Looking back on the milestones of our lives, it is important to recognize those who have made our path a little easier. Perhaps it was a parent, a teacher, a coach, a mentor or someone we simply call "friend."

We think this scenario will resonate with many people-where a young woman, headed off to college stops...and expresses to her father her appreciation for "everything." We all have someone who helped us get to where we are today. The song, "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion, adds a poignant and uplifting touch to this message.


Dad: Wow. College already?
Daughter: Yeah... we gotta go.

For all those times you stood by me
And all the truths you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
You're the one who saw me through it all

Dad: And remember…
Daughter: Seat belt, drive safe, Call when I get there.
Dad: Well, bye. I love you.
Daughter: I love you too daddy.
Daughter: And thanks, for… everything.

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
Because you loved me

Gratitude, Pass It On.
A message from the Foundation for a Better Life

Gratitude. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


Your Comments
Joe D. from Rockport, MA MARCH 1, 2024
Thank you SO much for this. God Bless you for all you do, and for helping me through tough days.

Anonymous OCTOBER 17, 2023
That is the most tearful video

Jackson from Green Bay APRIL 23, 2023
That is so sweet that she needed to hug a lot to say good by to her dad!

Dennis Allen from Corona Cal MAY 15, 2022
I love this!

Marisa from Manitowish Waters  JANUARY 4, 2022
My all time favorite!

Verna Lindley Friske from Tomah, Wisconsin JANUARY 3, 2022
I LOVE this video! I get excited every time it comes on Television. It makes me stop and think of all of the things in life that we take for granted. Thank you! Every time I watch it, it gives me goosebumps. I LOVE it!!

Barbara Allen from Virginia DECEMBER 24, 2021
It gets me every time.

Lizzie Robinson Jenkins from Florida OCTOBER 1, 2021
GRATITUDE MAKES ME CRY. I love and appreciate the respect shared reminding me of my FATHER.

Jacqueline from LOTO (Lake of the Ozarks) AUGUST 25, 2021
My granddaughter, Ivy, started kindergarten two days ago. I had seen this video on tv (PBS) awhile back and it brought tears to my eyes. This was my father (and my mother) when I left home for college the first time in 1970. What goes around comes around. I sent this video to my son and daughter-in-law who are witnessed similar feelings with Ivy, their 5 yr old daughter (my granddaughter) getting on the school bus for the first time two days ago. I sent a message with this video to them stating that it reminded me of Ivy… 12 more years … 🥲,👍🏼,❤️,❌,⭕️

Cassidy from Illinois AUGUST 6, 2021
This is my favorite of these PSA's. I've never been a father or a daughter but this video still has a powerful message.

Susan from Florida AUGUST 5, 2021
Beautiful and special

Terry word from Virginia JULY 9, 2021
I wipe a tear every time

Rowanna from Arkansas MAY 23, 2021
I love this commercial. ❤️ It makes me think of all the times I left my dad’s house with him standing on the porch waving furiously and smiling.

Frank from Eagle, Idaho APRIL 22, 2021

Lou McNeal from Pineville, LA  MARCH 27, 2021
This brings back many memories of when I left home in Louisiana for college in Mississippi. Wish I could go back and re-do it all!

Aleia from CA. MARCH 10, 2021
I 💘 this commercial its so real. The young 👩 so sweet.

ruth webb from wva FEBRUARY 18, 2021
Love this

Victoria Shepler from Elk Grove, Calif.  JANUARY 17, 2021
That the real truth when leaving home !

Anonymous OCTOBER 20, 2020

Anonymous OCTOBER 8, 2020
Cute loved it!

Mariana Miller-D'Alessandro from Bronx, New York OCTOBER 6, 2020
Thank you so much for these moving videos - teaching us = connecting us to real life, love, giving, connecting with real life and love. Where can I donate to your organization? Mariana

Baird Webb from Hilo, Hawaii  SEPTEMBER 29, 2020
This is a great Add - wish there were more like. really well done !

Nathan Castro AUGUST 27, 2020
I am grateful for my mom

Carl Lasco from Georgia  AUGUST 2, 2020
I love this ad. I remember exactly having this happen to me with my mom when I left each time from NYC for college upstate or down in Georgia. My mom is gone, so my sister was in her place, now my sister just passed last Christmas, so these commercials make me swell with tears .Thank you for those feelings .

