Road Rage

We've all been there... someone does something that angers us and our first reaction is to say words we know we should not. Our reaction can sometimes give a bad example. This message captures a stressful time in traffic when a little girl gives her father a gentle reminder to think before speaking.


Dad: Who does that kind of thing!
You pull in front of me!?

Girl: Daddy! We don't say words like that.

Just let your love flow like a mountain stream
And let your love grow with the smallest of dreams
And let your love show and you'll know what I mean

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Tom from RI DECEMBER 5, 2021
Wish this was around for me long ago. But not to late to learn!

anonymous OCTOBER 12, 2021
i burst out laughing at "we don't say words like that" followed by the music

Anonymous NOVEMBER 16, 2020

Anonymous OCTOBER 13, 2020
Glad to see the little girl already knew not to say those words :)

Debra from Pomona, CA DECEMBER 15, 2018
Excellent video. Good reminder to be in control of our actions and words.

Alani from Florida NOVEMBER 29, 2018
The dad was a bit intense.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 12, 2018
so cute she did a great job saying we don,t say words like that

Anonymous OCTOBER 3, 2018
thank you

Marge from Cottonwood,Az. NOVEMBER 10, 2017
Cute little girl with good advise to Father. Great expressions on all three, she looks like the Mother, is she her daughter?

PUG MAY 4, 2017

travis from middle school DECEMBER 12, 2016
so funny


Jun from Space NOVEMBER 15, 2016
be positive

Pam from California OCTOBER 3, 2016
Girl:'WE' don't say words like that. Dad: Your right! 'KIDS' shouldn't use words like that. I hope when you get your license you don't drive like that. It could cause an accident!

Jocelyn from los angless SEPTEMBER 17, 2016
that was funny when the girl said daddie we don't say things like that.ha lol

Charlie from West Palm Beach, Florida JULY 19, 2016
Your commercial What a Wonderful World is the best on television. I normally never watch commercials but, I wouldn't miss that one for the world thank you very much...

Kadesha from Queens, NY JULY 2, 2016
The little girl is so precious. I hope my future daughter will be like her.

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
great lesson

Albert from Lakewood APRIL 9, 2016
Everything is Awesome

Jenn from NY APRIL 3, 2016
Love the commercial.... EXCEPT... The CHEST CLIP on the little girl's harness is on her belly. It's called a CHEST CLIP. Safety, it's not am option. Do it right.

kc from hollywood  MARCH 29, 2016

Sarah from Salt Lake City, UT FEBRUARY 29, 2016
That little girl is so adorable!

chantal from chantis DECEMBER 22, 2015
this is so cute

Nancy from Wenonah N.J NOVEMBER 26, 2015
I like The Bellamy Brothers singing Let Your Love Flow in this P.S.A

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