Get Along

Kenny Chesney’s “Get Along” is the perfect antidote for our times. It is happy! It is doable! It feels good! Yes! Get Along... Pass It On.



Get along, on down the road
We've got a long long way to go
Scared to live, scared to die
We ain't perfect but we try
Get along while we can
Always give love the upper hand
Paint a wall, learn to dance
Call your mom, buy a boat
Sing a song, Make a friend,
Can't we all get along.

Get Along. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Cheryl Ogle from Flagler Beach, FL JULY 12, 2019
Summer of 2018 my kids went to Christian summer camp in TN. Get Along was just hitting the airwaves and getting tons of play time. They cam home singing this song and could relate it to so many experiences at camp and in everyday life. Thanks, Kenny, for keeping it real. Raising kids in a world of so much negativity is a huge challenge, but it can be done, and is so much easier with this kind of help from the artistic community. Bless you! Please keep doing what you do.

Gidget from Vermont JULY 12, 2019
Sometimes the easiest things are forgotten...until someone shares a kind word, a smile or a hand. Make someone's day and pass it on 😊

Katrina Snider from Monticello, Florida JULY 7, 2019
Love the song and what it stands for! As a teacher of Special Needs Ability Students, we all need to see beyond any type of barrier and learn to love people for who they are, what they contribute to society and as the song states, "GET ALONG!"

Vadla Muralidhar from Hyderabad  JULY 5, 2019
Very Nice

Kathleen from Windsor,CO JULY 4, 2019
What a great idea...

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