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A friendly neighborhood game of baseball ends with a broken window and a decision to make. Will any of Spencer’s teammates help him take responsibility for the accident? Or will they abandon him to solve the problem on his own? The famous song “That's What Friends Are For” becomes the anthem for this message about Loyalty... Pass It On.

Video Transcript

BOY 1: Nice going Spencer!
SPENCER: I can't believe we broke old man Hennessey's window.
BOY 2: Correction dude, you broke. I just threw the ball.
SPENCER: This is really bad! What are we going to do?
BOY 3: Go to the door and ask for the ball back.
SPENCER: Are you serious?
BOY 4: It's my ball Myrtlebeck!
SPENCER: I'm so dead.
BOY 1: I'd run away.
BOY 5: Yeah, to Uruguay.
BOY 6: Kiss your life goodbye. Sorry. Let's go.
GROUP OF BOYS: Bye. See ya. Remember me in your will.
SPENCER: Some friends you are!

MUSIC: Oh. Keep smiling, keep shining...
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure.
Whoa, that's what friends are for.

GIRL: Tell him it was an accident and we can fix the window.
Come on. I'll come with you.

SUPER: Loyalty… Pass It On

GIRL: You go first!

SUPER/VO: A message from The Foundation for a Better Life

Loyalty. Pass It On!


Victoria from Arizona OCTOBER 26, 2018
This is so sweet. My husband and I love this ad

Anonymous OCTOBER 25, 2018
I liked how she came back for him. she had loyalty towards him, even when everybody hated him.

This Is beautiful I wish this were to happen more often

Dave W from Chicago, Il. SEPTEMBER 30, 2018
And the girl saves the day... ! Girl Power.

Anonymous APRIL 25, 2018
Moments in time we will never forget. Speechless. Denise, Fortuna, Ca