"Biker" was made using real bikers! These were great guys, good to work with, and nobody had to be taught how to ride -- they were just being themselves. This added an authenticity and texture to the spot that would've been a challenge otherwise. The area used to shoot this spot may look bigger than it is, as it was primarily filmed in a store parking lot. The neighbors were probably a little surprised to look out their windows and see that many bikers, since the first shot needed a lot of them!


MUSIC: Get your motor running, head out on the highway. Looking for adventure and whatever comes our way. Yeah Darlin' go make it happen. Take the world in a love embrace…
BIKER: Hey, this phone is taken.
MUSIC: Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space…
OLD WOMAN: Son would this help you?
MUSIC: Like a true nature's child. We were born, born to be wild. We can climb so high…
BIKER: Hey, thanks.
MUSIC: I never wanna die…
BIKER: Hey, I appreciate it.
MUSIC: Born to be wild, Born to be wild.
ANNCR/SUPER: Gratitude… Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life

Gratitude. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


Your Comments
Monte Lowe from Pilot mountain n.c. APRIL 12, 2020
You rock!!!!!

Mike R. from Ashland, VA OCTOBER 12, 2018
What Big Hearts these Ladies have ! Great One !!!

Anonymous OCTOBER 19, 2016
The biker was having trouble with his motorcycle then he went to the pay phone but didn't any money . The two old women gave him a dime

David from Holbrook, New York APRIL 25, 2016
These videos make me appreciate my parents who drove home the values I try to express. I love these videos.

Billy from San Angelo  APRIL 7, 2016

Great message but two things wrong. 1) a brother NEVER leaves a brother (broken down especially) 2) kick start or not, he was on A downhill. Bump start the bike. If it don't work, then call a friend.

this is a great example

Rob from CMU AUGUST 31, 2014
These videos are great examples of civility, character and compassion. All things college students need to see and think about. I hope to play one as my classes begin each day. Thanks!

Lily B from Wisc. APRIL 24, 2014
Great response to the frustrated man. Made his day.

Susanne from Tennessee AUGUST 13, 2013
Wonderful Gift!! Thank You! I use this everyday in my classroom.

luther b from Tennessee FEBRUARY 26, 2013
Goes to show we can make a difference if we take time to just care!

Ms. Harken from Kobuk DECEMBER 5, 2012
We are the Kobuk Middle and High School, we LOVE watching your commercials. We think they are cool. We watch them everyday in the morning to WAKE up and inspire us!

Sophie Souza from Mass. AUGUST 25, 2012
I <3 it!! :)) thank ouy for the share Chris Klitzing! :)

Chris Klitzing from Vandalia, Il. AUGUST 25, 2012
Loved that video!

Greg H. from Ft. Lauderdale, FL MARCH 27, 2012
I was down in the dumps most of the morning. Thanks to your daily quotes email for reminding me to visit the site and watch a few commercials and get rejuvenated.

Paula Hunt from Carrollton, TX JANUARY 23, 2012
FBL, you are the "thousands points of light". Thank you for depicting people of all races, ethnicites and nationalities. Your spots and website illustrate the point that good people come in all colors and religions and that we all have a lot more in common than that which makes us different.

Colleen S from Eureka, CA DECEMBER 31, 2011
Oddly enough, a friend sent me one of the ads during a time that I was at my lowest in years. I just finished watching them all. Excellent! Made my day. Happy New Year to all!

Walter T from Irvington, NJ MARCH 22, 2011
I love your spots. They touch my heart very deeply. I look forward to them when I watch TV to break up some of the ugliness. Thank You

Jan A from Glendale AZ JANUARY 12, 2011
There is no doubt that responding to any negative actions with love and kindness is the right move. Unfortunately,in most cases, the mouth is quicker than the mind

George Winston from Southern California JANUARY 11, 2011
These spots are the best content on TV. Makes it worth sitting through all the rest of the programming just to see these reminders - How can I help your efforts

Jack S from Burbank, California JANUARY 10, 2011
I have a question. Where is the video called I hope you dance? I can't find it on the video list. Please let me know if this is your video. Thanks, Jack

Dan E from Peoria, AZ DECEMBER 31, 2010
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this series of spots! I truly appreciate the positive messages they portray. Please keep up the good work.

