Let Em In

A frustrating moment in traffic is usually short-lived but can put anyone into a bad mood. Likewise a kind gesture in those tense situations can have a positive affect on the person receiving our kindness and, of course, on us. "Let 'Em In" is sure to bring a smile when you recall this happening in your own life. We hope you will enjoy this simple reminder.


Livin' in this crazy world,
so caught up in the confusion.
Nothing is making sense,
for me and you.
Maybe we can find a way,
there's got to be [a] solution.
How to make a brighter day,
What do we do?
We've got to give a little love,
have a little hope,
make this world a little better.
Work a little more, harder than before,
make this world better.

Caring. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Carol from Ct. MAY 13, 2020
Let's all have a little common sense

Piper from Clarksvillie,AR JANUARY 30, 2014
What is the song called

Amy from Leesburg, GA JANUARY 3, 2014
I love these commercials! This world needs more feel good moments! The guy waiting to be let in looks like Luke Bryan's lead guitar player, Michael. Keep on what you are doing!

mry from fayetteville ohio  DECEMBER 28, 2013
need to share this on tv again

kindperson from toronto NOVEMBER 13, 2013
always remember

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