One of the most important things we can do in life is to “be there” for others. When times are tough, those who show up for us mean more than our hearts can express. This video captures one of those moments. Asking a girl to prom happens all the time—but what this young man does is one in a million.

The great Rascal Flatts song, “I Won’t Let Go,” gives us exactly the words we want to hear when there are no words to say: “I will stand by you, I will help you through...”


Barber: What'll it be boys?

Boy: I need to get rid of some hair.

Friend 1: You are going to look so good.

Friend 2: Oh man!

Barber: For a date?

Boy: I hope so.

Barber: What do you think?

Boy: Shorter, please.

Barber: More like it?

Boy: Shorter.

Barber: That would be a shave.

Boy: Go for it.

Friend 1: I can't believe he's doing it.

Boy: Our work here is done gentlemen.

Sign: Will you go to prom with me?

Announcer: Being There. Pass It On.

Boy: Please?

Girl: Yes.

Being There. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Lin from Tucson MAY 28, 2023

Abe from Chatham ontario 🇨🇦 AUGUST 19, 2022
The best commercial in the whole world I love it🥰

Pamela Ferguson from Odenville Alabama  JULY 1, 2022
Love them all. Puts a good feeling in me. Thanks

Kelly from Illinois JUNE 21, 2022
I have to say I love every thing about your commercials. They all make me smile if just a few minutes evert day. Again thank you

Roselyn Anderson from Fort Wayne, IN JUNE 3, 2022
Absolutely love this video and all the people in it.

Mike Hallien from Fort Wayne, Indiana  JUNE 2, 2022
What a wonderful add. It makes me smile. Thank you.

Socorro from Luquillo, Puerto Rico APRIL 29, 2022

ginnie from beatrice,ne APRIL 9, 2022
awesome commercials

C U from Kansas MARCH 29, 2022
One of the best commercials I have ever seen!

Lek from Bangkok MARCH 7, 2022
I watched this video 4-5 times today. I like it very much.

Elizabeth Little from Porterville ca FEBRUARY 26, 2022
This is a great video. Very touching...

Pamela Slye RN from El Dorado Hills, California  FEBRUARY 13, 2022
This is a wonderful commercial!! I could watch it a million times!! Every time I hear it starting on my TV, I STOP everything else instantly and watch it with a smile on my face!!

Mike Munoz from From Ontario CA JANUARY 20, 2022
That's the most thoughtful thing to say do.thats is so cute.

Joe D. from Rockport, MA DECEMBER 8, 2021
Love this so much.

Marion from Pennsylvania SEPTEMBER 14, 2021
I actually listen to that song so much when my husband was sick he had cancer and I felt like it was very appropriate and I love this video

Nancy from New Jersey JUNE 14, 2021
I actually have that I Won't Let Go by rascal Flatts on my Ipod Touch

Karen. June 11, 2021 from Alaska JUNE 12, 2021
Absolutely Beautiful !! The most touching moments in "Being there for someone".I love to see it and it brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. The four teens are terrific. teens are

LesLorena from Bellevue Ne MAY 16, 2021
When I saw this video I thought..."WOW" that was very coragous...for the young man to do...not only for a date but to show the young lady that he would go above & beyond to SHOW her & everyone that he is there FOR her. Made me teary.

JN from Fl MARCH 21, 2021
This one makes me cry. A good cry 💕 Where I come from I can think of many who would have stepped up. Young man (and your buddies) be proud of yourself. You made me believe it was something you would do in real life 👍❤️

Josahlyn from California MARCH 16, 2021
So happy

Robbie from Florida FEBRUARY 20, 2021
This Is The Most Heartfelt and Loving Commercial That I Have Seen In A Long Time! Great Job!!

Susan Kimbril from Pan Handle of Florida JANUARY 22, 2021
Out of all the commercials I have ever seen, this is the absolute best, including the song by Rascal Flatts. It just doesn't get any better then this message. Love it.

Lee from COLORADO JANUARY 20, 2021
I've seen this many times. I all ways have to stop what ever I'm doing, and watch again. It leaves me with goosebumps, and Tears. It is absolutley, "AWESOME"

NM JANUARY 19, 2021
Shuch a beautiful commercial...i cry every time I see this...bless you....

Caren Shelton from Sarasota Florida JANUARY 17, 2021
Thus is the most intriguing site. I love looking at all the beautiful videos but I especially like PASSING IT ON!! God Bless each and everyone of you.

Kathy Deavours from NM JANUARY 17, 2021
I love this!!! What a sweetheart this gentleman is...God bless you!

