Holding The Light

"Teach by Example" is a spot where a simple statement can be profound. Our hero thought that "all he did was hold the light," but now, looking back as an adult, he saw the wisdom his father was sharing with him, and how important it was to serve.

Production of "Teach by Example" was strenuous, as it involved filming in many different locations such as basements and garages. In one short scene where the boy and his father run out of the garage, FBL employed a rain truck sending water over the boy and his father, and another small rain simulator in front of the camera's lens to give the impression that rain was falling from the viewer's standpoint right up to the action.


MUSIC: There are heroes…
ANNCR/SUPER: My dad fixed things for everyone.
MUSIC: …whose names we never hear, reaching out to help their fellow man.
ANNCR/SUPER: …and me?
MUSIC: There are dreamers…
ANNCR/SUPER: Well, I just held the light.
MUSIC: …who are making dreams come true, taking time to teach the children that there’s nothing they can’t do. All it takes is a point of light…
ANNCR/SUPER: Over the years we fixed things for friends we knew, and some we didn’t. He was teaching me more than just how to fix things.
MUSIC: …a ray of hope in the darkest night. If you see what’s wrong and you try to make it right…
ANNCR/SUPER: Teaching by example…
MUSIC: You will be a point of light.
ANNCR/SUPER: Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Teaching By Example. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Pamela from Saint Charles, IL FEBRUARY 1, 2020

gabriela waldowska from polska JANUARY 15, 2017
like my dad

gabriela waldowska from polska JANUARY 15, 2017
love :P

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
Great. Super good. I love this video

Anonymous JULY 14, 2015
This video is really great, and it is also the epitome of Teaching By Example, too. I like it. :)

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