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When we try something new, we are taking a risk. It makes us susceptible to criticism or even ridicule. These are often difficult times when a kind word of encouragement may be all we have to keep us going. Where would any of us be without people who believe we can do the impossible?

This commercial affirms the notion that in the big and small moments of our lives we have to remember to keep going-to live our dreams. Bon Jovi's anthem, "We Weren't Born to Follow," provides a triumphant crescendo for this public service announcement.


[electric guitar being played poorly]
Girl: That sounds awful!
Girl: Seriously awful!
Teacher: But a lot better than last week!
[guitar music]
[lyrics] We weren't born to follow…

Live Your Dreams. Pass It On.
A message from the Foundation for a Better Life

Live Your Dreams. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Joni from Loco,OK APRIL 2, 2019
👍👍 I love this! Encouragement, kindness and compassion!

Anonymous MARCH 23, 2018
This is an awesome one i think students need to watch this

Anonymous JANUARY 10, 2018

Rox from Michigan MAY 31, 2017
hard work and practice and believing in yourself will get you there.

DannyKaye from New Britain, CT USA APRIL 22, 2017
Inspire, support, even the best musician or athlete had to put one foot in front of another to learn to walk.

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
Always encourage when you can

Maria from Toronto, Ontario MAY 27, 2016
Great inspirational video!. Always follow your dreams and conqer them!. More practice makes better then last time. Believe in yourself! and stay positive and focused!. You will succeed!. My wish for everyone. BONJOVI!. My favourite American rock band, NOW & FOREVER!. Thanks! for playing their song to this advertisement. Much appreciated!. First time I saw this, was on t.v.!. Peace!. & God bless! everyone.

Debbie from Sarver,PA FEBRUARY 20, 2016
Love it. Keep it up!

Anonymous JANUARY 13, 2016
This shows that with practice and handwork, you can accomplish anything

Jose from Florida DECEMBER 22, 2015
Great commercial. Thank you,

james from ga DECEMBER 1, 2015
it is what most people need to do these days.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
Practice makes perfect.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows to follow your dreams even if they seem out of reach.

Brianna.k from White Middle  NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows that whatever happens always follow your dreams no matter what.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This little kid has been trying to get better and better each day, but the people in it are just bringing him down. He will not let it get to him, and he will keep trying.

Zach from California SEPTEMBER 28, 2015
The child has practiced every day to improve the guitar, practiced day after day, but still sounds bad, even so, he knows that with time and persistence, improve and be a good musician im so happy for him FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS KID! :)))

Zach from Diamond Bar SEPTEMBER 28, 2015
Thank You! You make my heart glow!

Zach from California SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

Deez Nuts from Deez Nuts SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
DeeZ Nuts

NULL from NULL JULY 22, 2015
Thank you!

NULL from NULL JULY 9, 2015
The child has practiced every day to improve the guitar, practiced day after day, but still sounds bad, even so, he knows that with time and persistence, improve and be a good musician

NULL from NULL JULY 8, 2015
This video motivates you to follow your dreams , your goals no matter what people will criticize or simply do not like , if you like , never give up .

NULL from NULL APRIL 24, 2015
We can either be the word or the criticism. We all need to learn how to work on how to stop & think before you, "striking our words." I think this commercial was awesome at directing it's audience and getting it point across.

NULL from NULL MARCH 17, 2015

NULL from NULL MARCH 17, 2015
Great motivation! Keep going :)

NULL from NULL MARCH 17, 2015
Es un video reflecto o que te motiva a seguir tus sueños, tus metas sin importar que la gente te critique o que simplemente no le guste, si a ti te gusta, nunca te rindas.

NULL from NULL MARCH 17, 2015
It helps me to keep going on. I love you guys.

william cole from aberen wa.98520 SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
these music videos make my day/

Landyn from Kansan SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
That's cool

Donald Pugh from 95656 SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
I was just vegging, watching METV, saw the 1St infomercial that ever inspired me to connect. Perusing excellence is a worthy ambition, run with it!

Megan from Arizona SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
Saw for the first time while staying at a hotel in Williams, Arizona and wept. They are finominal. Thank you, thank you for all of your work...a great way to teach young and old the basics that our parents taught us but have gotten diluted in the last 40 years. Keep up the fantastic work. Hope to see them on TV daily.

John M from Ontario, Canada JANUARY 28, 2014
What strikes me is how much the young guitarist looks like Dale Earnhardt Sr. at that age...Another guy who never gave up.

kenny lee norton from St Johns, Florida JANUARY 9, 2014
As I once wrote in my autobiography: Somewhere around this time, I was plunkin' away on the thing in the living room, when my mother screamed at me to "get out of the house with that thing!" I ran myself out the front door swearing that I would never play guitar again...but instantly, I turned my attitude around and just as fast, I swore to myself that I would learn to play it and make something of myself with it. That was my first ever positive affirmation, and I didn't even know it. It's funny how far into the future a little negativity can propel you.

Image from Toronto DECEMBER 6, 2013
i always tell my students you have to be bad to be good to be great !! and we've all been there

Thomas Berg from Seattle OCTOBER 14, 2013
These spots, ALWAYS make me cry...

Dave Irvine from Kapolei,Hawaii SEPTEMBER 27, 2013
This is so true, because i think people like Jimi Hendrix must have started somewhere before they got famous.

Micky Pugh from New Iberia, La. AUGUST 30, 2013
There is no achievement without error and shortcommings!!!!!!!!!!! Encouragement, especially directed to the young, is the most powerful tool to help them achieve.

Buc from Lockport NY JULY 31, 2013
Loved it. Great message. I was that boy, and I've gotten a little better!

