I Hope You Dance

Watch this inspiring video—I Hope You Dance—featuring the hit song by Lee Ann Womack.


MUSIC: I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. You get your fill to eat, but always keep that hunger. May you never take one single breath for granted. God forbid love ever leave you empty handed. I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance. And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. I hope you dance.
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Mariana Miller-D'Alessandro from Bronx, New York OCTOBER 29, 2020
Thank you so much for all your amazing videos. I have not received any of the quotes/photos lately. I love them also. Thank you for all your wonderful work!

Audri-Leigh from Southern California MAY 8, 2020
I really liked the song. It was really cute.

Someone from Everywhere JANUARY 3, 2020
Wonderful message! I wish I would have lived life when I was younger instead of giving it away to my EX husbands. I’m not bitter, just honest! Think about It because I’m sure it could go both ways guys.

Bishop Chea from Western Australia  OCTOBER 12, 2018
I like this video because its very inspiring :))

Eleni from TX OCTOBER 9, 2018
I remember hearing this song in a commercial just like this as a little girl about a decade ago. It may or may not have been this exact video, I don't know, but it stuck with me throughout all these years. Thank you so much not only for making this, but also for making it available online. I thought I had lost it forever and I'm so glad to have found it again. It truly moves my heart and brings me to tears. Thank you.

sam from nc JUNE 1, 2018
i love this song its my fav

Anonymous JUNE 1, 2018
i am crying beautiful

Mark in Indiana from Silver Lake JANUARY 21, 2018
Dance, dance, dance, slow dance. I love this song.

Missy from FL AUGUST 26, 2017
Brings tears to my eyes!

Janice from Davis, CA DECEMBER 15, 2016
With all the stress of the recent election and the daily news, your video with John Denver's song is so calming. Bless you for adding something beautiful and true to our every day.

Barbara from Jacksonville Florida  JULY 29, 2016
We should have more things like this. You make our lives better by sharing this video. Thank you.

Jose from New Jersey MAY 20, 2016
I just love it

Kathy from Madison SD APRIL 24, 2016
The positive and inspirational messages in these commercials are how every person on this earth should want to be to all human mankind

Anonymous APRIL 11, 2016
This song always leaves me with a feeling of "WOW!"

Leo from Miami, FL APRIL 4, 2016
Simply beautiful!!!! It makes me cry each time I see it on TV. Keep up the good work.

cesceliem. from ny SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
this is awsome

AJ Mc from Buffalo, NY MARCH 2, 2010
I always loved this song. I watched this, and it made me cry, although in my mind the images are stronger. Thank you for reminding me about all the beautiful moments life offers!

Lee Rogers from Atlanta, GA FEBRUARY 28, 2010
What an inspirational message. I found the site after hearing and watching a commercial on the NFL, and have been looking for the record for a week. Thanks.

Ron W from Goldthwaite, TX FEBRUARY 28, 2010
It is nothing short of wonderful to have found this website and to enjoy the TV Spots! Thank you.

John A. from Paterson FEBRUARY 25, 2010
I wanna dance so bad! I always feel small beside the ocean! Perfect, just perfect.

Krisanti Disci, L. from Manila, Philippines FEBRUARY 23, 2010

Bob G. from Houston FEBRUARY 16, 2010
Jeannie (two comments below) is SO RIGHT. I find your artistry more inspiring and heartfelt than any other form ever. Don't know who funds this work; but it is invaluable to me and all others.

P. French from Seattle, WA FEBRUARY 12, 2010
Your spot "You Can Let Go" is my life right now. My husband is in the process of moving on to the next stage of his life, and my daughter and I, and he, cried together and laughed, and cried again, as we watched this tender, tender message. Thank you so much for touching our hearts.

