Wet Cement

Patience is hardest to find when you need it the most! In this charming moment where a young boy innocently sloshes through wet cement we find ourselves asking the question, “What would I do?” We think you'll smile with relief and take away a good reminder. Patience... Pass it On.


Boy: Hi.
Man: Hi.
Announcer: Patience, Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Patience. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Emma Turley from Wisco OCTOBER 10, 2022
This is kinda funny! But it’s cute!

Mr. Adams from USA MARCH 6, 2022
This is one of the most inspiring commercial I have seen. It speaks so powerfully to me as parent each time I see it.

harper from stony creek NOVEMBER 24, 2021
love it

Anonymous AUGUST 24, 2021
pretty good!

Chloe from Colorado  AUGUST 20, 2021
Be patient

Joan from Maine AUGUST 18, 2021
Love this commercial.

When, In distress, In frustration, In anxiety, In a hurry.. PATIENCE..pays..!!

Kathy R APRIL 13, 2021
We all need more of this for all of us.

Ronda Butcher from West Virginia  MARCH 13, 2021
I love these commercials and billboards. Keep em coming and I keep passing it on❣️

كلاريسون from Dubai MARCH 11, 2021
Be nice to people and you might get something money can’t buy back happiness people smiling etc.

Thomas D. Byrnes from Pittsburgh MARCH 5, 2021
That's wonderful. Every time I watch it I smile, and laugh with good tears in my eyes. Remembering the occasional times when I swam at the PAA, Pittsburgh Athletic Association visiting my grandfather Frank Blandi, who lived there. While swimming I would most often see Mr. Roger's, I was from about 8 to 12. Both people, left marks in Pittsburgh in remarkable ways.

Dolores from Michigan  FEBRUARY 26, 2021
My very favorite. Enjoy all of them, but this one just really touches my heart. Thanks

Darryl from Tennessee FEBRUARY 23, 2021
Love this, watch it over and over. Thank you.

Marcia from Nebraska FEBRUARY 18, 2021
Yep, that tells the whole story of patience, for sure!

Linda D. from Oakhurst ca. FEBRUARY 5, 2021
Love this commercial. It warms the heart. Old man looks like robert Blake. Is it ?

Janice Schnack from Stoughton, Wisconsin JANUARY 23, 2021
This is the cutest commercial I have ever seen! I love it!

Trish from Jamaica  NOVEMBER 22, 2020
The look on grandpa's face makes me laugh.... I love this one because I know I have ZERO PATIENCE... thanks for the lesson😌

Sue from Grand Rapids. Mi NOVEMBER 15, 2020
This one is my favorite cause my best friend does concrete work and he loves children. Makes me think of him and that little boy is so special especially when he says hi. Love it. Makes me smile every time

El from S.W. Michigan. OCTOBER 20, 2020
During these times of uncertainties we must breathe deeply and center ourselves away from the flash anger today's chaos feeds on.

Anonymous OCTOBER 8, 2020
I love this one so much!

joey from west bend SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

Barbara Kane from IL SEPTEMBER 9, 2020
Just the "Hi", from the cutest little boy, won me over. Keep doing what you're doing to bring peace to all.

Charles Dove from Baltimore  AUGUST 24, 2020
I love this site

Charles Dove from Baltimore  AUGUST 24, 2020
I love this site

Cathy from Boston  AUGUST 1, 2020
I was having a tough day today. I watched this commercial and just laughed. It made my day. I needed a good laugh!

Eric S .Daughtery from Baltimore, Maryland  JULY 23, 2020
Excellent should be televised on all channels For everyone to see and enjoy to remember what life is really all about all about , The young and the elderly a great foundation to build from , please pass it all on and thank you

Rose from Usa JULY 15, 2020
this is really powerful to me, i’ve struggled with keeping my patience in life, but at the same time, i’ve been the child. the moment when the man lets go of his frown to pick up the child, is all i wished to see when i’ve been the child, and all i strive to be when i’m the man.

K' Nolin from Goffstown, NH JULY 1, 2020
this makes me grin, and a little chuckle, every time I see it. Like the budweiser horses, you just can't get enough of these commercials.

Greta Miller from Orlando, FL JUNE 26, 2020
I love these commercials, this one the most.

Mary St Clair from Oklahoma MAY 29, 2020
Pretty cute one here 😍

Patricia Rice from La. MAY 3, 2020
I love it you gotta have patience

Barbara from Old Greenwood,  APRIL 24, 2020
Such a well done gentle and kind commercial. Little dialogue is needed to get the message across.

