Pass It On®

Everything I Do

“Everything I do, I do it for you.” That enduring lyric performed by Bryan Adams has inspired millions around the world. It holds a message of compassion, commitment…and caring. Enjoy the range of tender and inspiring moments depicted in our newest video—from firemen rescuing a small child to a mother moving heaven and earth just to get everyone off to school.

We hope, in some small way that watching this message will help you recognize your own caring nature and “pass it on”!

Video Transcript


Look into my eyes,
you will see,
what you mean to me.

Don't tell me it's not worth trying for.
You know it's true.
Everything I do... I do it for you.

Yeah, I would fight for you.
I lied for you.
Walked the wire for you.
Yeah, I'd die for you.

You know it's true.
Everything I do... I do it for you.

Caring. Pass It On!


Debbie  DECEMBER 28, 2018
Absolutely a beautiful commercial to pass on

Andrew from CO DECEMBER 27, 2018
Love it

Zyion from In812 NOVEMBER 18, 2018
The video shows how people care, love and enjoy making people they care about happy. That they can always feel safe .

Diane Treen from Florida NOVEMBER 11, 2018
So simple. So true. Kindness will change the world.

Sally parker from Sacramento, ca JULY 21, 2018