Every good thing that has ever been achieved began with an idea——a dream that something better is actually possible. Skeptics likely doubted, friends wondered, and still the idea survived. Our society depends upon ordinary people to think the extraordinary—someone to simply ask, even in the face of criticism, why not? Could a cure for an incurable disease exist, how far is too far to travel, can children's hunger be alleviated, can everyone get a good education? John Lennon's "Imagine" provides a thoughtful and inspiring backdrop for you to Imagine... the Possibilities. Pass it On.


[lyrics] You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will be as one.

Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can.
No need for greed or hunger.
A brotherhood of man.

Imagine all the people,
sharing all the world.

You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will be live as one.

Imagine. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Ela from Whitewater, Wi APRIL 16, 2024
Very cute, I'm happy.

owen from school MARCH 1, 2024

Bill Bahring from Florence, Kentucky JUNE 12, 2022
John Lennon captured my thoughts and wishes for the world. My hope is that some day the world’s citizenry will believe and practice the lyrics so that I, and all the other “dreamers” will instead, be living the dream. Unfortunately, we are so far away from that reality that I have requested that “Imagine” be played at my funeral as my final wish for the world as I am leaving it.

Tanya from Virginia APRIL 17, 2022
I love this ❤️

CSea Perkins from St George, UT, USA MARCH 25, 2022
The Mayaway is grateful for all you do to improve the balance toward positivity and make the world more as one…

Leessa Black from High Point, NC MARCH 19, 2022
I imagine every day that there is no more sorrow and pain, no war and innocent lives taken. I imagine a world of peace. I will imagine for as long as I’m alive.

Juan Wagner Mendez from Puerto Rico  MARCH 4, 2022
My favorite song yet 👍

Sulu Sea from Phils.  FEBRUARY 27, 2022
Very inspirational indeed!

Mike Viar from Altavista VA.  JANUARY 21, 2022
Have always loved this song and hope that some day this world will live as one ❤

Deolinda da Silva from Berlin, Maryland  DECEMBER 27, 2021

Yolanda from Utah OCTOBER 26, 2021
A long time ago one of my dear sons gave me a gift-a computer with one more gift-wonderful quote-PassitOn. Since then, I have been learning and improving my knowledge and gratitude for the wonderful people around this world. I thank you so much for the wonderful gift. May God bless you!

Brooke White from Saint Petersburg, FL OCTOBER 9, 2021
Thank you for this and the possibilities it inspires.

Ivette from Alice, Texas OCTOBER 4, 2021
Very inspiring video...

Cindy Boeger from Caldwell, Texas SEPTEMBER 26, 2021
The videos are quite beautiful and the songs match them so well. Beautifully put together. Amazing messages. Keep doing what you are doing. Maybe more people will be able to “Get the Message.”

Matt from San Jose  SEPTEMBER 21, 2021
Simply beautiful

Rissa from Washington state  SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

Ms.Jo-Ann Berniard from Texas AUGUST 30, 2021
Two of my very favorite, thank you for sharing, this brought me from a very dark place to where I can find peace thank you and God Bless You

Billy Ray Golston from Galveston Texas  AUGUST 17, 2021
Just gotta get involved I’m bankrupt from helping others I gotta keep passing on and paying it forward Love people and the world crisis is destroying hope

Celeste from Cobourg, Ontario Canada AUGUST 10, 2021
I'm really feeling John Lennon's song. Very nice way of using the song.

Kale from Indiana JULY 18, 2021
Wish people would pay attention to this song and put it into practice just as we did when John sung this song.

Deborah from Pittsboro. Nc JULY 11, 2021
I love it

Anonymous JUNE 19, 2021
I have alway loved this melody.


Carolyn from Tinton Falls, N.J. JUNE 4, 2021
Just discovered this..Love and . Humanity ...Pass It On is GREAT...Thank You 💓

Jason. from Mississippi.  MAY 20, 2021
Lets all come together and help each other in this world. Its getting bad for all us. But we can stand together over come this. Smiley.

