Finish Line

Every goal begins with a dream. Challenges, obstacles, and distractions also seem to be part of what we must deal with on the way to achieving those goals. Avril Lavigne’s beautiful song “Keep Holding On” underscores this inspiring message to remember your dreams are worth the effort.
Believe In Yourself…Pass It On.


[guy 1] Hey check it out.
[guy 2] Huh. What happened to that guy.
[guy 1] Put that sign back up!


You're not alone
Together we stand
I'll be by your side,
you know I'll take your hand
When it gets cold
And it feels like the end
There's no place to go
You know I won't give in
No I won't give in

Keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through,
we'll make it through
Keep holding on

Believe In Yourself. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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santhony from Guam OCTOBER 27, 2023
so nice

Rogelio Alvarez from 943 St Francis  NOVEMBER 30, 2022
I loved when they started clapping for him.

Anonymous APRIL 7, 2022

Douglas from South Carolina APRIL 7, 2022
I like how he didn't give up. He must've ran for so long. I could never do that. Very inspiring.

mr pendell from nms SEPTEMBER 21, 2021
He should do his best lol :(

Lily Duhamel from Silverstreet, Newberry, South Carolina, September 17, 2021 SEPTEMBER 17, 2021
That man is a legend, For never giving up, And making it to the finish line without giving up.

Michael Bouknight from Silverstreet, Newberry County South Carolina SEPTEMBER 16, 2021
That man is a true winner

maryanna from Brick New Jersey FEBRUARY 19, 2021
I love it

Patricia Crabtree from Ohio FEBRUARY 4, 2021
This is what I need to do cause I'm just giving into my MS lately and I'm so weak now. So I'm changing my life back around getting my energy back a little bit a day and by summer I should have my muscles a little strong.. Love this video. Thanks

kim from america JANUARY 22, 2021
wow i enjoyed that

Realou Peña B. kahulugan from Quezon City OCTOBER 9, 2020
On what i watched in video,there's a guy who is keep running and aiming the finish line.But what i saw also is the old guy's knee wa bleeding since he ran just to aim the finish line.On what i learned here is,in every race,there's a finish line.In every hardship,there's a success.

John Bernard G. Parista from Don Enrique hts Quezon City OCTOBER 9, 2020
In this video clip 1. I learned that, if you have dreams and goals in life never give up no matter what the circumstances along the way keep pursuing on your dreams. 2. whatever hardship you gonna encounter along the way, keep goin. As there is a sayin that "There's always rainbow after the rain.3. always be positive and trust yourself that whatever trials come across your way, you can make it.

Gianny SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
Always believe in yourself like the guy in the video. He didn't give up even tho he was the last person to finish

zyone from newbert SEPTEMBER 21, 2020
this dude is a beast like he never gave up bless him

ryan SEPTEMBER 18, 2020
do not ever give up

todd butler from sms SEPTEMBER 18, 2020
its awsome

Savanah Sears. SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
this man should relly prowed of his self for not gving up.

Mitchell from Sharon  SEPTEMBER 11, 2020
They were talking about how if you find someone you always finish with them and never fail

Dante Brown from 3413 Dutch Flat Court AUGUST 28, 2020
I feel that this man deserves a lot of respect because he did not give up on himself and instead he kept his positive attitude and made it to the finish line and what matters the most is that you are who you choose to be and who you want to be and that is a fact

angel loera  AUGUST 28, 2020
you should never give up and finish what you started

Edwin  JUNE 2, 2020
This video was good and inspirationly

Jaraf Rakin from New Castle, Delaware MAY 16, 2020
Surprisingly, this video seemed to have more inspiration than I thought!

Brody MAY 15, 2020
This video is very inspirational

Sam MAY 15, 2020
Very Inspirational

Marie  APRIL 3, 2019
Wow! Just... Wow!

Verna from Nova Scotia JANUARY 4, 2019
Wow ... he brought tears to my eyes! No matter what goal we are seeking to reach ALL of us can do it!

