Never Too Late

In a lighthearted moment at a senior center birthday party we discover that it is never too late to "Think Young". "You Make Me Feel So Young" adds just the right touch of nostalgia and fun to this celebration.


Crowd in Unison: “Happy Birthday”
Old Man: “Thank you dear, very much.”
Nurse: “You’re welcome!”
Old Man: “Thank you.”
Lyrics: You make me feel so young.
Friend: “Look who’s coming…”
Lyrics: You make me feel so spring has sprung. And every time I see you grin…
Old Woman: “You’re not fooling anybody, you know.”
Lyrics: I’m such a happy individual.
ANNCR/SUPER: Think young, pass it on.
Lyrics: Moment that you speak
ANNCR/SUPER: A message from the Foundation for a Better Life

Live Life. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Anonymous MARCH 7, 2022
I leard to dont stop bleving

joey from WI SEPTEMBER 28, 2020
so funny!

Sean  JUNE 21, 2019
This one cracks me up everytime. Has to be my favorite commercial.

Florence Parker from Syracuse NY APRIL 10, 2019
It's so sweet, I like this video because it let's you know that at any age you can find love. You are never to old to have fun. Enjoy life to the fullest.

Marilyn Patton from Las Vegas FEBRUARY 21, 2019
I love this, makes me smile. Watch it every day.

Janell from USA AUGUST 13, 2017
Think young and you'll always be young

Hiram from Bronx, N.Y. AUGUST 7, 2017
We all need inspiration!

Anonymous MARCH 28, 2017
i love it. Good job!

Beverly from Florida DECEMBER 17, 2016
Very humbling

Lisa Limbaugh from Sunny fort Lauderdale Florida NOVEMBER 4, 2016
how sweet

Lisa from Kingston, NS OCTOBER 13, 2016
Love this commercial , you inspire people to laugh at themselves as well as to imbrace their age. Bravo!

Annie from Blackshear GA. SEPTEMBER 5, 2016
Who is this gentleman

Mackenzie from Killeen ,TX NOVEMBER 2, 2015
this is a little funny to me but this taught me that always think positive about my age and never think to old or to young.

kemiyah from killeen,tx NOVEMBER 2, 2015
i know I'm only 10 but i understand getting a little older is a big deal and i would celebrate w/ a little celebration

Arnold from Connecticut OCTOBER 10, 2015
How is “feeling young” a value and why should senior citizens have to feel “young?” They’re not young and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. This ad seems to imply that a 90 year old who feels like a 90 year old is failing to live up to some virtue and that’s hogwash! In some cultures, senior citizens are revered for their longevity, life experience and wisdom, but not in ours. Our society is hyper-focused on the young and beautiful. We’re bombarded with messages urging us to hide the fact that we’re not as young as we used to be, messages like “make those wrinkles disappear” and “wash away the gray” and “feel young.” As for values, how about appealing to young to respect their elders and encouraging all people to accept and embrace who they are, whatever their stage in life?

Karen from Sacramento, CA AUGUST 26, 2015
I love this! It gives me something to look forward to (I'm 72!). thank you for the inspiration!

NULL from NULL MARCH 29, 2015
I like this one. Plus, the song You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra is a really good one because it does have the theme of Think Young, which is also portrayed in this video, too. :)

that's cute and funny:)

Jerry Esten from California AUGUST 24, 2014
So tasteful. It had charm. Humor and pathos

Reagan from NGA APRIL 24, 2014
Very Cute

Yza from Philippines FEBRUARY 28, 2014
We've watch this in class before. It really made us cry.

Celeste from Ocala JANUARY 9, 2014
That was beautiful as the rest that I have watched. They really touch the heart.

Colleen from Ontario Canada DECEMBER 23, 2013
Love it! All your commercials tug at my heart. Very inspirational keep up the good work

vick from louisville, ky AUGUST 24, 2013
Wonderful. How can I share on Facebook?

Annell from North Carolina MAY 5, 2013
Love it! All of these videos are wonderful. So positive, fresh, enjoyable. Thank you for producing them.

Kathy from SouthEast Oklahoma APRIL 22, 2013
I watched every one of your commercials and I wish there was a thousand more to watch! So wonderfully inspiring... some funny... and I have my eye dobber here to dob away the tears. So creative and realistic... brings out the memories and realizations... ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE! You are the best inspiration to date for our world... KEEP IT UP!

Jessica from Colorado JANUARY 7, 2013
I love ALL These commercials its never too late to make someones day wonderful stay young!!

Cindy B. from Fairfield, CT DECEMBER 22, 2012
I LOVE all your commercials, I'm either laughing or have tears in my eyes. They definitely remind me of all the good. Thanks so much ! They are equally wonderful :)

sara from St. Louis APRIL 29, 2012
That is so funny! Remember think YOUNG !!!!