Danielle B from Idaho APRIL 21, 2020
My nephew turns 4 today and the little boy looks like his twin and just love and miss his sweet imperfections. We love you happy birthday Armoni. Love aunt nelly. Hurry home our luv muffin.

Gloria D. Hall from Worcester, MA  APRIL 16, 2020
I love this commercial!

Samik shetty from Dubai APRIL 2, 2020
Even though the boy stepped on the guys cement ,which must have taken hours to finish and dry hes patient,and ignores as he knew the kid did it without knowing

Anonymous AUGUST 2, 2019
Love these commercials ❤️

Rosemary from Nashville, TN JULY 11, 2019
This is my favorite. The world would be a better if we all had patience.

D. Luna from NY JULY 11, 2019

Diane from Las Vegas Nevada JULY 4, 2019
Patience Is A Virtue

Christine Saxour from Columbus, Ohio JUNE 10, 2019
My Grandson is Autistic. Patience is a gratitude. I thank God, through my Grandson, the true essence of love and patience really means.

Karen SanGiovanni from Corvallis, OR JUNE 6, 2019

Ricky from Bloomery WV  JUNE 5, 2019
Thank you for what you do.

Anonymous MAY 30, 2019
Love it 😍

Sue from OHIO MAY 28, 2019
I love this commercial! This is so true.

Carol Griffin from Indiana  MAY 22, 2019
He is the cutest little guy wish I could meet him I just love him ❤️

Anonymous MAY 11, 2019
All these videos should be seen by everyone on a regular basis. They are all inspiring and wonderful!

Michelle McKenzie from CA MAY 10, 2019
I just love love love this video. Great job.

Anthony Liquori from FL - Florida APRIL 29, 2019
Reminds me of my Dad!

Anonymous APRIL 12, 2019
Cute video, the innocence of a child is priceless!

Marie A. Smith from Bloomfield, New Jersey APRIL 8, 2019
The man displayed an overwhelming amount of patience for the little boy. But the look on his face was as if he was saying (You little brat! I was almost done!) Then the little boys says Hi! All I could do was laugh!!

Anonymous APRIL 3, 2019
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!! I smile every time I see it. The boy is perfect and then when he finally speaks it's so softly hi. The mans reaction is totally priceless. Patience pass it on. Thank you for all your possitive inspiration.

Randy from Sarasota FL MARCH 28, 2019
I'm a concrete guy and I love this clip I would do the same

Janis Nelson from Philadelphia  MARCH 25, 2019
Love this! Precious!

Anonymous MARCH 20, 2019
This is so cool!

MI MARCH 13, 2019
Every time I need the "patience" commercial, it plays. This commercial is the best! Thanks for the reminder and the smile, I get every time I see it!

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2019
Such a great add regarding patience !

Anonymous MARCH 3, 2019
I loved this one about the little boy walking in cement! Your adds on tv, have made me a better person and I have told my friends about the adds and now when they watch it, they too, feel like they can do better in life with people.....GREAT JOB!

Causby from Georgia JANUARY 8, 2019
This site is great, so glad I stumbled across it. Great example of patience.

Ginny Hunnicutt from Ocean Isle Beach, NC JANUARY 2, 2019
Love this! I’m so happy to see these commercials being aired. They will produce more love and understanding among people!

Nunya from you don't need to know where I live so there. SEPTEMBER 25, 2018

Marvin from FL JUNE 18, 2017
Song whistles in the commercial? Those are from Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin.

boo from CA DECEMBER 11, 2016
have patience

Anonymous OCTOBER 18, 2016

Crickette from Wisconsin, USA JANUARY 6, 2016
I think of my soon covered head to toe in dirt because he ripped through the flowerbed, when discovered he smiled and holds the damaged flora to me and says "I love you momma"! Please keep up the wonderful work, it gives hope for a better tomorrow, if we can all slow things down to see the many blessings that truly are in this world.

Linda from Alaska NOVEMBER 13, 2015
My mother and I love this commercial. We're wondering what the little boy's name is, and has he been in anything else.

keiran from India,pune  OCTOBER 19, 2015
What is within comes out, we mearly need a bump of an external object to provoke it out. Here a man was full of patience.... So it came out.... If he was full of anger... Anger would have come out..... Great commercial.

Eddie from Mississippi  SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
So much said with only two words spoken. I loved this commercial when I saw it on TV and it just gets better with each viewing. Ya'll make the best, uplifting commercials!!!

NULL from NULL JULY 10, 2015
Such an innocent face!

