Before the filming of "Locker," the director asked the young men and women in the cast: "who do you most identify with, the bullies or the boy who gets his books knocked out of his arms?" Almost everybody said they identified with the student who was being bullied. This indicates how widespread school bullying is.

The young female actresses in "Locker" also talked with the director about the differences between girls and boys when it comes to bullying. This discussion later inspired the idea behind "Cafeteria." It was a hard spot to film, not technically, but because the crew watching the filming sympathized with the boy being bullied. During the scene where the young man is picked on, many people working on the spot felt a sinking feeling in their stomachs, "like you'd had something bad for lunch." That the scene touched the cast and crew that much is indicative of how relevant the message is to all of us.

Almost everyone who worked to make "Locker" had witnessed acts of bullying firsthand, and was able to relate to the situation. Some had even seen people step in to help others out in situations where they were being bullied. "Locker" models a positive example of reaching out to someone else in need. It also positions the athlete in the spot as part of the solution - not part of the problem.


BOY: Hey Travis…
BOY: Get some friends, loser!
HELPFUL BOY: So, are you all right, man?
HELPFUL BOY: Let me help you out.
TRAVIS: Thanks.
MUSIC: Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend.
HELPFUL BOY: See you around.
MUSIC: I’ll help you carry on…
ANNCR/SUPER: Character…pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Character. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


Your Comments
Anonymous FEBRUARY 26, 2024
It’s so wonderful watching two young men fall in love the way these two did while picking up those books.

connor from Campbellsville, Ky OCTOBER 26, 2022
Wonderful everyone needs to see this

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
es muy b uena la persona que ayudo al muchacho

robert from perez SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
we should stop bullying.

ari bonilla AUGUST 28, 2020
es muy buena la persona que el ayudo al muchacho

Stephanie from Alabama OCTOBER 24, 2019
The messages here are so touching. They always encourage me to do better daily. I wish we all could demonstrate these behaviors daily.

Anonymous APRIL 23, 2019
I like this song because it is a helpful way to help people.****

Anonymous MARCH 7, 2019
Very well done. It doesn't cost much to do the right thing....

Anonymous FEBRUARY 21, 2019
I really enjoyed this video because it has a great message about bulling and being nice I liked you chose the song lean on me for this video it really fit in the video i watched this video over 12 times today I am glad you guys created this video

Anonymous FEBRUARY 7, 2019
Wow pass this on!!!!!!!!

Ben from Cambridge New Zealand  OCTOBER 29, 2018
Help people and they will help ypu

Vic from Lynn MA FEBRUARY 6, 2018
True friends always help each other

Anonymous FEBRUARY 1, 2018
bad people go and pick on Travis, Then this helpful person went over to help him pick his stuff up and he made a new friend.

johnny from killeen/texas OCTOBER 13, 2017
i wish in high school people did that

Kristen oden from Alabamma  OCTOBER 2, 2017
Thats sweet most people wont do that these days

Jessie from Washington APRIL 24, 2017
This touches me

Doug from Florida JANUARY 27, 2017
Growing up in Ohio, I was a recipient of bullying. It is devastating, especially as a child. Wish I had a superhero like this jock. One person of good character can make a big difference in the lives of others.

Salsa from California OCTOBER 12, 2016
Love, Love, LOVE this clip!

Sylvia from Malta SEPTEMBER 25, 2016
So good to see that there are still good people in the world. Like this clip

Jennifer from BC MAY 30, 2016
So happy to see that this kind of stuff is getting a stop put to it

Anonymous APRIL 28, 2016
i love the song

Justin from California MARCH 12, 2016
At least there are still good and caring people in the world. If not, it would be NOT a good world

Kierstin from Ff FEBRUARY 27, 2016
I love it so inspiring

Mick from Ashland, KY FEBRUARY 25, 2016
The good guy should have gone to the bully and escorted him back to the books scattered in the floor and requested that the bully assist in picking up the books. He wouldn't be so quick to humiliate someone next time.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
That was nice.

brianna.k from white Middle  NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows that if you see someone get hurt to always help them.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This jock decided to bully a kid that day, and he made him drop all of his books on the floor. This one guy came up and helped him pick them up after he saw what happened. He showed his true character that day.