Ronnie McCarson from Mobile, Alabama JULY 27, 2020
I saw this commercial on TV this morning and I love what the company is trying to accomplish!

Lillian from Hampton, GA JUNE 26, 2020
Pass it on!!!!

Nery Mendoza from El Salvador  JUNE 1, 2020
After a long, long time looking for such a page, I did it. Thanks a million.

nancay patty MAY 24, 2020
they are all so inspiring and make me cry. we have so much in us and the news media only gives us the bad spots. what happened to the rest of the story. for what we in the world have left behind. let's bring it back

Esmeralda 🤗 from Cheatue estates MAY 18, 2020
Awww I love pass it on

Jamin Palmer from Jax,fla MAY 3, 2020
Think on these things

Dottye Bauman from Farmington, MO APRIL 17, 2020
So glad to see a daughter who actually shares her appreciation for her Dad.

Emily APRIL 16, 2020
I think that this is what people need more in there life to relies on how much someone can make them feel

Rick from Azusa, California APRIL 13, 2020
My daughter got married this past October in 2019. I/we chose this song for our Father/Daughter dance because I first heard it when it was played at her "graduation" from kindergarten. This "tough guy" turned into a marshmallow and lost it on both occasions. The video brought back all the emotions from the memories of both those occasions. If both father and daughter in this video are actors they both "hit a home run". That said, me and my daughter would have done it for real without acting...and you wouldn't have had to pay us anything to do it!

Tiffany Barnfield from Birmingham  APRIL 3, 2020
I love it!

Vaanya Shivkumar 9J APRIL 2, 2020
Time flies really fast, before our parents know we grow up and it is our time leave to shapen up our future. But when we are there their time just goes in telling us what is right and wrong and ultimately we looose the quality time which we could spend with each other and when it is our time to leave it is just too late to do anything and at that point of time we can't say anything other than ''I LOVE YOU".

Samik shetty from Dubai APRIL 2, 2020
Very nic story of a daughter showing her utmost gratitude to her father for everything he has don(,but I have one question where is the MOTHER,like is she dead or sleeping idk),but for real this story exactly shows gratitude in its purest form

Ariv APRIL 2, 2020
Very emotional and heart melting.

Anonymous APRIL 2, 2020
You should be grateful for everything you have

Nancy from NH APRIL 2, 2020
Pass It On is the best thing on tv.

Nani from Costa Mesa  FEBRUARY 9, 2020
Literally cried for like thirty minutes... great reminder to tell someone you love them!

LaTonya Chambers from Cincinnati state college OCTOBER 9, 2019
showing appreciation that what the world need today.

Zakary from Florida SEPTEMBER 5, 2019
I love your messages

Sentinel from Ghana AUGUST 22, 2019
God bless you guys.. You always move me to tears

Delores from Syracuse, NY AUGUST 16, 2019
Love it

Dolores Vallejos from New Mexico AUGUST 15, 2019
This is a great commercial too. It brought a tear to my eye. And i can relate to the situation. I have 2 grown up daughters.

PhilipStlouis from StLouis  AUGUST 11, 2019
Loving it and very relevant. Kids thank your parents Always!

Denise Hall from Montpelier, Va. MAY 23, 2019
This commercial & song is so heartfelt. It reminds me of when I moved out on my own for the first time. My father raised me & it was so horrible to leave him. I miss him so much. He passed away November 29th 2007. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about him.

Anonymous MAY 10, 2019
I'm 64, I have a daughter who went to college This is the best video I have seen in 64 years

Anonymous JANUARY 29, 2019
Made me have tears.

PFC from Seattle JANUARY 27, 2019
Warmed my heart... Thank You..

Mel S. from Columbia, SC NOVEMBER 10, 2018
Not gonna lie. I kinda caught a tear on this one.

Anonymous OCTOBER 13, 2018
I'm a single father of 3. I've watched this video many times and it never fails to get me teary-eyed every single time.

Jim Kuzdal from Grandville, MI  SEPTEMBER 9, 2018
OMGosh - I'm a dad who had a daughter go to college - & it's the understatement of the year to say this touched me! - THAN-Q! - just b-e-a-utiful !!

