Top Shelf

An expected helping hand just when we need it—isn't that what we all hope for? In this upbeat spot entitled "Top Shelf", we see just such a moment giving us a lighthearted reminder to look for spontaneous moments where we, too, can be helpful.


Music: You're not the kind of guy that makes the girls all sigh?Old Lady: “Two for three?!”
Music: And they never turn their heads and look when you walk by. ’Cause it’s the little things that mean a lot it’s what you are…not what you’ve got.
Old Lady: “Oh, thank you.”
Tall Man: “You’re welcome.”
Old Lady: “What a nice young man; my goodness.”
Old Lady: “I better get out of here. Hooey.”
Super/Anncr: A message from the Foundation for a Better Life.

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Emily O. from Maryland  MARCH 22, 2024
I saw this commercial and loved it.... IT'S SO GREAT!!! :D

Mike Oxlong from Wichita FEBRUARY 25, 2024
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful message! Be kind to one another

Borat Sagdiyev from Kuzcek, Kazakhstan AUGUST 14, 2022
Very nice!

Neil.A from Area 51 MAY 7, 2022
Such a good psa

Tim from South Dakota APRIL 21, 2022
Great message! Wish I had someone like that to help me out too! 🍰

moint pan from nebraska,canada APRIL 16, 2022
great video keep it up guys!

Azizi Barasa from Nairobi, Kenya APRIL 10, 2022
I learned a lot from here.

Hugh Janus MARCH 13, 2022
Such a nice message, thank you for making this

Rama Kohkeigner from Israel NOVEMBER 30, 2021
Such a heartwarming story! I love this beautiful world:)

mary tymann from charlotte SEPTEMBER 15, 2021
very thoughtful

rony mixes from london JULY 23, 2021
such a touching story will defanatly change lives

Anonymous JUNE 23, 2021
Wow I wanna go help my mom with the dishes now!

Aiden from Canada  MAY 16, 2021

Jamal Murray from His Film Studio 😏 MAY 6, 2021
Inspirational to say the least. Hit me right there!

James Charles from Tati Westbrook's closet(waiting to strike) APRIL 21, 2021
Wow, so inspirational!

Chip Skylark from Dimmsdale APRIL 20, 2021
PassItOn just got so much free publicity. It blows my mind 🤯

Michael Dookieslide from New Jersey APRIL 19, 2021
What a good samaritan he is.

Connor from Chicago APRIL 19, 2021
who can pass up a deal like that?! Lady a savage

Ya Boi APRIL 19, 2021
Honestly... old lady kinda a savage ngl

Zach from Colorado APRIL 19, 2021
old lady savage

El from your closet APRIL 19, 2021
Old lady: "Uh oh, I knocked over the bottles, BETTER RUN!!!"

Anonymous APRIL 19, 2021
yo scott

Anonymous APRIL 19, 2021
2 for 3⁉️⁉️⁉️ oh yeah

Akihiko Omori from Tokyo APRIL 18, 2021
That's my grandma in this ad

You're Welcome from Texarcanico APRIL 17, 2021
I brought Scott Cramer here

Anonymous APRIL 17, 2021
Granny epic time 😳😳😳😳🐟

Valentino California from Bacaslava, Armenia APRIL 17, 2021
Two for Three? Thank goodness that nice young man was there to help that old lady!

Anonymous APRIL 17, 2021
A 2 for $3 sale on salad dressing would really make my day

marty from mars APRIL 16, 2021
Scott Cramer brought me here

Jeff from Batman, Turkey APRIL 16, 2021
Old lady is absolutely savage my dude | |I || |_

Isaac fox from Melbourne  APRIL 16, 2021
Da old lady wid da salad dressing 🥶🥗🥵🤯

ケビン from New Jersey APRIL 16, 2021
Savage Granny? Uhh... I think so

Joel from Scott's Basement APRIL 16, 2021
Anyone else here because of the GOAT, Scott Cramer on YT?

Alex T from Phoenix APRIL 16, 2021
Great video! Would have been kinda funny if the guy just grabbed a bottle and walked away.

Scott Cramer from Michigan APRIL 16, 2021
Old lady a savage for real

Anonymous  APRIL 16, 2021
Please approve Scots comment. Thanks.

Anonymous APRIL 16, 2021
Someone tell the old lady to pick that up

Anonymous APRIL 16, 2021
why didn't she just ask him to grab another bottle instead of letting him walk away when she knew that she needed two, not just one.

Connor from Arizona APRIL 16, 2021
She just got up and left! That's not a good thing to do in a video showing how to be a better person.