Ben from Ontario OCTOBER 28, 2015
It's nice to know there are still good people out there!

Anonymous OCTOBER 9, 2015
Food for thought

shelly from bethlehem OCTOBER 1, 2015
that was very nice of him

NULL from NULL JANUARY 28, 2015
I love this video, always loved. I miss while on TV commercials in Brazil.

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 31, 2014
I feel it would have been better if the athlete stayed with the kid and invited him to join his friends. The kid was still alone and probably still felt terrible. I see a lot of "popular" kids do little nice things that they are taught as student body officers or what not, but they are not really sincere. I don't see a lot of sincerity in the video and they are not really including the other student. It is not only popular kids that can be allies. Maybe it is just the culture in my area, but there are a lot of passive aggressive people who pretend to be nice, but they don't really include you and don't make you feel like you belong in the community.

Chris Sisco from Taylor SEPTEMBER 1, 2014
Just an awesome commercial bottom line. It is very touching

Dominic from Jacksonville, FL AUGUST 16, 2014
Thank YOU

Fernando from My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different page and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to looking at your web page yet again. JULY 30, 2014
I adore this website - its so usefull and helpfull.

lucymaria from donegal APRIL 9, 2014
Iv been bullied constantly since I was young still do now that im 19 but I think the bullying has made me a stronger person

Nancy Arrigo from Wenonah N.J APRIL 7, 2014
I like lean On Me being sung by Bill Weathers in this PSA.

Nicole from Pittsburgh, PA SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
Thank you so much for a great commercial. I know several people who have felt this way. I remember one time in 7th grade that a kid tripped me in the hallway and I fell, hurting my knee on the hard hallway floors. I never understood why people had to act this way. It just makes them look mean and not very smart. I posted this commercial onto my Facebook account in hopes it will be passed on. Thank you again.

carley from buckley SEPTEMBER 12, 2013
bullying is not cool the bully cause the think the got powerover us.but the dont .iam tired of bullying cause me and others get bullyed alot but if we stand up for each other we will stop bullying!

Nancy from CA AUGUST 18, 2013
Some people think just because their "popular" they can bully people around! That's why there are people like us who stand up for each other


Connie R from California JULY 20, 2013
How sweet. I wish I were at the movie to help out. Or if I were one of the mean juniors, I should not be making fun of Travis like that.

Helen Gregory from Melbourne Australi JULY 11, 2013
This add immediately bought tears to my eyes. Stand up to bullies together, bullies are cowards.

Zion from Canada JUNE 12, 2013
I like it.

Lena Davis from North Carolina JUNE 9, 2013
When people bully other people its because their self esteem is lacking and in this way they think it will make them the hot item. We need to take a stand against bullying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nada from windsorlocks,CT JUNE 5, 2013
i am 12 years old and our teacher showed us this video. i love it. i will never stand around watching some one get bullied any more.

Clarissa Flores from Pecos TX APRIL 29, 2013
I cried when I saw that video it was so amazing it just shows that there are good people in the world. I wrote a poem that i thought was alright. The world can't end now live life to the fullest don't stop till it does :)

Kathy from SouthEast Oklahoma APRIL 22, 2013
Such a realistic scene with a beautiful outcome! I was the one bullied and ignored... to think: a Popular person would have paid attention to me like that? I can pretend to feel that experience... like it would have made a tremendous difference in my self esteem! I feel lucky to be where I am at today, because, I could have been in a whole lot worse situation because of scenarios like that if I wasn't given a gift of meeting a special person who made my life special to where I can forget those types of situations in high school. It was a horrible life to put a teenager through! As happy as I am today... I still feel those moments. So to all you people out there going through situations like this... IT DOES AND CAN GET BETTER! It did for me... I hope it does for you too! Life can be the best and I hope the BEST for you all!

Brailynn from PA APRIL 19, 2013
This video is so inspiring.

Carol Lee from San Antonio, TX APRIL 14, 2013
I think there should be more antibullying videos showing students helping the bullied student. I was bullied in grade school because I was "different" (I won't say what). I know what it feels like.So, when my very popular daughter was bullied in high school, her older brother appeared on the scene. She said," I have 4 older brothers and this is the smallest one!". No one bothered her again.