Sanjaye Savant from Mumbai ,India FEBRUARY 20, 2012
Its cool to have a young heart irrespective of your physical age....pass it on !

Gerson G. from Seattle,WA FEBRUARY 16, 2012
This one actually made me smile all the way through, and laugh.

Sarah G from Albany, New York FEBRUARY 12, 2012
that made me think of my grandpa! he acts just like that.

Logan from California SEPTEMBER 1, 2011
I have always liked these commercials, reminds me of my childhood watching them. They always show a lighthearted way to make your life better, and they make my opinion of the world so much greater. This is my favorite though for sure!

Haixin from China AUGUST 2, 2011
Thanks, I love all these ideas ..... it makes my day brighter! I took instead of my coffee every morning! Thanks!

Crystal K. from California JUNE 27, 2011
That guy looks pretty good for a 90 year old. I really do love this commercial!

Diego M. from Illinois MARCH 18, 2011
I love the elderly. They're cool and fun to hang around with. I like that they tell you amazing stories about the past and how it was back in the day.

BJ from Kingsport, TN FEBRUARY 17, 2011
I love this commercial. It gives me hope that in the very winter of my life and those who I love, we will still be able to have fun, live our lives to the fullest. Does anyone know who the actors in this particular commercial are? I think that the old man is very famous. Am I wrong? Have a nice day, all.

M from Georgia JANUARY 10, 2011
I LOVE these! They make me smile. Thanks!

Regi B. from Chicago, IL DECEMBER 4, 2010
I'm in my 50's. I'm a laid off factory worker. Even when I was younger I never had it things this hard to deal with. My wife and I are barely getting by, but thanks to your messages of inspiration and courage, I make it through it some how. I'm going to tell others who got laid off with me to look at this website. My church should know about it too. Thank you so much.

Sarah M DECEMBER 3, 2010
You're the best!

Jazmine.C from lp NOVEMBER 18, 2010
I liked this one because it is cute. Also, its never too late to be with the one you love and age shouldn't matter.

Phil M from Ireland NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Lovely! May I be blessed with half of that attitude if I am lucky to live in to old age!

George S. from Zamboanga City, Philippines OCTOBER 13, 2010
It is soul awakening! Truly, these are the ones I've been wanting to see on screen.

Traci H. from Virginia JULY 1, 2010
That is definitely my favorite, it just makes you smile when you see it. Pass it on.

Kathleen S. from Oak View CA JUNE 3, 2010
The creators of these inspirational bits are truely gifted. Thanks for sharing. On my favorites now.

Ashley W. from Roseville, California FEBRUARY 26, 2010
Isn't that the truth? How funny. I love it!

Puja Pandya from Laurel, MD FEBRUARY 20, 2010
When I think of my honey, I think we are sooo much like this couple. We laugh and have just as much fun in life as these two.

Paula K from Nevada FEBRUARY 15, 2010
Amen! Old does not mean dead! Wisdom comes with age! We need to value our Seniors and Elderly! These always bring tears to my eyes! Keep them coming!!

Sue Z. from Seattle, WA FEBRUARY 5, 2010
Wow, these are amazing - love you guys!

Angel, C from Culver City, CA FEBRUARY 5, 2010
Simply put, thanks.

Bob and Betty T. from Green Cove Springs, FL JANUARY 28, 2010
We LOVE your TV spots! They are so inspirational. God bless you for doing this because you have certainly blessed a cynical nation that needs to see things of this nature! Our sincere thanks!

Bart T. from San Diego, CA JANUARY 26, 2010
I love the Never Too Late ad, the lady who comes in near the end looks familiar to me. Just love the ad!!

Mandy Y from Michigan DECEMBER 13, 2009
Your Ad spots make me smile. and want to be a better person! : ) Thank you.

Sharon B. from Mankato Mnt DECEMBER 8, 2009
I absolutely love these commercials...I am always moving or cleaning while TV is on but your commercials make me stop to watch. They have brought me to tears. They cross all generations which is great. Keep up the good work and when I need a boost I will come to your website and watch. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Lady Samm from Smithville, used to be Toronto NOVEMBER 6, 2009
I am in the winter of my life, and I must admit that the wee child is still in me too. After viewing this heart felt moment, I am lifted to heights that whisper, "Keep it light." How I love passing through your TV spots. Blessings, Lady Samm

Cheri M. from Lake Geneva WI NOVEMBER 3, 2009
At last...something positive....and adorable!

Marissa B. from St. Louis, MO OCTOBER 31, 2009
So heart warming and funny at the same time! Another winner!

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