Pj from Texas APRIL 16, 2021

nancy from utah APRIL 16, 2021
old lady is savage for real

Anonymous APRIL 16, 2021
you better approve my boy scott's comment

Arin-Rose from Whittier APRIL 16, 2021
old lady is honestly somewhat of a, what the kids call it, a "savage" LOL

Kyle from Missouri APRIL 16, 2021
Very adorable. The old lady was a bit rude in the end when she didn't pick up her mess.

Scott, I don't think your comment got approved.

Danny Gonzalez from Chicago  APRIL 16, 2021
Old lady bad at grab can! Haha.

Gavin from Ohio APRIL 16, 2021
Old lady a savage for real

Jasper Delphos from Indiana APRIL 16, 2021
This video reminds me so much of my good friend, Scott! (PBS employee) This is great, i'll share it with him! Thanks PassItOn

Tess T. Khuls from North Dakota in scotts basement  APRIL 16, 2021
Help I can’t remember the name of the boat that sank in the movie Titanic, can anyone tell me?

Connor Methvin from California APRIL 16, 2021
Old lady savage for real.

Anonymous APRIL 16, 2021
This is lit fr fr

Spah Gaming from Your Mother's house APRIL 16, 2021
Granny up and flead the crime

Horatio from Minnesota APRIL 16, 2021
Gotta love it when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar helps you in the grocery store.

apmcd from North Dakota APRIL 16, 2021
Old Lady was a savage for real

Ambrose from Portland OR APRIL 15, 2021
Kinda feel bad for the poor mininum wage worker that has to spend his lunch break cleaning up after a jerk old lady........................................

Andrew Wells from Kansas City APRIL 15, 2021
Loved this PSA as a kid!! Scott Cramer was right, old woman was a savage! <3

DannyLuvGrandma from your ass APRIL 15, 2021
The old lady was kinda bad tho lowkey

Scott’s tots from Cleveland APRIL 15, 2021
The old lady was a savage ngl

Chris APRIL 15, 2021
Honestly this is a great message that everyone should learn. The old lady should’ve picked up her mess though.

TheeAndrewAlbert from Madison, Wisconsin APRIL 15, 2021
That lady a savage

Somny from Syria APRIL 15, 2021

Zach Blackwell from Columbus APRIL 15, 2021
Hi I’m here from Scott Cramer’s video. This was funny like Scott Cramer

Dood Mcdoodmeister from DOODTOWN APRIL 15, 2021
Cool video

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2021
lets be real your here cause of scott crammer

graham APRIL 15, 2021
old lady seems like a jerk. pick up the dressing old lady!

Jeffery E. from The Virgin Islands APRIL 15, 2021
Can anyone tell me if Scott's comment got through?

Soda Stevens from North Dakota  APRIL 15, 2021
Damn that old lady bounced

Olivia from new york APRIL 15, 2021
hehe my comment is going to be in the same comment thing as scott cramers...if you know you know 👀 why didn’t the lady just ask the guy to get another bottle while she had the chance

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2021
Scott Cramer is in the video

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2021
What a nice lady

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2021
Old lady a savage for real

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2021
Old lady savage for real -Scott Cramer 2021

Peter Griffin from Quahog, Rhode Island  APRIL 15, 2021
Freaking sweet! Hehehhehehehehhe

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2021
That old granny is a bit of a savage

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2021

Scott Cramer from North Dakota APRIL 15, 2021
Old lady a savage for real

M3luv from TX APRIL 15, 2021
Who is here because they saw Scott Creamer’s video

Vennis from USA APRIL 15, 2021
The guy was pretty nice but the lady is kind of a savage for just leaving like that after dropping everything. There would be a lot of strugglers after that.

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2021
Old lady a savage for real

Alexa OCTOBER 17, 2016
I wish there were more people like that when I go out and shop or something like that! NICE people are hard to find when you are out in public! Most of the time, it's RUDE people surrounding you! If you ever see someone struggling, please step in and help them, even if you don't know them! Helping is a sign of friendliness!

NULL from NULL JULY 10, 2015
Wow... :) The elderly lady sure was observant there in noticing how nice the man was in helping her out the way he did. :)

that was kind a jerkyish but still funny

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 27, 2014
that old lady was kind of jerk tbh. who doesnt pick up after themselves when they knock over things at a store?!

Very funny!! I loved it!

Lily from cridersville ohio SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
funny yet nice

Janice from CA JULY 12, 2013
Nice commercial and funny, but she's not very responsible or respectful to make a mess and then run off.

sofia from discovery public school MAY 8, 2013
luv it!

DC from NC APRIL 9, 2013
Very sweet.