Will from Iowa APRIL 6, 2013
WOW! reminds me of grade school on the bus I was being picked on by a bigger kid, and another guy younger than the bully stood up for me. They got into it and the bully sucker punched the good guy. I went to see if he was ok,he was crying, he told me not to worry. "He's not picking on you anymore".

Zach from Utah APRIL 1, 2013
I think that all schools should see this video. That would make schools a better place.

Lori Ross from Utah MARCH 27, 2013
Thank you , Thank you and Thank YOU !! Your foundation is Awesome !

Cameron Herauf from Concrete, Washington MARCH 22, 2013
In this video, when the guy helps the other guy, I can see that the girl was thinking " why didn't I help?"

Cameron Herauf from Concrete, Washington MARCH 22, 2013
I can really relate to this. This is a great video!

linda from new hampshire MARCH 17, 2013
Awesome commercial!! Show it in school and love the quote~"Character, pass it on."

Tracey F from SC MARCH 6, 2013
Just saw this commercial. GREAT COMMERCIAL!!!! We need more like that on TV. My 7 year old son likes it too and said that he would never want to be the boy in the red shirt, but be the cool kid in the red jacket. Love it :0)

Hazel M from Seattle, WA FEBRUARY 7, 2013
Awesome video! I wish everybody in the world would see this.

Innocence Ramirez from Georgia FEBRUARY 7, 2013
Two thumbs up!

Abri Ciabattari from Fayetteville, Arkansas FEBRUARY 2, 2013
I think the fact that the "jock" being the one to help out the kid, was a great contrast. Usually it is the athlete who is the one who is portrayed as a bully.

breannia hamilton from owensbor ky JANUARY 31, 2013
I think it was sweet!

ghoulia from owensboro JANUARY 31, 2013
I think it was awesome for the football player to step up and help!

Natalie from Georgia JANUARY 16, 2013
This is amazing :) pay it forward!

John from NY DECEMBER 25, 2012
This happens very often against unpopular kids. Glad Values pointed this out. So be kind and stop bullying.

Gloria from Arizona DECEMBER 21, 2012
I hope that schools will use "The Locker" as a way to help students break out of cycles of bullying and being bullied. This could easily be the core of a writing unit, for example. The video is very moving, as other posters here have said.

Mike R from Indiana NOVEMBER 25, 2012
My son is a 6'4" 200 lbs. high school football player. I watched this video with him and told him that behavior like that of the athlete in this commercial would make me happier than anything he could ever accomplish on the football field. Thanks for producing this.

Jessalynn from Santaquin,Utah OCTOBER 15, 2012
I love this video! I think everyone should be like this guy!!! I hate bullies! I think bullying should stop!!!!! Help others if there getting bullied stand up for them!!!!

Giovanni e from usa SEPTEMBER 5, 2012

Christian Morris from Dublin, Ireland AUGUST 12, 2012
An excellent video, nice and short but getting the message across perfectly well, without being over-emotional or corny. What I personally approve of is the portrayal of the jock as a fundamentally decent kid, concerned about others - as most of these sporty, popular kids actually tend to be. While there can be a stereotype of a victim of bullying there can also be stereotypes of the perpetrators and this video takes a more intelligent and imaginative approach. Well done.

Ariane from SoFla JUNE 22, 2012
Great commercial.

Abigail W from United States MAY 28, 2012
Very awesome, as well as very well-written, too. I like it. And bullying is a very realistic subject- especially in fictional stories and fanfiction as well. If it were up to me, I'd rather be like the jock who helped Travis pick up his books after they were knocked out of his hands by the bullies.

keyara A from inglewood APRIL 19, 2012
This helped me alot with my homework. I learned that bullying can hurt a lot of people and it's not okay to bully other people because I wouldn't want anybody to do that to you. I also learned that somebody will always be ther to help you. STOP BULLYING...

Kim from American Fork, Utah APRIL 15, 2012
Thank you for this wonderful commercial spot. We may not be able to control the bully but we can control what we do in response. We can commit to be the one that picks up the books and befriends the one being bullied.

Concerned Parent from USA APRIL 11, 2012
I cried when I saw this commercial. My son has just recently gone through bullying at school. It started with a group of boys knocking his books out of his hands. Then, esclated to punching and other things until my son was too scared to return to school. THANKS!!!!! so much for creating this commercial and others like it!!! Keep it up! I wish schools would take bullying serious. Having a "policy" isn't enough---administration needs to TAKE ACTION.

