Top Shelf

An expected helping hand just when we need it—isn't that what we all hope for? In this upbeat spot entitled "Top Shelf", we see just such a moment giving us a lighthearted reminder to look for spontaneous moments where we, too, can be helpful.


Music: You're not the kind of guy that makes the girls all sigh?Old Lady: “Two for three?!”
Music: And they never turn their heads and look when you walk by. ’Cause it’s the little things that mean a lot it’s what you are…not what you’ve got.
Old Lady: “Oh, thank you.”
Tall Man: “You’re welcome.”
Old Lady: “What a nice young man; my goodness.”
Old Lady: “I better get out of here. Hooey.”
Super/Anncr: A message from the Foundation for a Better Life.

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Alexa OCTOBER 17, 2016
I wish there were more people like that when I go out and shop or something like that! NICE people are hard to find when you are out in public! Most of the time, it's RUDE people surrounding you! If you ever see someone struggling, please step in and help them, even if you don't know them! Helping is a sign of friendliness!

Anonymous JULY 10, 2015
Wow... :) The elderly lady sure was observant there in noticing how nice the man was in helping her out the way he did. :)

Anonymous FEBRUARY 8, 2015
that was kind a jerkyish but still funny

Anonymous OCTOBER 27, 2014
that old lady was kind of jerk tbh. who doesnt pick up after themselves when they knock over things at a store?!

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 16, 2014
Very funny!! I loved it!

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