Juanita from Las Vegas JANUARY 10, 2021
I really like the commercial of the young man shaved head to match girl. Beautiful.

Larry Caperton JANUARY 8, 2021
Best commercial in years

Lisa from NH JANUARY 5, 2021
This is so sweet and so powerful...i did this for a woman's daughter who had cancer and it was a powerful feeling knowing that i made her day by supporting her fight.

Rick from Birmingham, AL JANUARY 2, 2021
You folks do a great job sharing great messages

Ms. Vivian Nunn from Chicago, Illinois  JANUARY 1, 2021
This was so sweet. It warmed my heart and let me know that there are still people who cares. Thank God, there is still hope!!!

Richard Hill from Bartlett Tn DECEMBER 26, 2020
Very touching, thanks for making this viseo

Kathryn from Louisiana DECEMBER 18, 2020
Finally...Something kind, sweet, and feel good on TV. Haven’t seen anything uplifting in a long time. Thank you Pass It On. Love everything you have done. We need a lot more of this! Keep it coming.

Donna from Illinois DECEMBER 6, 2020
These videos are amazing !! Thank you !!

Judy from Thompson's Station, Tennessee DECEMBER 6, 2020
heartwarming....every time I see it!

skyler from tx. comfort NOVEMBER 20, 2020
remarkable and truly so kind !

Joseph Esene from Ghana NOVEMBER 7, 2020
Wow wow wow...i saw this today and my eyes are teary. God help me love like this guy and be there for others.

Mary from Austin NOVEMBER 2, 2020
I can’t stop crying. This is beautiful.

Catherine from Alabama NOVEMBER 1, 2020
The best commercial I have ever none

brooke OCTOBER 26, 2020
i love that they did something for that girl

Celie Mobley from 3982 Brussels Way, Woodbridge Va 22192 OCTOBER 12, 2020
That is truly one of the most beautiful and heart felt commercials I’ve ever seen. What a remarkable young man. God bless them all.

Amber from California  OCTOBER 7, 2020
What a beautiful moment.

Rich from Visalia from CA OCTOBER 2, 2020
Karla from Texas: But she IS beautiful. Inside and out.

Karla from Texas SEPTEMBER 29, 2020
My favorite commercial , I cry every time it comes on 😢 Such a Beautiful Message That shows that we DO NOT have to be Beautiful, or look like a model..I pray that our Daughter’s realize this ❤️

Melissa from Arroyo grande  SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
Awe so sweet and heartwarming

Sara from PA SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
my 95 year old mom and I absolutely love this commercial. you have captured the essence of what every parent wants their sons to do for the young ladies in their life. treat them with respect we get teary every time we see the full commercial.

Johnny from Los Angeles  SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

Georgeanne Entwistle from Spring, Tx  SEPTEMBER 20, 2020
I get tears every time I see this Commercial. I think it’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. ❤️

Nicole from washington SEPTEMBER 20, 2020
Think skin (sarabeth) by rascal Flatts might have been a perfect match.

Roshelle from Michigan SEPTEMBER 14, 2020
As a cancer survivor those kind of gestures mean alot to the person that is sick. Love the commercial 💝💝💝

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 13, 2020
I have teared up at nearly all your commercials and would like to help some way other than money, mine is in short supply. Retirement and the world has fallen in on my children and grandkids. All I have is time and a good heart. Thank you for all the great moments that made my wife and myself tear up. God bless and protect you and yours.

Sharon Ege from Walnut,Illinois SEPTEMBER 10, 2020
I just wanted to cry and pray that my grandsons would be so thoughtful. God bless

Josahlyn SEPTEMBER 2, 2020
He is so nice

Brenda from Price AUGUST 28, 2020
I LOVE this commercial!

Sammy wise from Grants Pass, OR AUGUST 25, 2020
Heart touching❣️

TJ from Macungie, PA USA AUGUST 25, 2020
Amazing. This brought tears to my eyes, being a cancer survivor, myself.

Mina from Florida AUGUST 22, 2020
I love the Pass It On moment and " We Are One." and God said so. Wonderful Wonderful commercial some make my heart sink😢🙂, love you all.

Cory Tucker from Largo Florida  AUGUST 16, 2020
I am a survivor of lymphoma, and completely understood the feelings involved. I was imprisoned at the time of my cancer, and I had no one in my corner. I was released last year, and now volunteer in a chemo facility, and still to this day shave my head so that the patients feel comfortable with me. I am there for them, because I know what it's like to be alone in the fight.

