You Can Let Go

In a heartwarming story capturing the life cycle of a daughter and her father we see shared moments remembered through Crystal Shawanda's ballad "You Can Let Go." The value of Everlasting Love is poignantly conveyed in an encouraging message for all ages.


Music: Wind blowing on my face, sidewalk flying beneath my bike
A five year olds first taste of what freedom’s really like
You can let go now, daddy. You can let go
Your little girl is ready to do this on my own
It’s gonna be a little bit scary
But I want you to know, I’ll be okay now daddy
Voice Over: “Everlasting Love. Pass it on”
You can let go
Super/VO: Everlasting Love…Pass it On. The Foundation for a Better Life

Love. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Ellery from US APRIL 17, 2024
This commercial aired a lot back when I was in high school. It made me cry every time I saw it. Now I'm almost 31 and my daddy is sick. I thought of this video instantly. Please pray for my daddy <3

Rafa from Whitewater, Wi APRIL 16, 2024
I don't like this. \ I love it omg, I'm crying I swear this is amazing and the best thing ever.

Ricardo from San Diego California FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Maravilloso tema grandioso en verdad lo amó..

Kathryn from Louisiana  DECEMBER 18, 2020
Love this...Being a mother, a grandmother, and now a great grandmother...this hits home. With life comes love, with love you learn to let go. Very touching video.

Sean M from St Pete Fl APRIL 1, 2020
This is painfully beautiful I'm at the stage in my life where my daughter turned 18. She went out on her own at 17. Now she is live her life while she is overwhelmed and struggling and no matter what advice I give her she still doesn't her way.yeah I can only sit here watch her make mistakes let her learn from them and let her live her life. I raised her on my own and it's so hard to watch her struggle. I feel like I have my hands tied behind my back and watching her through a looking Glass and I can't do a thing but let her go

Anonymous JULY 22, 2019
I needed that today that was all I needed today (:

Anonymous MAY 2, 2019
This was a heartwarming song and thank you for this song Crystal

amrit from india JULY 9, 2018
Heart touching song,, one of my favourite song ever, whenever I feel bad and hurt I love love to listen this song.

Afreen from India FEBRUARY 22, 2018
awww so heartwarming...!!

Anonymous DECEMBER 19, 2017
it makes my friend cry but its sweet and it makes me think of my dad

Bonnie from Florida SEPTEMBER 4, 2016
Great site to pass on Thank You

Chey from CA AUGUST 29, 2016
i made myself sad

mahdie from iran AUGUST 21, 2016
love of the best sites ive ever made me thing more

Nelaine from Arizona JUNE 28, 2016
Inspiring videos! "YOU CAN LET GO".... thought of my Dad.

charlie from akron JUNE 22, 2016
this song makes me cry

TX APRIL 25, 2016
Best site I've visited. Positivity + Positivity equals real results Real time. Thanks

Kathy from Madison SD APRIL 24, 2016
A positive message for Elliott in Seattle Washington. To open up for choosing forgiveness will give you strength in everyday life. PLEASE FORIVE & LET GO

Elliott from Seattle WA MARCH 12, 2016
my dad pass away on February 7 from als i was there on February 8 spend a night there my mom and my brother was there my dad told him he was sorry for beaning men to him is been so hard for me to move on

Isabel from Ohio, U.S DECEMBER 9, 2015
this video makes me choke up and my eyes well up-sad but inspiring. I can't imagine being in her position.

john from india NOVEMBER 15, 2015
Brilliant...absolutely brilliant ....very inspiring, very sensible values from one so young

john from india NOVEMBER 15, 2015
Touches your Heart .... so appropriate the words the video

Anonymous NOVEMBER 15, 2015
so sad.

NULL from NULL JULY 8, 2015
I'm glad to have my parents with life. This comercial show me how important it is to be with our parents, enjoy every single day and moment with them. Seriously I can't imagine my life with them.

NULL from NULL JANUARY 22, 2015
this makes me sad

NULL from NULL JANUARY 20, 2015
My father was in hospice and suffering from dementia. Some days he was lucid, but more often than not, he wasn't. I chose not to see him before he passed away, because I didn't think I could bear the possibility that he wouldn't know who I was. I regret that decision now. This commercial drove home to me how important it is to be with our parents in their time of need, whether they know we're there or not. I love you, Dad! <3

BoB Brown from Aurora Colorado AUGUST 7, 2014
I certainly am glad to see someone else kisses his parent(s) goodbye in this situation!

TM from Salt Lake City FEBRUARY 22, 2014
My 8 year old cried for an hour after watching seeing this on TV. Funny..I was distracted by the helmet on the small girls head.. wondering if it is good enough!!

Michelle from Los Angeles FEBRUARY 16, 2014
This comercial always makes me cry no matter how many times I watch it

Beth from Westlake, Ohio JANUARY 26, 2014
I first saw the video of this song the morning after my beloved father passed away and I absolutely sobbed! I haven't seen it in 5 years and it still makes me cry and I still miss him like crazy.

Joanne from Ontario, Canada JANUARY 24, 2014
This so touched my heart. I've lost both my beloved parents over the last several years. Thank you for producing such inspirational commercials. I plan on watching each of them with my granddaughter, and discussing the lesson. Great teaching tool!

Sally from Napa JANUARY 3, 2014
My father was dying of Alzheimer's, when my mom lovingly said, those same words. It was so meaningful to me. He died the next day in peace.

Tessa York from Mayville, WI. DECEMBER 30, 2013
This reminds me of when my mom was at the hospital with me. I was 5 years old. My grandpa was dying, my mom was sad. She was crying. My grandpa had canser, however you spell it.

Lissete from Hialeah, FL OCTOBER 30, 2013
Thank You Beautiful I Sit Next To My Father This Very Moment @ hospice And Tell Him Constantly Its Ok.. He Is Still HoldinG On :(

gabriela castillo from Honduras OCTOBER 18, 2013
this video reminds me of my granpa .. makes me cry!

Tatyanna from killeen OCTOBER 18, 2013
this comercial makes me fell all warm and fuzzy inside

tj from verona AUGUST 27, 2013
wish i could tell my story...Iam oldest of 8...father of 6...and grampa of 2..parenting and sacrifice should be the same word..You dont let go till you cant hang on....should be shown at every high school graduation ...thank you for a special moment today.........yours truly ..........Dad

Sim from Europe  AUGUST 1, 2013
I don't like it i love it

greatest news from New York AUGUST 1, 2013
Hey, thanks for the article.Really thank you! Fantastic.

news from New York JULY 26, 2013
RS621Y Great post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

Kendra Crockett from Huntington,WV JULY 11, 2013
I just lost my Dad...He was buried a week ago...both of my parents were in hospital...felt like I was living the movie "The Notebook."...had no idea I was going to lose him then and I am RN...but I stayed with him from 2:00 pm until the next afternoon at 1:58pm...I had gathered closet family and at that last breath...I was there to "Mark the Moment."...He was the parent I shared the closest bond with...this is what makes it hard...but I did tell him he could "Just Let Go."...Dad...I miss you...always will...

Jill from Delta, BC JULY 11, 2013
that was a tough one...very beautiful

great service from New York JULY 4, 2013
uMkHJ7 Thanks-a-mundo for the article.

Abhijeet Benjamin from JUNE 29, 2013
actually this videos must be shown to all current generation children so that at least they will try to respect their parent s and elders and secondly that a heart touching which help us to recall all that my Parents did for me.... thank you for making me realize

wiki from New York JUNE 11, 2013
Thank you ever so for you blog article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

Diana May from New York MAY 16, 2013
this video is emotional and I can relate to it. I had my god mother arlene for a long time she taught me about god. she spent alot of time with me and then I had to let go of her. I miss her so much this video also made me cry. she was the most beautiful person in my life I love her so much she is everything to me.

