Perhaps one of the most important things we can do for someone is to give them a chance. When we allow someone the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, it gives us the pride of knowing we helped to make a difference in their lives.

When someone has given us any kind of opportunity, it’s because they believe in us—that kind of trust can change our lives forever.


Music: Do you really want it?
Do you really want it?

Coach: He hadn’t played much but
I knew he had the heart of a champion

Music: Go, go go!

Coach: All he needed was the opportunity

Music: And when you feel the heat
The world is at your feet
Reach for the cup of life
‘cause your name is on it
Do you really want it?

Opportunity. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Chris c OCTOBER 9, 2020
I love it when people uplift someone's spirits and egg them on to become great

calvin from virtual school SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
just hold your head up and smile , and be nice to everyone , have a graditude attitude.

Anonymous JULY 7, 2020
Oppurtunities abound for all who grab hold and take the ride. Never pass an opportunity by. Words that do not come with opportunity are can't and won't. An opportunity gives us the chance for success if we simply say we can and we will.

Anonymous FEBRUARY 13, 2018
The coach gave him a opportunity to play and he was great

Hugh from Mungus SEPTEMBER 27, 2016
this boi can ball and his coach gave him the oppurtunity and he killed it

harambe  SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
i did ur mom

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
I'm so happy

jane doe SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
Really good video

sofia MARCH 28, 2016
really good

Issac from kingdom of hearts NOVEMBER 17, 2015
That dude was cool the coach dude knew the best opertunity

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 13, 2014
I feel Ricky Martin singing his original Cup of Life would have been more fitting for this ad.

YO YO from From sword art online MAY 16, 2014

Steven from Spongebob's Pineapple MARCH 24, 2014
the coach gave the boy an oppourtunity and that was awesomwe

Mica Juana Jose from Buenos Aires APRIL 17, 2012
It's coach thats gives an oportunity to a boy. And that is what we all should do!

bAUTI cATA bELU from buenos aires  APRIL 17, 2012
Everybody should give an oportunity like this coach.

rosio santos from gleandle heights,il SEPTEMBER 6, 2011
this video made me realize that if u dont try u will never know if ur good or not but when u try u might even end up being the best at it so try and love it the whole time!

Evan M. from Atlanta,Georgia MAY 4, 2011
Love It!

Karen from Georgia MARCH 9, 2011
I LOVE the Breakaway video and the message it gives. It has such wonderful words to make us all think about how we should live. Remember we are NOT promised tomorrow so live today as you would want to be remembered.

Betsy Jordan from NC FEBRUARY 19, 2011
Wonderful concept, inspirational messages, and just what we need! Thank you, to whomever came up with this idea.

marco from staten island, ny JANUARY 14, 2011
I love it

jack from mississippi SEPTEMBER 15, 2010
I love this soccer video!

Chris A. from Boca Raton, FL JULY 20, 2010
"The Cup of Life" is the name of this song originally made by Ricky Martin. However, this version differs from the one in the TV spot.

Rachel A. from Denver, CO JULY 8, 2010
I am not sure what the song is called but it was performed by Enrique Iglesias.

Dave T from Delaware, USA JUNE 30, 2010
What is the song in this commercial?

huangfenghua from yunnan china  JUNE 12, 2010
Work hard and grasp opportunity, life is like a drama; we only have one chance on this stage, no matter comedy or tragedy, no one can replace you, you must perform it alone.

Cheyenne S. from Illinois JUNE 3, 2010
I just love these videos. I wish that more people took into consideration their values more often and helped out others as these people do.

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