Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure can be used as a positive force, as seen in this scenario! Take a look at one of our newest TV spots and watch as a group of teens influence their friend to ‘do the right thing’ while hanging out at a music store.


Comon Man.
Just do it quick, no one’s watching.
You have to if you want to hang with us.
The other one too?
Good Job.

Do the right thing. Pass it on. A message from the Foundation for a Better Life.

Character. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Richard Philip S.Tejada from Santa Rosa City,Laguna APRIL 29, 2020
nice work and good influence to others

Seaon from Anson Tx APRIL 10, 2020
soo cool yo

Miles Kid from TX APRIL 10, 2020
At first i thought they were stealing some music and i got so mad like hey what the #### you got to be watching them cashier, instead i saw him put the music back so I WAS LIKE aww man busted by a girl Ha ha any way really good lesson to all way try to do what is right never wrong

Anonymous MARCH 31, 2020
it is cool

Mrs. Ballantines class from RLC OCTOBER 21, 2019
He put the CD's back and could not do it because he knew it was wrong. It was the right thing not to take them. The manager could have caught him. If you steal the camera would catch you.

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