Gary H from Clarksville, TN NOVEMBER 10, 2010
I've never been so moved by a series of "commercials" in my life. Every one I've seen has put a lump in my throat and a smile on my face. Finally had to let you know how inspiring I've found them.

Martin S. from Lovingston, Virginia JUNE 9, 2010
Great spots. I am a little kinder and a little more tolerant. Thank you for doing this, reminding me of kindness in the world.

AH from Griffin, GA MAY 13, 2010
I love your TV spots. Keep it up.

Rachel A. from Denver, CO FEBRUARY 25, 2010
Yes! You can request a free DVD for your cadets from the homepage (bottom left).

David R. from Tacoma, WA  FEBRUARY 25, 2010
I've viewed many of your spots, and am surprised how great they make me feel. Part of my job is to "pass on" good manners and behavior to our cadets. Is there a chance to get these on a single dvd for the classroom? I'd pay for the chance to show these to the classes.

J.B. from Chicago, IL DECEMBER 16, 2009
Absolutely the best ad campaign ever produced by anyone, anywhere.

Marcel M from New York, NY OCTOBER 26, 2009

Omar Z. from Cairo, Egypt SEPTEMBER 10, 2009
You are making a difference...all over the world....bless you.

josh m from dayton, oh SEPTEMBER 4, 2009
this is so true and awesome

Eddynson D. from Los Teques, Venezuela JULY 8, 2009
Wow, from now on I'll thank even the smallest service I get! Thank you!

Christopher B. from Miami, Fl MAY 12, 2009
I like this spot, very good.

Kenia L. from MA MARCH 10, 2009
This a very cute and a good way to show gratitude kids.

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
I love it, I love it, I love it. It's so real!!! :)

Jacqueline C from Memphis, TN OCTOBER 20, 2008
Ummm, ummmm-GOOD!!

Susan H. from North Vancouver, Canada AUGUST 21, 2008
I sat watching Biker and realized tears were creeping down my cheek. Thank you for being.

Merry W. from Texas AUGUST 12, 2008
I'm an old lady and crosswalk just blew me away, I just love it. I had to tell everybody. It has been coming on at 5:21 every morning as I get up. It gives me a lift for the day.

Rennie B. from Canada FEBRUARY 13, 2008
Biker sends a great message on many levels and the whole premise of this Foundation gives me hope for the future.

Laura H. from Cabot, Arkansas USA FEBRUARY 8, 2008
These videos really, really touch me. They really opened my eyes. Thank you!

Tom P. from Little Rock, Arkansas USA JANUARY 1, 2008
The efforts of this Foundation, and whoever it is that sponsors it, demonstrate the definition of altruism. Thank you. I'm honestly moved by the work that you are doing. I'll do my part and pass it on.

Michael U. from Green Hill, Rhode Island USA SEPTEMBER 13, 2007
It is things like this that will save the world. Peace.

Gus S. from Dallas, Texas USA SEPTEMBER 4, 2007
Maybe the best one. Some variation of this happens in America more often than we realize-this one captures it just right.

Maija J. from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA AUGUST 26, 2007
I love the billboards, please keep making them:)

Marie L. from Florida, USA AUGUST 24, 2007
Super cool!

Joe M. from Hong Kong AUGUST 17, 2007
Just great! Will definitely show this to the kids. And to other dads and moms. And teachers. And...

Kevin J from Northern KY JULY 10, 2007
I don't know whoes vision it is that started this site but thank you for seeing it through. This shows the real potential of mankind.

Vero R from Morelos, Mexico JUNE 2, 2007
This is something that many people should learn.

Chad W. from Utah, USA MAY 17, 2007
I love this one! The power of kindness!

Ben J from Lynchburg, Virginia MAY 12, 2007
bless you guys for trying to make this world a better place.

Tammy H from Richmond, VA APRIL 20, 2007
Gave me the chills, it did!

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