We Shall Be Free

This stirring anthem from Garth Brooks combined with poignant images from around our planet encourages, inspires and challenges each one of us to get involved with people’s needs both close to home and around the world. “Do Your Part” is a personal appeal to make a difference in our communities at a time of great need, which is also a time of opportunity. Pass It On.


This ain't comin' from no prophet
Just an ordinary man
When I close my eyes I see
The way this world shall be
When we all walk hand in hand
When the last child cries for a crust of bread
When the last man dies for just words that he said
When there's shelter over the poorest head
We shall be free
And when money talks for the very last time
And nobody walks a step behind
When there's only one race and that's mankind
Then we shall be free
Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith, hold out
We shall be free
We shall be free
We shall be free

Do Your Part. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Deb from New York FEBRUARY 24, 2021
I love this one so very much!!

Remiyah OCTOBER 28, 2020
I love this and you can be happy

Wanda Ruíz from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 USA  MAY 1, 2020
I’m so impressed with these beautiful messages so needed to be practiced in every day lives ! Sincere thank you for all the videos!

Patricia pultz from Wind gap pa SEPTEMBER 13, 2019
I would love to hug the world. So many decent people that are suffering it's senseless

Evie from Knoxville, TN APRIL 24, 2019
Been Passing it On for a few years. Thanks for this video, which I will post.

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