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Sarah Greichen

Sarah Greichen’s twin brother has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. She says he didn’t have any friends in school and that’s why she started the nonprofit “Score A Friend.” Sarah believes if we all extend our love and kindness to include everyone from all walks of life, we can help people like her brother succeed and thrive… Pass It on!

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Watch a special version of our Sarah Greichen video featuring her non-profit "Score A Friend" that helps people with differences find true friendship. In this video, Sarah and a group of friends spend time overcoming their fears & having fun at Adam's Camp. Perseverance is in you.

Video Transcript

Sarah: My twin brother Jacob has an autism spectrum disorder. I remember one moment after being at school all day... and I remember him getting into the car just bawling and saying 'Mom, I have no friends. Why don't I have any friends?' It broke my heart.

Lyrics: Brother let me be your shelter, never leave you all alone.

Sarah: That was the moment when I realized that I needed to do something about this. I needed to make a difference in his life. And I knew that if I could help him find a friend, I could help teach other people that including people with differences is the right thing to do.

Lyrics: Bring it home. Brother let me be your shelter...

Sarah: That was the inspiration behind my non-profit "Score A Friend". Educating people to include people with difference is so important because when Jacob's included, he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose.

Inclusion. Pass It On!


Carol Leonard from Port Charlotte FL JANUARY 28, 2019
People with "differences" also have a "special gifts" that they share with us all if we just take the time to spend with them. We see it, feel it and pass it on to us if open our hearts. It is as simple as taking a small amount of out time to share with them. It makes us truly blessed in life.

Patrick T. Colvin from Cleveland, OH 44111 NOVEMBER 23, 2018
Thank you for your TREMENDOUS efforts! I've got two nephews who are both within the Autism spectrum. People need to be MORE inclusive. Each and every day. Bless you.

Silvia Matta from Oakland, CA NOVEMBER 10, 2018
I love that! My son has Aspergers and he is 17 now and still no friends. Sad, :/ I wish more people would be more inclusive and make a difference.

Myron from Athens, Georgia  OCTOBER 11, 2018
Thank you for sharing your story about your brother Jacob and reminding us that the little things in life can mean so much to so many.

Lanny from Jacksonville, FL SEPTEMBER 2, 2018
Thank you Sarah! I am honored (and blessed) to work with kids in the ASD classroom. The practice of "Inclusion" is not complicated---but it is vital to their growth and development. These kids have special needs and I am just one among many serving (and helping) them, simply out of love.