Civility binds us as a society. It denotes respect. It allows us to disagree without being disagreeable. Civility encourages different points of view. This message, which we feel is both timely and relevant, brings home this important concept in a town meeting that is entertaining and instructive.


Man: Well, you're wrong!
Woman: I'm wrong!? You're the one that misrepresented the facts!
Man: I misrepresented the facts? Are you kidding?! Your proposal is ridiculous!
Woman: You have no right to call…
Man: You are the worst example of politics!
Woman: I stand for something!
Man: You flip flop!
Woman: I stand for something!
Man: Flip flopper, flip flopper!
Woman: Your proposal's ludicrous!
Man: My proposal will go exactly the way I say it will.
Woman: Over my dead body!
Girl: I think somebody needs a time out.
Man: I motion, that I be issued the time out.
Woman: Wow, me too.
Man: Yeah, for sure. You should get a time out.
Woman: I apologize.
Man: And I motion that we, uh, I, start showing more respect.

Civility, Pass It On.

That's the power of one.
One grain of sand can turn the tide,
One single spark can light the night.
One simple dream,
One gentle word,
One act of love from someone,
Can start a chain reaction.
It all begins in the heart,
In the power of one.

Civility. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Salena from Milwaukee, WI OCTOBER 2, 2021
This Is So Amazing. We need to make this viral. Perfect Message.

Melvina Watson from Nyc OCTOBER 31, 2020
From the mouth of babes.

Nydras McCloe from Glendale, Arizona JANUARY 5, 2020
I love this one not only were they able as well as willing to acknowledge and correct the behavior but they were so graciously excepting it being pointed out by a child. For me that was the cake with sprinkles. The commercial was bomb diggity A plus! Thank you.

Paul Herring Sr. from Flint, MI APRIL 28, 2019
Nice! I'd rather see these 10,000 times a day then Legal & Medicine ads. Good Work

Anonymous FEBRUARY 10, 2018
Saw "Civility"on TV this morning. With what has happened in American Politics in the last 2 Years, I found this Video very Refreshing. Thank You! I HOPE the concepts takes hold and our 200,000,000 Registered Voters use their Power to Change The Face of Politics for the Betterment of the 99% of Americans.Selflessness, not Selfishness!

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