Dale from Jesup GA AUGUST 4, 2020
This video of boy getting his head shaved and asking the girl to go to prom makes me want to cry every time I see it. It is so uplifting and we need more of these.

Chason from Wy AUGUST 2, 2020
That was so sweet most boys his age would not have the for site or the compassion to do that

Ted Simmerman from Emmett Idaho  JULY 29, 2020
Thank you for your wonderful and touching videos.

Cecilia from Tacoma WA JULY 29, 2020
small things that make a huge impact are our strength going outside of our friends and family comments. stepping outside of their agreement to what you know is a blessing to another!

anna lovell from Georgia JULY 28, 2020
These are beautiful. They are uplifting and feed and enrich the spirit.

Melba Russ from Jacksonville Florida JULY 22, 2020
That was beautiful

Wendy from Birmingham, AL JULY 22, 2020
This is great! Love it!

Anonymous JULY 22, 2020
I love this commercial! It's great!

Kelly from Boston JULY 15, 2020

Hannah Coston from Greenville SC JULY 15, 2020
This I think is one time we all need to be there for each other even if being there for each other means staying at a distance.

Margy from Pendleton, IN JULY 13, 2020

Kari Williams from Lynnwood Wa JULY 12, 2020
Your ads always brighten up my day!!!

Les from Utah JULY 9, 2020
WOW, the website is really uplifting. We need to flood the tv stations with more of this type of story. I think we are all tired of what is going on in OUR COUNTRY.

Maung from Fullerton, ca  JULY 7, 2020
Love it.

Elizabeth from Arlrizona JULY 6, 2020
Lovely commercial. I hope we can all pass it on!

Elaine Floyd from Meridian, Idaho JULY 2, 2020
Your Pass It On commercials make my days of isolation happy. I stayed home alone, because of a lung condition, for 117 days and your special messages make me smile and feel like the world is a good place.

Twanda from Birmingham JULY 2, 2020
I love love love this commercial💙💙💙💙💙💙😭

John Eckrem from Oregon  JUNE 10, 2020
This is such an awesome commercial.

Bella from Texas MAY 24, 2020
That's the most beautiful commercial ever

Hannah Coston from 4 Agnes St MAY 22, 2020
I love that video because the boy goes and shaves his head for his girlfriend who probably has cancer and surprises her by asking her to prom.

Loraine from Gainesville, Ga MAY 15, 2020
My favorite commercial! It's impossible to watch it and not cry.

Jeannie from Colorado springs, CO MAY 7, 2020
I get teary everytime I see that commercial. And also the commercial "Always be humble and kind" I recorded it so I can play it whenever I need to remember our purpose.

Duane Rehling from Laurel, MT MAY 3, 2020
This is so awesome and with losing my wife to cancer 3yrs ago gets me choked up every time I see it. With so much negativety said & talked about Generation Z, this really makes you feel proud of our youth and knowing there's still a lot of love in this world.

Howard Hodgson from 16 Roanoke Ln., Rochester Hills, MI 48309 APRIL 30, 2020
Thank you for your very passionate, presentation, of: pass it on!. HOHO

Valerie Ling from Philadelphia, PA. APRIL 29, 2020
So Touching.....

Marsha Coleman from Southaven, Ms 38671 APRIL 24, 2020
Absolutely the vest commercial I have ever seen!! Heart and wonderful!! Love it!! ❤️

Dottye Bauman from Farmington, Mo APRIL 17, 2020
Wow I loved that!

Papa D from Cincinnati Ohio 45248 APRIL 16, 2020
I love it...

Mason from Somewhere APRIL 16, 2020
It was very inspiring

BillieAnne Hunter from Columbia Heights, MN APRIL 14, 2020
It was beautiful bc he'd gone to any length for her🥰🥰 that's L💜VE RIGHT THERE, real love

Anonymous APRIL 13, 2020
I'm So In Love With This commercial!!!!!!💞💞💞😭😭💓💓💓

Tim from Wisconsin  APRIL 13, 2020
One of the best commercials ever!

Les from Pa APRIL 10, 2020
I love this one!

Robert from Arkansas APRIL 10, 2020
Being a cancer survivor, this commercial brought tears to my eyes...God bless that young man 😇

Allan from Somerville  APRIL 9, 2020
It’s time to spread the good especially to bad situations.

James Rampersant from Statin island new York  APRIL 8, 2020
very touching

Julie Emerson from San Pedro Californian APRIL 3, 2020
What you do for others is more for yourself then for them

Timothy Vasquez from Independence, Missouri APRIL 2, 2020
That was so powerful and compassionate. We've had cancer invade our family on 3 different occasions.