West Andrade from Los Angeles MAY 15, 2013
This is a truly beautiful commercial. It always gets to me and makes me wish my little girl wasn't growing up. Just knowing that someday, ill have to walk her down the aisle, and give her to another person to care for and do all the things that I have tried to do for her, it brings me to tears. I wish I could have her forever be small, in my arms and always needing her daddy, but it brings joy that someday, ill know that she can stand on her own. Ugh, you guys know how to hit the tear drop ducts. Beautiful.

Vanessa from Lynwood APRIL 30, 2013
I love this video, it makes me cry every time I watch it.

Cody smith from Nc APRIL 8, 2013
While your watching this, think about your loved ones, you'll cry.

Ozzy from Nc MARCH 27, 2013
Ok I need to stop watching this... I have tears in my eyes.

Ozzy from Nc MARCH 27, 2013
@cyke1 I'm sorry to here that... He is in a better place now.

Ozzy from Nc MARCH 27, 2013
I'm going to be honest, I cried.... A lot. I LOVE YOU VALUES.COM!

Rachel from Washington MARCH 26, 2013
Tissues please!

Rj Fox from California MARCH 24, 2013
How dare you! Put those commercials on for me to watch! How dare you! Make me cry, and wish the entire world could be as gracious, and wonderful as that. With the media like it is, you just have to turn on the news to see the inhumanity. That’s why I want to commend you for your beautiful, inspirational, hopeful, encouraging messages. I like to see more positive influences on our society, young to old. It doesn’t matter what our stations in life are, we’re all on this planet together, so thank you very much for passing it on. Do dare to be good! Sincerely, Rj Fox

Letty from texas MARCH 21, 2013
I love this commercial! Every time I see it, I cry. Thanks!

Shmoo from IL MARCH 16, 2013
I saw the Remember When commercial on tv, which had me in tears. I had to come to the website, and I found this video. This hits so close to home, and this song just means so much to me. My Dad passed away from early onset Alzheimer's when I was 21, and this song and Remember When are 2 of the songs that just mean so much.

cyke1 from somewhere FEBRUARY 17, 2013
About a Week before I first saw this commercial air on, my dad was in the hospital and passed away.

Lois from Ashland, VA JANUARY 7, 2013
I cry everytime I see this. That's my dad. He worried about me. I was the youngest of 5 children. Our relationship was the greatest. He was my everything, he was my Rock.

Melissa from Florida SEPTEMBER 24, 2012
That was my father and I though he did not get to walk me down the aisle. I was there when he died. I was the one who told him to let go. I miss him and this video that gives me comfort.

Lisa from Ohio JULY 13, 2012
This video is my father and me exactly. I am the only child he walked down the isle and I was the one by his bed that night to tell him to let go. He wouldn't until I told him. He was my life, my heart, my soul. We did everything together. I miss him as much today as when he passed on 7 years ago.

Edmond Lim from Marine Parade , Singapore JUNE 16, 2012
Really missed my mom who passed on last April! Kind of regret for not spending most of my time with her !

Lina Yang from CHINA JUNE 13, 2012
Can't control my tears, very touching moments, miss my dad...

lanna from new mexico JUNE 6, 2012
This commercial just hits me every time. It's just that knowing that your parents aren't going to be there for you through the whole time of your life :/ and it's sad to think that.

Judy from Oklahoma MAY 31, 2012
I even showed this video to my Dad. He passed away 51 days ago, and yes, I had to tell him to let go...that I'd be ok...that we'd all be ok. I am NOT ok without him here, I miss him so much. But I have God

maliyah from wv MAY 3, 2012
Hey your video inspires me because my Pap is more of a dad than my real dad and I just thank you for this video because I know not to give up.

Eugene S. from Norwalk, CA. APRIL 27, 2012
I pray that I can be able to be a father my child appreciates when I'm older. Thank you very much for making this video.

Gail H. from Pennsylvania APRIL 26, 2012
This is the greatest video ever! It reminds me of my dad and how he left us and I cry everytime I replay it. I was his favorite daughter. He passed away 4 years ago March 15, from single cell lung cancer.

Elo from Phila APRIL 10, 2012
My daughter, whom I love very much, is getting older,(21), dating and eventually will leave the nest. I cherish the times we had and the relationship we do have. Selfishly I don't want to let her go, but I must let her live her life. I feel I need to protect her----at all times. That's my job. I'm reluctant to pass her over to another man who will take her as his wife although that is what she may want (and I want for her). It's just my personal apprehension. My cross to carry. It's years away, but closer than I wish for. This video is touching for I feel/hope as the years go bye that she feels the same about me as the person in the video. To sum up my thoughts on this video: Touching. Thank you.

Dana from Australia FEBRUARY 26, 2012
it is sad and touching

martha orzua from houston Tx FEBRUARY 9, 2012
I'm 15 years old and ive only seen my dad exactly 3 times. he lives in Mexico me and my sis struggled alot with out him. I first heard this song in a talent show and it made me cry, i just tought ill give any thing to share all the momments with him. to be with him when ever he got sick. i love and admire your songs. Every time i sing this song i cry ever singal time...

Ivy from San Diego, CA FEBRUARY 7, 2012
My Father passed away in 2009, a month before i met my fiance and a year before we got married. This video always reminds me of him yet i like the feeling of crying while watching it... He'll always be remembered.

shalini from india FEBRUARY 2, 2012
i just loved it really i am speechless<3

His Number 1 from Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO FEBRUARY 2, 2012
My Daddy Died from NSCLC on January 10,2012 with my sisters and I at his bedside just like the spot. I'd been so consumed with caring for him that I have never seen it. Immediately brings tears to me and my 4 year old daughter who we had told but she did'nt get it til now. Thanks for helping illustrate the cycle of life.

celia from Delray Beach Fl JANUARY 22, 2012
me ayudo mucho en este momento que estoy viviendo

Katie R. from Idaho JANUARY 18, 2012
i watched this video a million times and i cried every time i did!! this video is very touching and i encourage everyone to watch this video and see if it was the same for you!!!!

Drake from Georgia NOVEMBER 29, 2011
I lost my father on New Years day 8 years ago this year. I was fourteen at the time, I am now 22. I know this video shows a woman losing her father but my father was 38 years young. Leukemia is a wicked thing, he was a professional athlete that was bed stricken by the end. Here I am about to pop the question to my girlfriend in a few months and this video literally catches a glimpse of my life! I love it! -Pass It ON!

Zuhaib Jamal from Islamabad,Pakistan NOVEMBER 15, 2011
LOVE YOUR DAD FOLKS. When dad leaves then we realize that someone has shaken off the sky over our head.

lavii hau from hawaii NOVEMBER 9, 2011
today makes a year since my dad died and i just watched this video and it is so touching i love this video....awesomest ever

Dave from Kansas City,MO,USA SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
My mother's life passed from this Earth 30 years ago, but, the knowledge of her no longer suffering brings comfort to me. And her memory provides strength during the tough times. Thank you for this video!! Thanks, Mom, for so many years of love and support!!!!

Bill S from Louisville, Ky SEPTEMBER 10, 2011
I enjoyed the video very much. It brought back memories of That Beautiful Day on which I gave my wonderful daughter away to be married not so long ago.

courtney from ohio AUGUST 23, 2011
it is sad and toching

Susan P. from Florida, USA AUGUST 21, 2011
I love all of your commercials, esp. "You Can Let Go Now , Daddy". They all make me cry and live my life a little better!! I think they should be shown all over the world and often!!! God bless you!!!!