Hugh from Missouri APRIL 7, 2012
When you represent your school it's not just on the field. Always do "the right thing" because you don't realize how many students look up to you and your actions are noticed. That Letterman jacket comes with responsibilities.

Marty from California APRIL 4, 2012
Best commercial I've seen!!!

Bob from Portsmouth NH MARCH 11, 2012
This is the new topic of the 21st century-bullying. We need to have more jocks like that man who helped out the little guy.

Alexia Marie from Viborg, South Dakota MARCH 5, 2012
This is a wonderful video. Schools should really show this video to their students. I wish more people were like the helpful boy. It would make our nation so much better.

Tracy S from Louisville, KY MARCH 3, 2012
I LOVE this commercial!! I will never understand how people can be so cruel to another human being and then laugh about it. How low does your self-esteem have to be to find any kind of pleasure in treating other people like they are garbage??

Michelle S. from Fontana ca. FEBRUARY 27, 2012
It is talking about being nice to other people.Some don't even care of being nice.They're just being a big mean loser to another person. I wish that there was nobody who's mean. It is sad to see people that's pushed.

Sandra C from Onaping, Ont FEBRUARY 20, 2012
I have to say I love this commercial xoxo The first thing I did was show my son, I told him to be like the Captain of that team and then I thanked him......I thanked him for being who he is because he is not afraid to stand up to bullies and protect someone who is being bullied...he's any age they get the concept of being a captain of a team or a leader for his friends. Thank you for such a great video to show my son and to teach him and remind him of his "values". Sincerely, Sandra C


Christie from California NOVEMBER 6, 2011
When I saw this video it made me want to cry. I've been bullied before and I always felt like I should fight them or say something mean back but I didn't do those things because deep down I knew it was best to ignore them. I try to always stay above the influence.

salvador from california OCTOBER 10, 2011
every time I see the commercials from the foundation for a better life they touch my heart. All the commercials make me think about how wonderful the world would be if everybody did the right thing 24/7. I used to be the bullied kid at school and I understand how the guy from the commercial feels, I'm really proud and happy to see that there is a foundation that is training to change the world by sending such an inspirational messages to the youth!

Michelle from Moraga SEPTEMBER 17, 2011
I love how you try to stop bullying. It's affecting kids like me all over the world. :)

Kady Wilson from Alabama JUNE 24, 2011
I just love all of these commercials! Usually this kinda commercial doesn't do anything for me, but the ones by the Foundation really do touch hearts including mine! I love the basketball one and the purse one because that just shows that you should just reach out and be honest and help!:)

Destiny from South Carolina MARCH 9, 2011
Amazing! You have touched my heart!

Starr from School MARCH 9, 2011
I love this commercial! I think every one should see this, it's very inspirational.

Barry from Huntington Beach FEBRUARY 3, 2011
Wow, what an impact one person can make. The athlete who helped out probably influenced 20 more kids who watched his actions. MONEY! Loved it.

Amber W. from Cordova, TN JANUARY 15, 2011
I absolutely LOVE YOUR TV Spots. They ignite a fire within that reminds us that it's the small things that can actually make a huge difference. I am a Director of a new Non-Profit Organization and I have already started referring Teens and others in the profession to your web-site. I absolutely love what you all are doing through your TV Spots and Website.

Anke, Z. from Spring Texas JANUARY 5, 2011
I want my son to grow up to be like the hero in this clip. All star atheletes should take it upon themselves to step in and do the right thing when someone is bullied. They have the power of being admired. They owe it to all of us to also shine outside of their sports arenas.

Teresa H. from Mifflinburg PA JANUARY 3, 2011
Your TV spot moved me to tears. I only wish we could broadcast this in all of our schools to show that it wouldn't take much to make a difference. A small act of kindness can encourage others to do the same...let's stop the bullying!!!

Ngwasi M. C. from Bamenda - Cameroon DECEMBER 30, 2010
Just watched the "Reaching out" ad on TV, of the girl being spurned ,

AlfonseG from Belize NOVEMBER 9, 2010
I have seen this on TV and It's just such a wonderful message that we have to "Pass It On" =}

Evelyn, S. from Virginia OCTOBER 5, 2010
GREAT!!! I just wanted to stand and applaud when I saw this in the theatre.