Kyle parks from school SEPTEMBER 9, 2014
omg i would probably flip out but he did not and i would be so posed if i had my 120$ shoes on

Jerry Wright from Juno Beach Fl SEPTEMBER 2, 2014
I love them all!!

Bala from India JULY 17, 2014
What an outstanding expression...!

keiko from manila MARCH 29, 2014
great patience with the boy

soraya bach from deerfield beach JANUARY 29, 2014

alice from the galaxy JANUARY 24, 2014
The boy is very cute!!

bolishia from new york city OCTOBER 29, 2013
so sweet people need patience like he did

carol from Illinois OCTOBER 21, 2013
I can so see my Dad in this commercial. He might bite his lip but after he got the little boy out and the mess all cleaned up this would be a story that would be told over and over. And with each version a little bit of a different spin. Love it!

Bob dylan from on earth SEPTEMBER 6, 2013
No children were harmed in the making of this commercial..............................

H.B.A. from RoundRock, Texas AUGUST 7, 2013
I am a Grandfather, known as "Papa." I see a lot of thought in this man's expression toward the little man in front of him standing in his creation. I see & feel much restraint, patience, compassion, and a heartfelt love to do the right thing and to carry on. What a wonderful feeling and life lesson.

at from ne AUGUST 2, 2013
I absolutely LOVE this commercial!

Diann from TN JULY 31, 2013
That little boy is so cute! Who could ever get amd at him? Love it.

manikandan from india JULY 21, 2013
this is the best and,meaningful video that i ever seen

cecilia from Chile JULY 12, 2013
If all human beings plus we love one another, we would have more patience. Very cute video!!

Fawn from Georgia JULY 10, 2013
What a wonderful message!!

bookmarks from New York JUNE 11, 2013
This is one awesome article.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

Bryan from Indiana MAY 28, 2013
We all need to have patience in our society today. Very creative commercial and funny too! Keep these great commercials coming!

Kathleen from Philadelphia MAY 20, 2013
This commercial made me laugh. If that was me I probably would have had to laugh at the fact that the little boy did walk on the wet cement…then, once he said “ Hi” I would have lost it again (laughing). Anyway, it’s an excellent commercial exemplifying patience.

raquel from tulare, california MAY 3, 2013
It is so funny that the little boy says hi and the man says hi. It could teach a lot to little kids.

Sunhee from Diamond Bar APRIL 21, 2013
The man looked angry but he had patience.

lashaunda from norfolk APRIL 17, 2013
That was the best thing to do.

Abe from Cali APRIL 13, 2013
"Don't worry, be happy" -Bob Marley enough said

tran thi my yen from vietnam APRIL 12, 2013
It's very impressive.... I will think of this all the time when patience is needed :-) thank you for a meaningful clip!

Cadee from Grand Rapids MARCH 26, 2013
The boy is so cute!

adeline from manila philippines MARCH 23, 2013

Ngundem Takunjuh from Germany MARCH 14, 2013
The message in this was a great way to recongnise that langauge of the mind. It moved my mind and my body followed.

oscar from illinois MARCH 13, 2013

Gini from Pasadena ca MARCH 8, 2013
Why can't we share these on social media? I'm on Google plus and I don't see how to share.

Dania from Miami FEBRUARY 6, 2013
This has to be my favorite so far....I would have lost it until I heard that cute voice.....I need to work on patients specially in the stores and the roads. Thank you

Bree M. from USA JANUARY 30, 2013
This commercial is soo funny!! Love it:)

Lee Roy from Sacks DECEMBER 25, 2012
I saw, too, that the elderly gentleman got right back to it after he decided to and was already making quick work of it. That's a good lesson. I also notice that if I can just be patient for a moment, the situations that tempt my temper actually are easier to fix than expect.

harold george from euless,tx DECEMBER 8, 2012
There was a pic in time magazine about this years ago..if anyone where I can get it please let me know.

anabela from mexico OCTOBER 8, 2012
I really like this one! It tells me I gotta be patient :)

Reveche from Philippines OCTOBER 7, 2012
Patience in the virtue...

Joyce from CA SEPTEMBER 29, 2012
This has to be one of the best commercials EVER!!!!

Chris Klitzing from Vandalia, IL. AUGUST 27, 2012
:) My grand kids get a kinder softer version of me now, that I've gotten older!

Lukman from Illinois JUNE 9, 2012
I cant stop watching. It really made me want to be more patient.

