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About Just Say Hi

Everyone feels like an outsider at some point. Being the new girl at school is no exception. But all it takes is a simple salutation to make others feel welcome. Featuring Hilary Duff’s song “Shine,” this spot encourages viewers to reach out and just say “hi.” It’s a little word that makes a big difference…Pass it on.

Video Transcript

(Musical Interlude)

Girl 1: Who doesn’t fall asleep in that class? Like honestly!

(Girls Laugh)

Girl 1: They just expect that.
Girl 2: Honestly!
Girl 3: I know. Seriously!

(Girls Laugh)

Girl 1: He asked me right before school started.
Girl 2: Oh.
Girl 3: No way!
Girl 2: Hi!
New Student: Hi.

Shine, come on and let it shine.
Light me up, make me feel alive.

New Student: Hi!

You’ve got what it takes…

Boy 1: She actually said hi to me.
Boy 2: Oh yeah!

…shine on me today.

Reaching Out. Pass It On!


A.J. from Port St. Lucie, FL JUNE 11, 2018
I always believe that a simple act of kindness can go a long way. When I was a teacher I always stressed this to my classes. You never know what kind of day someone is having, what they are dealing with at home or what internal battles they are fighting and something like this can turn someone's day around! We should see more of this in the world and less of the "it's too cool" or "It's not my problem" attitudes.

Kent from Alabama JANUARY 9, 2017
Annie's song is special and the video makes it carry the message. Please play's needed. Thanks John Denver.

Harvey from Buda MAY 15, 2016
Something I try to do everyday from the heart.

isaac APRIL 20, 2016

Raoul from Virginia JANUARY 23, 2016
There's so much junk on TV and then this commercial comes on and I'm just smiling all day. Love, just Love this one!