Kanu Priya from Himalayas, India APRIL 15, 2021
An Anthem for Humanity we grew up listening to.. Rendered so Beautifully! Thank you for this and All other.. Love Love Love it! 💖💖💖

Lorraine from Humble, TX APRIL 13, 2021
What you teach the children will stay with them forever, there is still hope for the future.

Diana from San Diego APRIL 3, 2021
I agree that we do make this world a better place when seeing it through the eyes of a child. Love your commercial videos!! They are so inspiring and what the world needs.

Chip Green from FL APRIL 1, 2021
Beautiful! John, Yoko and those who believe in this song are immediately connected to your messaging. LOVE the images. Inspiring.

Carla24 APRIL 1, 2021
Perfect song for this ad. Some songs never go out of style. We all need to be reminded of things like kindness, compassion, respect, etc. Keep up the good work on these ads.

Cynthia Willie from California MARCH 26, 2021
Your commercials are so uplifting! They make me want to be part of the solution.

Ronda Butcher from West Virginia  MARCH 13, 2021
We make this world a better place when we do it through the eyes of a child.❣️

Janet Wilson from Spring Valley, CA FEBRUARY 27, 2021
So inspiring and definitely what our world needs right now. Your commercials are definitely a cure for cabin fever we are all feeling during Covid.

Mika Hernandez FEBRUARY 24, 2021
it make me think about the reality of life and how there are ups and downs in life great video keep it up

Grandmother from Bloomfield Hills Mich. FEBRUARY 19, 2021
Love,love love the tv messages with your great videos and music. Keep it up!

Ramona Zimnicki from Santa Cruz CA  FEBRUARY 7, 2021
This is beautifully inspirational. We are all in this together. Our world has changed as our lives and ways of living have changed. We will overcome! Imagine how the world will be better again.

Anonymous from US FEBRUARY 6, 2021
This is a great commercial like all your others you do a lot of good thank you thank you thank you

Luisa from Idaho FEBRUARY 5, 2021
Love your videos, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous FEBRUARY 1, 2021
We are good people we are going threw something but please show your love and you will be ok. Diann Smothers

Anonymous JANUARY 28, 2021
I love your commercials

Anonymous JANUARY 28, 2021
I like this because it is so insperational

Rosie Wilson JANUARY 28, 2021
It woukd be so nice if man could ...

D Soto from Arizona JANUARY 25, 2021
We need positive, not negative and this is just so inspiring. I am a 71yr old wife, mother, grandmother/great grandmother "nana" who is so sad by what is going on in this world right now. God bless you all for being so positive/inspirational.💖 D Soto

Vincent from California  JANUARY 22, 2021
Your presence is one of the very few truly great blessings a TV has to offer. I pray the offerings of your spirit continue to survive and expand. They are needed in this time of material darkness.

Dom from Colorado, USA JANUARY 13, 2021
Imagine if all the people from all around the world, live honestly, with caring and concern for each other. Then the world will be a peaceful and happy place to live, notwithstanding the dirty politics.

Anonymous DECEMBER 8, 2020
I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be live as one.

Lisa from Greenwood Indiana  SEPTEMBER 18, 2020
Imagine if all the people were kind to each other, caring to each other, respected each other and our differences.

Deedee castaldo from NY JANUARY 10, 2020
Loved it

Anonymous MARCH 1, 2019
This video was amazing!

unknown from wa OCTOBER 17, 2018
This song is a good match with this video! R.I.P John lennon.

Dotti Wild from Florida JULY 12, 2018
Very heartfelt and God bless you always

Catherine from Virginia JUNE 30, 2018
It touched my heart with love! Thank you for the beautiful video. Will pass on to all my friends'.

Jo-Ann from RI MAY 6, 2018
Beautiful, the messages on these videos give you hope that there are great and good things in our lives. please don't stop making them

Evelyn Trabanino from Guatemala MARCH 28, 2018
So Nice.

