Wet Cement

Patience is hardest to find when you need it the most! In this charming moment where a young boy innocently sloshes through wet cement we find ourselves asking the question, “What would I do?” We think you'll smile with relief and take away a good reminder. Patience... Pass it On.


Boy: Hi.
Man: Hi.
Announcer: Patience, Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Patience. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Mr. Adams from USA MARCH 6, 2022
This is one of the most inspiring commercial I have seen. It speaks so powerfully to me as parent each time I see it.

harper from stony creek NOVEMBER 24, 2021
love it

Anonymous AUGUST 24, 2021
pretty good!

Chloe from Colorado  AUGUST 20, 2021
Be patient

Joan from Maine AUGUST 18, 2021
Love this commercial.

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