Just Say Hi

Everyone feels like an outsider at some point. Being the new girl at school is no exception. But all it takes is a simple salutation to make others feel welcome. Featuring Hilary Duff’s song “Shine,” this spot encourages viewers to reach out and just say “hi.” It’s a little word that makes a big difference…Pass it on.


(Musical Interlude)

Girl 1: Who doesn’t fall asleep in that class? Like honestly!

(Girls Laugh)

Girl 1: They just expect that.
Girl 2: Honestly!
Girl 3: I know. Seriously!

(Girls Laugh)

Girl 1: He asked me right before school started.
Girl 2: Oh.
Girl 3: No way!
Girl 2: Hi!
New Student: Hi.

Shine, come on and let it shine.
Light me up, make me feel alive.

New Student: Hi!

You’ve got what it takes…

Boy 1: She actually said hi to me.
Boy 2: Oh yeah!

…shine on me today.

Reaching Out. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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William G from Waddell Az JANUARY 8, 2021
It just makes your heart happy with love . Every time i see passiton on tv I pray everyone could get along.

Chris c OCTOBER 9, 2020
Very nice wish all people can display this kind of humanity greatness

calvin from virtual school SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
maybe nervous , but saying hi just opens up for oppurtunities, happy , relaxed

calvin from virtual school  SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
just be yourself , relax and smile , spread sunshine

Landon Kite from Saranac Lake, NY JULY 5, 2020
Good Stuff! We are all one!

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