Jeannie M from Haddon Heights, NJ FEBRUARY 1, 2010
This is the most continually inspiring set of images and music...thank you


Kathleen P from Temecula, CA JANUARY 26, 2010
All these ads are simply brilliant, beautiful music, images and messages. This one always gets to me, especially horseback riding on the beach-that is my dance!

Emma H from Westminster SC JANUARY 22, 2010
Thank you so much for the message you are sending.May we all learn from them and practise them in our own lives every day. God Bless

Richard P from Schaumburg, IL JANUARY 16, 2010
This is the best one!

Frank A. from Detroit, MI JANUARY 8, 2010
These ads are amazing. Half of them make me weep in true appreciation of the love, compassion and other positive things we are ALL capable of. If only everyone had these wonderful values, we would achieve Heaven on Earth.

Bruce P. from Mossy Head, FL JANUARY 8, 2010
I never thought I would look forward to PSA's on television but you have reversed that with yours. Bless you and more power to you.

Susan L from Union City, CA DECEMBER 23, 2009
Thank you so much for these amazing PSAs. I never realized where they were coming from until today. I wish there was a way to give these messages to each and every person on this planet. One kindness at a time.

Courtney G. from Colorado DECEMBER 18, 2009
I enjoy this so much and every time I watch it I tear up! I really do appreciate this organization.

Wanda S. from Arcadia, La. NOVEMBER 16, 2009
I enjoy this very much and I appreciate the message that it sends.There is love and hope and peace and we need that in this day. Thank you and God Bless.

Jaren D. from Salt Lake City, UT NOVEMBER 5, 2009
Hope in our current economy is a bright light at the end of a tunnel, thank you for caring and sharing.

Bonnie Z from Cathlamet, WA NOVEMBER 1, 2009
Thank you for the reminder of who we are and why we are here.

Phil C from NC USA NOVEMBER 1, 2009
I'd wish every parent out there to watch these with their kids. It's a good why to illustrate the tried and true values of our society; especially now, when it's most needed. Well done and passed on.

Tatiana M. from Wellsboro, PA OCTOBER 24, 2009
Thank you for giving us strength and hope, reminding us of the most important things in life... Thank you!

Trisha W. from Orange County, California OCTOBER 6, 2009
I gave this CD/book to my Mother for Valentines Day several years ago because I love the message it sends. She passed away a week later. Every time I hear this song, she's right back with me. She would have loved FFABL and what it stands for.

jim b from new mexico SEPTEMBER 2, 2009
great stuff!

Krista S. from Overton, Texas JULY 12, 2009
I absolutely love these commercials and this is my favorite one because it has my favorite song in it. It also encourages me to live my life and not to look at the dark side. I'm eleven years old but I try to help and encourage people to live their life and never lose hope.

Amy D. from Dubai, UAE MAY 5, 2009
My father used to dance with me that way when I was a little girl, with my feet on his. I'm married now but I will always be his baby. Thanks for this. It reminds us that life can be truly enjoyed in its simplest forms.

Valerie S. from Saskatchewan, Canada MAY 1, 2009
This song stirs me to get UP off the couch, listen to the music of life, not be depressed by the dust, the spilled drinks, the bad behavior, the disappointments and betrayals before that point, and to just GET IN THERE and DANCE! It's time to get up and Dance! Thanks for the motivation.

Sandi P. from Summerland Key, FL MARCH 29, 2009
This commercial sent me to your site because I have long loved this song and it's message. I am thrilled by the site's message and I sent the link to my son as I did the song years ago. This song is perfect.

Ed M. from Alexandria, VA FEBRUARY 16, 2009
This is a brilliant piece. I love the music and the imagery that accompanies it. Currently in my life I am hoping to get a second chance to dance. This spot is great inspiration and I play it several times a day to remind myself that hope is a beautiful thing and that hope never dies. Thank you for the great work that you do.

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
"I hope you dance" ... so much spoken in such few words. The montage that you added with the song makes it much more powerful and the image of the little girl dancing with her father brought tears of happy memories to my eyes. Inspiring.