Jay Stafford from Seattle JULY 27, 2013
The boy's changing facial expression in reaction to the woman's praise is priceless.

Ian from Msa JULY 27, 2013
Taking up good virtues is the best thing .

Rick Elliott from Newport News VA. JULY 12, 2013
Lifting kids up is so important. If they don't have encouragement from anyone then what road are they going to live in life. Encouragement goes a long ways with children

Claire from Az JUNE 30, 2013
My mother was my inspiration & teacher of values. She never had a credit card & said if you don't the money you don't need it. Never drove a car either but walked, took a bus or train. Said god gave you legs use them. Made me flash cards to learn math & we went to a library & always had books to read & I raised my kids the same way. Always will remember her. I also remember that we always ate before her but didn't think then because there wasn't enough food to go around so she always said she wasn't hungry. Never owed anyone anything, taught us to be respectful of others especially the elderly, be kind & nice. Really miss her alot as shes passed on a long long time. If it weren't for her I wouldn't know how to raise my children as she was always there for me & them & they never were in trouble, went to college which she never even graduated high school because she was working & shes the smartest person I've ever know. When it thundered she said the angels are bowling & to respect mother nature as she knows what shes doing.

Lon Gibby from Spokane JUNE 3, 2013
Great Commercial! Kids need to be encouraged to develop there talents, and this spot hits it in a very compelling and inspiring way.

Derian from Bakersfield, ca JUNE 3, 2013
This is absolutely incredible. Bravo. For those of you who take it out on the girl, she is just playing the part of the critic, so slow down. It is only because there is criticism by her that the encouragement by the teacher after that comment makes sense and has value, which is the main point of the video. Encouragement.

Lucas from Jardim Ámerica MAY 20, 2013
I like so much this site,and í play guitar,uuuaauu!!!

Regina Hoelzeman from Morrilton Arkansas  MAY 4, 2013
Wow. Seen you on tv on a commercial. So glad I saw it. What a wonderful site. !

Angela Wagner from Adrian,MI APRIL 26, 2013
I was really bad when started, but now I'm better. My big brother showed me the beauty of playing the guitar. :-)

tyson from lincoln nebraska APRIL 15, 2013
I always believe.

Abigail from Beavercreek, Oregon APRIL 14, 2013
Very awesome, as well as very well-done, too. And if I was there, I would've given the girl a good telling off, and also told her, "I don't like the way you treat the students of today, like that kid there. And let me tell you something - that kid today might become the guitar player in a rock band in the future. You dig me, girl?" She would definitely look shocked there, while the guitar-playing kid and I exchange smiles and a thumbs-up. "Keep playing," I would tell him. "I like it." :) And the Bon Jovi song "We Weren’t Born to Follow" definitely fits this commercial very well, too. :)

Gorgi from Florida APRIL 6, 2013
Never is late to learn!

Christa from Durango, CO MARCH 31, 2013
Most excellent. We can all learn.

Connie Rodriguez from San Jose CA FEBRUARY 1, 2013
That was not nice what Girl did to the boy playing with the guitar, but I love the video.

Irwin Nobody from Canada JANUARY 27, 2013
That's exactly how I used to sound. Now, because I persisted...and still do, I shred. :=) Keep going no matter what!

Austin Davies from Medford Wi JANUARY 9, 2013
The kid reminds me of my son always determinded.

janice from sioux falls JANUARY 6, 2013
That would be how I sound:)

Jen from Harpers Ferry DECEMBER 15, 2012
This commercial reminds me of an event that took place at my youth group's Christmas party. A couple of weeks before the party, a girl in my youth group told our pastor that she wanted to play a song on the guitar for our group at the party. She said that she had practiced for many weeks to try to find the right song. When she did play,we could tell that she had practiced as hard as she could. But in the middle of of her song she said that she just couldn't do it and that she just wanted to give up. But our group encouraged her to keep playing, and by the time she ended her song, we all agreed that she sounded GREAT! I hope that she continues to practice so that someday, she'll feel really proud of herself.

RusL from La Puente, CA DECEMBER 10, 2012
Anyone know how this awesome video/commercial can be shared or sent to those who might NEED to see it...?

David Isales from Puerto Rico DECEMBER 2, 2012
Just watched it at FX! This video and rocks! We all start failing , but by practicing hard it takes us to success.

jon from tx  NOVEMBER 28, 2012
It's saying keep on trying till you learn how to play the guitar! No matter what people think of you! You should go and live your dreams and not hold back!

jon from tx NOVEMBER 28, 2012
I love the guitar I have one too and I am also trying too learn how to play it so that is very inspiring!

arwin from martin dale calgary NOVEMBER 16, 2012
I think that every one that has a dream should continue what they want to do and try to make it better.

Darlene McWilliams from Kingdom Generation OCTOBER 21, 2012
How wonderful! Keep up the good work.

G. from Florida SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Greg from LA SEPTEMBER 27, 2012
I just worry if all kids want to be rock stars and pop icons....but the core of this message is do your best and have faith when you are starting out on a new journey.

E.S. Kraay from Sonoran Desert SEPTEMBER 27, 2012
Pretty simple.... LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

christian from ajh SEPTEMBER 8, 2012
If you are being told that something you do is horrible keep trying to make it better. Never give up on what you want to do in your life. I learned that if I'm being treated bad to just keep trying. I also learned that I can start to treat others nicely.

victor from ajh SEPTEMBER 8, 2012
I feel that this was about never stop trying. Also to never give up on your dreams. To have courage in your self to not stop and to not let people judge you or put you down. To try your hardest in life. The point is just keep on going.

trinity from glendale hights SEPTEMBER 6, 2012
This video was telling me that even though you may not like something you can still tell the person nicely.

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