Apple Stand

The story of "Apple Stand" seemingly takes place over the course of a couple minutes but, like many of FBL's spots, the filming took an entire day. The setting for "Apple Stand" was a beautiful location. During production, however, it rained, snowed, was sunny, and was extremely windy - all in one day! Shots had to be filmed in the rare moments when the weather was cooperative. It was a lot of work for the editors, who succeeded in the important task of putting parts and pieces together in order to give "Apple Stand" a cohesive look and feel.


VOICEOVER: We didn’t have much to give then. Thin crop left us with hardly enough apples to fill the stand. So when they showed up firing them mean looks around the place and staring us down on prices, well I was angry. Didn’t seem to bother my father though, he let them set a fair price. Too low, I thought. Then he did more, he had me load another bushel of apples into their trunk. I learned later on that this family was in need.
MUSIC: The greatest gift we give it’s in our heart, what we believe, the way we live.
ANNCR/SUPER: Caring for others… Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Caring. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Wei from North California. AUGUST 11, 2021
Caring is loving. Almost ten years. Watch it again. Thank you. Pass it on.

elijah jones from seven springs FEBRUARY 24, 2021
giving is the best gift ever because it will always come back to you three times more so always and pass it on

Anonymous MAY 28, 2019
Valuable. Reminiscent of my own upbringing in many ways. thanks for the memory.

Joan from Phoenix, AZ  MAY 29, 2016
Powerful and Inspiration videos and music!

Anonymous from Englewood,OH MAY 23, 2016
WOW i almost cried

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