Ela Loya-Torres from Texas APRIL 2, 2020
BEAUTIFUL I can't stop crying

Vaanya Shivkumar 9J APRIL 2, 2020
People can sacrifice a lot to see a smile on someone else"s face and in turn they to become internally very happy.

Vaanya Shivkumar 9J APRIL 2, 2020
People can sacrifice a lot to see a smile on someone else"s face and in turn they to become internally very happy.

Chris Hayes from Marysville, Wa APRIL 2, 2020

Nancy from NH APRIL 2, 2020
An absolutely beautiful commercial! We need more like it.

Mary Davis from Marietta  APRIL 1, 2020
Absolutely love these

Claudia from Beloit MARCH 2, 2020
So beautiful

Christopher from Clarksville Tennessee  FEBRUARY 10, 2020
Awesome video. Love the commercials my wife tears up on a lot of them. Thank you’ll whoever created this. We all know this world need more of all of this. THANK YOU

Lisa from Mississippi FEBRUARY 7, 2020

Frank Chavez from New Mexico JANUARY 18, 2020
What is it going to take to appreciate each other.

Chris from California JANUARY 5, 2020
Absolutely fantastic. Pulls at the heart strings as kindness should.

Jeanie from Alaska JANUARY 4, 2020
Beautiful message. Thank you.

Roy oliver from SC DECEMBER 28, 2019
What a truly sweet veido

Gina James from Virginia DECEMBER 27, 2019
Love this commercial. What a special young man.

agaba allan from bagram DECEMBER 1, 2019
it shows kindness and love to someone

al oliva from buena park california NOVEMBER 20, 2019
love this video

Barbara Rose from Columbus 😊 Indiana NOVEMBER 12, 2019
Luv theses yes let's pass it on

Valerie Stancil from Virginia NOVEMBER 4, 2019

Janet from Michigan NOVEMBER 2, 2019
If we all loved each other no matter what, this would truly be a wonderful world. All it takes is love.

Cherayl Stephens from AL OCTOBER 28, 2019
I wish all people,men,women,the youth could all be that compassionate & caring to others,my grandmother raised me & taught me the golden rule & if everyone lived by it this world would be a better place

wayne from California OCTOBER 28, 2019
pass it on its beutiful

Ruthann from Fl OCTOBER 27, 2019

Mike from Minnesota OCTOBER 25, 2019

Carol Rabin from Great neck OCTOBER 24, 2019

Yvetta Hardy from Antioch OCTOBER 14, 2019
What an awesome video to show love and compassion for what someone is going through! We need more loving, caring people like this in this world especially now with what our country is going through!

LaTonya Chambers from Cincinnati state college OCTOBER 9, 2019
The emotional sceen was when she said yes. Accepting one another is the answer.

John from Fairmont WV OCTOBER 9, 2019

Toni from Indiana OCTOBER 4, 2019
Wow. Tears.

Paula and George Akst from Oceanside, NY OCTOBER 3, 2019
This commercial is fantastic. The positive messages you are sending are unequaled in any ad on tv (not to mention their stupidity!) I just saw the Encouragement commercial and what a delight . Whichever agency you are using to develop these commercials should be acknowledged for their outstanding work. Kudos!

Stacy from Ohio OCTOBER 3, 2019
Love it! Peace!

Sara from Ft. Lauderdale Florida  SEPTEMBER 22, 2019
We need more videos like this!!!

Jeffrey Calloway from San Francisco Ca SEPTEMBER 22, 2019
Wow I didn't expect that, it was awesome. That's beautiful

Pam from Michigan SEPTEMBER 20, 2019
Keep them coming. I love the messages, via film and song. Yes!!

Ray from Kentucky  SEPTEMBER 14, 2019
Beautiful message and beautifully done!

Catherine from Connecticut  SEPTEMBER 12, 2019
Absolutely wonderful!

Steven Rossi from Columbus, Ohio SEPTEMBER 7, 2019
I love it and was very moved. I wish there were more commercials like that. People need good stuff like this put right in their faces over and over.

Scott from Michigan AUGUST 24, 2019
This touches my heart! <3

Jacqueline Barani from Fort Lauderdale Florida  AUGUST 16, 2019
I love it! It makes me cry

Pat from Louisville ohio AUGUST 14, 2019
I love these pass it on commercials! It’s what we need right now with everything that’s going on in our country and the world and every day life!

Andrew AUGUST 12, 2019
What sacrifice for a friend

Julie Jovigirl from NV AUGUST 10, 2019
Loved it. I have tears...

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