Kevin from Missouri FEBRUARY 22, 2018
I watch my cousin’s grandson at times and have the tv on for background noise. When this commercial comes on, he stops everything and raises his hands with the commercial. He also holds up one finger at the same time as the lady. He is just over a year and a half old.

June from Boston FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Kate Jackson from 34652 FEBRUARY 10, 2018
Amazing video

Jill from New Britain, CT JANUARY 4, 2018
"Imagine" is a timeless song. It's like a prayer.

Judith from Rockville, MD OCTOBER 18, 2017

Harriette from NJ OCTOBER 9, 2017
Makes me cry.

Sheila from SpringHill,Florida SEPTEMBER 27, 2017
Great video reminds me to Pass it on....

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 24, 2017
The possibilities...... THEY COME TRUE!!!

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 24, 2017
I wish I could share this with people all over the world

mary from maryland SEPTEMBER 5, 2017
I wish this could be played on loudspeakers situated in cities all over the world

Ann from Ontario AUGUST 28, 2017
I love this ad and want to use your messages to inspire my Sunday school class over this year

Rick from Shaker Heights, OH AUGUST 20, 2017
every political ad should be required to pay for one of these right after their own commercial.

Sue from Texas AUGUST 5, 2017
Love, love,love it.

Heather from Vacaville CA JULY 7, 2017
I watch this to remind myself what's possible. Thank you!

carolyn from Port Alberni, BC JUNE 19, 2017
I love it, thank you:)

Stael from Ouro Preto MAY 21, 2017
Amazing, beautiful

Glennie from Browns Summit Nc APRIL 5, 2017
Dreams come true

Mary from AZ APRIL 1, 2017
Peace, Love to all

Michael from Cottonwood, Arizona APRIL 1, 2017
All You Need Is LOVE...

Jan from Bradenton, FL APRIL 1, 2017
We could all use a bit more positive and uplifting messages today. Showing unity and sharing. Working for the common good.

Ortiz from Corpus Christi, Texas MARCH 7, 2017
Just imagine...

Suzanne from Riverhead NY FEBRUARY 9, 2017
No Comment Necessary....but I will say wouldn't it be wonderful for this to be so.

Carole from england FEBRUARY 2, 2017
Please could we have some of these doing good adverts in England. If only we could restore peace in the world.

Ann from In Sara live in Chicago from England  JANUARY 25, 2017
This made me cry after what is going on here

Shay from Roanoke Rapids DECEMBER 7, 2016
I love this song, video and commercial when y'all show it on TV it is Beautiful

Thomas from Orlando, Florida, USA OCTOBER 22, 2016
Accusations like the ones mentioned below are actually the sincerest form of flattery. It's okay, nothing wrong with a little love from a critic. Keep on keeping on!! I will Pass It On!

Kandi Shahid from USA OCTOBER 13, 2016

Christine from San Diego, CA SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Lila from Maine SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
Peace! Love this!

Jean from Aspen, Colorado SEPTEMBER 26, 2016
Uplifting & Inspiring Energy rippling out through the Universe!

Robin from ON., Canada AUGUST 16, 2016
Your commercials are the only ones worth watching, TV needs more of them. Thank-you!

Lee from New Port Richey FL JULY 21, 2016
I think of my granddaughters and their future. Let me start today, by cutting and paving a path for their tomorrows, so that they can build a solid road on that path, for their lives and futures.

Harold from Southern California JULY 1, 2016
This website is accused of being "conservative" leaning in its moral and political stance. How come it highlights this blatantly political, atheistic and progressive song?

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
just dream

Andrea from Anchorage, Alaska, USA JUNE 9, 2016
So glad I found this site

Bonnie from North Carolina MAY 17, 2016
first time on this site. I saw the John Denver commercial on TV and decided to investigate. Such a terrific idea! I will be sharing these wonderful commercial on Facebook.

Jessie from Montana MAY 4, 2016

Patrick from Chastain APRIL 14, 2016
Thank You!!!

