Sometimes the last thing you want to do for somebody ought to be the first. In "Neighbors," the creators wanted to portray a person who, in many ways, wasn't "deserving" of help. The character of Edna is a grouchy person. Yet the mother has taught her daughter the important lesson that their job as neighbors is to help out, without an expectation that their good gesture would be equally reciprocated.


DAUGHTER: Seventh grade. What was this jumper made of?
MOTHER: Naugahyde.
DAUGHTER: You let me go to school dressed like a seat cover?
MOTHER: You convinced me that it was good for you.
DAUGHTER: Uh-oh. Edna.
EDNA: You know I’m having this wedding here tomorrow, and your weeds are growing through the fence! Do you care?
MUSIC: Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand. Put a little love in your heart..
DAUGHTER: I see some things haven’t changed.
MUSIC: You see it’s getting late, Oh, please don’t hesitate, put a little love in your heart.
MOTHER: Take this to Edna while I change into my garden clothes.
MUSIC: And the world will be a better place, put a little love in your heart.
EDNA: You’re planting them too close together.
MOTHER: Edna, it’s going to be a beautiful wedding.
EDNA: Yea, maybe.
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Mary Davis from San Rafael ca DECEMBER 9, 2018
We need and extra amount of love going on now in this hateful political era. If it seems that some people don’t get do it anyway. Be kind anyway!

Missy from Ohio NOVEMBER 10, 2018
Love this site! We need to love each other and stop all the hate. We need to remember, "Do unto others as we would have them do unto us ...". God bless all.

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2018
so good

Linda from Denver JANUARY 18, 2017
I like it, thank you for reminding me to have patience

Kathleen from Celebration,Florida JULY 13, 2016
Ah yes. I love this.. It was so often this way back in Brokklyn in the 50 s.. Those days of corny simple and silly things.. I think we have become to arrogant..and foolish. It will probably take America another 200 yrs before it stops acting like a know it all teenager

William from Champaign Illinois JANUARY 7, 2016
I love all of them

Nate Peitit from home MAY 29, 2014
Love it!! two hammers up

Jo mama from mama island MAY 29, 2014
I love the girl's adittude

Toni from Auburn WA NOVEMBER 13, 2013
I asked my 10 yr old son to help an elderly lady who was pushing a bike with a basket of groceries in the snow in front of our house...she smacked him with a newspaper and shouted, "You leave me alone! Go away!" (Shades of Edna) The lesson I tried to give my son was lost that time!

sofia from home APRIL 16, 2013
Edna is so funny!

sara from St. Louis MAY 5, 2012
So nice!

Benjamin Yilcord from school NOVEMBER 14, 2011
This is a very god video and I like it

lauren from las vegas  NOVEMBER 9, 2011
i used this for my project i got an A for creativity!!!!!!!!!!! loved it

Robin H. from Jasper, GA JUNE 2, 2011
I love the Commericals that you have. They are so inspirational. Thank you. It's nice to see good, wholesome things on the TV. Thank you with all my heart.

Valerie Powell from United States APRIL 7, 2011
I am just so proud this mission was implemented! Your efforts are appreciated and valued. God Bless...

Mackenzie B from Trinity North Carolina DECEMBER 21, 2010
I love these I'm 12. Very funny and heart changing thanks.

Sudheer Tavta from India NOVEMBER 28, 2010
The TV Spots are very interesting and thought provoking. Keep up the good work. I sincerely feel the people should view and learn (get back to the basics). Good job friends!

Sally P. from Penn Valley, CA MAY 31, 2010
Your TV spots are wonderful--they are beautifully done! They bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. Keep up the good work!

Britt P from Massachusetts OCTOBER 1, 2009
Inspiring.....brilliant work. Uplifting.

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
I think we've all experienced that type of person in our lives. What a great message to reach out regardless if one is reciprocated or not. The wonder and beauty is in the reaching out, not in the receiving back (anyhow). Love it!

Silvia R. from Chicago, IL SEPTEMBER 11, 2008
I was blown away by them. They're thought provoking and very moving. Thanks.

Alessandra S. from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro JULY 11, 2008
I'd like to say I'm very proud and happy for this Foundation... Great job! I pass it on to all my friends, I do my best. Thank you for that!

Susan S. from Bethlehem, PA JULY 6, 2008
Very effective- kindness to unpopular people is sorely needed! Thanks for the reminder.

Dexter G from Phil JUNE 25, 2007
I know someone like that...amazing!

Lady Samm from Toronto, Canada JUNE 19, 2007
I lived with a woman who always thought those who complained the most were the ones who needed the most love. They were hurting and all it took was one person to reach out...often it was my Nanny...Thank you warmly for the reminder.

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