Young people love to help out when given the chance and in this spot they get an enthusiastic dose of encouragement from a classmate. This message puts the spotlight on young heroes who give from the heart.


BUS DRIVER: OK Josh, do your stuff!
JOSH: OK people, you know the drill. Canned food only guys…
MUSIC: Sometimes you gotta give and not receive…
MUSIC: Sometimes you gotta live what you believe…
MUSIC: Open your arms, ‘cause that’s where it starts, right here with you and me…
MUSIC: What the world needs now is love, love and only love...
ANNCR/SUPER: Generosity…pass it on.
MUSIC: A little help from up above…
Sign reads “Central City Shelter” or “Center for Help”
MUSIC: A way to make a better day…
MUSIC: Let’s come together…
ANNCR/SUPER: A Message from The Foundation for a Better Life

Generosity. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Anonymous JANUARY 22, 2018
Generosity means loving to work hard in order to make the world a better place.

cameron jordan from Beton Elemetry school DECEMBER 18, 2017
it is giving pepole food and pass it on and the foundation for a better life

Alexa Marie Alexander JULY 1, 2016
What a good thing to do

Nancy from Wenonah NJ NOVEMBER 26, 2015
I like What The World Needs By Wynonna Judd being sung in this PSA

Martha from Arizona OCTOBER 11, 2015
Great PSA! Who is doing the signing?

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