Suzanne M. from Anaheim,Ca. SEPTEMBER 3, 2018
I Truely feel the Love and connection of a parent and young Adult. When they are leaving on a journey and going on to the next step in their lives. Safety and dependability.

Sharon from ROCHESTER N.Y.  JULY 28, 2018
I really love that commercial gratitude we really need a lot of that (because you love meeee)

Jim from Tennessee  JULY 16, 2018
We experienced this very thing four years ago. So true, time goes by so quickly. Cherish the moments.

Nelly Escamilla from Arizona  APRIL 24, 2018
Hermoso mensaje! Nuestros hijos sólo los tenemos por corto tiempo, hay que disfrutarlos. Gracias por los mensajes inspiradores! P.S. Me hicieron llorar

Edgar Moreno from Monterrey, Mexico FEBRUARY 18, 2018
Great video! I just watched today and makes me cry, I am a single father of wonderful daughter, she is thirteen right now but I will be sure this will happen to us in a few years. Thanks to make these videos, commited to pass it on !

Vee from Vernon, NJ FEBRUARY 3, 2018
My Daughter's wedding song for her Dad... I still get misty eyes and it been 15 years ago.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 24, 2017
makes me cry every time I see this.

JB from Wilmington Mass AUGUST 27, 2017
My daughter just went off to college for the third time(Junior).It never gets any easier. Whats a beautiful video.

Sue from Florida MAY 2, 2017
I get teary EVERY time I watch this commercial. Sooo real. LOVE it!'

DannyKaye from New Britain, CT USA APRIL 22, 2017
A parents highest and lowest moment, their first child driving off to College for the first time. You can't help but cry....

James APRIL 6, 2017
Pass it on. Your love counts.

Richard from Maryland MARCH 5, 2017
I've seen this at least three times -- even came to the website specifically looking for it after seeing it on TV -- yet it still brings tears every time. I'm not a parent, but I can feel for the father, and the daughter too. It even makes me feel for my own parents, and wonder how they felt all those years ago when I left home. These actors did a great job, by the way. I wonder if they're actually father & daughter.

Wanda from Boston, MA MARCH 2, 2017
I love this commercial, it reminds me of the time I dropped my son of at College!

Mike from Nova Scotia, Canada JANUARY 13, 2017
Fantastic Commercial, as a father of Four Daughters who have left home to pursue careers!

Harold from Huntington Beach, CA JANUARY 9, 2017
This is the greatest commercial i have ever seen in 51 years. Even my 5 year old Son thinks it's very cool. Excellent job with this commercial to all involved. Woody..Huntington Beach, CA

makayla from tennessee JANUARY 8, 2017
im about to turn 15 tomorrow and singing this song to my dad because he is my hero.

Marie from West Palm Beach  DECEMBER 10, 2016
I started my gratitude journey! ! Thanks for your inspiration

stoptosmelltheroses from Oklahoma NOVEMBER 23, 2016
I wish I could tell my parents I loved them, at least one more time.

widy from Indonesia  NOVEMBER 18, 2016
Oh gosh I'm crying because I'm.going to college too next year.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 17, 2016
love it

Kathy from Michigan OCTOBER 10, 2016
I had this song sung to my Dad at my wedding. My friend replaced the word "Baby" with "Daddy". My eyes watered watching this.

Morgan Y from Marion iowa SEPTEMBER 14, 2016
I hope that this helps three the planet and back

Morgan Y from MIDDLE school SEPTEMBER 14, 2016
Videos are great and very understanding.

Sonny from Bordentown,N.J. SEPTEMBER 14, 2016
I'm still crying!!

Galen from Arlington, TX AUGUST 13, 2016
I love this because, there's just e'nuff of it.

Maria from Twin Falls, Idaho JULY 27, 2016
I'm 27 and finally leaving the nest to go to college 2 hours away from home. My mom is having a hard time with my move, and I'm pretty sure my dad feels the same way. When I first saw this commercial, I cried because that's me in a couple of weeks.

Jenna from Chicago, IL  JULY 5, 2016
This is one of those commercials that makes me cry every single time. So beautiful!!

Silja from Arkansas JULY 1, 2016
Beautiful. Ours kids are little, but this made me well up.