Ozzy from Nc MARCH 27, 2013
Haha! The funniest and nicest video of the day!

Nick from Bethlehem NOVEMBER 4, 2012
"Oh, I better get out of here" also very nice of the man who help her.

Gabby from school SEPTEMBER 6, 2012
It was really funny but also nice.

Sarah from Connecticut APRIL 10, 2012
Hahaha thats kinda funny

Rachel Boettcher from Arizona APRIL 6, 2012
Awwwwwww that's nice!

bruce f from elgin, il.  NOVEMBER 9, 2011
Can someone please tell me who the current band singing the old Sonny and Cher song is on this video. Many thanks!

Daniel L. from Steelville, MO SEPTEMBER 4, 2011
Very sweet commercial, I saw it on KSN TV in Joplin and It was awesome!

Tonya P. from Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan AUGUST 19, 2011
Very sweet commerical, saw it on AFN. I'm from North Carolina and the tall guy is former NC State basketball player Thurl Bailey. GO WOLFPACK!!!

Matthew from North Carolina JULY 5, 2011
This lady played in Halloween 6 as Mrs.Blankenship :) I absolutely love this video :)

Ashtain Oneal from Alabama JUNE 13, 2011
This makes me want to help old people with their groceries.

Steve S. from California JUNE 5, 2011
I'm not as tall as this guy but taller than most. I love it when I've been able to help like that. This is a good example of being aware of others, not just yourself, and being ready and willing to help someone who shouldn't have to ask. Very nice!

Bre from Columbia MAY 31, 2011
I love this video!!!!

Jeanette C, from Pompano Beach, Florida APRIL 17, 2011
This is so funny, my mom goes through this every time and I'm short too, so we always have to call someone. : )

Febsky from Los Angeles APRIL 14, 2011
Being a 4'11, I really know how it feels not to reach the top shelf even after stepping on the bottom shelf!!! So I am thankful to all tall compassionate humans who were so kind to reach for me. Anyway, I made sure to solve that problem by marrying a wonderful, loving, 6'2 man - my Gummy Bear Tom

Sarah from Minnesota FEBRUARY 18, 2011
Such a cute commercial!

Juan Rodriguez from Baytown, TX FEBRUARY 7, 2011
This is my favorite one!

Ashley G. from Victorvill Ca JANUARY 7, 2011
That's funny.

sabrina p from victorville,ca JANUARY 7, 2011
That was really cute and funny.

Bruce, F from Elgin, IL DECEMBER 5, 2010
James from Rockford, I am happy to see you feel the same as I about the " Top Shelf" version of the Sonny and Cher song. I will be greatly pleased when the performers on this are discovered. Your neighbor from Elgin, Bruce

James Cram from Rockford, Illinois NOVEMBER 24, 2010
Sonny and Cher did the original. I've tried to find who recorded this awesome version. Perhaps we could all let them know for us to download?? It's great!

Bruce F. from Elgin,Il. AUGUST 19, 2010
Who is the band playing on the video "Top Shelf". Someone said it was a Sonny and Cher song: "It's the Little Things" but it sounds like a more contemporary version?

Jennie V. from Seattle, WA JULY 5, 2010
The man who helps the lady is Thurl Bailey. He played basketball for the Utah Jazz. He is 6'11'' and is a great guy!

Sarah from Colorado JUNE 28, 2010
The song on this video is "It's the Little Things," originally recorded by Sonny & Cher.

Tawanda B. from Florida JUNE 27, 2010
What's the name of that song?

Robyn J. from Oregon MARCH 18, 2010
Fantastic Work. This is what our world needs to teach the next generation morality and values. Keep up the great work.

Sofia from LA FEBRUARY 17, 2010
They help you so much.

eze from victor SEPTEMBER 15, 2009
Please i will like to share this videos on my facebook page. Is there a link that i copy for this?

Connie S from Michigan SEPTEMBER 2, 2009
this is a gret commerical. Who is the man that helps the lady? He looks like a famous sports person.

Mary Rose M. from Mooresville, NC AUGUST 29, 2009
Too cute! After watching so many that made me cry, this was fun and lighthearted, but with that same positive message. I love it!

Mark K. from CA JULY 25, 2009
I love the, "I better get out of here."

Kayla W. from School JULY 16, 2009
I say that it's a good thing to do many things like that. I have done thing like that like; I helped my cuz last night.

ABZ JUNE 29, 2009
I love the old lady. Ha ha ha!

Emily O. from Maryland JUNE 15, 2009
I saw this commercial and loved it.... IT'S SO GREAT!!! :D

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