RLS from Kansas City, KS AUGUST 16, 2011
Thanks for creating this video. It reminds me of my grandfather, who was more of a father to me than my real dad. PawPaw taught me how to ride a bike and I wanted him to walk me down the aisle if I ever got married. However, the Good Lord called him home about 2 weeks ago. His passing broke my heart, yet knowing that he was no longer in any more pain gave me comfort. Plus, he lived a full, happy life. I am very blessed and grateful to have had him in my life.

Annalisa from Pennsylvania AUGUST 9, 2011
I just watched this on CBS, and it breaks my heart to dust. My Dad died 3 years ago and I still miss him so much. He actually did teach me to ride my bicycle and he almost cried after I got married. I remember my Dad in this video, I cry for 10 minutes every time I see it. I love you, Daddy, and I will always miss you.

Christene from San Francisco AUGUST 5, 2011
This commercial is soo sad. I almost thought I would lose my dad when he had leukemia. I prayed so hard for his recovery and he pulled through. Those were the saddest and happiest days of my life. That was about 10 years ago. He is 75 now and will be walking me down the aisle in a few months.

Wendy T. from Smithfield, KY JULY 27, 2011
I cry every time I hear this-but they are tears of joy and gratitude. My Father died at home a year ago, after 93 years of life, and went to join my Mother. This song takes me back to the time I told each of them they could "let go" - that they had done their work here and that I, their daughter - we, their family- and all who knew and loved them would be OK. Thank You for this beautiful message.

Fran Wall from Fernandina Beach, Florida JULY 25, 2011
I lost my husband to cancer two years ago. This commercial tears at my heart. When I met Ed, I had a six year old daughter and he bought her a new bike and taught her to ride it. He was so proud of her. They loved each other so much that the year after we married, he adopted her. He was first in her heart and she in his. You would never have known they weren't blood relations. He walked her down the aisle and gave her away the look on his face of pride, love, and the slight sadness for loosing his little girl was similar to the video. When he was dying, she would hover around his bed and tell him that she was going to be okay and he could go home to Jesus. I cry each time I watch this story. Thank you for your heart-felt inspirations.

John Harrison from Key Largo, Florida JULY 22, 2011
It's a great commercial. The first few times I saw it, I thought it was a commercial for an insurance company or hospital or nursing home, something like that. I guess they made the commercial to make people feel nostalgic.

Mildred H. from Shreveport, LA JULY 19, 2011
This commercial is such an inspiration, reminds me of my DAD, he's been gone for 25 years, but I still remember his last days,

Tina from Idaho JULY 18, 2011
This ad speaks to anyone and everyone who has ever lost someone they cherished. It gives me a sense of comfort having just lost my great grandmother to cancer watching this ad- thank you.

AJ from Southern Califonia JULY 6, 2011
ohh... this commercial almost made me cry! I love you dad though I never showed it to you, but deep inside it's there.

Karen N from Mauritius JUNE 28, 2011
Lost my Papa recently and this video makes me think about me and him..I still cannot believe he is gone..I want him to come back so badly.

Virginia R. Cervantes from San Antonio, Texas JUNE 22, 2011
What a beautiful inspiration to watch everytime this commercial appears. As sad as it is to watch, it is so true. We are all here for a short while and we must treasure those close to us and love them enough to not keep them suffering and expect what is inevitable, we must tell them we will be fine in the end, because we were raised and loved in the best way they knew how, be they parents, siblings,spouses or best friends. We need to let them continue on their journey so they can be at peace and know they will always be loved, whether here or when they've gone on. This is truly a beautiful commercial of LOVE and respect.

Desley M. from Thunder Bay ONT. JUNE 21, 2011
Touching...Brings tears to my eyes. Sooooo sad.

Laura P. from Texas JUNE 20, 2011

Nancy from Pennsylvania JUNE 15, 2011
It made me cry my eyes out. It`s really an emotional song. But it means a lot to me.

Robin K. from Kennesaw, GA JUNE 13, 2011
I viewed this commercial for the first time today and started bawling. It is difficult to read the comments through my tears. I lost my Daddy in January of 2006, and I believe that he is up in heaven, still watching over me like he did when I was that little girl on the bike. Thank you so very much for this beautiful and touching commercial as well as all of your others. They are much appreciated!

Sharon W from Hampton,VA JUNE 13, 2011
This is the most beautiful song I have heard. Lost my Dad 12/06/06 and I miss him everyday. Your song touches my heart every time I hear it. Thanks.

Veronica from Virginia JUNE 11, 2011
It breaks my heart when I see this commercial because it makes me realize how strong a child bond is with their parents. I grew up without my dad. My dad was never there for me and not only me, but for my other siblings as well. My mom had to be the mother and father to us working a minimum wage job. I just wish things could go back and my dad was a different man and been there for us and I would know what it is like to have that kind of bond with my father.

Lisa from Chicago JUNE 8, 2011
Tears stream down my face everytime this commercial comes on. I lost my Dad in 2007 in the same matter the commercial portrays. Just sitting and holding his hand while he passed broke my heart and gave me relief at the same time. I miss you so much Dad.

Michelle from California JUNE 7, 2011
Lost my dad in Oct of 2010....he had heart trouble and my older sister took him in to her house to care for him since she was a nurse. He asked for all his kids to be together the day before he passed and so we did. He told each and everyone of us a personal goodbye and after he passed I went into the room where he laid and told him "Don't worry I'll be's okay to go on dad"

Deborah, J from Georgia JUNE 6, 2011
This commercial is the most touching for me because my Dad passed away Christmas eve of 2007. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and was at his end stage. I took care of him for the last three years of his life. For the thirty days before he died he was at home with me in hospice care. I went to him the night before he died and held his hand and told him that it was ok. "You can let go now daddy and I will see you soon". I cry every time I see or hear this commercial and think about my Daddy and how much I love him and miss him so much. He was the first man in my life and my first love.

Rhonda from Chicago JUNE 5, 2011
This say's it all for me! He was there when I came into this world and I was there when he left this world. He's on another mission right now. He was the best father..and I miss him, but his spirit soars and there is no suffering nor pain where he is!! I told him to let me know that he made the light.. and when he took his last breath I got my answer.. his new shaver (no batteries) went off in the bag I carried down the hallway. We will be together again! Love you Dad!!

Kerri from Ohio JUNE 5, 2011
My father and I are close. I don't think I could ever let him go. My family just lost my Grandmother, my father's mother, and before she died we told her she could let go. This spot brings me tears.

Maria Samar from Stockton CA JUNE 2, 2011
Lost my dad 9 yrs ago still miss him so much. I regret the time that I didn't tell him how much I loved him.

Susan from VA JUNE 1, 2011
Just lost my dad 3 months ago today and saw this commercial for the first time this morning. Can't stop crying. Very powerful!

Connie R. from Longview, TX MAY 28, 2011
Very Moving and Powerful!!! Thank You so much for the Inspiration!!

Lori A. from Providence, RI MAY 27, 2011

Colleen M. from New Orleans, LA MAY 26, 2011
This commercial brings me to tears each time it is on. There is a special connection between dads and daughters - my Dad taught me to ride my bike, just like this Dad, and walked me down the aisle. I know this day will be coming with my Dad, and I will have to love him enough to let him go - just like he did for me.

Gean K. from Terlingua, Texas MAY 25, 2011
I have three daughters and three grand daughters and one grand daughter. I don't know if they will ever know how much I love them and how hard it will be to let go. I know it will happen probably sooner then later. When I see this commercial I have to get up and walk out of the room or everyone will see me cry. I know how hard it was to let go of my Dad.

Daniel from California MAY 21, 2011
This commercial brings me to tears every time I see it. My little girl is 5 right now. She was born 3 months early and it has been a long road to get to where she is now. She is the light of my life and these commercials remind me to savor every day I have with her. I will love you forever my sweet Lea.