Rich from Pennsylvania MARCH 20, 2016
Imagine.... Then Create. Thought is the first step, but thought without action is useless. " Imagine " does open the door to the possibilities and I am happy to see these ads you have created. Please keep on keeping on.

Enrique from Salinas,CA MARCH 12, 2016
love moving it forward, Pass it on

Linda from LaPorte, IN MARCH 1, 2016
Still gives me goose bumps!

Kim from Grand Rapids,MI USA FEBRUARY 20, 2016

Angelica from CA,US FEBRUARY 9, 2016
Ya! Go values vid!

geo from missouri FEBRUARY 4, 2016
love move it forward

Michael from Birmingham, Al. FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Discovered your commercials watching Ellen. I am inspired!!!

Sandy from Coon Rapids, IA  JANUARY 23, 2016
Love these, so inspirational!

Tony B. from Great Falls, MT. JANUARY 10, 2016
Wow!! I LOVE these commercials.

Mrs. B. from Evansville, IN DECEMBER 12, 2015
The BEST!!!!!!

Gloria from Usa NOVEMBER 25, 2015
One of my favourite songs

JoLynn from West Jordan Utah SEPTEMBER 13, 2015
Love this video

NULL from NULL JULY 29, 2015
My favorite song...what a beautiful concept

NULL from NULL JUNE 3, 2015
Another beautiful video. "Imagine all the people, living for today."

NULL from NULL JANUARY 17, 2015
let's keep working for peace

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 17, 2014

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 1, 2014
I think I've seen this over 50 times already. It makes me smile every time. It makes me teary eyed with joy every time. It tells a special story with the imagery and music.

Barbara Ricchio from CSUFullerton SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
This song and these visuals are a beautiful representation for diversity and creativity.

Paul from Dubuque SEPTEMBER 6, 2014
I am not the only one

Peter R.Gummerson from Big Bay Mi 49808 SEPTEMBER 5, 2014
We are one big family here in Big Bay...bottom line...comrodery...and checking in on your neibor..pete G.

Karen m.harrison from Staten Island,ny SEPTEMBER 1, 2014
I truly believe that the world could be a better place,only if we can learn to love one peace is the answer.......

Anita root from Niceville fl  AUGUST 31, 2014
Beautiful commercial. We can only hope one day we wi have worldwide peace

Iram from Palgrave, Ontario AUGUST 30, 2014
Beautiful and such an important message to pass onto our youth! Thank you for commercials like this one that remind us of what is truly important in life: people and relationships.

A.C.Vander Vloet from Parkhill On Canada AUGUST 21, 2014
Maybe someday we can live in peace and harmony. Pass it on.

Gus Chutorash, Camp Director from Cole Canoe BSA camp. Alger, Michigan AUGUST 18, 2014
These messages/videos have a very high powered message that reaches young people in a very positive manner. This is the second year I have used these videos for staff training and thru-out the summer with amazing results. The performance and positive attitudes exhibited by my staff have made a huge difference in the success of each week. The campers are the big winners here. I am so grateful to you for creating these messages. The posters are posted thru-out the camp and help to remind us all of the possibilities... and to pass it on. "Imagine" just captures the true essence of it all. Thank you guys so much.

Carmen from Puerto Rico AUGUST 15, 2014
Share your life seeds

Joe from Olney, IL AUGUST 14, 2014
The portion of the lyrics that are missing: Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today... Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace... The portion of the song used for the video does get the point that Lennon was trying to make, but why shy away from the lyrics that suggest that one does not need god or religion in order to have the peace and harmony mentioned in the song?

Dennis from Ogden, Utah AUGUST 12, 2014
This is a very Beautiful song. One that reaches out to any one and every one.

Maus from Charleston, SC AUGUST 6, 2014
<3 this is wonderful.

r. britt from chapel hill n. c.  JULY 8, 2014

Melody from USA JULY 1, 2014
Just curious why North America was not visible in either of the two globes shown in this video. Both globes seem to be intentionally positioned to hide North America.

