For "Umbrella," FBL wanted to create the impression of a highway traffic jam, in the rain, at rush hour. But during filming, the day was clear, and the spot was filmed in a parking lot. The crew lined up many cars in order to create the impression of a highway. As in "Taxi," a rain truck with gigantic sprinklers was used to create the rain.

But this was a lot of work to do in only one day. As time went on, the camera crew only had fifteen minutes of daylight left, and still had not been able to shoot anything! When the light runs out, so does the opportunity to shoot, because it is extremely difficult to light a scene at nighttime so that it looks like day. The FBL crew only had time for two shots: one long shot, and one close-up. Fortunately, these two shots turned out to be just right.


ANNCR/SUPER: When you can’t do it all, do what you can. Caring for others, Pass it On. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Caring. Pass It On!

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Shayana Bovell APRIL 22, 2020
One day i was at the store with my brother and we're buying some snacks and didn't have enough. The person behind us told the clerk she would pay for us. That was really kind.

Tedroy Bovell from Riverside APRIL 21, 2020
I thought this story was really cool. I always wondered how they recreated rain movies.

Teresa JUNE 24, 2019
Caring is being unselfish

Morgan from The world SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

Dheera from Los Angeles JANUARY 14, 2013
Really really love this one, the spontaneous act is so generous and the driving away without any need for compliment heightens the beauty of the caring.

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