Sarah Greichen

Sarah Greichen’s twin brother has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. She says he didn’t have any friends in school and that’s why she started the nonprofit “Score A Friend.” Sarah believes if we all extend our love and kindness to include everyone from all walks of life, we can help people like her brother succeed and thrive… Pass It on!


Sarah: My twin brother Jacob has an autism spectrum disorder. I remember one moment after being at school all day... and I remember him getting into the car just bawling and saying 'Mom, I have no friends. Why don't I have any friends?' It broke my heart.

Lyrics: Brother let me be your shelter, never leave you all alone.

Sarah: That was the moment when I realized that I needed to do something about this. I needed to make a difference in his life. And I knew that if I could help him find a friend, I could help teach other people that including people with differences is the right thing to do.

Lyrics: Bring it home. Brother let me be your shelter...

Sarah: That was the inspiration behind my non-profit "Score A Friend". Educating people to include people with difference is so important because when Jacob's included, he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose.

Inclusion. Pass It On!

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Michael from Albertville Alabama JULY 7, 2022
That mead my heart ❤️ fell

Tish Reid from Ft myers Florida  MARCH 10, 2022
Oh I love this pass it on. I am a behavior analyst and I work with kids with autism and I just admire Sara’s tenacity to help her brother. Her mission is spot on.. giving him purpose. This is the most important thing you can develop for any child or adult with special needs. We all need purpose! Thank you!

Saturn Leonesio from Berkshire County, MA MARCH 21, 2021
How wonderful, Sarah. We need more people like you to help others open their minds and hearts to those who are perceived as different. We are all one.

Sharlea Witherspoon from Gaithersburg Maryland FEBRUARY 19, 2021
My name is Sharlea Witherspoon I have the same problem my daughter has autism and often cries because she has no friends I am at a loss I don’t know what to do because she deserves that all kids deserve to have friends and feel a part of life they need to have friends they can call and laugh and talk about boys like we did when we were growing up

Anonymous DECEMBER 11, 2020

Sharon from Illinois AUGUST 3, 2020
I have a daughter with Apraxia of speech. Her communicarion with others is very difficult we adopted her at birth not knowing she would have this disability. Friends? friends. Typical kids didnt want be with someone who could not express herself. Although she was in the Allied soccer team at Stevenson HS the Allied bowling team and Allied Spirit cheering. She was invited to join the NHS at Stevenson. She worked hard for others. The school work she did with excellence. Nevertheless, No teacher took the time to teach her academics no reading no math. Its sad sad sad. We are older parents with no family to care for her when we are gone. She never wants to live with strangers. She was ddx'd with PDD-NOS. She very social compassionate and loyal she loves to be included . But even the students in transition program ignored her. I was promised they would not separate her from the higher functioning students that could communicate but i was lied to. Even in Transition they kept her isolated from the higher functioning stidents. This is how she learns from others. The lower functioning students also had behavioral issues & never ever communicated with her. Her private OT and Speech therapist insusted she be placed with higher functioning students for communication. The school refused. .now she is finished with Transition being almost 22 in il. I feel i need to start her education all over again. How can she go into the competitive world of work without this foundation of knowledge ? It is sad sad sad for her and us. This high school did not educate her. her therapists all said stevenson HS failed her in providing her the right course of education. Many parents say this about their young adults & this spec. Ed program at Stevenson We as her parents have to do whatever we can to teach her independence before we leave this earth.

John Bruce from 1502. Glenwillow cove. Round Rock. Tx 78681 APRIL 17, 2020
I. Wish. That. I. Can. Had. Big. Brother

Edith M ichelle Loyd from Detroit MI. NOVEMBER 4, 2019
Thanks for sharing your story. I am a retired teacher of Special education AI. And I have two grandson that are AI. They both get out in the public a lot but they dont have friends that call them on the phone or come to see them. I pray you story reaches a lot of people.. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anthony Marino from San Clemente, CA JULY 8, 2019
My 18 year Old Daughter is on the Autism spectrum as well, and has the very same issue with not having any friends. Our issue is she is very determined to "Shadow" other Girls and with that says she has friends. She doesn't outwardly show sadness, but it still breaks our hearts. All the praise to you and what you are doing.

Annie Vazquez from New Rochelle, NY JULY 7, 2019
My son Julian, who is now 20, has the same friend issue. He has risen up and has finished culinary school but still doesn't have friends. My heart breaks every time he voices this problem. He's a good guy but still can't make friends. I pray every night that he gets blessed with at least one great friend. Thank you for letting me know he's not the only one who is late in making friends...They will one day.

