Civility binds us as a society. It denotes respect. It allows us to disagree without being disagreeable. Civility encourages different points of view. This message, which we feel is both timely and relevant, brings home this important concept in a town meeting that is entertaining and instructive.


Man: Well, you're wrong!
Woman: I'm wrong!? You're the one that misrepresented the facts!
Man: I misrepresented the facts? Are you kidding?! Your proposal is ridiculous!
Woman: You have no right to call…
Man: You are the worst example of politics!
Woman: I stand for something!
Man: You flip flop!
Woman: I stand for something!
Man: Flip flopper, flip flopper!
Woman: Your proposal's ludicrous!
Man: My proposal will go exactly the way I say it will.
Woman: Over my dead body!
Girl: I think somebody needs a time out.
Man: I motion, that I be issued the time out.
Woman: Wow, me too.
Man: Yeah, for sure. You should get a time out.
Woman: I apologize.
Man: And I motion that we, uh, I, start showing more respect.

Civility, Pass It On.

That's the power of one.
One grain of sand can turn the tide,
One single spark can light the night.
One simple dream,
One gentle word,
One act of love from someone,
Can start a chain reaction.
It all begins in the heart,
In the power of one.

Civility. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Rance Kirby from Hudson Falls, New York  JUNE 15, 2022
It’s something how a child can see things so differently. That’s one of my favorite commercials. Who are the man, woman and young lady?

Salena from Milwaukee, WI OCTOBER 2, 2021
This Is So Amazing. We need to make this viral. Perfect Message.

Melvina Watson from Nyc OCTOBER 31, 2020
From the mouth of babes.

Nydras McCloe from Glendale, Arizona JANUARY 5, 2020
I love this one not only were they able as well as willing to acknowledge and correct the behavior but they were so graciously excepting it being pointed out by a child. For me that was the cake with sprinkles. The commercial was bomb diggity A plus! Thank you.

Paul Herring Sr. from Flint, MI APRIL 28, 2019
Nice! I'd rather see these 10,000 times a day then Legal & Medicine ads. Good Work

Anonymous FEBRUARY 10, 2018
Saw "Civility"on TV this morning. With what has happened in American Politics in the last 2 Years, I found this Video very Refreshing. Thank You! I HOPE the concepts takes hold and our 200,000,000 Registered Voters use their Power to Change The Face of Politics for the Betterment of the 99% of Americans.Selflessness, not Selfishness!

Robin VanDonselaar from Sioux City, IA JANUARY 1, 2018
Love this commercial!

Leo OCTOBER 12, 2017
People should be respectful

DevLynn OCTOBER 12, 2017
It's a good video and I like the background music

Sophia from Diamond Bar ,CA AUGUST 28, 2017
i think this video means that whatever happens or wherever you are, you need to show respect.

Anonymous AUGUST 28, 2017
i think this video meant that no matter what happens or where you are, you need to show respect

angie from foreston mn APRIL 1, 2017
love good values

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016

angie from foreston FEBRUARY 17, 2016
thank you for the awesome commercials I really like timeout civility my wish already there were is the love honesty spiceal needs kids

angie from foreston FEBRUARY 17, 2016
We're is the love honestly and special needs kids and my wish for you I really love you commercials keep up the good work pass it on

angie from foreston FEBRUARY 17, 2016
We're is the love honestly and special needs kids and my wish for you I really love you commercials keep up the good work pass it on

Angie benedict from foreston FEBRUARY 17, 2016
Awesome love commercials honesty am already there civility

Leona from Massena, New York NOVEMBER 13, 2015
Civility, how profound it is. This commercial depicts it genuinely. I think its a good reminder to those who have lost sight of it. How to just be civil to one another. Its a very simple golden rule we should follow by in everyday life, unfortunately in today's society people forget how to do that. This is something we should all see and live by each day.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 7, 2015
I thought I wanted a divorce, but this video made me change my mind. Every marriage needs a little civility. Every relationship, period!!!! Sometimes.....you just need a time out.

Zach from Diamond Bar,CA OCTOBER 24, 2015
Civility pass it on.PASS IT ON PEOPLE!

Zach from Diamond Bar,CA OCTOBER 24, 2015
That video almost make me cry!!!!

NULL from NULL APRIL 24, 2015
Can they just keep showing this commercial over and over and maybe send it to business's ethnic class's or meetings. Let's say even are town commerce.. It's a start..

ErikEstrada from Garverville, NY SEPTEMBER 15, 2014
Love These commercials. It's about time morals make a comeback in today's narrow minded society.

emma from la SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
keep making more I love them the collage one I started crying

Rita from Cincinnati,OH APRIL 15, 2014
All your commercials are GREAT !!! Keep up the good work.

The C Plan from Natick, MA JANUARY 31, 2014
Well done. I give it a "C" for Civility! (which in my mind is an "A") - TheCPlan.org

Carolyn Beville from Matoaca, VA JANUARY 1, 2014
Awesome video! Out of the mouths of babes! I wish EVERY politician in Washington, DC could see this one!

audrey from killen/tx OCTOBER 18, 2013
wow this is so touching and sends a huge message

viki from prince Albert, sk OCTOBER 17, 2013
and who said we can't learn from our kids. Fantastic commercial.

Carol Davis from Fairfax, VA SEPTEMBER 30, 2013
As my son's young Chemistry teacher told a group of Fairfax parents this week..."I tell my students, there is more to this world than what happens in this room." She wants to hear their views, issues and stories. It's not just about her agenda. She acts with civility and respects her students. Let's learn from differences and work from what we do agree on.

