I Hope You Dance

Watch this inspiring video—I Hope You Dance—featuring the hit song by Lee Ann Womack.


MUSIC: I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. You get your fill to eat, but always keep that hunger. May you never take one single breath for granted. God forbid love ever leave you empty handed. I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance. And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. I hope you dance.
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Mariana Miller-D'Alessandro from Bronx, New York OCTOBER 29, 2020
Thank you so much for all your amazing videos. I have not received any of the quotes/photos lately. I love them also. Thank you for all your wonderful work!

Audri-Leigh from Southern California MAY 8, 2020
I really liked the song. It was really cute.

Someone from Everywhere JANUARY 3, 2020
Wonderful message! I wish I would have lived life when I was younger instead of giving it away to my EX husbands. I’m not bitter, just honest! Think about It because I’m sure it could go both ways guys.

Bishop Chea from Western Australia  OCTOBER 12, 2018
I like this video because its very inspiring :))

Eleni from TX OCTOBER 9, 2018
I remember hearing this song in a commercial just like this as a little girl about a decade ago. It may or may not have been this exact video, I don't know, but it stuck with me throughout all these years. Thank you so much not only for making this, but also for making it available online. I thought I had lost it forever and I'm so glad to have found it again. It truly moves my heart and brings me to tears. Thank you.

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