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
you need to think back to where you came from

Victor from Milwaukee, WI MAY 24, 2016
This is a great commercial!!!

Gloria from Fort Worth, Texas MAY 16, 2016
Music video and message are excellent. Keep them coming. Valuable standards for all generations.

Jimmy Paclibar from Philippines MAY 15, 2016
Powerful Inspiration

Gene from Indiana APRIL 18, 2016
Daughter is leaving in a few short months, this commercial really hit home!

Guillermo from Indiana APRIL 16, 2016
will be going thru that in a couple of years.......don't know if i'll be able to handle it........LOVE this commercial!

Fernando from South Florida  MARCH 7, 2016
Pass it on

Anna from McDonough, Ga. JANUARY 26, 2016
The song in this commercial is my song to my mom. I love this message and I can totally relate. Simple. Well done.

Daphne from Saginaw Michigan JANUARY 24, 2016
Your commercials are so touching. I go out of my way to learn the words to the songs. I have a couple of favorites but I enjoy them all. Thank You for touching my life in a positive way.

Anonymous JANUARY 13, 2016
so sweet i like this one the most

Chayry from Manila, Philippines NOVEMBER 23, 2015
Really made me cry.

Jim from Ohio NOVEMBER 16, 2015
Please Play This One More Its Soo Touching To My Life & Many More! I Thank You.

Jim from Ohio NOVEMBER 16, 2015
Great Touching & Memorial Thought As I Have Children.

Jim from Ohio NOVEMBER 16, 2015
This Has Great Memories & Values!! Jim Donahue.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 15, 2015
time is so fast, its hard to accept you are leaving home already.

Jacky Johnson from orlando florida NOVEMBER 2, 2015
*crying* Its so beautiful

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
That was sweet!

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows the relationship between the father and the daughter. It shows how blessed we are to have a family. One day we will grow up and move on to live our own lives. I like the camera shot of the girl hugging her father right above the comment section!

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows us to be thankful and recognize all the important and helpful things that our parents and family have taught us and helped us go through in our lives.

Margaret from My. Pleasant,mSC OCTOBER 18, 2015

Tameika H from Philadelphia  SEPTEMBER 20, 2015
It's crazy how I was just looking at this on my phone and right after it was done , it came on , on my TV ..... P.S I Love all the Commercials , Their very inspiring

Mario from Somewhere SEPTEMBER 16, 2015
Can I post this?

Nice Video!

NULL from NULL JULY 8, 2015
This video shows us that we have to be thankful and appreciate the effort that our parents make for us in order to be better.

NULL from NULL JULY 8, 2015
Gratitude is a good feeling that makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one's voice.

NULL from NULL APRIL 24, 2015
This is beautiful.. Something that resonates all to well!


BoB Brown from Aurora, Colorado AUGUST 7, 2014
Thank you for all these inspitational motivation. Pass it on

Mike from Miami AUGUST 6, 2014
I have two girls, still both more than a decade away from going to college. This gets me every single time with Celine in the background. Love it!

William BUrden from Stratford, PEI, Canada AUGUST 3, 2014
Every parent with adult children known this place well. More of this please to replace all the mindless crap.

mahyar musavi from Iran JULY 21, 2014
I love your commercial in site.thanks

Rick from Kentucky JULY 4, 2014
GREAT! Love the hugs!!

Cameron Herauf from Concrete, Wa JUNE 2, 2014
This one makes me realize that my parents will always be there for me and I must thank them when they are.

chris from vicksburg MAY 18, 2014
reminds me of the time when i had to say good bye to my ex-wife linda

A Marmolejo from Corona calif  MAY 2, 2014
It's was so cool loved it!!! Could relate to it just wish it reaches out to this generation much needed

Jesus from Canada APRIL 18, 2014
This summer my daugther is going to College, She is my only child so see myself totally reflected in that commercial. I know is going to be hard but I'll be happy as well....

Rita from Cincinnati,OH APRIL 15, 2014
Loved the commercial. Made me tear-up!

Jacqueline from San Diego CA MARCH 25, 2014
Am doing research for a term paper on teaching strategies that help impart attitudes of gratitude, self-worth, caring, respect, and other positive attributes-- to help our young children grow up to be strong, generous, and compassionate human beings. Your website is amazing, and will be added to my list of "must see" videos. Thank-you!