Warren Littrell from Grayslake, IL MAY 16, 2011
This TV spot is the best of all the produced. I choke up every time I see it. Thanks,

Rob P. from Penna. MAY 15, 2011
It makes you realize, that time is fleeting. One day your holding your child in your arms, and it seems like, you turn around and they are off to college, always enjoy the little things our kids have to offer.

Holly from Everett, Washington MAY 14, 2011
Everytime I see this I can't stop crying because I think of my dad.

Aarti from India MAY 13, 2011
Really touching....I love it

Carlos from Orlando, Florida. MAY 11, 2011
This commercial was so beautiful, speaks to the heart and touches on the importance of a good father daughter relationship from beginning to the end. Love..Pass it on!!!

Nic from San Diego, CA MAY 6, 2011
This commercial depressed me when I first saw it a few months ago. It scared me to think of not having my own mother

Danisha S from Memphis, TN. MAY 4, 2011
I really don't care for commercials, but this one really touched my heart. The song goes along so well with the commercial. When I first saw it, I almost cried, and I actually got online to find it again, LOL. I really like the "Pass It On" commercials, they really teach life lessons.

Kim L. from Florida MAY 2, 2011
I was blessed with the best dad ever. Really. This video spoke to my heart and brought to remembrance so many sweet memories. Enjoy and appreciate your relationships, today. Before it's too late.

Mana from Hawaii APRIL 30, 2011
My dad died 3 months ago to cancer. I'm only 19, so it's tougher to know parts in this clip I won't share with him.. like my wedding day. Though he will be there in spirit, it's not the same.

Jimena M from Raleigh, NC APRIL 30, 2011
My Daddy passed away 7 months ago. When I saw this commercial for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes because that's exactly how I felt sitting with him in the hospital promising that I would take care of my mother since she is ill. I love the song and the commercial, I've forwarded it to my friends.

Roxanne W. from Tryon APRIL 22, 2011
My Daddy died 2 years ago. Every time I watch this commercial, I cry, as I, too, along with my youngest daughter, held my Dad's hands until our gracious Lord carried him Home. He taught me to ride a bike and a horse, and so many life lessons...too many to count. I miss him so much, especially when something wonderful happens in my life and I wish I could share it with him and my Mom. Giving him permission to ride on to a new barn in heaven on our last "trail ride" together, and leaving me behind to go back alone to the old barn to live the rest of my life, was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was blessed to have you as my Dad.

Kem Nawrocki from Upstate NY APRIL 21, 2011
I lost my Dad 6 months ago and the hospital scene brings back tearful, yet wonderful, memories of my last moments with him. This video and song provokes us to remember the beauty of our lives and how we have all let go of things we love. Simply beautiful.

Leomac196 from Los Angeles APRIL 21, 2011
To all the parents: Life is too short. Enjoy, love and cherish your kids while there is time. To all the kids: Love and respect your parents. They will not be here forever. Tell them you love them before it is too late.

Warren Littrell from Grayslake, IL APRIL 20, 2011
This one commercial says it all. If you are a Dad, you can't help but love this one. In all, has the most inspiring videos of anyone. Keep up the high quality and inspriation for all of us.

Luz G from Atlanta,Georgia APRIL 17, 2011
As soon as I saw this video, I thought of my dad.

Desiree B from CA APRIL 15, 2011
This is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a long time. I have been trying to find out who the artist is ever since I first heard it on the commercial. Thank you for giving the artist name. I have just downloaded it from I-Tunes. Great song touching commercial.

Rob W from Wv APRIL 14, 2011
Dad had a heart attack and surgery over 3 weeks ago; still unconscious. He's had several strokes and not sure about brain damage. Its been over a month that was able to talk with him. This video touches me, to say the least.

Felix Macainan III from Shreveport, LA. APRIL 14, 2011
The response to this wonderful commercial is overwhelming. It's so touching and heartbreaking! Congratulations to a great job. You have touched so many lives.

Andi from Venice, FL APRIL 13, 2011
You can let go Dad, why can't I?

James F. from Pittsburgh APRIL 13, 2011
This is a very heartfelt commercial and as a father of two beautiful children it almost brings me to tears when I watch it and start thinking of my kids and how much longer I hae left to finish watching them grow and the song just blows me away! This commercial really drives it home!

Nora from Honduras APRIL 13, 2011
I cry every time I watch this video. It is very emotional. I thought of my grandpa and my father when I saw this and all the moments that we shared together. My father has been in the United States for almost 5 years. I miss him so much! It is wonderful have my father and grandfather alive. This video is awesome!!!

Brenda D. from Shermans Dale, PA. APRIL 9, 2011
I cry everytime I see this commercial on TV. My Father taught me to ride a bike, gave me away at my wedding and I was holding his hand when he died in the nursing home.

TJ from CT APRIL 7, 2011
Most touching ad I have ever watched in my life. I will be 46 in two weeks.

Johnny Delgado from Decatur GA APRIL 7, 2011
This commercial really touches me, being a single dad I only want to have a loving family and support my daughter. I love her to death and she is my rock. My life is so hard especially being 19 with so many responsibilities and I will fight hard so hers can be so much easier. I love you Aniyah forever and ever!

Patrick B from New Hampshire APRIL 6, 2011
I am 6 foot 2 and 20 years old. Everytime I see this I cry and tell my dad I love him this is a really good ad.

englishsunset from Malibu, CA APRIL 4, 2011
This just brought back memories of my Daddy and his letting go. I miss you Daddy.

Alice J. from SC APRIL 3, 2011
I saw this ad again today and once more the tears flowed. It is my life's story, too. My dad was there when I took my first ride on a bike, he gave me away on my wedding day, and I was there as he struggled in his last days. There is no love such as that between a father and daughter. My dad was my hero and I miss him everyday.

Cheryl S from Minneapolis, MN APRIL 2, 2011
I Just saw this commercial this evening while I was watching OWN scenes from the Oprah Winfrey Show. I lost my Daddy a year and a half ago. I cannot tell you how important this commercial is to me. I remember all those things that he did for me. He had Parkinson's disease and he died from complications with a brain hemorrhage. There is not one day that goes by that I do not miss him. I definitely was Daddy's little girl. There are so many things that are around that remind me of him. I know he is not suffering and he is very happy where he is right now. He walked me down the aisle twice when I married the same person. Our first wedding and we renewed our vows for our 25th wedding anniversary and he could not walk that well due to the Parkinson's disease and he walked very well that day. He did everything he could through the years to protect me and I believe he still is from heaven. We shared a lot of love and I believe we still do.

Kate L. from VA,Richmond MARCH 30, 2011
I love this song so much!!!

Danii from Chicago MARCH 29, 2011
No matter how many times I happen to watch this on TV I always get tears in my eyes and it makes me think about how lucky I am to have my family. No matter where our loved ones are, they will always be loved and cherished in our hearts.

Lisa A. from Sacto, CA MARCH 27, 2011
This spoke to all of us little girls inside... and still speaks to our little girls today.

Kathy A from Smithfield, KY MARCH 25, 2011
Thank you for the feelings. Today is my daddy's birthday. He has been gone now 28 years and I still miss him.

Yudith C from Miami, FL MARCH 23, 2011
Beautiful. I remember my father in this video. Thanks

Daphne from New York MARCH 19, 2011
There is nothing more beautiful than the relationship between a father and his daughter. This a commercial captures the essence of this relationship impeccably.

Patty from Mississippi MARCH 19, 2011
When I saw this commercial for the first time I was so touched and thought about friends who have lost their dads and someone who was really close to me. I just love all the commercials you have. Keep them coming!

