Wet Cement

Patience is hardest to find when you need it the most! In this charming moment where a young boy innocently sloshes through wet cement we find ourselves asking the question, “What would I do?” We think you'll smile with relief and take away a good reminder. Patience... Pass it On.


Boy: Hi.
Man: Hi.
Announcer: Patience, Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Patience. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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K' Nolin from Goffstown, NH JULY 1, 2020
this makes me grin, and a little chuckle, every time I see it. Like the budweiser horses, you just can't get enough of these commercials.

Greta Miller from Orlando, FL JUNE 26, 2020
I love these commercials, this one the most.

Mary St Clair from Oklahoma MAY 29, 2020
Pretty cute one here 😍

Patricia Rice from La. MAY 3, 2020
I love it you gotta have patience

Barbara from Old Greenwood,  APRIL 24, 2020
Such a well done gentle and kind commercial. Little dialogue is needed to get the message across.

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