Joanne from Ontario Canada MARCH 21, 2014
Awesome is right! I'm a senior mother and grandmother. A cry-easy every single time I watch it. So wished I had that as a young girl. Just love all your commercials. Thank you.

Joshua from Baltimore MARCH 18, 2014
Gratitude, we need more of it.

Krystal Carnahan from Georgia MARCH 14, 2014
I loved the commercial. I cried.

soraya bach from deerfield beach FEBRUARY 10, 2014

Patti from Berlin, MD FEBRUARY 8, 2014
Great commercial, thank you so much.

Bob from Charlotte, NC JANUARY 27, 2014
Awesome video! There are so many dads that don't show emotion or tell their kids they love them on a regular basis. I've shown this to over 10 friends and still have tears in my eyes almost every time!

C Cowell from Hayward, WI JANUARY 16, 2014
So beautiful, made me cry. SO need to press on with this one !!! Great choice of music too!

Blake from Florida JANUARY 16, 2014
Love this commercial. Danced with my father to this song at my wedding and read this song for my dad's eulogy at his funeral. I felt like it was my father and I in this commercial. Love it and love and miss my dad."I'm everything I am because you loved me."

Dennis from San Francisco, CA JANUARY 13, 2014
Why didn't the dad go with them? She's off to college for the first time, that's like once in a lifetime event.

Joy from North Dakota JANUARY 12, 2014
Our daughter gave us this song long after an attempted suicide. I cry every time I see this commercial.

Celeste from Ocala JANUARY 9, 2014
Tears down my face, that is all. This commercial made me bawl so hard. Wow this is beautiful, you couldn't have used a better fit song. I love it.

Gloria S Turner from Birmingham Alabama JANUARY 9, 2014
All your videos touch my heart so deeply it makes me want to be a better person.

Tim Kresica from Cary, NC JANUARY 3, 2014
Gratitude for a Dad? Is that allowed anymore? Yes where there are values for a better life

Kayla B from Indiana DECEMBER 31, 2013
Won't be long and this will be my husband

Kirby wrighr sr from Middletown oh DECEMBER 22, 2013
love this commercial

Fraser, Darlene, and J.J. from Croton, NY NOVEMBER 27, 2013
This video is amazing! Kids should have gratitude for their parents for all that they do for them. :)

Nancy from College Park, MD NOVEMBER 26, 2013

cry from ny NOVEMBER 14, 2013
im crying so much that I cant top crying

Josiah Teller from El paso Tx NOVEMBER 14, 2013
Hopefully me and my partner Gale have something like this with little Juanita.

Nathalie from Ny NOVEMBER 14, 2013
I can't stop crying

tatyanna from killeen/tx OCTOBER 18, 2013
i love this commercial on my top ten favorites

aajani from killeen OCTOBER 10, 2013
im crying

Len from Palm Harbor, FL OCTOBER 7, 2013
Just came back from visiting my little girl at college. She turned 18 yesterday. Hold them close. They grow up fast.

Thomas from West Fargo, ND SEPTEMBER 22, 2013
It will be hard to see my little girls move on to the next phase of their lives.

bob from florida  SEPTEMBER 21, 2013
Wow.... Almost made me Cry.....

chris brown from pa. SEPTEMBER 21, 2013

maria christine from davao city SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
we should be thankful to our parents

Tommy from Ohio SEPTEMBER 14, 2013
I usually ignore the PSA-type commercials but I swear this one grabs me every time. Whoever those actors are they're very convincing and the message is well-expressed. Very good job!

Annie Doty from Chandler SEPTEMBER 5, 2013
I have to cry every time with this commercial. I have such a special relationship with my dad.

Tom Gleason from Denver SEPTEMBER 1, 2013
No matter how many times I replay this commercial, I, can't refrain from crying. It captures the special relationship I am so fortunate to have with my daughter. Thank you!