Joan from Ohio SEPTEMBER 8, 2013
I guess you're never too old for a time out. Adults don't know how badly they deserve a time out sometimes.

Brenda from Texas SEPTEMBER 1, 2013
Wonderful message!!!

Ivelisse from Bronx AUGUST 11, 2013
Wao!!! This video take Us to a everyday's reflection. It is absolutely very instructive. Thanks a lot!!!

Bobby from Alabama AUGUST 6, 2013
Fun commercial, yeah, but when was it made? Looks like it's from 25 years ago. Can't seem to find out. Reason I wondered is because the little girl looks so much like Ariana Clarice Richards did when she was in the 1990 movie Tremors (she was also in Jurrassic Park in 1993). I don't find anything about her having a daughter, thinking that might explain it being a contemporary commercial. I'm surprised no one else before me thought of this yet. I watch late night TV a lot and this commercial was shown again and I can't stop thinking it's very old not new. I just had to looks for info while I was thinking about it, maybe know once and for all. No such luck.

Kerry from PA AUGUST 3, 2013
Wow, do we need to hear more of this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Piscitelli from Atlantic Beach, FL JUNE 5, 2013
Well done! What a wonderful way to get across a needed message.

Zowie McBrayer from Conway South CArolina MAY 28, 2013
this is really inspiring to me. Thank You so much

john honold from syracuse ny MAY 8, 2013
you are right. it's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness!

tommy smith from 15maid marion,columbus,mississippi 39705grea MARCH 30, 2013
Great values, great comments to live your life.

Belinda SZUFLADA from w. SAYVILLE, N.Y MARCH 30, 2013
One of the best commercials I have seen in a long time. THANK YOU!

Ozzy from nc MARCH 27, 2013
That little girl is a gift to the earth.

ozzyzombie_ftw from nc MARCH 26, 2013
Ok I agree with david SMART little girl.

Cody Smith from 23721 MARCH 26, 2013
Yes, that is a smart girl!

David Nealey from ThomasVille School! MARCH 26, 2013
She is a really smart girl!!!

David Nealey from 23721 MARCH 26, 2013
That's one Smart Little Girl

Will from Minnesota MARCH 23, 2013
@elizabeth- it's "Power of One" by Bomshel. Great country duo! Check them out!

elizabeth from florida MARCH 4, 2013
Who sings the song in Time out ? Great song and great voice.

David from New Orleans FEBRUARY 7, 2013
Super commercial ... even though it's obvious that the girl is the daughter of the two combatants. Yet, that makes it even more poignant, and effective. Good Job!

Michael from Ohio FEBRUARY 3, 2013
Great great great. Like everything you do. great ad. fantastic. hoora :-)

bree mason from LA, CA, USA JANUARY 30, 2013
This is totally funny, and totally true! The little girl is right.

Horlla from Nigeria JANUARY 12, 2013
Learn to be a listener.

tyler r from just dont worry about it!!! JANUARY 8, 2013

Kristin from Pittsburgh pa JANUARY 3, 2013
Wow. What a message.

Jenn from Arizona JANUARY 1, 2013
Great ad!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Hwang from Korea NOVEMBER 23, 2012

Bonnie Granat from Boston, Mass. NOVEMBER 7, 2012
He should say, "I move," not "I motion." That's the way it's said. Otherwise, it's well done and timely.

grand from Porter, Oklahoma NOVEMBER 3, 2012
You can't live alone-you must live with yourself.

Smith from New York, NY NOVEMBER 2, 2012
Maybe a commercial with two characters arguing after over fender bender auto accident can illustrate how to maintain civility in a heated argument?

Ellen from North Carolina NOVEMBER 2, 2012
Love is the most powerful force in existence; it has the capability to transform everything, everyone, and all situations therein if given from the heart in its purest form...and practiced regularly. A secret left and forgotten.

Pam from NC NOVEMBER 1, 2012
Too often, television shows - even those purporting to be news shows - devolve into this kind of sparring match. I do not watch those shows. If I accidentally surf into one in progress, I quickly press the channel button to move along. Whether or not I agree with the comments, I just can't stand to watch paid professionals bicker like unruly children. There is so much more power to words delivered with a respectful demeanor. It is not necessary to like someone or agree with someone in order to show respect. It is truly sad when someone is unable to express passion without noise and bluster (or rudeness).

Meg from Minnesota  NOVEMBER 1, 2012
POWERFUL!! thanks for producing this. I'll share it with others.

Laura R. from Westminster, CO NOVEMBER 1, 2012
From the mouths of babes!

Michael S from Colorado NOVEMBER 1, 2012
I found myself in a righteous sparring match with a airport police officer like this video. Shaking with anger, I stopped and took a breath, shifted and apologized to the man. It took him awhile to believe my authentic apology, yet the outcome was he tore up my ticket. Honestly this was not my intention, respect was my intention (no tix was a bonus). I think less about my rights and more about my responsibilities to mankind now.

Ken Hamasaka from Los Angeles NOVEMBER 1, 2012

Nancy Vela from Northwest Ohio OCTOBER 31, 2012
Congress isn't our only problem when it comes to respect, we all can take a lesson from this and in all that we do in life. Well done!!

Keith from Virginia OCTOBER 31, 2012
We need more respect in our nation as it relates to politics. I think that most of our congress occaisionally needs a good time out!

williams kingsley from lagos state nigeria OCTOBER 29, 2012
I believe we can be respected if only we will learn how to be calm when we are criticized. Also let us have a gender friendly society.

ifediora ifeanyi from anambra state OCTOBER 24, 2012
My comment is that you should stand firm as a man.

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