"Deli" was filmed in a real sandwich shop - while it was open! Since the spot was filmed in the summer during good weather, the deli served their food on the shop's back deck, while the inside space was full of actors. The actor who played the man behind the counter is also a trial attorney, who did a great job bringing intensity to the scenes. Originally, "Deli" was intended to be more linear - to have a clear-cut beginning, middle, and end, with no gaps. The editor, however, tried something different, putting all the scenes together in a montage. This worked much better, as it matched the quick-paced, staccato intensity of the environment and of what was being said.


Deli worker: Meatball on white…next…ya’ want mustard on that or not?...c’mon, c’mon, I haven’t got all day here…It doesn’t come with peppers – they’re extra…hurry up, pay the lady…next…the chicken’s fresh, I killed it myself…So that’s what you want?! While we’re still young…ya’ know, you told me you wanted mustard…get out of here! Time’s up – back of the line…
Man with sandwich: Hey, excuse me…
Deli worker: What!?
Man with sandwich: Great sandwich…thanks!
Music: “You didn’t have to be so nice…
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Music: “I would have liked you anyway…”
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Mystery from Anonymous NOVEMBER 4, 2020
It nice to give a complement.

Pablo García from Mexico MAY 8, 2020
Real complement can make someone day better.

Fernanda Santamaria MAY 4, 2020
It is necessary to appreciate what others do for you so that they keep doing them, and you give them back and then all community is nice.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 8, 2019
You never know what one little compliment does for someone.

Mike Sciotto from Orlando, Fl APRIL 26, 2018
Still the best one ever!

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