Top Shelf

An expected helping hand just when we need it—isn't that what we all hope for? In this upbeat spot entitled "Top Shelf", we see just such a moment giving us a lighthearted reminder to look for spontaneous moments where we, too, can be helpful.


Music: You're not the kind of guy that makes the girls all sigh?Old Lady: “Two for three?!”
Music: And they never turn their heads and look when you walk by. ’Cause it’s the little things that mean a lot it’s what you are…not what you’ve got.
Old Lady: “Oh, thank you.”
Tall Man: “You’re welcome.”
Old Lady: “What a nice young man; my goodness.”
Old Lady: “I better get out of here. Hooey.”
Super/Anncr: A message from the Foundation for a Better Life.

Helping Others. Pass It On!

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Rama Kohkeigner from Israel NOVEMBER 30, 2021
Such a heartwarming story! I love this beautiful world:)

mary tymann from charlotte SEPTEMBER 15, 2021
very thoughtful

rony mixes from london JULY 23, 2021
such a touching story will defanatly change lives

Anonymous JUNE 23, 2021
Wow I wanna go help my mom with the dishes now!

Aiden from Canada  MAY 16, 2021

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