Sonia Thrower from South Carolina  APRIL 8, 2019
I totally understand ! I have two on the spectrum I would love to do this here in South Carolina

Rochelle Singleton from East Cleveland,Ohio  APRIL 6, 2019
I appreciate my children and their friends. They have always included every one , differences never mattered. 💕Proud of all those doing it right

Tone from Grand Junction, CO APRIL 4, 2019
Love this. My nephew is slightly autistic and has a rough time "fitting in". Very good inspirational! Be the light.

Alicea from Woodbridge NJ APRIL 3, 2019
I have twin 5 year olds and one of them has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Jacob’s story has me crying tears of fear and joy all at the same time. I pray that this world embraces every one that is different to see the brilliance we all possess Thank you for giving me hope to pass it on you rock!

Rosita Elvirez from Sacramento, CA APRIL 3, 2019
Thank you Sarah! God Bless You Sarah & Jacob! 💙 Inclusion is very important because we can all learn from each other! Being different is a blessing, there was a special purpose for children with Autism who are so amazing in so many ways. How boring would the world be if everyone was just “normal “ instead of uniquely wired to think outside the standard box. Life maybe a little tough but not impossible. You are amazing Jacob! My daughter’s name is Esperanza it means Hope. 💙 I know you both will succeed. Keep going! Happy Autism Day. Your friends from Sacramento, CA.

Kenzie from Meade ks APRIL 3, 2019
This is wonderful

Carol Leonard from Port Charlotte FL JANUARY 28, 2019
People with "differences" also have a "special gifts" that they share with us all if we just take the time to spend with them. We see it, feel it and pass it on to us if open our hearts. It is as simple as taking a small amount of out time to share with them. It makes us truly blessed in life.

Patrick T. Colvin from Cleveland, OH 44111 NOVEMBER 23, 2018
Thank you for your TREMENDOUS efforts! I've got two nephews who are both within the Autism spectrum. People need to be MORE inclusive. Each and every day. Bless you.

Silvia Matta from Oakland, CA NOVEMBER 10, 2018
I love that! My son has Aspergers and he is 17 now and still no friends. Sad, :/ I wish more people would be more inclusive and make a difference.

Myron from Athens, Georgia  OCTOBER 11, 2018
Thank you for sharing your story about your brother Jacob and reminding us that the little things in life can mean so much to so many.

Lanny from Jacksonville, FL SEPTEMBER 2, 2018
Thank you Sarah! I am honored (and blessed) to work with kids in the ASD classroom. The practice of "Inclusion" is not complicated---but it is vital to their growth and development. These kids have special needs and I am just one among many serving (and helping) them, simply out of love.

Dorian Newby from Moorestown, NJ AUGUST 30, 2018
My daughter is 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. She is a fun loving girl full of life, loves being around other kids but doesn't know how to interact with them. She gets nervous and runs off. If she had just one friend, it would make such a difference.

Bia from Columbus oh AUGUST 4, 2018
There are billions of people on earth. No one should be alone. We need to focus on persons with mental and psychological troubles. They suffer enough and we need to make their life easier and happier. It’s what we do in this short life that will count.

Frank from South Carolina JULY 21, 2018
Sarah - you make a difference in not only your brothers life but also those you don't even know. Keep up the great work and never stop Smiling. INCLUSION is the key.

Karen from Pompano bch florida JULY 11, 2018
Your a good girl.xoxo

Patricia McCandless from Upland, CA JULY 5, 2018
What a wonderful sister you are!!

Audrey Dunham from Port Colborne Canada  JULY 3, 2018
Bless you and thanks for sharing your story. Love from Canada

Susan from Pennsylvania JULY 2, 2018
People looked down at me in my wheelchair with pity and said "you missed so much." If only those people finished that sentence with "... but you have a lot of time ahead to make friends."

Justice from West Virginia APRIL 23, 2018
This commercial means so much to daughter has asburger autism I hear her come home from school with thou words...thank you for spreading the word!! That they are human and like to be treated like anyone else. So many people have a miss undering of autism.

Lael Marsh APRIL 19, 2018
Hi. I see your commercial on TV, and my brother is special needs and it broke my heart when I saw this commercial yet it made me so happy. I love NeedtoBreathe on KLOVE. Their songs bring so much hope to me. I pray that your brother will always and never be alone because he has you. May you and your fmily be blessed abundantly.

Anonymous MARCH 27, 2018
Wow it is so powerful!!!

Kathy Cauble from Pryor, Oklahoma MARCH 23, 2018
Hi.My son is 13 & has never had a friend.It breaks my heart.Hes missing out on so much an I want him to have friend.If I were to pass away..he'd be friendless.Because I am his best friend.

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