Paris,M from Los Angeles AUGUST 7, 2010
These TV spots - they just touch my heart every time. They help me and other people to do the right thing. I love them. I know to pass them on. Also I get bullied and it must stop! Everyone should take these TV spots to heart.

Barbara S. from Maryland JULY 7, 2010
I love your TV spots. As a parent and a high school teacher, I think they remind us how little gestures can go a long way to touch the lives of others. I see your spots often on cable news stations. When I asked my sons if they have ever seen these spots on the channels they normally watch they said "no". Please consider airing your spots on channels that attract 10-18 year olds.

Harold F. from Millburn, NJ MAY 28, 2010
This shows that our children must stop this bullying. My son was bullied and he fought back peacefully. This is a wonderful foundation and it should continue to educate (CHILDREN AND ADULTS, adults do things like this too,)in years to come.

Doug C from Melbourne, FL MARCH 20, 2010
I definitely relate, except there were no "Clark Kents" coming to my rescue, only more bullies on the horizon. If only this happened more in real life, it could change lives.

Ashley W. from California FEBRUARY 26, 2010
I love it! This one is the best. I have totally had that happen well not in that setting though. I was getting teased every day at school for whatever/everything and had no friends whatsoever and was a good person to pick on and like a "bad" person or whatever else they called me, ect. When all of a sudden an sixth grader while I was in fifth grade walked up to me and I had no clue who this was and it was a male even! He asked if I was okay and I was crying and asked if I wanted to join him and they were just plain bullies and were mean to every one. Every day I was miserable all of a sudden he would show up out of no where, like an angel! :D He would cheer me up and make me laugh then leave. I later found out he was popular even! Also what was even funnier was when I wanted to thank him and was happy I could never find him. His name was . . . Nick. Thanks. I never got to thank you. I appreciate it a lot!

Puja Pandya from Laurel, MD FEBRUARY 19, 2010
I have watched this video so many times. I have helped another in such a situation. But I want others to live by this value. What a world it would be...just imagine.

Barb M. from Montpelier, VT JANUARY 20, 2010
I can't watch Locker without crying, I have three kids and have told them that if they would strive to act as the nice role model guy did I could die a happy woman!

Michael M from Northern CA SEPTEMBER 13, 2009
Wow, this one tops them all. It reminds me of times when an unlikely young male popular student reaches out to a gay or bullied student. And once one person reaches out, others are likely to follow their example. I keep looking at the body language of the athlete's companions to see if they got it. I really really like this spot.

Lisa T. from Emerson High School, NJ SEPTEMBER 1, 2009
I will be sure to share this video with students in September! Thank you!

Mary Rose M. from Mooresville, NC AUGUST 29, 2009
Of those that I've seen, this is by far my favorite of your TV spots. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes as the boy in the varsity jacket joins the other boy in picking up his scattered papers and books (especially since the music - with your perfect choice of song - begins at that moment). What a beautiful, inspiring look at the connections that can be forged, the lives that can be changed, and the example we can show others when we choose to do what's right.

Edriane L. from Pasay City, Philippines JULY 10, 2009
I love this video... actually this is the video I saw on TV that made me curious about this website. This is great, very inspiring and very true. Character is indeed very contagious.

Jose D. from Miami, Florida MARCH 30, 2009
I use to be mean to throw peoples notebooks and stuff but not until they started doing it to me and now I know how it feels so I don't do it anymore and it be better if no one does it to anyone because then it can hit you back and trust me you wouldn't like it every single day also when you see someone doing it to someone else have courage and tell them to stop also if you see someone doing it to someone else at least try to help that person to pick up there note book or something.

Scott C. from New Castle, Indiana FEBRUARY 7, 2009
I must confess this is so well done that it makes me get a lump in my throat, even now. It illustrates so well that character is also your greatest strength. Edmund Berke would have agreed. I also am glad that you chose to use the original Bill Withers classic song, "Lean On Me." He was talking about exactly this kind of thing when he wrote that song, as a tribute to the West Virginia coal mining town he grew up in. Thank you so much, and keep this spots coming!