Jacqueline C from Memphis, TN OCTOBER 20, 2008
I can't believe this comes without a price! The best things in life are truly free! There are yet no words to describe the high that resonates from these scripts. Just thank you!

Kim C. from Scottsdale, AZ OCTOBER 19, 2008
It's so easy to let life overwhelm you and go into survival mode. Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning and reminding me "to dance". Wishing that everyone will dance today...

Christy O. from Iowa SEPTEMBER 29, 2008
My mother has dedicated this song to both my sister and I. Naturally, when I heard it on TV, I stopped to find out what it was all about. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site! I will be coming by here for inspiration on a regular basis.

Ebby D. from Abilene, TX SEPTEMBER 13, 2008
I remember when I was eleven my mom got me this song on a CD with a book and every time I hear it I think of the wonderful values she has instilled in me, a beautiful song for mothers to their babies. I hope I can pass the book, CD, and more than anything the message on to my babies.

Susie H. from Reston, VA JUNE 27, 2008
Simply WOW. Thanks for sharing.

Sara L. from Massachusetts APRIL 12, 2008
I love each and every one of these clips! Such uplifting and inspiring messages portrayed! My favorite is this one! Thank you so much, I'm glad these are being shown to people in today's society......

Claire F. from Lakewood, CA MARCH 14, 2008
Perfectly Perfect! Denfinately an eye-opener... My boyfriend and I watched this with high hopes of the future! AMAZING WORK...

Jennie C. from New York, USA MARCH 8, 2008
Love this song! We used it for a college graduation! It brought me to this wonderful site! It certainly touches at our heartstrings! Thank you! Thank you! I'll pass it on to all my friends!

Dan Allen B. from Portland, Oregon USA FEBRUARY 27, 2008
When I saw the TV spots, curiosity led me to check out the web site. I kept looking for the "catch" the sales pitch, or some thinly veiled disguise that would reveal the offer. But to my amazement, instead I have found the cure for humanity, which is hope and all the other important messages you have brought to the world...and now I will pass it on.

Greg I. from Boise, Idaho USA JANUARY 29, 2008
This is amazing! The perfect message to accompany a great song! Thanks for sending this kind of energy out into the world. We need it!

M. L. A. from Bournemouth, United Kingdom JANUARY 25, 2008
Speachless; this made a tear come to my eye. Times can be tough but like it says we cannot forget to Dance. Love you Zenobia; don't forget to Dance!

These are wonderful! Our family sure knows how wonderful people can be when we need help and support. Our family has had three miracles in the last year and are now praying for another as I am now being treated for breast cancer. These videos are in inspiration!!!

Amber N. from Rhode Island, USA JANUARY 7, 2008
I love this song. No matter what happens, let those close to you know how much you love them, never take good things for granted, and above all...enjoy life. I am intent on doing just that. After all, you only get one chance.

Moon from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam JANUARY 2, 2008
I am 22, just getting over a difficult time and have almost lost trust in humanity. However, I know in life there is still something to care about and this spot inspires me a lot. This is the way I enjoy my spare time. Still a long way to go...so live life!!! I hope that everyone can feel this spot in their heart, and feel relieved and encouraged like me.

MariCarmen D.L. from Fuente Condado, Puerto Rico DECEMBER 17, 2007
So inspiring, I am a church Leader for a single ministry in Puerto Rico, and a coach to young people. I would love to have a copy of this spot.

Jim Irvin from Levelland TX DECEMBER 14, 2007
Great commercials. I use them with my High School students. Do you have a CD available so I could show them on a larger screen?

Raguia B. from Cairo, Egypt DECEMBER 2, 2007
I hope everyone can see this--it's very inspiring, thanks for your efforts!

Marty D. from Abingdon, Maryland, USA NOVEMBER 29, 2007
What a wonderful commercial! It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Thank you.