Richel from Earth JUNE 17, 2014
It is coming into being!

cheri from tenn JUNE 14, 2014
Wish everyone would watch, listen, learn, and understand , this world would be a much better place...

Ryan Henningsgaard from Decorah, Iowa APRIL 24, 2014
Value? Imagine a world without money. It is an awesome world. A world without money is a world that really does has value!

Jim Ploger from Topeka, Kansas USA APRIL 16, 2014
Beautifully done commercial to a wonderful song!

Lynise Tarring from Hilo, HI APRIL 9, 2014
A simple song that should treasured and fill our soul.

Bonnie from Rutland, VT MARCH 30, 2014
I love the commercials and finally came on your site to see who you are. Keep up this marvelous work. I tell people about the commercials as they are so inspiring.

Barbara from Conroe tx MARCH 20, 2014
I don't watch commericals, but I saw this and it made my day. amen

Gus Chutorash from Alger, Michigan MARCH 15, 2014
WOW, this stuff is fantastic! I used it for staff training for a summer camp staff last summer and will use again last year. Amazing what a few words, and lerics, can do.

Brian Smith from Johannesburg MARCH 13, 2014
We don't have to do 'hate". Let's choose "love".

Sylvia from Florida MARCH 12, 2014
Love this commercial because its about Loven and careing for one another

Abigail Watson from OR MARCH 9, 2014
I like this commercial. For one thing, the song Imagine by John Lennon is a good one to listen to. Plus, the word "imagine" also makes a good title for a fanfic (whether it's a oneshot or a story), too. :)

Norma from cabo san lucas Mexico FEBRUARY 16, 2014
Our commitment is to help others with anything you have

Diego from Washington DC FEBRUARY 10, 2014
is the best inspiration people can see

Mickey from Egypt JANUARY 29, 2014
yeah.... Perfect message and professional presentation.. God bless you all.. please never stop changing the world through out this blessed work. Wish i can take part helping you guys.

angel cox from Tucson,arizona JANUARY 26, 2014
awesome, I cry at every one can't see enough of them!!!!!!!!

Terri from Shoreline, WA JANUARY 24, 2014
Your commericals are the best..very inspirational

Jason from Chicago, Illinois JANUARY 21, 2014
absolutely perfect. Nothing is more beautiful than the decency of my fellow man. Not fellow christian, not fellow German, but my fellow man.

John from Virginia, USA JANUARY 17, 2014
I cried watching this video. It is an excellent paring of musical and visual message. Especially the Jew with his arm around the Muslim .

Ronnie from Roanoke,VA JANUARY 8, 2014
I love all your commercials, incorporating them with popular music, makes them eternal...

June from Alden Iowa JANUARY 5, 2014
I LOVE these commercials. WE need more of these, keep them coming!! Please!!

Barbara Isca from Round Lake, NY JANUARY 5, 2014
Beautiful! I am so happy that your tv commercial has led me to your website. I hope many more people can discover you

Maria from Florida JANUARY 4, 2014
We have to believe, there is hope...

Robyn from SD JANUARY 2, 2014
Love this one too….

John Barton from North Devon JANUARY 2, 2014
Imagine sang by John Lennon has always inspired me and when I sing that song at Karaoke it leaves people well inspired too!

Joe Ryan from Cedar Rapids, Iowa JANUARY 2, 2014
what a wonderful moving commercial we need more of this please keep doing the great work!!!!!!

Susan from London UK DECEMBER 27, 2013
That was beautiful and inspiring and so glad to have discovered your website. What a fantastic end to 2013 and start of 2014

valerie edmonds from Pikes Peak Indiana DECEMBER 24, 2013
This was fantastic.

Judi Stabler from Riverton, Il DECEMBER 18, 2013
What a beautiful site; so glad I found you.

Phillip from Los Angeles DECEMBER 17, 2013
A very "valuable" and important message for this day and age. Good.