Alicia from Sinaloa Mexico MARCH 19, 2011
Que hermoso comercial de eeste tipo de comerciales deben hacer mas para sensibilizar ala juventud k poso a poco se han ido perdiendo los vlores el amor alos padres y cuando uno crece se olvida delas personas k tanto nos aman y nos cuidaron ynos dieron lo mejor de ellos nuestros padre queridos

Cheryl from Bay City, MI MARCH 18, 2011
This is the best commercial ever on tv. I lost my Dad a year ago and it was just like this. I love you Dad and miss you tons. Please keep playing this commercial, it brings back so many tears and fond memories. Love it!!!!!!!

SP from Morristown TN MARCH 16, 2011
Es tan facil hacer que la gente entienda o aprenda acerca de los valores y de lo hermoso que tiene la vida ..solo escuchando algo tan lindo como esto sientes que tus emociones estan hay en tu corazon...

Juanita M from Spartanburg, SC MARCH 15, 2011
This song makes me think of my dad and I just start shedding tears. He is on the verge of death by cancer and I wanted to share this song with my friends and family. Thank you for sharing. Where can I download this song?? I want to play it at his funeral when the angels come to take him home.

Laura P. from Carlin, NV MARCH 13, 2011
These commercials actually give me chills. Keep them coming!

Terri from Ga MARCH 11, 2011
I lost my dad about 5 years ago.He died of a heart attack. Every time I see this commercial I cry because we were not close before he died. I never got the chance to tell him goodbye.

Renee Lescano from Martinez, CA. MARCH 9, 2011
Me encanta este comercial, se que es la realidad de la vida pero cada que mi hija y yo lo vemos se nos caen las lagrimas es muy emocional...el pensar que un dia no estaremos con ellos se me rompe mi corazon!!!

Andre G. from Maryland MARCH 7, 2011
I can't imagine not being there for my daughter. She's my youngest child, 3 boys, but there is something different about my relationship with her. I will always love her and be there for her. I may let go physically, but she'll always be my little girl. I love you Charis.

Michelle from Brooklyn, NY MARCH 7, 2011
Oh wow this is so touching and I love the actor and his expression at the end as he "watches" his daughter ride off.

Jim M from New Smyrna Beach, Florida MARCH 6, 2011
This girl really has her head screwed on straight! Beautiful voice too!!

Coco B. from Chicago MARCH 5, 2011
I love this commercial, really I do. But every time I watch it, it brings pain to my heart and soul because I wasn't ready for my daddy to let go and it's like a new scab being picked at. A lot of things that we never got to do together, like him walking me down the aisle at my wedding and seeing my future children grow up almost kills me. He died a little over four years ago and it still hurts because we had to cancel our wedding. But thank you for this, I'd like to think that the woman in the commercial is me and we got to do those things together.

S.T. from Washington MARCH 4, 2011
This song means the world to me and has helped me see my father in a whole new image... It's also the perfect song for a bride to dedicate to her father at her wedding! Great father- daughter song!!


Tangela C. Mitchell from Miami MARCH 2, 2011
What an awesome tribute to the sanctity of fatherhood. This made me cry as it did so many others, because it reflected the time, love, and care a father shows his daughter and in the end she easily and willingly showed her father the same kind of love he showed her. Such a heartfelt television spot. I look forward to more:)

Lori W from Sturtevant, WI MARCH 1, 2011
I remember telling my dad that he could let go. That I was there and would make sure my mom would be ok. He died about 20 minutes later. This commercial made me cry immediately. As I sit here writing this, tears are flowing from my eyes. So Daddy, if you can read this from heaven, I miss you and I love you.

Yolande F from Brooklyn, NY FEBRUARY 27, 2011
I Love this TV spot. It made me cry the very first time I saw it. It is a shininig example of a little girl and her Daddy.

Anita J. from Upstate New York FEBRUARY 26, 2011
When I first saw this video, I couldn't believe how much it paralleled with what was going on in my life with my Dad. I was taking care of him at home in a hospital bed with oxygen. At the very end he was in bed the whole time. I would sit at his bed late in the night or early morning and cry because I didn't want to let him go but I knew I must. He passed away a little over a month ago and I am so glad he is no longer in pain and is experiencing things we can't even imagine. I miss and love you Dad but I will see you again!

G from Maine FEBRUARY 25, 2011
My daughter is only 5 and might be moving to New Mexico with her mom to be with her new boyfriend. It seems like there is very little I can do to stop it. First time I saw this ad was the day I came home from the trial....instantly broke down into tears and I still do every time. Very sad TV ad for sure. Just makes me want to spend every minute I can with my little girl.

Mary Thompson from Griffin,GA FEBRUARY 24, 2011
My father has Parkinson's Disease, and this commercial makes me cry every time I see it. In 60 seconds it just expresses so much of the father/daughter relationship, and is so touching for me. My Dad has been my hero all of my life, and as this disease takes more of him as the time passes, my heart breaks.

Rae from FL FEBRUARY 21, 2011

Sheldon from Georgia FEBRUARY 18, 2011
This commercial gets me every time I see it. I have a 4 year old daughter and it hurts to know that I may not be there for her forever. I live for her and want to be there for her forever. One day I will have to give her away. That hurts. I love you Morgan.

Melissa from Virginia FEBRUARY 16, 2011
Seeing this commercial just makes me cry. A few months ago my father was at the hospital and I thought about all these things. I love the music and especially the video!

Jay H. from Steger, IL FEBRUARY 12, 2011
Every time I see this commercial I break in to tears. I have a 4 year old daughter and I want to be there for her so much, for every moment of her life. She (and my son) are my world. I never imagined I would ever be a father or a dad, but now I cannot imagine not being one. I will always love you, Abby!

VK from Melbourne FEBRUARY 12, 2011
"You Can Let Go" is the most satisfying tribute from a dear one, for a person about to go. It gives him peace and happiness that he has performed well during his life. What can be better!!

Tasha from SC FEBRUARY 11, 2011
Every time I see this commercial or it comes on TV and I'm in another room, I run to watch the commercial and sing along. It depicts how a daughter appreciates her father and him being there for her through her life. My father is living and has 4 girls and no boys. He has always been there for us all--even now as we are all grown and have children of our own. Whenever we are in a pickle, we call on our dad and he is there. He is the father figure for my son, who is 19y now and named after my father, who always wanted a son and never had one. This song is wonderful for memorials, father's day, and just to say thanks dad for everything. I love this song. Wonderful lyrics and music. I love it and where can you get the song to buy?

Kim Y from NJ FEBRUARY 10, 2011
Every time I see this commercial I am reminded of all of the events and milestones my father has missed over the last 16 years. Now that I have my own child, watching this makes me cry every time. We must appreciate our loved ones while they're here and let them go when they're ready to.

Denise O from Los Angeles FEBRUARY 10, 2011
This was me 8 months ago as I would visit my father as (little did I know) was dying in the hospital. This one hit home hard. I can remember the first time he helped me ride a bike by pushing it and letting go. And then walking me down the aisle. I miss him and I held his hand as he passed from this world into the next all the while, telling him that he could was okay.

Jackie M. from Georgia FEBRUARY 6, 2011
I stand still, cry and listen every time I hear this video. It makes me cry. I lost my father in 1995 and now my mother is under hospice care at a nursing home. It brings back memories of the love we shared with each other. My mother says she is tired and told the nurse she is ready to go. I had to tell her that she can let go now that we will be alright. She just looked at me. I love my mother. This video gives me so much comfort as we go through this with her. Thanks so much.

Angie from AZ` FEBRUARY 5, 2011
I'm only 11 and it's scary to think that my dad might go tomorrow, but then when I see this commercial, not only do I cry like a baby, I think about how much my dad has done for me already. Every time I see this, I cry and go give my dad a hug.

Annelisse R. from Deltona FL FEBRUARY 4, 2011
I lost my dad in March of 2010. When I saw this I couldn't stop crying but I felt comforted watching this like it was something he wanted me to see.

