Wet Cement

Patience is hardest to find when you need it the most! In this charming moment where a young boy innocently sloshes through wet cement we find ourselves asking the question, “What would I do?” We think you'll smile with relief and take away a good reminder. Patience... Pass it On.


Boy: Hi.
Man: Hi.
Announcer: Patience, Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Patience. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Mary St Clair from Oklahoma MAY 29, 2020
Pretty cute one here 😍

Patricia Rice from La. MAY 3, 2020
I love it you gotta have patience

Barbara from Old Greenwood,  APRIL 24, 2020
Such a well done gentle and kind commercial. Little dialogue is needed to get the message across.

Danielle B from Idaho APRIL 21, 2020
My nephew turns 4 today and the little boy looks like his twin and just love and miss his sweet imperfections. We love you happy birthday Armoni. Love aunt nelly. Hurry home our luv muffin.

Gloria D. Hall from Worcester, MA  APRIL 16, 2020
I love this commercial!

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