Jessica Smith from Buena Park, CA DECEMBER 15, 2013
This song along is absolutely incredible. This video with it makes it that much more special.

Sylvia from Sandy, Utah NOVEMBER 25, 2013
This commercial is awesome!!!!! I loved seeing my granddaughter dancing in it.

Kenneth from Atlanta, Georgia NOVEMBER 24, 2013
I love watching these ads when I'm doing nothing.

Elaheh from Iran NOVEMBER 15, 2013
I realy appreciate your positive attitude towards the life , I just can say I love you all

Emma from Atlanta GA NOVEMBER 12, 2013
I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Ms Pete from Utah NOVEMBER 10, 2013
Wonderfully done...(hoped to see my granddaughter's small Wheelchair T-Ball piece included, but I understand editing).

María from Texas NOVEMBER 6, 2013

Wendy Kreck from Perth Western Australia OCTOBER 23, 2013
love this..

Rod Buffman from Maryland OCTOBER 15, 2013
should be nominated for a Nobel Prize!

Primo from Arizona OCTOBER 5, 2013
So enlighteing!!!

Diane Marino from Elmira NY SEPTEMBER 30, 2013
Imagine was a favorite then as it remains now (I've a poster of it on display). John would be proud to see the accompanying video. It makes the world a better place.

Maggie from Hawaiian Islands SEPTEMBER 21, 2013
Bravo! Thank you to John Lennon for one of the worlds most beautiful songs and thank you for putting it to such lovely and inspiring images. Keep on keeping on the good stuff.

Susan from Morton, PA SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
I'm proud to say I'm a dreamer and pray every day that I'm not the only one...

gloria from utah SEPTEMBER 19, 2013
It touched my heart!

Paul Torres from Mexico SEPTEMBER 19, 2013
Awesome! It´s a great video, but our part is to teach young people and children how to build that world so that it is not just an imagination, but a reality. God bless!

John Nash from Spring Lake, MI SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

Stewart Coulson from Charles City Middle School Charles City, IAs SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
Beautiful!! Keep up the good work. Thanks you so much.

Rhea Ablan from Philippines SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
Great video! Very inspiring...keep it up!

Lynise Tarring from Hilo, HI SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
Your Imagine commercial filled my eyes with tears and my heart with joy. This is just what I needed after a long hard day of work. This treasured energy you shared took my physical pain away and gave me a rainbow instead. Mahalo pumehana, (thank you sincerely in depth) Hawaiian for thank you.

Barbara from Raleigh SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
I start my day with Do not stop your inspiring work. Imagine is one of the best. You give us all hope. Thank you!

Debbie from WOODFORD SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
Once again you astound me and make me smile, cry and care all in one video.

JoAnne Saunders from St.Thomas,USVI SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
This is so lovely! That song is one of my favorites and it goes very well with this coming Saturday's International Day of Peace them.Thank you!

Deborah from Rockville, MD SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
This is a beautiful message, especially in light of another act of violence that took place here in the Washington DC area.

Barb from Racine Wi SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
I totally LOVE your commercials...keep up the good work thank you.....

Laura P from Houston Texas SEPTEMBER 17, 2013

Victoria Libowsky from Kroger Company SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
wow, the world needs MORE messages of uplifting hope and promise. The faces seen here make my heart smile. thanks for sharing and for all you do!!

Mary from Glenview, IL SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
With all the turmoil our world is in, it is so wonderful to see something refreshing, alive and hopefully. IMAGINE!

Stephanie from USA SEPTEMBER 12, 2013
Beautiful...can't wait to share this with my writing class tomorrow!!!

fadumo from anaheim SEPTEMBER 12, 2013
Thank u for all your hard work.i always say you guys give me hope.

Jackie Lemmink from Cincinnati, OH  SEPTEMBER 12, 2013
Commercials on TV that actually benefit human kind. I love them and we need more of them.

Tara from WA SEPTEMBER 12, 2013
Beautifully done.

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