Stan from Denver  FEBRUARY 4, 2011
This makes me think of my friends who have lost their dear mothers and fathers. Bless all.

Shannon K. from San Diego FEBRUARY 3, 2011
Haven't lost my father, but this still made me cry. Beautiful spot.

babra k. from fort worth, texas FEBRUARY 2, 2011
i haven't lost my dad yet, but my mother passed away the day before mothers day 2010. i told her it was ok that i would take care of dad for her and keep the family together. i love all you tv spots. keep up the terrific work you are doing. and thank you for a way to reach out to people who need your messages.

Lucie H from Newalla JANUARY 31, 2011
This brought tears to me.My father took care of me while I was growing up. Then I took care of him for years as he became ill & frail. I could identify with that letting go from both sides. I still miss my "daddy" to this day.

Carol from Los angeles JANUARY 22, 2011
This spot brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for filling my heart with so much love and warmth.


Smokey A. from Georgia JANUARY 21, 2011
This is a beautiful commercial. I have both my father and grandfather and this commercial paints the picture of how much I love them and cherish the times we share!

LA from ID JANUARY 19, 2011
Lost my Dad almost a year ago,and I still cry every time this commercial comes on. At first I had to turn it off because it just hits me so hard, and it's right on the money with my Dad. He was the best Dad, just like the one portrayed in this ad. Thanks.

maria o from Shelbyville,Tennessee JANUARY 16, 2011
I like it but its very sad that I cry.

Cheryl W. from Pennsylvania JANUARY 16, 2011
I lost my dad on my birthday in October.This commercial really breaks my heart. It's hard to let go but I need to go on and be a parent that will be leave an impression on my children. Thank you for this... I need to cry sometimes to let this heartache out.

Lyn L. from Spartanburg, SC JANUARY 15, 2011
I lost my beloved "Dally" a week ago. I told him that it was ok, that he had worked hard and now he could let go. My husband promised Daddy that he would take care of me. This really hits home at a time when I really need it! Thanks!

Molly C from Brunswick, Georgia JANUARY 14, 2011
My very favorite!! It takes my breath away each time I see it...having lost my own Daddy 5 years ago.

Patce Thornton from Highlands, NC JANUARY 14, 2011
Breaks my heart. Lost my father 2 years ago and I can't let go yet. Love this ad.

Tia C from Michigan JANUARY 13, 2011
I saw this commercial last night,

Oscar C from Brooklyn ny JANUARY 12, 2011
Loved it! Dads are normally overlooked but it's great to be a good DAD.

Dan S from Gallup, NM JANUARY 9, 2011
This is an awesome video and it is my favorite of all the videos seen on TV by this wonderful foundation. I lost my dad several years back but I remember when he taught me how to ride a bike. I think that the values being shown in the videos I have seen are wonderful and if more people would apply these values to their life, the world would be a better place and the USA would begin healing.

Elizabeth G from Los Angeles, CA JANUARY 9, 2011
I saw this commercial while I flipped thru channels. I got to say it made me cry. That's something we all got to go thru in our lives and it just touched me. I just had to see it again and here I find myself on the website.

Hallie W. from Morgantown, WV JANUARY 9, 2011
I love all the commercials, but this one hits hard. I tear up everytime I see it. I miss my dad so much. Thank You for making me remember him.

Kim C. from Memphis, TN JANUARY 8, 2011
My father passed away 37 years ago when I was just 16. I wasn't ready to let go then, and after seeing this video it's obvious I still am not. I miss him everyday. However painful it is to see this video, thank you for reminding everyone how important and enduring the parent / child relationship is.

Carrie from H. JANUARY 8, 2011
I felt it was fate that I saw the tv spot, I've been looking for the perfect song to play at my Dad's memorial, next week.

Martha, M. from Tampa, Fl JANUARY 5, 2011
You are doing a great job! Finally a possitive Tv Spot! Congrats and keep going.

James L from Montana JANUARY 4, 2011
I saw this commercial just flipping thru the channels and it touched me so much I had to find the website so I can watch it over and over. I've yet to get thru it without crying. I visualize myself as the Daddy that's about to pass on and my daughters by my bedside. This video reminds me to charrish every moment with my 4 daughters and take nothing for granted.

Amanda P from Kansas City JANUARY 4, 2011
My dad passed away from cancer this past May. Tonight the kids were watching TV in the living room and I just happened to catch this commercial. That woman was me just a few months ago. I melted into a crying baby when I saw this. I actually rewound it so my husband could see it. It broke my heart but in a good way. It is important to miss and mourn. Thank you for the tears

Jennifer Cardiel from Colorado JANUARY 2, 2011
This commercial had me in tears... It reminded me of when I was at my daddy's bedside the day he lost his life and he wasn't there for my wedding or birth of my child... It's not painful to watch but I can't manage to change the channel.

PGH from Austin, Texas JANUARY 2, 2011
Thank you! I lost my Dad six months ago and this song made me remember why I loved him so!

Brittany L. from IL JANUARY 2, 2011
Amazing song! Going to be my song for my wedding!

Belinda G from Bakersfield, Ca JANUARY 1, 2011
My dad passed away and two days later I saw this clip. I started crying even more. I miss my dad so much. This is a great way to show children how to appreciate their parents.

Tee S from Ga DECEMBER 30, 2010
I love this so much,every time I see this I cry, I was a daddy's girl and this has reminded me of my daddy so much. It has been almost 2 years I miss him so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him Love and miss you daddy.

Tessa from Ga DECEMBER 30, 2010
I just saw this video and it brought me to instant tears. I lost my father at a very young age but I was blessed with a wonderful grandpa. He is now on hospice. I have spent many moments beside his bed holding his hand and remembering times we have shared. Very touching video.

Maria Paz Velazco Palma from Mobile, AL DECEMBER 28, 2010
AMO este comercial cuando lo vi me hizo llorar. (Translated from Spanish: I LOVE this commercial when I saw made me mourn.)

NW from Cincinnati DECEMBER 16, 2010
I just saw this for the first time, about an hour ago. I am completely broken down in tears. It is almost painful to watch, but in a good way. I lost my mom a year ago, and my relationship with my dad has changed, since then. We're trying to be closer, but its tough at times. This reminds me that no matter what, I love him, and he loves me. I need to focus more on the good qualities of our relationship, and not the bad. He will most likely be gone before I know it, just like my mom. Thank you for creating this- it is so poignant and true.

Dad C from Klamath DECEMBER 10, 2010
This hits a little too close to home. Brings tears to my eyes every time I see it!!

Ken B. from San Diego, CA DECEMBER 7, 2010
Every time this story is played on TV it brings tears to my eyes and makes me stop and think how important my daughters are to me and how short life will be for us together - no matter how long I live. Thank you for making such a powerful story of a fathers love for his daughter and the enduring special relationship between them that will live on.

Reggie C. from Pace, FL DECEMBER 7, 2010
I love this video message. I am at that place with my dad and it touches me deeply. I have to let go...

Marty W. from Wood Dale, IL DECEMBER 4, 2010
I just saw your commercial for the first time today (12/3/10) on FOX. It immediately brought me to tears as I thought about my own two daughters. I finished watching the program, crying the whole time, and then I showed it to my daughters. They both started to cry as well. Then I showed it to my wife and she cried. I have NEVER been brought to such emotion by any commercials other than the ones that sponsors. They are the only commercials I won't fast-forward through. Thank you.

amanda h from las vegas DECEMBER 2, 2010
Was there an hour long special on TV about this? I am just wondering because it gave me pause and I loved the message.

