it on commercials are from flims

Archie from Nevada JANUARY 15, 2012
Can you tell me who proformed the music for this commercial,Love it

Annemarie K from Canada JANUARY 5, 2012
This is a great message. I have enjoyed this and other spots. The teacher in Classroom looks very familiar. Where else would we have seen her?

Gene from Québec NOVEMBER 9, 2011
Let's apply this to our adult life as well!

Geneva M. Eler from John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University- Arevalo,Philippines SEPTEMBER 19, 2011
Wow, great! This spot must be shared to College students as well. There is really a need to integrate values across curriculum.

Meloy from Philippines AUGUST 8, 2011
I really like your video and it is timely that we have our exams. Thanks for providing this video.

Robert L from New Jersey JULY 26, 2011
Love this ad. Not cheating does count and I enjoy watching it . . .

Kerry B from Tracy, CA JUNE 12, 2011
Wish I had that teacher!

Kim from G.V. Ontario MARCH 29, 2011
Love the honesty commercial. Thank you.

Caroline R from Edgewood, TX JANUARY 26, 2011
I love your commercials! It makes me so happy to know there are still people out there who believe in good character and strong values. Thank you so much! Please keep your adds and commercials coming, they are wonderful!

Agina from Nairobi, Kenya JANUARY 24, 2011
This is amazing, let's play our part in making the world a better place.

Sarah P from Clinton Twp, MI JANUARY 8, 2011
This is an amazing website. Saw your TV spot classroom and loved the message, and the music. Thank You.

Ashley G. from Victorville CA JANUARY 7, 2011
That needs to be passed around a lot more.

Bill K from Longview, Texas 75604 JANUARY 4, 2011
Thanks, Rachel A, that helps me a lot. The best to you and your loved ones.

Rachel A. from Denver, CO JANUARY 4, 2011
The song is "Vianne Sets Up Shop" from the "Chocolat" movie soundtrack.

Bill K. from Longview, Texas 75604 JANUARY 4, 2011
Love the commercial. Could you tell me the name of the background music?

Matthew R. from Albuquerque, New Mexico USA JANUARY 2, 2011
Love it.. Personally the best thing I like about this commercial.. The message is given TOTALLY without having to speak a single word... Anyone of any language can understand the concept of this idea.. Great work..

John F. from Moyock, NC DECEMBER 9, 2010
Yes, great commercial and I love the music. Thanks Megan H. (below) for posting the name of the song. I have downloaded several songs from iTunes just based on these commercials, which only seem to run on the FOX NEWS Channel.

Bob S from Mid Missouri, USA NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Great message! Who is the artist that performs the soundtrack on the "classroom" segment?

I from Sardinia NOVEMBER 14, 2010
I'M ITALIAN an I think that in my country, our politicians in their childhood would directly corrupt the teacher! ;) Thank you for your "amazing" video. It is a great proof of civility.

sibusiso from Durban OCTOBER 27, 2010
This is a great lesson to all of us.

Hana from Egypt OCTOBER 11, 2010
I learned a lot from this video. It tells people not to lie or cheat. Try watching it. You will have fun.

Micah H. from Colorado SEPTEMBER 26, 2010
I am a 7th grade math techer and I plan to show this commercial once a week. Thanks for this important message.

June A. from Georgia, USA JUNE 15, 2010
I love this music from the movie "Chocolat." Makes me wanna dance! You have some good commercials. Thanks.

Megan H. from USA JUNE 15, 2010
This was a great ad! If anybody is wondering what the music is, it's the song "Vianne Sets Up Shop" by Rachel Portman from the movie CHOCOLAT!!!!!

Earl C. from USA MAY 22, 2010
The best kept secret in America. Pass it on.

Jam J. from USA MAY 14, 2010
Its amazing to know that there are actually people out there who believe in a better world. Honesty is the key to a brighter future.

John M. from NV MAY 9, 2010
I am 61 years old and have never responded to anything. This ad is the best ever made it gives me hope for the future.I will absolutely buy this product.

Chris B. from Nevada APRIL 30, 2010
I just saw this commercial last night and had to write down the name of the site. Really great ad! The music is perfect. It's really great to see some ads through popular media putting an emphasis on social morals and reforming society for the better. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Jason B. from California MARCH 29, 2010
They did a pretty good job on that!

Linda K. from Wisconsin MARCH 17, 2010
My husband and I love your pieces and always have a smile on after viewing.. We do see the same ones over and over and would love to see more of these on our station which I believe is Fox. Wonderful work. Thank you so much.

Herb Hedeen from Kennewick, WA JANUARY 30, 2010
A right cross. Fabulous content. Fantastic lesson.

Lyn Suarez from Philippines JANUARY 29, 2010
My brother really likes this commercial. So do we.

Tony R from Great Britain JANUARY 11, 2010
What a great TV spot..we need more like this in the UK..

Caitlyn C. from Louisiana NOVEMBER 20, 2009
I loved this video. It is definitely true and makes so much since. As a freshman in high school myself, its the worst time for kids asking for homework and answers to test. Luckly I am able to turn my head to them and do whats right for me. Thanks

Sonny Silva from Taipei, Taiwan NOVEMBER 6, 2009
I found this on CNN and it touched me most. People nowadays need values embedded in their minds. People from all walks of life around the world have a declining sense of values. We are all a living witness to these in our daily lives. Thanks for having this king of website.