Karen L from Texas JUNE 4, 2012
I absolutely adore this commercial! You can't even be mad at the kid the minute he says "HI". I could watch this all day, everyday!

Mary Steele from Buchanan Dam Tx MAY 15, 2012
I have loved all of the spots you have done. You always have such inspirational values and truth to them. The whole of the younger generation should pay attention to what is really important in this life and forget about all of the gadgets.

alexus from us APRIL 15, 2012
This is the best commercial I've ever seen! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Hvolboll from Porterville, Ca. MARCH 20, 2012
This is wonderful...You know he was tired, it is hard work but he knew a "Hi" from him was what the lil one needed to hear instead of anger !!! Thumbs up to this grandpa !!!

Louise C. from Texas  MARCH 19, 2012
Thanks John! My daughter helped me remember the name also. Just loaded it on my itunes! And playing it over and over!

John Griffin from Southern California MARCH 18, 2012
What a great movie. I think the song is don't worry be happy. It really fits

Louise C. from Texas MARCH 13, 2012
What is the music/song played at the end of the Wet Cement commercial - the best commercial on the TV!

Elver Ave from Philippines MARCH 13, 2012
Wow,thanks grandpa. Your patience is great! That boy is so cute! He really doesn't know the damage that he has done.

Deborah C from Louisiana MARCH 6, 2012
If I did not know better, this boy looks just like my grandson and I can see him do just that. Amazing and soooo cute.

Eirene Kang from usa MARCH 4, 2012
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh little boy so cute!!

alma sanchez from idaho MARCH 1, 2012
i love this comercial this little boy is so pretty

Lindsey from O'fallon, Missouri FEBRUARY 13, 2012
Beast video, can't wait to watch more! That older character was awesome for controlling his temper. My grandpa would have killed me! Ha, jk! But he would've gotten really mad!

Rudy from LA JANUARY 28, 2012
Anyone know the name of the older actor? He looks familiar? Best commercial ever! Thanks

Adrianne P from Oklahoma JANUARY 3, 2012
This probably the most precious commercial on tv. Wish all would portray like your site does. That little boy is an absolute doll. Kudos to his family and also to the man who doesn't blow up at him.

Willie Ngumi from Nairobi Kenya DECEMBER 7, 2011
This advert is just the best! How realistic and how innocent the boy is. As a father to a 1yr 4month boy, I have to remind myself often to differentiate dis-obedience from exploration and intrigue. Ofcourse no-one wants their child intrigued by a 45volt wire, but this spot is so true of kids. Wonder if I would have reacted the same?

riris marpaung from papua-indonesia DECEMBER 2, 2011
wow...they are so inspirational for me

Kels from USA OCTOBER 13, 2011
That is so sweet!

Brenda Sue & Rebecca & Christina from Richford VT SEPTEMBER 30, 2011
I liked that he didn't yell at the little boy

T.H. from Baltimore Md. SEPTEMBER 24, 2011
Love this commercial. It warms my heart and hopefully will make us all better people.

Robert from Columbus, OH SEPTEMBER 10, 2011
Is the older man in the spot supposed to be his grandfather or father? Otherwise, we have here a 3 year old wandering down the street unsupervised :)

Lorraine Parker from Fort Erie, Ontario Canada AUGUST 31, 2011
This spot totally mesmorized me. I have a little grand-daughter, 14 months old, in the learning and touching stage. When she touches something she shouldn't I say no Hannah. She looks at me with this sweet smile and as she approaches the same thing again, she looks at me and says hi. This spot reminded me of her and I was so touched by the look on the little boy's face and the changed expression on the man's face as he gently said hi back and lifted the little guy carefully to the ground. I NEVER get tired of watching it. It's beautiful and so touching. Thank you for bringing a few seconds of happiness into my life!

Sarah from Colorado AUGUST 28, 2011
I think it would've been cool if he left the footprints in the sidewalk. We were walking down the street one day and there were little foot- and pawprints in the sidewalk where animals and kids had walked while it was drying.

Bill S from Woodstock, Ga JULY 24, 2011
This is my Grandson to the "T" in a couple years. Patience is what I lacked as a parent. I am realizing that now. This is what makes the world a better place.

Casie Stevenson from USA Idaho JUNE 27, 2011
My husband and I were watching TV the other night and saw this. He actually does concrete and doesn't have a lot of patience. This was EXACTLY what he and I needed to see. Thank you for making notice of the things that WILL make the world better!!!

Karen K. from Monticello, GA JUNE 21, 2011
Your commercials are so great! You are not selling anything, only trying to make the world and it's people a better place. Keep it up please!