Silvia L from Alton, Tx NOVEMBER 30, 2010
The first time and always that I hear this song I get teary eyes. It especially it makes me think of my daddy. I love this song.

joanna m from tolland, ct NOVEMBER 26, 2010
My dad has always been there for me, and now that he is elderly this video reminds me that it is never too late to appreciate your parents.

Dustin agahi from Phoenix AZ NOVEMBER 25, 2010
This is amazing! I hope to make a commercial like this one.

everett m from providence, ri NOVEMBER 23, 2010
I work in a call center and am on the phones all the time. Whenever this commercial comes on I have to physically NOT watch it because it brings tears to my eyes every time. And that's without sound! When I heard the song just now I almost broke down. Thank God for this foundation, you are doing great work.


Mandy B. from vass, NC NOVEMBER 21, 2010
I can not say enough how much I love & appreciate this ad... It truly brings me to tears everytime I watch it!!!

Dulce S. from Cave Creek, AZ NOVEMBER 12, 2010
I cry every time I see this commercial... It brings back so many memories... My daddy was my hero. I didn't leave his side while he was in the hospital, and held his hand until he died. I whispered "you can let go now, daddy" to him...

Bob Y. from Suffolk, VA NOVEMBER 12, 2010
Beautiful words and message. This is an example of just how we can find similarities amongst us...value of family. Thanks for this

Lee B from Zephyrhills, FL OCTOBER 26, 2010
This brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw is. I lost my father 2 years ago. He was always there for me growing up and I was there when he passed away. This video brought that home.

Edna R. from Mandaluyong, Philippines OCTOBER 22, 2010
I was teary eyed after watching the video. I love it. I hope all of us will realize the many sacrifices of our fathers. I love my dad so much. Thank you for giving us a video that's so inspiring....

Deana S. from Texas OCTOBER 18, 2010
Wonderful! This is a very moving commercial! I love it!

J.Love from Georgia OCTOBER 13, 2010
I almost cry every time that I hear this song, it's a beautiful song, and I'm sorry for the people who have lost their fathers. =] - J.Love

Sue P from Kentucky OCTOBER 4, 2010
I love this.

Melody Olmstead from michigan SEPTEMBER 28, 2010
I love my dad and I will miss him so much when it is his time.

Monique d. from Florida SEPTEMBER 15, 2010
My Dad passed away unexpectedly 3 months ago. For about 2 months before he passed, I started seeing this spot on T.V. and each time it came on, I would mute the sound because I couldn't bear to hear the words of the song. I didn't want to think about the day that my Dad would be gone. One day when my son came to visit, it came on and I asked him to mute the sound. We started to talk about the spot and even went on YouTube to see the video and find out who sang the song. The morning that I got the call that he had passed away is just as fresh in my memory now as it was 3 months ago. He had not been sick and I had spoken to him the night before, so it came as a complete shock. I am comforted to some extent in knowing that things were right with us and we always ended our conversations with "I love you." I was not ready to let go of him, but it was his time and he's at peace. I miss him terribly but I can look at the video now. I still bawl each time, but I think God had been trying to prepare me to let go. Thank you to Crystal for such a beautiful song and to for sharing it.

phyllis l. from sacramento SEPTEMBER 8, 2010
I've been there many times, and it's so true. "Tears of happiness."

Linda R from Texas SEPTEMBER 7, 2010
I loved this song the moment I heard it. My father passed away and we really weren't that close. I knew he loved me, it was just some things that had happened through the years. And you try to get past them and move on, yet you just couldn't talk about it, and give each other their reasons, that's how it was with us. I had been thinking ever since he passed away, did I miss him because we didn't get past that or did I miss him because he was my father no matter what? Well, this song touched my heart and almost made me fall to the floor! I know what I felt now, because of this song! Thank you so much, you have made more than me "wake up" to the truth of many things! And God bless you all or In these trying times we need people like you everywhere. Thanks Again.

francisco,ac from phiphines SEPTEMBER 6, 2010
It is nice to hear this song - it is heart-warming and pleasant.

Pauline A from Miami, Florida AUGUST 28, 2010
This is the best ad I have ever seen. My Dad died May 2009, 5 days after his 103rd birthday. I miss him so much and this ad brought back memories of him. Crystal you are a wonderful singer!

Jessica from Providence, Rhode Island AUGUST 27, 2010
Thank you for this. It reminds me of the special times I had with Daddy as a child. He kept telling me I was "growing up too fast." Some of my most memorable moments come from times with him. Thank you, Dad. I love you. And thank you for this wonderful, inspirational commercial. :)

susan from pennsylvania AUGUST 13, 2010
The singer is Crystal Shawanda. I love this song so much. I plan on having this song played at my daughter's wedding for the father daughter dance!!

michelle G from miami, fl AUGUST 12, 2010
Makes you appreciate the little things in life that are the most important...

Erick, I from Jakarta, Indonesia AUGUST 8, 2010
I am blessed from this website. Thank you for sharing such wonderful values.

Cathy G. from Apopka, Florida JULY 30, 2010
Thank you for reminding me of all that my daddy did for me! I miss him so much!

Wayne M. from Millington, TN JULY 28, 2010
Thank you for touching my heart. I know that someday things may be like this for my little girl. She goes off to college this year, and time just seems to fly by. Again, thank you.

bev h. from Tennessee JULY 24, 2010
Who is the actor that portrays the dad in the bike flashback? P.S. LOVE THIS TV SPOT!!

Karen D. from Redondo Beach, CA JULY 21, 2010
This was a moving and tender commercial. A girl will always have a soft spot for her daddy...even if he's been gone a long time. I miss you, Daddy.

Richy B. from Temecula, CA JULY 21, 2010
Thanks for all of your positive messages... I've shown them in my classes, when discussing ethics...

Cathy K. from Iowa JULY 10, 2010
I can't thank FBL enough for these TV spots. Every time they come on I cry and am reminded about the positive things in life and how important values are.

Katie J. from Madison, WI JUNE 29, 2010
I have never in my life had a commercial bring me to tears/sobs like this commercial did and it doesn't even matter if it's the 1st or 10th time that I've seen it. So moving. Take each day as if it were your last and don't take anyone for granted. Love you daddy!!

Destiny M. from Alhambra, CA JUNE 23, 2010
I can honestly say that no other commercial has brought me even close to crying, until I saw this one. This one made me cry and think of how special my dad is to me and to most people. I LOVE YOU DADDY.

taneiya,m from sc JUNE 15, 2010
This song makes me think of what my daddy will be like when he gets older, and the little girl reminds me of myself. He helped me ride my bike, too, and even though I fell off sometimes, he picked me up every time. My dad is 25 years old and even though I might be ten, I love my dad so much and I'm telling him this - I love you, Daddy and I always will.

Kimberly J. from Moreno Valley, California JUNE 3, 2010
I started crying when I saw this commercial. My daddy passed away December 27th. He was battling cancer but passed away very unexpectedly. We played this song at his wake and funeral. He was the most amazing person you would ever meet. He would do anything for just about anyone. Please ALWAYS tell anyone you care about how much you love them because YOU WILL NEVER KNOW when they can slip away from you!

Princess S from Illinois MAY 28, 2010
I cannot express how powerful this video is to me. I lost my dad to cancer 12 years ago and remember speaking the title of this spot to him as he was dying of cancer in his hospital bed. He was my hero and my best friend. I wanted him to know it was OK and "You Can Let Go." Thank you for making such a wonderful video with such a touching message.

Steve Adegbola from Nigeria MARCH 19, 2010
Thanks for sending me the DVD of the TV Spots. I could listen to it over and over again. The message is great. I will always know that one day I will let go.

Rhianna M. from Carilisle MARCH 7, 2010
So good heart touching.

Ashley W. from California FEBRUARY 26, 2010
That's good because I lost my grandpa. . . but that helps! Thanks guys.