Anonymous AUGUST 29, 2018
This video is very inspirational

Sam from Oregon MAY 15, 2018
Somtimes just finishing is an amazing reward.

Jan from Nevada MARCH 2, 2018
I had to look up this video to finally understand the last line on the clip shown after hearing it just after our local 700 Club transmission for YEARS. It is unintelligible. The closest I could guess was "Keep comin' on", and I reckoned it was a new phrase in pop-culture. Well, it turns out to be "Keep holdin' on". I'm glad that something made me visit your nice website! I've enjoyed your radio ads for many years. Thank you.

Naveen from Australia JANUARY 23, 2018

Dr ravi from India AUGUST 19, 2017

Israel from Iztapalapa MAY 21, 2017
Me gusto

Julian from MA MAY 21, 2017
When life gets tough u get tougher

Marcee from Dean APRIL 1, 2017
I know how he feels :)

HarfordK daVID v from seekonk mass MARCH 2, 2017

david villatoro MARCH 2, 2017
very inspiraional

Anonymous JANUARY 5, 2017
love this made me cry

this made me cry IT IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OFP

Anyaunna OCTOBER 31, 2016
Never Give Up!!

Olivia from Pinehill Lane 21337 CA OCTOBER 11, 2016
It was good!

Richard from Villa Rica, GA. JULY 1, 2016

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
keep pushing on NEVER give up

Shauncy from Houston APRIL 26, 2016
He didn't let himself down & kept on going .

kaitlyn :o ;) from world MARCH 22, 2016
oh my gosh i agree sooo much there nothing better than a heartwarming commercial about beleving in yourself even when you want quit

CORE from Hazelwood, MO MARCH 10, 2016
We believe in you. and your heart you can make it.

Willislee from Philadelphia FEBRUARY 21, 2016
I love your commercial and all its inspirational words, my son and I are so inspired by your words of kindness gratitude and friendship keep up the good work

Kim from <3 FEBRUARY 8, 2016

Zach from 3201 berkshire lane FEBRUARY 4, 2016
I agree

Joseph Green from York Al FEBRUARY 4, 2016
He never gave up and he kept going and that's amazing.

Andrew from east cost 1967 FEBRUARY 3, 2016
Congrats man!

Kim from Alabama JANUARY 7, 2016
This is one of the best commercials I've ever seen

Anonymous DECEMBER 3, 2015
never gets old makes me wan't to be him now I'm crying

Boyd DECEMBER 3, 2015

mason from florida NOVEMBER 30, 2015
this video shows just how determined the american spirit can be. it is quite inspirational

Shelby NOVEMBER 30, 2015
It kind of scared me at first. But then I saw that the man had done his best through the race. I guess that's cool.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 30, 2015
Inspiring winners never quit

Ashlynn from Landis NC NOVEMBER 30, 2015
Its heart warming and made me cry

Claude from FULTON Mo. NOVEMBER 28, 2015
Dishes, this is so true, but didn't see it till after it was too late for us. Don't wait communication pass it on.

William from Port Orange, FL NOVEMBER 26, 2015
I have seen this commercial about 100 times and it never gets old. Courage, pass it on! :)

Vivian from US  NOVEMBER 15, 2015
Winners never quit.

Niara from HP OCTOBER 25, 2015
this video shows to always believe in yourself.

Eva OCTOBER 9, 2015
This video shows you should believe in your self no matter what.

Jeremiah Jung from Evergreen Elementary School SEPTEMBER 21, 2015
This clip tells us to keep on going, even if you're last place or injured, or in this case, both.

unknown from UNKNOWN SEPTEMBER 21, 2015
This video wants to make me cry :(

breanna from alabama SEPTEMBER 19, 2015
Very moveing

Karen from Sacramento, CA AUGUST 26, 2015
these 'values' are terrific and I love them; they make my life better!

