Get Along

Kenny Chesney’s “Get Along” is the perfect antidote for our times. It is happy! It is doable! It feels good! Yes! Get Along... Pass It On.



Get along, on down the road
We've got a long long way to go
Scared to live, scared to die
We ain't perfect but we try
Get along while we can
Always give love the upper hand
Paint a wall, learn to dance
Call your mom, buy a boat
Sing a song, Make a friend,
Can't we all get along.

Get Along. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Denise K. Carriera from Florida MARCH 6, 2020
I loved the song. We should get along.

Dee Pankhurst from Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom OCTOBER 27, 2019
I love the song ( and site) it makes me feel happy and that I can be a better person. Xxx

Dawn williams from Tulsa okla OCTOBER 27, 2019
I love this song everyone should get along the world

Shirley from Casa Grande, Arizona  SEPTEMBER 18, 2019
Great song. I cried when I first heard it on the pass it on commercial. But it made me happy too. Maybe there’s hope. It would be wonderful if we could all just get along.❤️

Linda from Lansing, Michigan SEPTEMBER 9, 2019
I feel good every time I hear this!

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