Marilyn M. from Hanover, Maryland USA OCTOBER 29, 2007
I played this song for my mother to send a message to her grandchildren at her funeral. She lived her life to this song!

Derek T. from Lafayette, Colorado USA OCTOBER 13, 2007
I love this commercial! With all the hate, anger, and negativity we hear of in the world it is wonderful to be reminded by this organization that the good things far out-weigh the bad - keep spreading the message!

Skip V. from Colorado, USA OCTOBER 13, 2007
A neighbor and friend of ours recently lost his battle with cancer leaving behind his wife, son and daughter. When I saw his wife today and saw the tears when she described how much she missed him, it just made the tears flow when I saw this spot tonight. We all need to enjoy life to the fullest, and help others to do the same. Pass it on...

Sharon S. from Vancouver, WA, USA OCTOBER 1, 2007
I am 64 years old and an author who started late in life. Publishing can be discouraging, but this video inspires me "to dance" through the places in my mind and continue writing.

Ingrid S. from Abbeville, South Carolina USA SEPTEMBER 1, 2007
Life is a journey and this video and song inspires us to make this journey and realize that we have only one life and let's not waste it.

Cindy B. from Palmdale, California USA AUGUST 27, 2007
I loved it! I would like to see more of these on TV. Seen many but love them. Keep it up! Inspiration is what is needed today.

Delfin C. from Taiwan AUGUST 18, 2007
Every thought has a particular vibration. We can send people loving, positive, encouraging thoughts. Thank you very much.

Zen U. from Macau S.A.R. AUGUST 14, 2007
Mass media need to be flooded with value-laden material. These FBL video clips are a positive contribution in this regard. I hope to see this effort replicated worldwide.

Penny M. from Oswego, New York USA AUGUST 10, 2007
WOW, brought me back to dancing on my own fathers feet as a little girl. Living life to the fullest, with peace and love is the best gift we can teach all our children!

Sophia M. from Honolulu, HI JULY 24, 2007
A reminder to always be mindful.

leigh h. from middletown, pa JULY 10, 2007
If only there could be more people with the generous and creative souls of those in the family who make this whole foundation possible. Your work is needed and noticed. Thank you.

Michelle L. from Falmouth, Maine JUNE 13, 2007
I was seven months pregnant the first time I heard this song. With tears running down my face, I couldn't imagine more perfect words to pass on to my daughter...I still cry EVERY time I hear this song and my daughter just smiles because she knows.

Tina S. from Baltimore, Maryland JUNE 8, 2007
This really helped my realize that I forget to dance. I don't dance enough. Now I will remember. Thank you for the beautiful video and song. I hope you dance.

Ahmed from Egypt JUNE 4, 2007
this is good

Marcos A from Santiago, Chile MAY 25, 2007
Es un mensaje precioso, gracias...

Vince T from New Mexico, USA MAY 18, 2007
Absolutely brilliant! I love your message and your work.

Irene S. from Pennsylvania MAY 17, 2007
This is my all-time favorite commercial. I think the editors should be give large kudos because of the way the pictures blend so seamlessly from one to another. This commercial has been such an inspiration to me. After a bad auto accident and bouts with 2 different cancers plus chemo, I have taken back my life and continue to do whatever I can with my limited abilities. My trees and gardens are more beautiful than ever and are a home to wildlife. I try to teach myself something new each day, and give something back to someone else. When I feel down, I go here to the site, play it and feel I can go on.

Jean B from Australia MAY 5, 2007
Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! We should all be dancing...

Paulo F from Portugal APRIL 23, 2007
...i will dance...

Fred B from Martinsville, Va 24112 APRIL 1, 2007
Wonderful combination of music and video. All who are responsible should be proud. Outstanding message for whole world.

Jung-in Kim from Seould, Korea MARCH 22, 2007
Great song, profound message! Well done! I hope everyone in this world watch this.

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2007
I would like to see these commercials on my e-mail.

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