Pass It On®

Hall of Fame

Achievement comes in many forms. For some it's attaining a top grade in school, losing weight or excelling in a sport, for others it's overcoming an obstacle, attaining accolades at work or building a relationship. Whatever the goal, it takes much effort, skill and courage to achieve great things. Set to the uplifting song "Hall of Fame" this message inspires viewers to achieve their own goals... Pass It On.

Video Transcript

You can be the greatest
You can be the best
You can be the King Kong banging on your chest
You can beat the world
You can beat the war
You can talk to God go bangin' on his door
You can throw your hands up
You can beat the clock
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master, don't wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself

Standing in the hall of fame
And the world's gonna know your name
And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame

Be a champion, be a champion, be a champion, be a champion
On the walls of the hall of fame

Be students, be teachers
Be politicians, be preachers

Be believers, be leaders
Be astronauts, be champions

Standing in the hall of fame

Achievement. Pass It On!


Narayanswami Age 89 from Pune, India MARCH 7, 2019
Excellent. I wish to be in this HALL Of Fame!!

Amy from Michigan MARCH 2, 2019
I ssen this today pretty amazing I'm going to pass it on to my friends.

Maria from Tempe FEBRUARY 8, 2019
Wow Incredible!

M from Georgia JANUARY 25, 2019
My teacher showed me this video, it's pretty neat B)

Sonia from Italy JANUARY 14, 2019
I get a good feeling every time I see/hear this ad :)