NULL from NULL JULY 8, 2015
this was beautiful because not matter how hard the things became if you believe in yourself you can accomplish everything. Our own will and hope makes us stronger.


Ana Dominguez from West New York,NJ  AUGUST 12, 2014
Every time I watch a commercial about gratitude when daughter going away to college saying goodbye to her dad .I cry every time I watch it. I LOVE IT....

Charlene McMurry from McAdory Elementary AUGUST 1, 2014
Awesome - Beginning the school year with my faculty with this commercial. We all felt worn out last year at the end of the school year but we didn't stop. They always give it their all. They are an awesome faculty.

Paige from NJ JUNE 9, 2014
This commercial actually makes me cry every time I see it. Yes, it's great he's sticking with the race and finishing no matter how long it takes. But what makes me cry is that he's alone, no one is there "with him". Then these strangers give a kindness that is invaluable (just like simply smiling at a stranger can make all the difference in the world to them that day if they are feeling alone or invisible to the world).

Christina from North carlinoa MAY 28, 2014
This help me believe in myself to get a good grade on EOG.

bea from philippines MAY 25, 2014
it's more than just a commercial.

Shawnee from Arizona  MAY 12, 2014
We saw this commercial and were inspired by it! Thank you for sharing it! I will pass it on to as many people as I can!! A great uplifting and inspiring message!

Alicia from Pass Christian, MS MAY 4, 2014
I saw this commercial and knew it was important for me to share it. Passing it on.

Stacy Hale from New Bedford, Ma, USA APRIL 28, 2014
I love this commercial it's so inspiring Thank you

amy from canada APRIL 25, 2014
it's inspiring , love it

Esther from Lansing, Michigan APRIL 17, 2014
I just saw this commercial, and instantly knew I had to search online for it. i will be playing this in my small meet-up group this Saturday. Thanks!

susan from New berlin wi APRIL 4, 2014
Cry my eyes out every time I watch it. Very powerful amazing message. Love it

Jessica Holmes from Danville, IL MARCH 25, 2014
This commercial instantly brought tears to my eyes. So inspiring - so touching! Thank you for making my day!

Cynthia Branch from Harsens Island, MI MARCH 17, 2014
Seven months out from a stem cell transplant for a recurrence of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Every day feels like a race. Love that I also have my own private cheering section.

Brad Wiebe from Lethbridge MARCH 13, 2014
brilliant commercial. Absolutely brilliant. Helps me believe I can do it now too. Thanks!

Dawn Kifer from Willingboro, NJ MARCH 9, 2014
I am planning on taking part in a Beginners Triathlon in June as a 50th birthday present to myself. This video gives me the courage to do it. :-)

Ron Massey from Quincy Wa MARCH 1, 2014
awesome add me to the list that cried thank you for what you do

Luke Allan from La cal FEBRUARY 27, 2014
I cry every time I see it

emma from NYC FEBRUARY 25, 2014
Seriously, this is very cute.. i cry every time i watch this. Very encourageing

Stephanie from Rochester, MI FEBRUARY 25, 2014
That was a beautiful and very encouraging commercial. Speaks volumes about perseverance.

Varda from Atlanta FEBRUARY 23, 2014
A double post, I know. But I watched this video again with my 4-year-old. A few months ago, she ran a kids race where she was the slowest and fell down. But eventually she stopped crying and ran again and got a medal. She wants to run another race and I am using this video to frame the concept of personal achievement with her. "He still wins, even though he's last." I love that this video can be powerfully framed in different ways.

Varda from Atlanta FEBRUARY 21, 2014
To me, this is as much about the race workers as it is about the runner. The runner's tenacity is amazing (and we've all been him). But having the empathy to reach out and celebrate another's courage...that's what makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I see this video.

Jess from New York City  FEBRUARY 16, 2014
This is so nice always believe when someone tells u .. U can't do anything .. U can do it

April from Washington DC FEBRUARY 14, 2014
Absolutely beautiful commercial. Great job!