Laura S. from Arkansas OCTOBER 17, 2009
First time seeing the 'Classroom' spot... LOVE IT!

Khang H. from Cerritos, CA OCTOBER 8, 2009
You know, sometimes you can find a really good life lesson in the commercial break time. Pass it on!

Jonathan C. from Irvine, California APRIL 30, 2009
I will pass it on, you can count on it.

Maverick G. from Mabry Middle, SC FEBRUARY 19, 2009
Great song!

Naomi Y. from Nairobi, Kenya FEBRUARY 15, 2009
Really good. I'm a teacher and this is a great teaching aid!!!!!

David J from San Salvador, E.S. SEPTEMBER 2, 2008
This ad is excellent! May it last forever.

Justin R. SEPTEMBER 1, 2008
This is simply amazing and inspiring.

Ilene from Santa Barbara, CA JULY 18, 2008
Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Could you let me know the music you have in the classroom? Thank you. [The song you are referring to is "Vianne sets up shop" and is track number four on the "Chocolat" movie soundtrack.]

Kim F. from Creede, Colorado USA DECEMBER 25, 2007
I am going to start showing these to my Health class and challenge them to create their own stories.

Hector Cook from Chilliwack, BC, Canada DECEMBER 14, 2007
Brilliant ad! Is there any way to view it full screen as seen on TV?

JAMES M. from Las Vegas Nevada DECEMBER 12, 2007
The Classrom ad is probably one of the all time best adverts I've ever seen. It makes me feel good (the music is also fantastic) THANK YOU!

Lorenzo S. from Arizona DECEMBER 7, 2007
I love the one about the crosswalk. I wish we could all have good manners like that young man.

Giddy from League City, Texas USA DECEMBER 3, 2007
Awesome spot, music is great, I also always stop and watch it no matter how many times I've seen it.

Enrique D.C. from Maputo, Mozambique NOVEMBER 22, 2007
I enjoyed all of your ads, but this one in particular. Lets try to make human kind better.

Bobby P. from North Brunswick, New Jersey USA NOVEMBER 19, 2007
The song is beautiful, and I like the twist!

Elyse M. from Des Plaines, Illinois USA OCTOBER 19, 2007
The Music is from the soundtrack Chocolat. The song title is Vianne Sets up Shop.

Jung-in K. from Seoul, Korea OCTOBER 18, 2007
Witty! I would also like to show this commercial to my students. They would never guess what is on the note!

Yuri A. from El Paso, Texas USA SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
Love the music. I think it is great these spots are being aired so we can improve our life styles.

Rakesh from India SEPTEMBER 7, 2007
really nice, we encourage a lot to come up , to improve humanity...

Andre R. from Houston, Texas USA AUGUST 19, 2007
Excellent! That's all there is to it. Every time that the commercial is on I can't help but stop and listen. Great music! Great message!

Abdulla D from Layton, UT JULY 31, 2007
Very well done. We need to see more like these messages.

Mary F. from TX JULY 22, 2007
This ad is great! It has great music and a wonderful message to kids all around.

Reema JULY 21, 2007
So unexpected , I will show this to my students and stop it before the end so they guess what is written in the paper.

Danielle S from Texas JULY 19, 2007
My one year old runs (or crawls) from all the way across the house when she hears this commercial come on. She loves the music and gets so excited about it.

Natasha L from Canada JULY 14, 2007
For the few above who wanted to know the name of that music, I found it on the soundtrack to the movie "Chocolat", it's called "Viane sets up shop" by Rachel Portman... Enjoy! The whole CD is amazing, as was the movie.

Natasha L from Canada JULY 14, 2007
The classroom ad, what a fantastic ad... I loved the music also, anyone know what it is?

David V from Boston, MA JULY 3, 2007
I like the ad too... and the song, well check out the Choloclat soundtrack. It was a great movie too.

Pamela D. from Layton, Utah USA JULY 3, 2007
Good message, great music, appealing to watch the whole way through. Genuine expression. Very well done.

Budapest, Hungary JUNE 23, 2007
Your ads are really wonderful, I'm happy if my kids have a chance to see one. I absolutely love the music in the Classroom ad, please tell me what it is.

Anonymous JUNE 21, 2007
I like this commercial a lot

Vicky V. from school JUNE 21, 2007
funny!!! thanks

jason h from missouri JUNE 10, 2007
anyone know this song or the artist?

Gopala N. from Brighton, United Kingdom MAY 30, 2007
This video clip reminds me of my primary school years and the slogan my teacher use to chant in the classroom regularly: "Honesty is the best policy."

Stephanie B.R. from LA MAY 30, 2007
I wish I would have thought of saying that when my friends asked me for answers in Elementary. I said no and they said I was being mean. I tried to explain, but they asked someone else who gave the answer and both of them got caught. Later they said I just didn't want to get in trouble. They were half right, I didn't want THEM to get in trouble. It didn't work out that way though.

Jane C from Seattle, WA MAY 18, 2007
What is the music in the ad? I really like the ad, but I love the music!

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