These writers are brilliant

Mark from Show Low, Arizona JUNE 1, 2011
What a better world this would be if more people could exercise this kind of restraint to anger!

Yoanna from Florida MAY 17, 2011
The boy is so cute!

Yare from Los Angeles. MAY 16, 2011
Beautiful Ad! A lesson for all of us.

J & E Nixon from Iraq & NC APRIL 26, 2011
My husband told me about this commercial he'd seen in Iraq and he would not stop telling how much he loved it!He asked me to go to the website and to take a look!!! I love it too!!!!!! Priceless.

V from USA APRIL 21, 2011
This is the most adorable commercial ever. My heart sinks when I see his face and when he says "hi". The best one ever!

Jhon from Skyforest, California MARCH 8, 2011
Simple, but hard hitting! I hope to learn this lesson as well as the ad! Thank you for making this one!

Michelle from Brooklyn, NY MARCH 7, 2011
This ad is is one of the best ads ever. And it reminds me (I have none) to actually have PATIENCE.

Donna from Lexington, TN MARCH 4, 2011
This is the most adorable commercial I have ever seen in my life. I chuckle every time I see it but at the same time it brings tears to my eyes. Please keep running it.

David R. from California FEBRUARY 25, 2011
More ads like this please...

Nocola Hemphill from Charlotte FEBRUARY 13, 2011
My new favorite! I love this one!

Glenn R from PA FEBRUARY 11, 2011
I believe that it is the most beautiful,precious, and true to life commercial I've ever seen. Thank You.

Gerron from Maryland FEBRUARY 5, 2011
Love your ads! Just love them. I hope it ignites a broader discussion and movement.

trspa from Tyler Tx FEBRUARY 2, 2011
Great to see Innocence fend off Anger... Love it!

Angela from Oregon FEBRUARY 2, 2011
I just went through something similar to this, workers just repaved my driveway and the kids next door wanted to test it out. Funny how things like this happen.

Dr. Brenda from Calgary Alberta Canada JANUARY 28, 2011
These video clips are very well done and provide reminders of what is important.They are a great springboard for discussion

Susan H from Saratoga Springs, NY JANUARY 20, 2011
AAAHHH...a ray of sunshine with every ad that I see from your foundation. Please continue with your positive and uplifting messages.

Lou A. from Miami, Florida JANUARY 18, 2011
Great reminder, thanks!!

T. from ivory coast JANUARY 13, 2011
Just love the innocent face of the kid. Pass it on, that smile.

M from Georgia JANUARY 10, 2011
I LOVE the look on the man's face when the little boy says "hi". Priceless!

Dolores T. from Hemet, California JANUARY 2, 2011
I love every one of these commercials. They are so true to life and are to be treasured. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Julie H. from Phoenix, AZ DECEMBER 14, 2010
Every time I see this commercial, I think of my cousin, Grant. When he was a little boy, a photographer snapped a picture of him walking on the wet cement and looking at the man who had done all this hard work. Grant, a father, now is experiencing the ultimate in patience. Over a year ago, his daughter was in a tragic horse backriding accident that left her in a coma for several months and she is still recovering. God bless you for your never ending patience Grant!

Joseph G. from Jacksonville, FL DECEMBER 9, 2010
On Patience, The video has familiarity as my mother did the exact same thing when she was about the same age! The mason was about the same age. I haven't laughed that hard in 20 years.

Cynthia,C from baker county fl. DECEMBER 2, 2010
This is so sweet!!!

JimRoy from Escondido , Ca. NOVEMBER 30, 2010
I am a concrete finisher and as mad as I get when someone walks in my concrete , this really tickled me. With a child this age I could not get upset.

Mary B. from henrico NOVEMBER 26, 2010
You have to love them no matter what.

Ryley Z. NOVEMBER 22, 2010
Awesome! This one is the best.

steph a from Ben R. McMullin public school  NOVEMBER 22, 2010
I love this video because instead of the man getting upset or mad at the boy he simply lifted him off and started again. If he he would have got mad at him he would of hurt his feelings.

Rio,Z from California NOVEMBER 4, 2010
I work with children and this portrays truly how much patience you need, because they simply don't know better. Makes me smile.

Dave M from USA OCTOBER 11, 2010
Gotta love it

Lisa C from Florida SEPTEMBER 1, 2010
I LOVE this. It's my son to a T!

Cindy H. from Windsor, NS, Canada AUGUST 20, 2010
I love the "Wet Cement" spot. It makes me smile every time it's on TV.