Constance from Bahamas FEBRUARY 13, 2014
Keep holding on. Do not give up . cross the finish line. Believe in yourself.. .

Sammie JoJo from Minnesota FEBRUARY 13, 2014
Awesome commercial! Painfully inspiring! That knee plant! Ouch, better than not finishing.

William Selsor from Eustis, FL FEBRUARY 13, 2014
I have seen this commercial a lot and it has personally helped me to believe more in myself. I may be unemployed, overweight, and lonely at times but this commercial reminds me of the strength of the human spirit. It is by far my favorite commercial you have ever done and helps me reflect on my own trials and tribulations. Good job and pass it on! :)

B. from TX FEBRUARY 12, 2014
This commercial made me cry. Didn't think a commercial could do that. Movies, books, even TV shows, but commercials? That's powerful.

laura from nevada FEBRUARY 12, 2014
love this commercial its so inspiring!

Alyssa from Bloomington-Normal FEBRUARY 11, 2014
I think this commercial is absolutely inspiring! I smile from ear to ear each time it comes on! As a runner I know how much it means to not give up on something and how amazing crossing that finish line feels! I absolutely love it!

Roy Segovia from McAllen TX FEBRUARY 10, 2014
Awesome commercial. The positive message it sends, the struggle and pain they show the runner going threw. But he does not give up. Great message. Great commercial.

Lia Z from Pittsburgh Pa FEBRUARY 9, 2014
Thank you for having this commercial. It's beyond perfect. It caught me at the right time when I needed to see it. It was perfect.

John Keiser from Buena Park CA FEBRUARY 5, 2014
My girlfriend and I were in tears and deeply moved by this commercial. What an inspiration of determination it shows us. Kudos for such a positive message in a sea of advertising muck.

Chris Davis from Medford, Oregon FEBRUARY 3, 2014
This commercial is nothing short of brilliant. Absolutely inspiring and amazing, not to mention realistic! We all know that every last one of us would be cheering for this man, as he finishes the race, having set his mind to it and believed in himself. Absolute genius.

Crystal from San Diego FEBRUARY 3, 2014
I just saw this commercial on TV and it literally brought me to tears. Thank you so much for this positive and inspirational message.

Jessica from New Oxford,PA JANUARY 31, 2014
This commercial really impacted me. This represents so many different scenarios in life. There is just something about seeing the inner goodness in people, even amongst strangers. Makes me believe in the human race again. (Even though it is only a commercial.

Deb from Omaha JANUARY 31, 2014
Love the beauty behind this commercial. First time seeing it today..

benita from bailey JANUARY 31, 2014
LOVE Love love this commercial..

Anna from Atlanta, GA JANUARY 31, 2014
Saw this and thought, I need to share this with all the people who are shooting for weight loss this new year.

adam from canada JANUARY 28, 2014
beauteful (i know ths word is not right)

adam from canada JANUARY 28, 2014

Linda Szymoniak from NW Indiana JANUARY 28, 2014
I've seen this commercial a number of times, and I still get choked up every time I see it. I think we've all been there, and it's sometimes hard to remember that we're not alone.

Krista from Michigan JANUARY 28, 2014
Very inspiring, my daughter tears up every time. Thank you

Amber from Portsmouth, Ohio JANUARY 25, 2014
When I saw this commercial. I just happened to see the near ending. I couldn't hear it over people, but none the less I got the message. It made me tear up so bad. I then looked it up again, and I just really started crying.

Bill from Vermont JANUARY 22, 2014
This works every day... Very inspiring...

Sarah from Florida JANUARY 21, 2014
I just love this. Makes me cry every time I see it. It's amazing to see him achieve something that he obviously worked so hard to complete. ❤❤❤

Sheila from California JANUARY 18, 2014
Thank you for this - I saw it at the exact time I needed it - Keep up the wonderfulness!!!

