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When we try something new, we are taking a risk. It makes us susceptible to criticism or even ridicule. These are often difficult times when a kind word of encouragement may be all we have to keep us going. Where would any of us be without people who believe we can do the impossible?

This commercial affirms the notion that in the big and small moments of our lives we have to remember to keep going-to live our dreams. Bon Jovi's anthem, "We Weren't Born to Follow," provides a triumphant crescendo for this public service announcement.

Video Transcript

[electric guitar being played poorly]
Girl: That sounds awful!
Girl: Seriously awful!
Teacher: But a lot better than last week!
[guitar music]
[lyrics] We weren't born to follow…

Live Your Dreams. Pass It On.
A message from the Foundation for a Better Life

Live Your Dreams. Pass It On!


Anonymous JANUARY 10, 2018

Rox from Michigan MAY 31, 2017
hard work and practice and believing in yourself will get you there.

DannyKaye from New Britain, CT USA APRIL 22, 2017
Inspire, support, even the best musician or athlete had to put one foot in front of another to learn to walk.

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
Always encourage when you can

Maria from Toronto, Ontario MAY 27, 2016
Great inspirational video!. Always follow your dreams and conqer them!. More practice makes better then last time. Believe in yourself! and stay positive and focused!. You will succeed!. My wish for everyone. BONJOVI!. My favourite American rock band, NOW & FOREVER!. Thanks! for playing their song to this advertisement. Much appreciated!. First time I saw this, was on t.v.!. Peace!. & God bless! everyone.