The Wall

"The Wall" was a challenging spot in terms of art direction, as the team had to portray months of time in 60 seconds. The spot was shot in the middle of the summer but needed to depict day, night, warm weather and even snow in the span of the spot.

Fortunately for the actors who play the two boys, they only had to "build" one part of that wall. That part is real, but the majority of the wall is made out of wood, and the bricks are painted. These sections of the wall were crafted the day before shooting, with the art department taking care to match the painted bricks to the real ones. The FBL crew also had to return the warehouse area to its original state, dismantling both the wooden and brick parts of the wall after shooting was done.


VOICEOVER: Ask our father what dreams are made of…
MUSIC: Some dreams…
VOICEOVER: and he will tell you hard work.
MUSIC: Live on in time, forever.
VOICEOVER: We were kids and he expected us to build The Great Wall of Philadelphia…
MUSIC: Those dreams you want with all your heart.
VOICEOVER: …and he wanted it to be perfect. No friends, no football, nothing.
MUSIC: …and I’ll do whatever it takes, follow through with the promise I made.
VOICEOVER: …but over the months we stuck with it.
MUSIC: Put it all on the line…
VOICEOVER: …but when it was finally finished, all he said was:
MUSIC: …what I hoped for in life, would be mine.
DAD: Don’t ever tell me there’s something you can’t do.
MUSIC: If I could reach higher…
VOICEOVER: But you know, he was wrong. There is something I can’t do… I can’t thank him enough.
MUSIC: If I could reach higher...
ANNCR/SUPER: A message from The Foundation for a Better Life

Hard Work. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Unkown from Unkown FEBRUARY 12, 2020
This is soo chessy but i love it ;D

unknown from wa OCTOBER 17, 2018
love this song!!!

Jay from Milwaukee, WI  OCTOBER 29, 2016
Will Smith said his dad made him and his brother do the same exact thing lmao...

Shawn from Florida AUGUST 25, 2016
I love the positivity of these commercials. Please keep them coming!

Dinna from Littleton.Colorado JUNE 20, 2016
Thank you so much to values com. I am not a religious person but once I started seeing your ads on TV they made me think and look you up. It has been a real joy to me as I work in mental health with the down and desperate to view one if your ads it read your sayings at night. Thank you so much it has meant so much to me

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