Cheating in class is a widespread problem. It affects the cheater and all who feel pressured to participate. One person making a decision to be honest can make a big difference as shown in this spot.

There is tension in the air as children in a classroom are taking a math test. One boy needs help and desperately asks his friend for an answer.  The teacher sees the two boys cheating and leaves all of us waiting to know the outcome. Happily…Honesty was the answer.


Math Test Today (written on board)
Let’s not cheat (written on note)
SUPER: Honesty, Pass it on. The Foundation for a Better Life

Honesty. Pass It On!

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Ruth from canada JUNE 3, 2021
never chat to cheat in math test forever. because you have to Figureat out to want is =

Ruth from canada JUNE 3, 2021
it is good

Kaden from CHMS middle school MARCH 22, 2021
Always be honest

Josilynn Gilvin from Home JANUARY 23, 2021
It is best not to cheat. They boy did a great thing by telling him that on his note.

Gavin from Silver Lane School DECEMBER 16, 2020
I was glad in the video they did the right thing.

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