When the game is on the line we find out what kind of character we really have. In the heat of a championship basketball game a young man makes a decision that affects his entire team.


Coach 1: “Go let’s go”
(Crowd cheering)
Coach 1: “Oh!”
Ref: “Blue!”
Alex’s coach: “Time!”
Ref: “Time out.”
Alex (talking over coach): “I touched it”
Alex again: “I touched the ball before it went out, coach.”
Teammate 1: “Come on Alex, the ref did not call that!”
Teammate 2: “You gotta be kidding me, Alex!”
Teammate 3: “It’s the championship game!”
Teammate 4: “Talk to him, coach”
Alex: “I touched it, it’s their ball.”

Alex’s Coach: “Don’t foul them when they inbound. Team on ‘three’. One, two, three.”
Team in unison: “Team!”
Teammate 1: “Nice going Alex”
Alex: “Sorry coach.”
Alex’s Coach: “Alex. Alex, good call.”
Anncr/Super: Sportsmanship, pass it on. The Foundation for a Better Life.
Alex: “Ref, I touched it last.”

Sportsmanship. Pass It On!

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loco coco from Georgia  APRIL 23, 2019
they should do screenplays of these videos

Frank from London JANUARY 11, 2018
greatest vid i have seen in the last 5 minutes!!!!!

Turo from Beijing,China AUGUST 28, 2017
Very honest! we people need to be like Alex.

woooooooooooo from @ MAY 8, 2017
They may not win, but this is still a good move

unknown from unknown OCTOBER 3, 2016

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