Luigi from Brazil JANUARY 11, 2014

Celeste from Ocala JANUARY 9, 2014
I know I just sent a comment through but I watched it a second time and got chills. I wish I would see these commercials on every channel. I haven't seen any of them anywhere!

Celeste from Ocala JANUARY 9, 2014
I don't know if I am just over-emotional right now or what but I just started to tear up. Amazing, outstanding commercial.

Kaily from Utah JANUARY 7, 2014
This commercial makes me bawl my eyes out every time, best commercial I've seen. Please keep them coming!

Cassi from California JANUARY 5, 2014
Just beautiful! I'm so impressed with this foundation and I'm passing it on...

Sarah from Rhode Island JANUARY 4, 2014
I love the power in this commercial. I just started crying when I saw this and rewound my tv 5 times. How his knees were scraped showed how he fell but got back up. Great commercial. Make more!

Cathy Healey from Attleboro, MA DECEMBER 26, 2013
This is the most heart warming commercial I have ever seen! Thank You for adding such a wonderful ad for viewers to see.

Kellye from Bakersfield, CA DECEMBER 23, 2013
so inspirational :')

Jessica Smith from Buena Park, CA DECEMBER 15, 2013
I'm sitting here bawling. Great commercial. Thank you.

Emily from San Antonio, TX DECEMBER 5, 2013
Wow...what a great commercial! Made me cry and so inspirational!

Nancy Pochepko from Pittsburgh, PA NOVEMBER 30, 2013
Can't stop watching this -- with tears in my eyes.

John Brooks from Alaska NOVEMBER 28, 2013
As long as you keep trying, you will never lose. That's what he proves.

Katie from SC NOVEMBER 21, 2013
This really made me cry. :') Loved it.

Raven Perry from Spokane, WA NOVEMBER 19, 2013
I help lead an exercise and weightloss class for women and I just HAD to show this commercial in class. It's so beautiful and inspirational!

Danielle from California NOVEMBER 19, 2013
This is the best commercial I've ever seen on TV. It actually made me tear up!

m from ny NOVEMBER 14, 2013
this made my day


GG from Lima, Perú OCTOBER 27, 2013
Push a little more!! It ll be enough soon!

Wendy Kreck from Perth Western Australia OCTOBER 23, 2013
I just love this..thankyou

Ken Rudie from Utah OCTOBER 21, 2013
A Japanese proverb: “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

tatyanna from killeen/tx OCTOBER 18, 2013
dont give up!

tabitha lockahart from 305 1st place NW OCTOBER 15, 2013
it was very beautiful

fox rj from Madera CA OCTOBER 12, 2013
No matter how long it takes, or how many times you fall, keep on going, you'll make it!

emma from fl OCTOBER 1, 2013
encouraging get that man a drink!

reyna from Rowland Hieghts,California SEPTEMBER 30, 2013
great message,never give up.

Gina Jones from Tampa, Florida SEPTEMBER 27, 2013
I love the positive quotes. Great thoughts lead to great hearts :)

chris from penna. SEPTEMBER 21, 2013
Encouraging and give that man a drink!

maria christine dianga from davao  SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
we should not give up...

Kara from Littleton, CO SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
That's really nice, pass it on(:

Lee Beatrice from Peoria, AZ SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
These are great commercial with great messages. I hope that people REALLY watch them and think and act on the messages. You are doing great work. I love seeing these 'commercials'.

Paul from Louisville ky SEPTEMBER 17, 2013

David from San Jose SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
Great Video, wish I could put it on my facebook page

Stan from Valencia ca. SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
Whenever I feel down and out. I just view one of your videos and it just lifts me up. Thank you so much. When can I expect to see new videos? I think I know all of the ones on your website. THANK YOU SO MUCH. GOD BLESS,

Mary Maxwell from Calgary Alberta SEPTEMBER 13, 2013
An inspiring message...keep holding on...every human being has events happen that seem insurmountable. But look at the situation after it's over and you'll see growth, lessons learned and triumph. Everyday.

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