*sobbing* *CRYING EVEN MORE*

Kathy Sanchez from Albuquerque, NM FEBRUARY 5, 2010
Love your TV spots. We need more air time for these types of spots. Great job!

Dennis from Minnesota FEBRUARY 3, 2010
Wow, reality! Don't waste a moment. I lost my father in 2007. Still feel that same feeling at his bedside the night before he past. Just like in the video.

Robert T from Green Cove Springs, FL JANUARY 28, 2010
What a great thing for some unselfish person to do; all these ads.

Sheldon C. from Ogden, UT DECEMBER 18, 2009
Wow! Another tear-jerker for us daddies who treasure our little girls. To paraphrase Richard Paul Evans in "The Christmas Box"-- This is what it is like to be a parent; To look at my little girl and die a little inside each day. Every year my princesses (11 & 3) are growing up and it's tough to let go. Thanks for the reminder that one day, they are going to have to let go as well and it won't be any easier on them.

Carl H. from Bowling Green, KY DECEMBER 10, 2009
This is so right on with the heart I have for my little girl. To hold on to her while she's learning to fly and then loving her enough to let go when she spreads her wings. Beautiful song, Crystal. Your dad must be awesome.

Heather H from Findlay, Ohio NOVEMBER 28, 2009
I lost my grandmother to cancer a year ago. This really hit home. Thanks.

Andrea M from PA NOVEMBER 24, 2009
My Dad passed away last November at the age of 64. I wasnt ready to let go. I miss him so much and that video really touched my heart.

Noris I. from FL NOVEMBER 15, 2009
This is really sweat. I don't know how I'm going to take it when my dad dies. This brought tears to my eyes.

Cynthia B. from Minneapolis, Minnesota NOVEMBER 15, 2009
Right now as I'm writing this the tears are flowing. I've never been moved so greatly by such an ad. It was so heart wrenching. I lost my dad nine years ago and I was with him when he gave up the ghost. Seeing that little girl sharing such a precious time with her dad was so endearing. You really melted my heart with that beautiful piece. Thanks so much.

Aleigha Ricardi from Killeen, TX NOVEMBER 9, 2009
Hey Crystal, you have a beautiful voice. I love you're songs. I am 10 years old.

Rose L. from Illinois NOVEMBER 3, 2009
Thank you for some beautiful moments on TV. My husband always says, "don't that make you feel good" when we see one. To bad the whole world can't be like your ads.

Marissa B. from St. Louis, MO OCTOBER 31, 2009
I'm crying right now. This is such an emotional ad. Its simply amazing!

Sharon S from Beckley, WV OCTOBER 29, 2009
Losing my father (being his spoiled little girl) was exactly the way this worked out on your beautiful heartwrenching commercial. We even had to tell him it was okay to let go. I have NEVER seen a more beautiful and touching commercial. You have outdone every commercial there ever was, or ever will be. Simply beautiful!

Rachel P. from Colorado OCTOBER 19, 2009
Yes, you can request a free DVD and poster at

Steve Adegbola from Nigeria OCTOBER 18, 2009
Is there a way I can get a CD containing the TV spots? would like to share with colleagues as downloading is pretty difficult with our network in Nigeria.

Adegbola Steve from Nigeria OCTOBER 18, 2009
I saw this TV spot on CNN and it ministered to my spirit. I have two beautiful daughters that I love and now I know I will have to let go one day. I would like to have this audio(mp3) if possible and would also love to be a member of this values for The Foundation for a Better Life.

Kiara P from Meyer Middle School OCTOBER 15, 2009
Thank you for sending a good message for others and children!!! I appriciate it!

J.F from 512 Duninger St. OCTOBER 6, 2009
This TV spot made me cry.

Rachel P. from Colorado SEPTEMBER 25, 2009
I believe Crystal Shawanda sings "You Can Let Go."

Ray T. from Tennessee SEPTEMBER 25, 2009
Who Sings The "You Can Let Go Daddy"? It sounds like Kippi Brannon.

Linda J from Michigan SEPTEMBER 15, 2009
As sad as this message is, it is also very comforting. I let go, but will always have the everlasting love in my heart. Thank you.

Scott C. from New Castle, Indiana AUGUST 29, 2009
Beautiful, and a timeless message. This is the one universal fate, and we must stand ready to meet it. Thanks so much!

Tabitha Y. from Richland,WA AUGUST 28, 2009
I LOVE this song because it reminded me of my dad he pass away omn AUG.20 of last year and i miss him so much and he was a good daddy!!! :)

Gail F. from Iowa AUGUST 4, 2009
I lost my Dad 7/13/09. The hardest thing I ever did was to tell him it was okay to let go; but I knew it was what he wanted and needed to hear. Thank you.

Debbie C from Sterling Hieghts, MI JULY 21, 2009
Wow, I lost my dad almost 5 years ago. Talk about memories. I think my dad held my hand that tightly and I know he holds my heart forever!

Ruth D. from Tennessee JULY 10, 2009
I cry every time I see this ad. My wonderful dad is still very much alive and I dread this day, yet can view it a bit differently now. Great ad.

Patti L. from Michigan JULY 8, 2009
This is your best spot yet. I can't tell you how I feel during and after this song and story that goes with it. Memories of my Mom when she passed and how we were all there when she let go. Great work and bless you all.

Rhonda D. from Orland Hills, IL JULY 6, 2009
Oh this is such a touching song / commercial. I lost my sister and my mom in the last 3 yrs. Both were so special and important in my life. Letting go was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. But I'm grateful I was able to spend with them, their last hours of life and tell them how much I loved them and that it was OK for them to go.

Carrie J. from Fresno, CA JULY 5, 2009
This video was the best. My dad died 5 years ago of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). I remember seeing him and telling him he could let go because we were all there.

Ted S. from Baltimore, MD JULY 5, 2009
What a beautiful, beautiful production! The music is touching and the loving looks between the father and daughter are priceless. You've captured love on film.

Marti P. from Texas JULY 3, 2009
What an awe-inspiring video. It is amazing how such a short video can have such a moving affect on the heart and mind. The world needs more of this right now. Thanks for all you are doing!

VIvian R.B. from Texas JULY 1, 2009
Wow! I can barely see the keys to type. I cannot wait to use this in my leadership class on maintaining personal relationships and what love truly means. Inspiring!

Amy M. from Sandy, UT JUNE 30, 2009
Let go! Anyone with children can relate to this video. The only things you have in life when it truly matters is your family and your children! Beautiful thank you!

Michelle J. from Kalamazoo, MI JUNE 18, 2009
My grandfather(my dad's dad) died on June 10th of this year, and this song makes me think of, instead of a little girl, my father's relationship with my grandfather. It reminds me of the love they shared, and how my dad told my grandfather that it was ok to let go and be with his wife (my grandmother), and that we'd all be ok. This ad gives me comfort in a time when me and my family need it most. Thank you so much.

Tina M. from Ohio JUNE 17, 2009
My dad died the day after Father's Day. 5 months to the day after my mother died. He was laying in a hospital bed fighting to hang on when I told him to go be with me my mom. This song reminds me of him. I love it

Sheryl S. JUNE 17, 2009
Having lost my mother recently to cancer at too young an age, this TV spot really brought the tears flowing. I never told my mom it was OK for her to let go, but I know she needed to. I didn't want to let go. I just told her I loved her and those were our last words to each other.

Mary B. from St. Louis, MO JUNE 17, 2009

Tim M. from Connecticut JUNE 17, 2009
What a powerful ad. I can't remember the last time I was so moved by a song and a video story. You are doing wonderful work.

Kim D. from Haddam JUNE 15, 2009
This video gave me great comfort after 5 years of my father's passing. I was by my father's side when I told him he can let go. It brought back memories of the love we shared and have for each other.

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