J JANUARY 28, 2009
That brought me to tears. It is so powerful and the song just adds to it.

Coleen K. from Clarksville, Arkansas JANUARY 23, 2009
20 seconds of WOW!!! Very powerful. My students related to its message.

John K. from NY, USA JANUARY 15, 2009
I'd like to see changes in people when they watch this spot, but some people do not change and when you are a kid or a teenager you should be living your best years in your life, not your worst. I'm really sorry for people who are being bullied, but this spot helps a lot.

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
This one that I want to show to my clients - youth who have been bullied, youth who are bullying - its very powerful in such a simple way. I love that you all chose the athlete to be the one to stop and help. Well done.

James from Logan, UT SEPTEMBER 24, 2008
My two young sons are very big and athletic for their ages. They may well become popular "jocks" one day. I have shown them this commercial several times now, to remind them of the kind of young men they need to become. Thank you for creating this beautiful depiction of this principle that I am trying to teach.

Sasha B. from Elderado springs, CO JULY 12, 2008
I love this commercial! If we all stay in certain groups to be cool we won't get anything done. Imagine how much we could get done if we come together and quit bullying.

Chad W. from Utah JUNE 17, 2008
I am an administrator in a large high school. Unfortunately, there is bullying that goes on. However, there are many young people who will step up and intervene, just like the young man in the video. It gives me hope for the future.

Marvin D from Portland, Oregon USA MAY 30, 2008
"LOCKER" is my very favorite TV spot. I wish I could get a copy of it for my own personal use. Really hits home.

Mariah W. from Dallas, TX MARCH 26, 2008
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! Lean On Me is the BEST song ever! It fitted the commercial perfectly! I always see this happening at my school. I always help, but I never mean it. I now realize it's a opportunity to truly help a friend and make a new friend!

Shaun W. from La Mirada, California USA MARCH 6, 2008
I tivo'd this when I saw it and had my junior high school aged sons watch it with me. I often tell them, do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. Your TV spot so adequately painted that picture for me, Thanks!

BpRt. from Lehighton, Pennsylvania USA FEBRUARY 21, 2008
I've been both positions. Thanks for showing both views.

Maria P. from North Carolina JANUARY 21, 2008
This spot almost brings tears to my eyes when I watch it. It's so nice! And this site is amazing. Keep doing what you do FBL!

Paul T. from Toms River, New Jersey USA JANUARY 7, 2008
This spot should be shown to every kid in junior and senior high school!

Obin P. from Talent, Oregon USA NOVEMBER 5, 2007
I absolutely love your TV spots and always encourage my kids (and others) to watch and live by what they teach! Thank You

Scott C. from New Castle, Indiana USA NOVEMBER 2, 2007
What a wonderful message conveyed so well. It shows that the truly strong person stands up for EVERYONE, without caring about winning a popularity contest. What a gem! Thanks so much.

Griselda S. from Colorado, USA OCTOBER 5, 2007
I love this commercial! I am showing it to kids and talking about thier power to be a good influence/role model even when it might not be cool.

Solange S. from Brazil OCTOBER 4, 2007
I just love this commercial! I know there are lots of kind people in this world =)

Ashley C. from Houston, Texas USA SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
That was so nice of that boy to help him with his things. He is a really nice young man--I hope that we are all that way.

Kelso from Ohio, USA SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
I love this one! I have a lot of small friends that get picked on and they come to me if they need help.

Dee C. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA AUGUST 30, 2007
This touches my heart so deeply. My son is small and was picked on unmercifully in school by other students and also teachers. I was unaware of this at the time, but I remember one day he asked me "Mommy, why did you have to have me small?"

Micah N. from Valparaiso, Indiana USA AUGUST 21, 2007
Haha, wow. I love this =D

Matt H. from Perryville, Maryland JULY 9, 2007
I love this commercial! Very inspirational. :)

Aleks Tre from Norway JULY 6, 2007
I got tears from watching this. So beautiful! It truly gives inspiration. Love your work!

Larry from Ogden, Utah MAY 7, 2007
Thank you for doing something to make a difference. These spots - this one in particular - are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so very, very much for "modeling" a better way.

Rachel S from Ontario, CAN APRIL 19, 2007
Absolutely Wonderful! Something every person in the world should see. You have touched my heart.

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