Jose Elias Arce from Maryland, USA AUGUST 31, 2013
1.- Try not to cry 2.- Close you eyes and hold your breath 3.- Cry a lot

Nana (Paula) from Tampa, FL AUGUST 20, 2013
Just returned from leaving my Granddaughter at U of Alabama. I witnessed a similar touching scene there. The character quality of Gratitude is beautifully illustrated in this video. No one gets tired of hearing "Thank you" and "I Love You". My Granddaughter reflects the values her family has instilled in her. My heart is blessed by this ad.

haywood from newport news, va AUGUST 19, 2013
VERY touching because I'm a dad of two daughters. Thanks for the memories and the hopes...

Blair from Mississippi AUGUST 12, 2013
I teared up instantly with the first two music notes (I have always loved that song.) While courtesy is a great thing--I would much prefer a half-hearted "thank you" over nothing at all--a truly heart-felt "I love you" or "thank you" is one of the greatest everyday blessings that you can give or receive. God Bless.

Wendy from Seattle AUGUST 10, 2013
I just saw this ad on tv and completely lost it. My father passed away last year and as he lay dying, I was able to thank him for being my father. The one thing I learned from this experience is to tell people in your lives (while you still can) how much you love them and thank them for being a part of your life.

Anthony g Barone from Rome NY AUGUST 9, 2013
I'm 62 and you're commercials bring tears to my eyes I've never seen more beautiful clips than yours from my whole family Thank You

muzeyi from kampala AUGUST 6, 2013
It's really great love that every parent have to showcase to his/her children, And I can't wait to pass it on.

Heather from Iowa JULY 16, 2013
My daughter is ready to start her senior year in high school. Already dreading this scene next year. I am prepared to cry often for the next year but I pray that my daughter is ready to go out in the world on her own. I know God will protect her and keep her safe.

Lupe from Texas JULY 4, 2013
This made me cry. It brought back great memories of my parents who were awesome!! I thank God that I was brought up to acknowledge gratitude and always remembered to thank them for all they did for me while growing up and later for loving our kids. I know they are both in the best place they could be because they loved to serve and help people even strangers!!!

robert from AZ JULY 2, 2013
this just happened to me yesterday! Very proud and excited for my daughter!

kyi kyi from yangon JUNE 25, 2013
Dad, I love you..and miss you..

rahana from kcohi JUNE 25, 2013
very touching

Charlene from Tyler,Texas JUNE 23, 2013
A very touching video of love and gratitude. This is the kind I like to watch, even though it does bring tears and memories. Please continue.

Deane Lamb-Ellis from Cordele,Ga. MAY 28, 2013
Wow! Reminds me of my Dad and me. Like this gentleman , he loved his children and always proud of our milestones! Thank you for the wonderful memories. Dad is in heaven now but I can sense his humble strength and love all the time, especially when I see a beautiful sky, butterfly or eastern bluebird. Love you, Dad.

MK from Alaska MAY 20, 2013
Ok...I'll admit that this one got tears up.

Leah Kaye from Bel air Maryland  MAY 18, 2013
It made me tear up

Leah Kaye from Maryland MAY 18, 2013
It made me cry

Gino Maniaci from St.Clair shores Mi MAY 5, 2013
I made a montage using this song when my daughter was 3.... Now she is going to be going to college in the fall. The thought of her leaving is killing me but the thought of her getting away and growing up is amazing... This Commercial makes me cry every time......

Philip Curtis from Jackson, MI MAY 3, 2013
This is fantastic.

Lora Barrett from Monroe NC MAY 2, 2013
I love this commercial. I cry everytime I see it or hear this song. It make's me think about my grandmother and mom. They laid a strong foundation for me and now I can pass it on to my children. Thank you was making

Bobbi from Florida MAY 1, 2013
Video hit a nerve. Watching it again in tears. Nice job! This is such a meaningful site.

Md Alam from Dhaka, Bangladesh APRIL 18, 2013
Very Sad

george louese from twinports /duluth-superior APRIL 15, 2013
I just love your commercials - very inspiring!

lucia from nicaragua APRIL 14, 2013
Beautiful, really beautiful!

Jim from Toronto, Canada APRIL 13, 2013
Looks like Leanne Rimes and sounds like Leanne Rimes singing? Is it, or just an incredible simulation. Either way, great spot. Still liked the "Oliver!" spots best though.

Urban from Colombia APRIL 3, 2013
This commercial touched me. The acting is very good. As well as camera work and editing. Thank you

April from Florida MARCH 19, 2013
You have really great commercials. Are these done in-house? or did you have an agency do them? Great work really.