Diego, M from Pensacola, FL AUGUST 2, 2010
Best commercial I have seen in a LONG TIME. Hilarious and cute at the same time. I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw this commercial.

Jesse N from CA JULY 26, 2010
I love seeing these commercials, they are so inspirational in a time when commercials are often so shallow and dull. It reminds me of all the small things people do for each other that go unnoticed.

Carol H. from Ham Lake, MN JULY 24, 2010
Priceless, pass it on to others . . .

Kay M from NC JUNE 19, 2010
I've watched about all of the spots and they have made my day. I had no idea that anyone produced such wonderful, clean and inspiring messages. Praise the Lord and thank you!!

Tim,N from Riverside, Ca JUNE 16, 2010
Best ad I have ever seen, keep up the great work.

Patricia C. from Franklin, TN MAY 16, 2010
I've been watching your clips on TV and had to go to your website. These pieces are moving and poignant. They are remarkably timely and impressive for a nation which needs reminding of the values and integrity, which are sorely in need of cultivating.

Annie D. from Winnipeg, MB MAY 15, 2010
Wet Cement - this has to be the best stress reliever in the world. Those little wonky footsteps and then when the little boy says "Hi" - well, my heart just melts and then I just chuckle with such joy. The actual commercial on tv is somewhat different than the web site and it is equally as beautiful!

Yelena F from El Salvador MAY 14, 2010
So Cute!!!

Jean Zombil from Lakeport, CA APRIL 27, 2010
I love the wet Cement TV ad, the kid is so adorable that his face freezes any anger.

James J from columbus, GA APRIL 23, 2010
I've been seeing the commercials recently at night, now I have to see them all. I have been more than touched. Keep up this great work. I will be back soon with pictures of our billboards around town.

Carson from Waterloo APRIL 19, 2010
Wow. Sick commercial.

Dionisio P. from Philippines APRIL 9, 2010
Reminds me of the many times people must have been so patient with me and I never got to thank them for it. It is never too late to pass it on, even at 56 years old. I was so inspired. God bless you.

Ruc Davis from Los Angeles, CA APRIL 8, 2010
PATIENCE. Childlike faith is what this whole wide world needs these days. Pass It On... and on... and on... and...

Jeannie L from Nova Scotia, Canada APRIL 7, 2010
Loved it!

Brian B. from Novato, CA MARCH 17, 2010
One of the "Best" Commercials I have ever seen.

Cissy T. from Grand Prairie, TX MARCH 15, 2010
That child, and when he says "Hi", says everything. Only God could create such a happy feeling.

Lucero, M from Sunland Park, NM MARCH 15, 2010
I loove this commercial. It's sooo cute.

Elizabeth T. from TX MARCH 15, 2010
The face of that child could heal the world of all its ills!!!!!

Cherise C. from Babrados MARCH 10, 2010
He is soo sweet.

Kristina L. from Boisie, Idaho FEBRUARY 23, 2010
Wow, that is the most precious sweetest gorgeous little boy ever. Where has he been? We must see more of him. Absolutely a gift from god. Who is he? What is his name?

Lady Samm from Smithville, Ontario FEBRUARY 9, 2010
The only thing "wet" here are the tears that are falling down my cheek. Gosh I miss innocence of our youth. How do we ever get THAT back?...cemented in my heart this one is..Thanks again!

BJ from Santa Fe, NM FEBRUARY 2, 2010
Every single time I see the Wet Cement commercial, I smile; it touches my heart!

Mary B. from Battle Creek, MI JANUARY 31, 2010
I love your Wet Cement spot!!

Paul W. from Manlius, NY JANUARY 26, 2010
For anyone with a heart! This one sends a good message.

Kathy B. from Arnold, CA. JANUARY 24, 2010
I've been touched watching the 'commercials' on FOX, so much so that I had to see them all. Thank you for moments of positive inspiration when we are confronted with so much negativity!

J. Young from Whitehouse, NJ JANUARY 15, 2010
These are the best commercials ever made! We look forward to seeing all the different ones played. Keep up the good work!!!!

Kate R. from Baltimore, Maryland JANUARY 10, 2010
This one might have become my number one.

Mike from L.A. DECEMBER 26, 2009
What a great ad the young man did such a good job!

Teresa T. from VA DECEMBER 17, 2009
Best commercials on TV.

Isabella C from USA DECEMBER 14, 2009
One of the sweetest commericals I've seen. I warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. Thank you.

Pat A. from USA DECEMBER 13, 2009

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