Better Together

“Better Together” is an uplifting visual journey recalling the important people in our lives—family, friends and good times. You will smile hearing the memory-evoking lyrics in “Dance of a Lifetime” performed by Drake Milligan. Better Together. Pass it On.



If love was a melody, I'd want you to sing to me
in that voice that whispers my name.
If the world was a dance floor, I'd waltz you shore-to-shore,
while the steel and twin fiddles play.

The love song that goes on forever,
For worse and for better, we'll two-step together
And I'll hold you closer each day I go through
This dance of a lifetime with your hand in mine,
Dance of a lifetime with you.

Better Together. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


Your Comments
Anonymous MAY 6, 2024
Best video ever

Anonymous APRIL 4, 2024
Beautiful the music and words go so good together. Great job Drake such a great job as always.

Oletta from Texas APRIL 3, 2024
Beautiful message with a beautiful waltz sung by the grandson of a friend.

Susan Reck from Grayslake , Illinois  APRIL 3, 2024
One of my favorite songs. Love you Drake Milligan. You are one of my favorite country singers.

Ruth Zimmerli from Springfield, Illinois  APRIL 2, 2024
Best marriage of a commercial and song ever. They are both perfectly portrayed. Could watch over and over.

Kathy from Nc APRIL 2, 2024
Beautiful song by an amazing singer and songwriter!

Monica from Alabama APRIL 2, 2024
Beautiful message by a great singer @drakemilligan

Anonymous APRIL 2, 2024
Love Drake Milligans music. This song is perfect for this video.

Sue from Florida  APRIL 2, 2024
A wonderful video with a beautiful message sung by an amazing singer/songwriter Drake Milligan!

California APRIL 2, 2024
The way it has been presented just fills the heart with true love. Take care of yourself, take care of each other. Life only goes around once. Enjoy it . Because one day you will look around and the rocking chair will be empty.

Audrey Rockman from NJ APRIL 2, 2024
Beautiful words by a magnificent singer and songwriter, teamed with a beautiful message here.

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