Shelley from New York MARCH 16, 2013
A very heartwarming commercial. I hope to see many more of it's kind because, good Fathers really don't get enough recognition.

Kenneth from Albany, New York MARCH 16, 2013
I can't stop watching this video..and can't stop crying....Incredible!!!!

Neil from North Carolina MARCH 15, 2013
Loved the music!

Drake from California MARCH 15, 2013
Love the video!

Maria from Villa Park, IL MARCH 12, 2013
Excellent commercial. I never get tired of watching this.

Micki Warner-Rapp from Dayton OH MARCH 9, 2013
Brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I've seen it... I miss my Dad.

mj79 from Michigan MARCH 6, 2013
I saw this for the first time this morning. All I could think about was the day I dropped off my twins at college. That day left a big void in my heart. This was a very moving commercial. I talk about values in my health class. Love, respect and appreciation of what parents do every day is so precious. Wonderful commercial!

Derek Davis from Memphis FEBRUARY 24, 2013
Never had a commercial have that effect on me. My daughter just left going off to college probally had something to do with it. SO REAL!! Your commercials have such deep meaning. Keep them coming.

Ron from Los Angeles JANUARY 30, 2013
I'm a Hollywood Producer. I just saw this commercial for the first time. I cried.

ricardo alonso from miami,florida JANUARY 28, 2013
That's the same way I felt when my brother went to college.

Fred Wehba from Beverly Hills JANUARY 22, 2013
I think this is a great website and your commercials are nothing less that magnificent.

Purushothaman K from West Africa JANUARY 20, 2013
The world revolves around affection for loved ones, and it leads us to extend the same to be complete human being.

gwen from prior lake mn DECEMBER 12, 2012
Values . . everything we need and more. Thank you for your character confirmations.

J from Illinois DECEMBER 10, 2012
I so wish that organizations like this were in every city in America. We need more.

nora from Barnesville Ga DECEMBER 10, 2012
I have my class copy a values quote everyday at the beginning of class and then we discuss each one. We have some very indepth discussions sometimes. Love the commerical. I want to show it and see what kind of reaction my middle school students express after watching it. Thanks

Julie West from Salt Lake City, Utah DECEMBER 10, 2012
Thank you for all of your beautiful and uplifting ad spots, posters and highway signs.

Elaine Dalton from Salt lake city Utah DECEMBER 10, 2012
Values form the foundation of our society and nation! Thank you for these profoundly touching reminders and teachings!

Edgar from Bay Harbor Island, FL DECEMBER 8, 2012
Having a daughter in college I cried when I said bye to her that day,it was a sad moment, and today when I saw the commercial. Great and touching video, thank you!!!

Bob from Taylors SC NOVEMBER 18, 2012
It wasn't the grades she recieved that directed her to college, it was the values and character building created by her parent, which most likely commenced prior to school.

Pete from West Bloomfield, MI NOVEMBER 1, 2012
Great job... again :-) Foundation for a Better Life does a terrific job w/these commercials and billboards. I love 'em. Thank you for what you do.

hb from chicago OCTOBER 23, 2012
I love these commercials and this organization!

Pat from Milford, NH OCTOBER 15, 2012
Foundation for a Better Life, you are good at making me cry with some of your ads.

SUNIL AGARWAL from Kolkata  OCTOBER 11, 2012
So touching. I saw it 50 times by rewinding. Lovely.

anabela S. from mexico OCTOBER 8, 2012
My teacher cried watching this one. I kind of did too it's just so sad to go.

emmainyang from Lagos OCTOBER 7, 2012
These commercials are awesome and so perfectly touching!

Power Principles for Living from Vancouver SEPTEMBER 29, 2012
This is the kind of TV commercials we need to see more often! Thank you!

Mary from Piedmont, CA SEPTEMBER 27, 2012
I cry every time I watch this...having one daughter in college and one getting her Master's degree...also, I wish I had such a father.

Tony from Connecticut SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
I cried my eyes out when I saw this. I just did the same thing.

emma from deniss port 02639 SEPTEMBER 11, 2012
That's really nice.

marirosa143 from Kingwood Tx SEPTEMBER 8, 2012
College.... Hmmm... Great Job What a Great Video!

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