When the game is on the line we find out what kind of character we really have. In the heat of a championship basketball game a young man makes a decision that affects his entire team.


Coach 1: “Go let’s go”
(Crowd cheering)
Coach 1: “Oh!”
Ref: “Blue!”
Alex’s coach: “Time!”
Ref: “Time out.”
Alex (talking over coach): “I touched it”
Alex again: “I touched the ball before it went out, coach.”
Teammate 1: “Come on Alex, the ref did not call that!”
Teammate 2: “You gotta be kidding me, Alex!”
Teammate 3: “It’s the championship game!”
Teammate 4: “Talk to him, coach”
Alex: “I touched it, it’s their ball.”

Alex’s Coach: “Don’t foul them when they inbound. Team on ‘three’. One, two, three.”
Team in unison: “Team!”
Teammate 1: “Nice going Alex”
Alex: “Sorry coach.”
Alex’s Coach: “Alex. Alex, good call.”
Anncr/Super: Sportsmanship, pass it on. The Foundation for a Better Life.
Alex: “Ref, I touched it last.”

Sportsmanship. Pass It On!

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Kanu Priya from Himalayas, India APRIL 15, 2021
Just what our World needs today.. INTEGRITY over the Greed to Win! When We loose our Soul, nothing else we win can help us feel better too long!

George harris from NY AUGUST 16, 2019
Real nice alex keep up the grrat work.

loco coco from Georgia  APRIL 23, 2019
they should do screenplays of these videos

Frank from London JANUARY 11, 2018
greatest vid i have seen in the last 5 minutes!!!!!

Turo from Beijing,China AUGUST 28, 2017
Very honest! we people need to be like Alex.

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